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CNN to Lou Dobbs: Don’t Let the Door Hit You….

Posted By Ben Johnson On November 12, 2009 @ 5:09 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

The left-wing media wouldn't know a class act if he anchored for them for 30 years.

Lou Dobbs’s departure from CNN has turned into a cause for celebration — at CNN. Network president Jonathan Klein dismissively called Lou’s program “advocacy journalism” in an otherwise respectful tribute. But Politico.com quotes an anonymous network source:

“I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be missed among the rank-and-file employees at the network,” said a CNN staffer. “The Dobbs show has existed in its own little universe for the last several years, in many ways cut off from the rest of the editorial process at CNN. Most people will be left wondering what this means for the primetime lineup and whether Klein can now deliver on his ‘down the middle’ mantra.”

“Down the middle”? Presumably, Anderson Cooper is now free to slander tea party protesters as perverts, while Wolf Blitzer’s team investigates Saturday Night Live skits (wrongly) with no counterpart to the Right. Or the center. CNN viewers will not forget that network allowed (or encouraged?) Susan Roesgen to antagonize tea party protesters on camera, gave Christiane Amanpour six hours to compare Rev. John Hagee to Osama bin Laden, and broadcast Soledad O’Brien asking if President Bush was “slow to respond” to Hurricane Katrina because “pictures of mostly black people were on TV” — among a litany of other, daily left-wing outrages. The bloom was off CNN’s “unbiased” rose long ago.

Lou deserves better. Here’s hoping he finds a platform worthy of his message.

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