Genius Envy: Ed Schultz’s Plan to Motivate Joe Lieberman is “Punching the Guy Out”


Sen. Joe Lieberman opposes the current health care bill, so MSNBC’s Ed Schultz has a solution: punch him out. On last night’s episode of The Ed Show, Schultz asked Democratic Senator and way-too-frequent guest Sherrod Brown, D-OH:

What is the feeling towards Joe Lieberman? I mean how do you, you know, go into a room without punching the guy out after what he’s done to the progressive movement in this country? I mean, that’s how I think a lot of people feel. What attitude, what attitude — is he still just a beloved, friendly, fraternal senator, or is he a jerk in the room?

The courageous Brown, after hearing the violent tirade against his colleague, replied:

He’s not beloved, for sure.

What a Sister Souljah moment, Sherrod.

After a boring few weeks, when MSNBC brass must have told the rabid ratings failure to hold things down, Ed’s showing his true colors again. At least he only threatened to clock Lieberman; he invited a Rep. Michelle Bachmann to slit her wrists on his program.

Remember his violent outbursts the next time someone on MSNBC moans about “incivility” or worries a tea party attendee will “inspire violence” by waving a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.


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