We’re Not Media Matters: A Case in Point

Tuesday’s episode of The Ed Show on MSNBC gives NewsRealblog a chance to show how we are different than some “media analysts” on the Left. Tuesday, Rep. Gary Peters, D-MI, taunted 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain to come to Michigan, insisting the U.S. auto industry would recover just fine. Peters insisted: “He campaigned on ‘America First.’ That was his slogan.”

No, that was the campaign slogan of Pat Buchanan. McCain campaigned on “Country First.” Were we Media Matters, Peters’ statement would be a federal case. We would send out a mass e-mail noting his “error,” perhaps writing that Peters had spread “disinformation”!

But this is an innocent mistake. We won’t pounce. We wish others on the Left had such a sense of proportion and human frailty.