The ACLU’s Terror Lobby – by Andrew Walden


Earlier this month, the Obama administration moved to transfer alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from the military justice system at Guantanamo Bay to the jurisdiction of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Behind this move away from the military tribunal system, which delivered justice so effectively at Nuremburg, is an $8.5 million lobbying effort by the so-called “John Adams Project” launched in April, 2008 by the American Civil Liberties Union.

With the endorsement of Clinton Attorney General Janice Reno, former boss of Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as former President Jimmy Carter, FBI and CIA chief William Webster, and others from both Republican and Democratic administrations, the ACLU‘s victory on behalf of the man sometimes described as “al Qaeda’s CEO” is also a defeat in the U.S.-led war on terror. Thanks to the ACLU, a terrorist like KSM will now enjoy the constitutional rights reserved for American citizens.

The civilian trial of a leading terrorist is the culmination of a years-long campaign by the ACLU to handicap U.S. efforts in the war on terror. The ACLU responded to the 9/11 attacks with the formation of its so-called National Security Project. Under the leadership of the ACLU and its ideological affiliate, the so-called Center for Constitutional Rights, hundreds of lawyers from top law firms have worked without pay to “serve the caged prisoners,” as they call the terrorist detainees in American custody. Their assault on the courts, combined with Democratic electoral gains in 2006 and 2008, has seriously undermined the military commission system.

With the ACLU and CCR lawyers having long claimed that the failure to provide constitutional rights to terrorist captives is a crisis for the United States, the Obama administration has stepped in to “solve” it by transferring Mohammed and the four others to civilian courts. But, to the ALCU and its liberal allies, the al-Qaeda defendants are merely pawns in a larger game aimed at shackling the American and international forces who have been fighting al-Qaeda since 9/11.

Many of the ACLU’s campaigns have taken place under the “National Security Project.” Led by its CAIR-affiliated director, Jameel Jaffer, it reveals a broader picture of ACLU’s ongoing sabotage of American national security.

  • In AAR v. Chertoff and ASA v. Chertoff, the ACLU is fighting US denial of a visa application to Muslim Brotherhood propagandist Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan and South African Professor Adam Habib, accused of “engaging in terrorist activities.”
  • On behalf of three al Qaeda operatives, the ACLU is suing Jeppesen Dataplan, a Boeing airplane leasing subsidiary, based on allegations that its planes were used to transport illegal enemy combatants. The target is a single company, but in conjunction with the other facets of the ACLU plan, the objective is to use the threat of civil liability and the broad-brush accusation of “torture” to deny the US Department of Defense the use of private contractors upon which it depends for many essential functions.
  • In Kind Hearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development, Inc. v. Paulson et al. the ACLU seeks to protect an Islamist “charity” shut down in 2006 by the US Treasury Department for funneling money to Hamas. “Kind Hearts” is the successor to the shuttered Hamas fundraiser “Holy Land Foundation”. The objective is to prevent the US Treasury Department from halting suspected terrorist financiers and freezing their assets—even though ordinary drug dealers are subject to seizure and forfeiture on a daily basis.
  • ACLU v. DOD –the ACLU seeks to force exposure of WOT-related US government documents which may be used by US and foreign prosecutors to go after individual US and international military and intelligence personnel — and after defense contractors if the right kind of precedent is created in Mohamed et al. v. Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc .  John Adams Project operatives are also photographing CIA agents and giving the photos to Guantanamo detainees in order to generate torture allegations.
  • In Amnesty v. McConnell, the ACLU seeks to eliminate the right of the US government to spy without warrant on international telecommunication traffic. This is a right exercised by Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and now by Obama–as well as many Presidents before them. An ACLU victory in this case could subject numerous US military and intelligence personnel telephone companies and military contractors to criminal or civil prosecution by or on behalf of jihadists in US or foreign courts.
  • ACLU attorneys worked to defend Lynne Stewart, convicted in 2005 after being videotaped helping the “blind sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman communicate from prison with his Egyptian terrorist comrades of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, responsible for the 1997 Luxor massacre of 58 Japanese and European tourists.  

In each of these cases the ACLU is seeking to extend constitutional rights to hostile foreign nationals living outside the US and to protect armed activities conducted partly or wholly outside the US. As the KSM trials suggest, it also has a sympathetic ear in the Obama administration.

For instance, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was a senior partner in the Covington & Burling law firm, which currently represents 16 Guantanamo detainees. Holder’s C&B law partner David Remes stripped to his underwear at a July 14, 2008 Yemeni news conference to demonstrate the strip-searches he claims are the most serious “torture” inflicted on detainees. Strip searches are a daily standard procedure in US and international prisons housing common criminals. But in the eyes of Holder’s former partner, this procedure is too debasing to be applied to jihadists. Remes soon left the firm to work on so-called “human rights” cases full time.

Another of Holder’s former C&B law partners, Marc Falkoff, edited “Poems from Guantanamo: The Detainees Speak.” Falkoff described the detainee-poets—among them Abdullah Salih al Ajmi—as “gentle, thoughtful young men” in a 2006 nationally broadcast college teach-in. After the “gentle, thoughtful” al Ajmi was released from Guantanamo, he travelled to Mosul, Iraq. On Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, after making an al-Qaeda suicide video, al-Ajmi drove a 5,000 to 10,000 lb truck bomb into an Iraqi army barracks and detonated himself, killing 13 Iraqi soldiers and wounding 31 more.

To be sure, the administration is not entirely in agreement with the ACLU. As Attorney General, Holder now takes pains to portray KSM as a special case and emphasizes that other Guantanamo detainees will still face military tribunals, not civilian courts.

But the ACLU has other ideas. It wants to see all the Guantanamo detainees given civilian trials. The ACLU strategy has the potential to create a web of interlocking decisions and precedents that would serve to establish a basis for criminal prosecutions and more civil lawsuits by al Qaeda members against the US military personnel, contractors, Bush administration officials, and intelligence officers who have pursued them since 9/11.

If the ACLU is even partially successful, Americans and foreign allies who have risked their lives to pursue al Qaeda may find themselves in court answering to charges brought by the jihadists. With the civilian trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the ACLU is one step closer to that destructive goal.

  • Proxywar

    Do we not have a organization to counter the ACLU? I have a real problem with seeing why anyone takes the ACLU seriously. Why are they so powerful? Do they make the laws or does congress? lol. It seems to me this country is governed by activist-organizations not the “rule of law” anymore. That goes for the left and the right. Our country has become stupid. I find myself respecting it less and less each day.

    • Richard

      ADF opposes ACLU

      There's a very interesting paper about the ACLU here:

    • Richard


      Our legal system is very tolerant, and with the ACLU takes advantage of that. It's like the slippery slope. The ACLU is another of the many forces trying to destabilize and bring down America. Many of us are mad at what is happening, but bear with us, and don't give up. The ACLU isn't mainstream US people or American thought, and they are condemned to failure just like the communist block collapsed from the inside.

      The problem is that nobody is watching or pressuring them. We need the media or an organization that questions, and makes public what is going on inside the ACLU. I strongly believe they are ethically unsound, and plagued with internal problems. The ACLU preaches and defends in court principles they don't want to apply to themselves, so they seem to defend freedom of expression, but they prohibit their members to discuss or comment certain subjects in the organization… see the point? Just like communists, they talk about freedom of expression, but they have no tolerance for people who disagree with them, and when they get to power, everything gets censored by the government.


  • FarmerTom

    Let's stop at the first sentence of the first paragraph. Where is it written in the Constitution that the *military* has a right to try anyone except its own? Military Justice System? What are we living in, a junta? Any terrorist who commits an illegal act on US soil should be tried as a *criminal* in the US *criminal* justice system. As for acts of violence committed abroad, against US soldiers, then people perpetrating such should be treated as enemy soldiers and kept into detention until such time as they may be brought to the US and tried in the criminal court system. If there is NOT a place for them in the criminal justice system, then let them go. This nonsense of people being held in Cuba– for years– some in solitary confinement– with no charges brought against them, no access to lawyers working on their behalf– is an ugly, and most likely illegal detention. If Russia or France or Peru held a US citizen off in some gulag in Pakistan– for years– giving him or her no access to legal counsel, the US government– and perhaps the people as well– would be screaming for blood.
    The ACLU is right– trials in the US COURT SYSTEM– don't call it the civilian system as though the “military system” is an option!– is the only way for the US to be able to say that we live in a nation ruled by law– and not by some tinpot general saying who shall be jailed in some pigsty in Cuba!

    • WeWillOvercome

      You're wrong. Prisoners captured waging war against us can also be tried by military tribunals.

  • FarmerTom

    And proxywar, you're a dunce. The ACLU only seeks to enforce the law of the land– if a judge rules against them, that's enforcing the law/ If a judge rules in their favor- same thing, enforcing the law. No one has to take the ACLU seriously if they don't want to. But an organization whose goal is to ensure civil liberties for all– yeah, what a bad idea!

  • wss25

    This article begins with the false premise that 911 was an out of control terriorist act. The right place to inquire is why was the evidence destroyed? Look at Architects and Engineers for truth. We are being sold a bill of goods by the war mongers.

  • Retired_Soldier

    I don't think the author realizes that now that they are being afforded the same rights as US citizens, the ACLU lawyers will collect all their fees from US taxpayers.
    This will be done under the 1977 Civil Rights Lawyer Payment Act. Passed by a Democrat Controlled House, and a Veto proof Democrat Senate and signed by Jimmy Carter. The is the same congress that brought us the Community Reinvestment Act. It has been used to fund the dismantling of the Constitution.
    The ACLU, (Do the initials stand for the American Communist Lawyers Union? – If not it probably should.) As the goals of the ACLU were clear from the group’s founding, as indicated by the writings of its founder, Roger Baldwin: “I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class… Communism is the goal.”
    Yes, that's the ACLU …Scumbags!

    • reidlos

      great point soldier!

  • Retired_Soldier


  • Retired_Soldier

    Stick to farming!

  • BS77

    The ACLU remains one of the most subversive, dangerous radical far left organizations in the US….it is funded by maniacal lefti wing ideologues who hate our nation, our military, our police, the defense, intelligence and security services. The vermin and roach infested ACLU does everything in its power to use our Constitution to enable wicked terrorists, criminals, cop killers and thugs to be treated like kindergarten children….THe ACLU attempts to become a watch dog fourth branch of government with its endless appeals, objections, and million dollar lobbying. Too bad the US Congress is made up of a bunch of idiots too foolish to see the enemies of our nation right in front of them. Too cowardly to do anything about it. Giving terrorist mass murderers like KSM the privileges of a trial in a Federal Civil Court…..dismal disappointment with BAD consequences…For one, it sets a precedent…now every little roach terrorist will demand release from a military tribunal and insist they go to New York also.

    • skm0

      yes, the ACLU are the modern-day plague. Sneaky traitors who hate US. It's a facade for their political left-wing agenda.

      General MacArthur said it all:

      "I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."

      General Douglas MacArthur
      General of the Army
      Field Marshal
      United Nations Commander
      Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers
      Chief of Staff
      U.S. Military Academy Superintendent

  • Name

    I want to be just like the ACLU, ie do anything and have a team of blood sucking lawyers to back you up.

    The thing about the “American” justice system is you throw enough money into the court, your problem goes away, period. There is just a legal echelon you have to go through, and here it is!

    1. Petition, ie pollute the jury pool so you are popular before you get caught for whatever you are going to do and the you stack the deck against the DA
    2. Pox your opposition legally: commit minor mischief which causes no bodily harm, like stealing garbage for phone bills which you give to known criminals for free. Their identity will be stolen, and as far as I know no lawyer can talk in court if they are starving to death. Hey! According to the ACLU, as long as it is consensually placed on public property, it ain't private and free game! Hey, if Kinsey can play with your mind, we get to play with your wallet.
    3. Go political: Forget federal lobbyists. Try local lobbyists in rural districts. George Soros taught America that tactic. There will always be rural districts because there will always be people in America who want to live like that. And forget the environment. There are parts in America where literally the forest will grow faster than you can cut it. Really, like humans can reverse the fact that there was land that existed without them for millions of years? Please.

    Obama that fool didn't close the wound of slavery, he brought back the monster which appears during great times of mulit-culturism: feudal empires!

    But one thing I have to hand it to him is his reliance on GM foods. How about this one? Cacti/RIce hybrids grow in the desert and suck up all the pollution from China? Heh. Use it to produce fat Arabs who therefore create fat suicide bombers who are so fat in no way can there bombs hurt anyone because in effect, there fat selves absorb the shock from the blast.

  • Melinda

    So, if our enemies successfully transplant the war to our soil they acquire the legal status of a US citizen?

    • wandak

      Excelent point.
      Too bad that reflecting on the consequences of that is beyond the brain power of Eric Houlder, and the Obama team.

      "Do you miss me yet?" ;-?

  • poetcomic1

    It is easy to bash the ACLU when they defend something unpopular but don't forget that for twenty years they have spent millions of dollars and fought relentlessly to defend our country from that vicious homophobic terrorist organization, The Boy Scouts of America.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Was Bush Derangement Syndrome the principle reason behind Obama's decision to transfer Khalid Sheik Mohammad to New York to stand trial? Is he looking to build an embarrassing case against Bush and Cheney for torture and war crimes? The answer is no. It's not the overriding reason. Underlying Obama's decision was his malignant narcissism and the self-serving need to have KSM's head for one of his presidential trophies.

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read my piece “The Triumph of Narcissism: The 9/11 Terror Trials and Obama's Presidential Legacy” and see if I'm mistaken about the reason for this trial.

  • WTF_Idiots

    Why do righties hate civil liberties so much? You hate the ACLU, who actually represented your fat hero Rush Limpd**k… and you didn't care when W. circumvented the law and the Consitution by illegally spying on American citizens… why do you hate liberty and freedom so much?

  • TheAdjuster

    As substantiated by embedded links in the above article, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton all carried out the exact same type of spying on overseas communications. Like it or not, the US gov't has a legal right to spy on any communication which travels outside the US.

    And Obama is continuing this policy.

    So why do you lefties hate Bush so much?

    • takeurbestshot

      Good point Adjuster.

      WTF_Idiot FYI in war there are no rules. That's why it's called war.
      Do you think that our enemies don't listen to our communications, their own people's, and whoever communication they can get their hands on? And I don't see the ACLU , the left or you protesting?

      Tell me WTF_Idiot, why do left-wingers hate America so much?
      And since they find America so disgusting, why do they still live here instead of going to live somewhere else?
      Is it b/c they are like worms from the excrement?

      The left is an enemy of the US. They go against our interests, and bugs us dowm with all their lefty bullsh!t, political correctness, over-criticism. Why don't you all move to North Korea?

  • roadlawyer

    You really should stick to farming but I question if you're smoking too much of your profits. The ACLU's goal is most assuredly NOT to ensure the civil liberties for all. It's agenda has been, is and always will be to push its left-wing agenda and cram its ideology-of-the-month down the throats of anyone who can pay for their attorney fees. If you can't pay their fees, no problem – the ACLU will simply find a large organization and sue them, run up their fees and then settle out of court leaving its “clients” with nothing and fattening their own respective pockets. Unlike you, Farmer Tom, I am a trial lawyer and I have seen these people at work up close and personal.

  • TheAdjuster

    Under the US Constitution Art 6, Treaties ratified by the Senate become part of the “highest law of the land”.

    The military tribunal system is written into several US treaties. In various forms, it has been used in one capacity or another since long before the Constitution was written.

  • TheAdjuster

    When listening to a 9-11 troooother consider this:

    1) Cockroaches have an instinct for self-preservation
    2) Troooothers are serving alQaeda, even tho alQ still promises to chop their heads off.
    3) Trooooothers therefore have no instinct for self preservation
    4) Trooooothers are thus lower than cockroaches.
    5) Some surveys show that a majority of Manhattan (KSM jury pool) residents are troooothers

  • BS77

    Aint no pigsty in Cuba you fool. The terror roaches there get Chicken Kiev, TV, basketball, fresh clean linens and plenty of fresh air. Contrast this with a prison in Iran or Sudan, you liberal ingrate. why do I bother arguing with zeroes like you anyway?

  • 2bluestarmom

    Workers blow whistle on SEIU election fraud

    Patriots, you must see this!!

  • WTF_Idiots

    Why do we hate Bush so much? Why does 81% of America hate him so much??? Hmmmmmm… wow, that's a really tough one to answer. Maybe I'll start with Guantanamo Bay, torture, secret overseas prisons, two unnecessary and completely bothed cluster f**ks of wars that have killed thousands upon thousands of innocents and young Americans, destroying millions of families, bankrupting our country, destroying the economy, gutting corporate oversight laws and environmental laws, running dirty campaigns, going AWOL, spurring the emergence of the ignorant and racist hillbilly right wing, making our nation less safe, trying to sell our ports to a country that launders terrorist money, politicising the Justice Department, bastardizing the Constitution, embarrassing America, not being able to string a complete sentence together, being a stupid hillbilly, having an ignorant wife and mom, leaving the people of NOLA for dead, Dick Cheney… that's the short list.

  • tlwinslow

    It's too bad that the ACLU is full of history ignoramuses when it comes to Islam, or they'd see that trying to extend U.S. constitutional rights to Muslim terrorists is oxymoronic and suicidal to the U.S. itself. Tell them to study with the Historyscoper free online and catch up with the last 1400 years of the Muslim world horror show at

  • DemocracyFirst

    It's not about a terrorist committing an illegal act on US soil. It's about an enemy soldier committing an act of terrorist war against the US heartland. The global Islamist movement has openly declared war on the US. It is funded by various states, and is, in effect, a political wing of Islamist and semi-Islamist states. To win this was against democracies, we cannot hamstring ourselves. The ACLU knows this. Which betrays its real motives, to do exactly that: hamstring ourselves. Might that be because it is run by far leftists who no less than Islamists see democracy as the enemy of the greater Islamist or Communist good?

  • DemocracyFirst

    In fact, it is not the law of the land they seek to see enforced. Rather, it is exploitation of activist judges to expand the law for ACLU ideology and political purposes. If the founding fathers were judges today, they would uphold the law as understood by the constitution they wrote. ACLU representations would generally be laughed out of court. But those who would seek court action to do their bidding, because the people would never agree to such intent, strategically do end runs around the constitution, rather than failingly seek its amendment. They are, in effect, stripping the people of their political rights and empowerment in tandem with left wing judges.

  • TheAdjuster

    Most of those are Obama'spolicies as well…except for the “hillbilly” part.
    So one must conclude that you hate Bush because you see yourself as superior to “ignorant hillbillies”. In fact your entire world view centers on this single point.

  • Rich DeLong

    The ACLU has been doing all it could to undermine the principals this country was founded on since before the 1920's not just since 9/11.

  • wingsnut95

    The ACLU is just a anti-American league, supported and payrolled by individuals, foreign and domestic, who want to see American freedoms and way of life abolished and replaced by their socialist ways. When I see the ACLU come to the defense of the common man without and agenda, I wil consider them a legitimate organization. All their efforts are doing is making America a very dangerous place for average, law-abiding citizens.

  • Deejean

    To the victims of islam on that endless road of victims, I had a dream and I saw you on that endless

    Road, and the burden of my sorrow was so great that I felt that I might join you on that road un able

    To stand any more,

    If there is a life after this life, then you surely know how many times I’ve stood for you when so few

    Dared to stand, How many times I cried for you when few dared to care,

    And yet still I wonder if there is ever enough that I could do for you, Or if I have failed you because

    It seems that road just goes on forever with out end, And I feel as though I am running in place in quicksand

    Going no where but down fast!

    So much of my life is just gone now never to be brought back, Gone because I gave it away trying to

    Stand up for causes, that may only be lost causes,

    And yet I stand because I see so few who dare to stand for you, Sometimes the burden is so much I don’t

    Know if I can stand anymore, Time and time again I have been persecuted as a hater because I will not bow

    Will not submit, Instead I choose to stand, And yet sometimes I don’t feel I have the strength to stand anymore and I just want to walk away from all the causes and have a life while I am able,

    Then I feel ashamed that I even for a moment could let you down, Because others may not know of you they

    May not understand, But me I know and so I must stand,,,, And I still stand and say no more victims of islam it is not ok, Human rights must come first., freedom to the people death to tyranny and oppression

    There is no more merciful thing then love and compassion and indeed mercy its self and it is for love and mercy that I stand

    I wish though, That you could somehow give me strength when I feel to tired to stand on my own two feet, because my heart is broken from the grief of trying to bare your suffering while to the world and what ever beyond there may be I plead please no more victims . Please human rights first Please stand, still even if

    I must stand alone, Even if I wonder if I stand in vain I stand because, that’s what love and mercy do simply because I love you and you do matter to me.

    Pass it on if you agree and stand with me!

  • Mark Bernadiner

    Liberals destroy this country. It is obvious from some comments where authors relay on US judicial system that does not work in numerous cases. Enemies of US, after inserting necessary information, must be exterminated. America is not so rich to waste money for trials. We have more serious problems to take care of. ACLU (American criminal liberty union) should be jailed for crimes again US they committed for years with only objective that is American taxpayers money extortion for personal profit.

  • roadlawyer

    Notwithstanding your rather specious statistic (81%), I have yet to find in your answer anywhere an actual response other than a rather rhetorical rant (yes, even we hillbillies are capable of alliteration).
    Guantanamo Bay? Been there since before Kennedy (John, not Teddy).
    Torture? Not unusual in war but let me ask you this – do you suppose the people in the World Trade Center felt like their were being tortured as they were burnt or suffocated to death? How about the hundreds of thousands of Kurds who were gassed by your buddy Saddam Hussein? You remember him don't you? He's the one Bush went after.

    Completely botched wars? In what way were they “botched”? Would you have been more satisfied, as I would have been, if we had simply annihilated everyone within the country? How many wars have you actually been in, much less commanded? I would be interested in your expert opinion on the level of “botching” but first I need to know your credentials.

    Secret overseas prisons? Where? And, even if they do exist, so what?

    Thousands upon thousands of innocents and young Americans have been killed? Yes, the Kurds were innocent but they don't count in your mind, do they? How about this, millions of abortions every year. You want to take that one on? I thought not since those human beings who were aborted were “only fetuses” and ALL of them were the result of rape/incest, right?

    Millions of families destroyed? I don't think so. The left wing of this country, with its continuing attack on traditional family values, has destroyed far more families than any administration ever has.

    Bankrupting our country? Sorry. That started with FDR and the New Deal. Until then, there was no need for an income tax which our founding fathers prohibited because of its nefarious connotations. But with FDR's insistence that we bankroll his welfare program so that he could stay in office, we started down the slippery slope. And, FYI, FDR is the one who started our involvement in WWII.

    Destroying the economy? This is a cyclical matter. The economy has crashed before and will again so and, inasmuch as Presidents of the United States have little impact on the economy, there is really little point in laying this at the feet of the POTUS, whether his name is Bush or Obama.

    Gutting corporate oversight laws? Which ones? Don't know? Didn't think so.

    Gutting environmental laws? Again, which ones?

    Running dirty campaigns? ACORN – need I say more?

    Going AWOL? Oh, you mean like Obama has so far this year? FYI, Obama has been overseas more than any other President in his first year in office. And this while, as you say, our country was “going bankrupt”.

    This one is my favorite: “Spurring the emergence of the ignorant and racist hillbilly right wing”. Yeah, those must be the ignorant and racist hillbillies that are saving your ass from those ignorant and racist Muslims hillbillies that will force you to accept Islam or lose your head.

    Making our nation less safe? How? During Bush's administration, only one terrorist attack was performed on American soil and had your media darling, Clinton, taken out Osama bin Laden when he had the chance instead of engaging in gratuitous sex with a White House intern, we may have been able to avoid that tragedy altogether.

    Trying to sell our ports to a country that launders terrorist money? Now, you have to decide which side you're on. If you're complaining about Arabs controlling American ports I agree. If, however, we're talking about appointing Islamic sympathizers to important and significant governmental posts, such as the Department of Homeland Security, then I think you should rethink your position because you're obviously missing something.

    Politicising (actually it's “politicizing” but, hey, I'm a hillbilly, so what do I know) the Justice Department? Please go there because there is so much ammo that Obama and his Attorney General have provided me that I can hardly wait to respond. Here's a tidbit: The same people who are now “prosecuting” the terrorists in the New York federal court are the same ones who were defending them during their detention in Guantanamo Bay! How 'bout them apples? Hell, even this hillbilly lawyer can see the problem with that.

    Bastardizing the Constitution? Hmmm . . . so far I haven't heard of it's repeal or amendment so I think it's still intact. Unless, of course, you count that part where the Obama administration is now co-sponsoring a resolution in the United Nations where the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment will be effectively abolished only insofar as criticism of Islam is concerned. But Obama is really a Christian, right?

    Embarassing America? In what way? This country has plenty to be embarrassed about . . . abortion, the war on drugs, sending hard-earned American dollars to countries that spit in our face . . . the list could go on and on. However, I don't think that can be laid at the feet of Bush either since every President has been doing these things for the last forty years at least.

    Not being able to string a complete sentence together? Hmmm . . . I'm pretty sure I've heard him do that.

    Being a stupid hillbilly? Actually, he's from Texas. Hillbillies are traditionally from the Appalachia region of the country. There are not a lot of hills in Texas. However, since he was “stupid enough” to be elected as the POTUS twice, does that mean that Obama is only half as smart as he is?

    Having an ignorant wife and mom? Wow, there's a real shot. How old are you?

    Leaving the people of NOLA for dead? As I distinctly recall, the Bush administration was advising the people of New Orleans to get out of there at least three days before Katrina hit. However, the Democratic mayor and city council ordered that 165 busses be parked only to be submerged three days later. Moreover, the people of New Orleans have lived in a “bowl” below sea level for many years and knew that the levies needed to be repaired. Did they repair them? No. They just waited for the “big one” to come (it did) so they could begin looting and pillaging (they did) and now they expect everyone else in America to put them back into the position there were in prior to Katrina? Have you ever heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? I believe it was Einstein who said that. Ever heard of him? You know, theory of relativity, smartest guy in the 20th century, E=mc2? Yeah, didn't think so.

    Dick Cheney? And???? Is that it? Hmmm.

    Do you know what is really surprising? That someone like yourself has had all the advantages of living iin a great country like America and has obviously ignored all that it had to offer. You bite the hand that feeds you and, at some point in the near future, it will be that very hand that you will beg to save you. Good luck with that one.

  • USMCSniper

    You are only free WTF _Idiots and sleep peacefully at night because better men that you do unspeakable horrors against those who would enslave you.

    Here is a beautiful young lady singing for you. She sure has your number!!

  • Carterthewriter

    The problem with trying to make a rational argument with these left wing nut jobs is they just don't know how to debate. Everything is a damned conspiracy because that is precisely how they do business; they conspire.

    • jolymolly

      Why don't you move to live in Cuba my freng?

  • Sassamon

    You are very wet behind the ears
    Very, very boring.
    Please go away and wash your mouth out with soap and try to learn some manners.
    Tell your mother I said so.

  • therealend

    I started hearing the anti-Bush rants before the 2000 election, which would be before he had a chance to do anything at all. Much like what happened to Sarah Palin. And Joe the Plumber. What did he do but ask a simple question?

    Pelosi had 5 different versions of her 'lack' of knowledge about waterboarding. Biden made a racial slur inside a Dunkin Donuts shop. It's on YouTube if you care to look at it. The Sec Of State makes statements and then has to retract them within 24 hours and verbally skewers a foreign student for asking about President Obama. Did she forget how diplomacy works?

    I was stationed in the UAE in 2004. Those people paid for our accommodations. They were planning to build us a new base with their own money just so we would remain there.

    Bankrupting our country has been going on for a long time. This $1.4 Trillion deficit is new though. A Climate Bill that doesn't cut greenhouse gases and only makes it more expensive. And how we do the accounting on that is still a mystery.

    Ignorant and racist hillbilly right wing? Yes, that is typical of the Left's analytical ability. That must be the sole reason for President Obama's falling approval rating; the number of 'racists' just keeps growing all of a sudden and all the time.

    Guantanamo Bay has the best prison that Cuba has ever seen, period. Yet, American Leftists don't remark at all on the actual hell-holes which comprise the Cuban Penal system and find time to admire and even praise Fidel.

    Granting a free pass to Freddie and Fannie to escape all reason and fiduciary responsibility and composing new CRA regulations which make it mandatory to abandon all reason and fiduciary responsibility when lending money are the hallmarks of the Left in general and the Democratic Party in particular.

    As far as brilliance in our leaders goes, our current President didn't expect to win in the primary in Kentucky because as he said, that state was closer to Arkansas than Illinois, even though Kentucky borders on Illinois and not Arkansas. He said he was conceived during the Selma march which happened something like 3 years after his birth, believed his uncle liberated Auschwitz with the US Army when the Red Army captured that death camp from the NAZIs, who plays more golf than any President to date, knows more Reds than Hugo Chavez and swears he doesn't know about their past/present even as he appoints them to high level offices. Does this all add up to far-sightedness to you?

    You really don't know how to present your case. You just rant. Could I suggest that you change your user-id to something a bit more civil before you comment again. We don't mind a discussion, but to be treated to your verbal abuse is so high-school-ish. You can do better than that. Easily.

  • omar83allah

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  • davidhorowitz

    No, the NSA scandal was a specific policy implemented by Bush. Honest Right-wingers who believe in the Constitution were appalled.

  • davidhorowitz

    Even though they supported your friends the KKK the right to speak in public?

  • davidhorowitz

    Conspiracy on the Left? Sure, but you obviously haven't heard about the 'paranoid' style of politics, which the Right has perfected. The best example currently is Glenn Beck, who sees a new conspiracy everyday. But we could talk about Rush, who argued that the Oklohama City bombing (committed by a home-grown Right-winger) was a conspiracy by Saddam Hussein. Had there been any evidence to make the case, Bush/Cheney would have grasped it, which of course they didn't (instead, they tortured people to try to 'discover' a link between Iraq and 9/11, which makes them 'Troothers'). Or we could talk about David Horowitz, who has argued, against the 9/11 Commission, for the existence of Able Danger leading up to 9/11. So let's not be too quick to blame the Left for conspiracies, the Right is full of them…

  • Carterthewriter

    So, what's your point; it's okay to conspire using taxpayer's money because you're a politician. Presently the Dems have the power so it is their turn to take some heat, but that's not okay, sir.

  • TheAdjuster

    Here is Carter's Executive Order authorizing warantless wiretapping:

  • TheAdjuster

    Our friends???

    You're the Democrat here.

  • Mark in Hosuton

    It is JANET Reno, not “Janice” Reno… FYI

  • USMCSniper

    Always remember, just because we are paranoid does not mean that the left is not really out to get us. Paranoid is good. It keeps you aware of dangers!

  • USMCSniper

    The denial by the Leftists in the ACLU and their supporters that Islamic death cells threaten the U.S. clears up one mystery. To outside observers, the refusal to balance the putative claims of unfettered freedom against the desirability of, say, remaining alive can seem the most perverse aspect of civil-libertarian ideology. But civil-rights absolutism makes more sense once you understand that the civil libertarians have apparently convinced themselves that terrorism is just a Republican bugaboo.

    Such fantasies make for great fundraising pitches. The ACLU has been raking in the dough — and not just from payroll deductions — since 9/11. But the Left's blindness to the reality of foreign enemies should utterly disqualify it from government influence. That is not the case. Civil libertarians and privacy advocates exercise veto power over government research in the crucial fields of data mining and computer technology. The Department of Homeland Security recently cancelled a program to screen airline passengers for terrorist connections because privacy advocates objected. The next time a public official feels inclined to listen to a rights lobbyist, he should administer a simple sanity test: Do you believe that terrorism exists?”

  • kentuckydan

    I find it interesting that you consider an attack on the military elsewhere to be an Act of War, but an attack on civilians here by the same forces NOT an Act of War?

    What do you do if civilians and the military are inermingled when the attack comes?

    I saw give the detainees in GITMO Geneva rights, that means illegal combatants taken under arms uniformed can be summarily executed by the military OR if we want to forget about their illegal combatant status and give thme Protected Person status as POWs they can be kept in camps until a Peace Treaty is signed ;-O

  • kentuckydan

    I am eternally greatful we have an organization whose goal is to ensure civil liberties for all, its just that its' the NRA not the ACLU the difference being the NRA thinks the Bill of Rights enumerates INDIVIDUAL Rights the ACLU believes in Collective Rights,
    they think the 2cd ammendment is a collective right and I don;'t recall any ACLU action against Hate Speech or Campaign Reform limitations which IMO are fundamental 1st amendemtn issues, forget about the 1st amendment rights to freedom of religion