Sudden Jihad or Inordinate Stress at Ft. Hood? – by Daniel Pipes


When a Muslim in the West for no apparent reason violently attacks non-Muslims, a predictable argument ensues about motives.

The establishment – law enforcement, politicians, the media, and the academy – stands on one side of this debate, insisting that some kind of oppression caused Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, to kill 13 and wound 38 at Ft. Hood on Nov. 5. It disagrees on the specifics, however, presenting Hasan as the victim alternatively of “racism,” “harassment he had received as a Muslim,” a sense of not belonging,” “pre-traumatic stress disorder,” “mental problems,” “emotional problems,” “an inordinate amount of stress,” or being deployed to Afghanistan as his “worst nightmare.” Accordingly, a typical newspaper headline reads “Mindset of Rogue Major a Mystery.”.

Instances of Muslim-on-unbeliever violence inspire the victim school to dig up new and imaginative excuses. Colorful examples (drawing on my article and weblog entry about denying Islamist terrorism) include:

  • 1990: “A prescription drug for … depression” (to explain the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane)
  • 1991: “A robbery gone wrong” (the murder of Makin Morcos in Sydney)
  • 1994: “Road rage” (the killing of a random Jew on the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • 1997: “Many, many enemies in his mind” (the shooting murder atop the Empire State Building)
  • 2000: A traffic incident (the attack on a bus of Jewish schoolchildren near Paris)
  • 2002: “A work dispute” (the double murder at LAX)
  • 2002: A “stormy [family] relationship” (the Beltway snipers)
  • 2003: An “attitude problem” (Hasan Karim Akbar‘s attack on fellow soldiers, killing two)
  • 2003: Mental illness (the mutilation murder of Sebastian Sellam)
  • 2004: “Loneliness and depression” (an explosion in Brescia, Italy outside a McDonald’s restaurant)
  • 2005: “A disagreement between the suspect and another staff member” (a rampage at a retirement center in Virginia)
  • 2006: “An animus toward women” (a murderous rampage at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle in 2006)
  • 2006: “His recent, arranged marriage may have made him stressed” (killing with an SUV in northern California in 2006)

Sgt. Hasan Karim Akbar, convicted of the 2003 murder of two fellow soldiers.

Additionally, when an Osama bin Laden-admiring Arab-American crashed his plane into a Tampa high-rise, blame fell on the acne drug Accutane.

As a charter member of the jihad school of interpretation, I reject these explanations as weak, obfuscatory, and apologetic. The jihadi school, still in the minority, perceives Hasan’s attack as one of many Muslim efforts to vanquish infidels and impose Islamic law. We recall a prior episode of sudden jihad syndrome in the U.S. military, as well as the numerous cases of non-lethal Pentagon jihadis and the history of Muslim violence on American soil.

We are not mystified by Hasan but see overwhelming evidence of his jihadi intentions. He handed out Korans to neighbors just before going on his rampage and yelled “Allahu Akbar,” the jihadi’s cry, as he fired off over 100 rounds from two pistols. His superiors reportedly put him on probation for inappropriately proselytizing about Islam.

We note what former associates say about him: one, Val Finnell, quotes Hasan saying, “I’m a Muslim first and an American second” and recalls Hasan justifying suicide terrorism; another, Col Terry Lee, recalls that Hasan “claimed Muslims had the right to rise up and attack Americans”; the third, a psychiatrist who worked very closely with Hasan, described him as “almost belligerent about being Muslim.”

Finally, the jihad school of thought attributes importance to the Islamic authorities’ urging American Muslim soldiers to refuse to fight their co-religionists, thereby providing a basis for sudden jihad. In 2001, for example, responding to the U.S. attack on the Taliban, the mufti of Egypt, Ali Gum’a, issued a fatwa stating that “The Muslim soldier in the American army must refrain [from participating] in this war.” Hasan himself, echoing that message, advised a young Muslim disciple, Duane Reasoner Jr., not to join the U.S. army because “Muslims shouldn’t kill Muslims.”

If the jihad explanation is overwhelmingly more persuasive than the victim one, it’s also far more awkward to articulate. Everyone finds blaming road rage, Accutane, or an arranged marriage easier than discussing Islamic doctrines. And so, a prediction: what Ralph Peters calls the army’s “unforgivable political correctness” will officially ascribe Hasan’s assault to his victimization and will leave jihad unmentioned.

And thus will the army blind itself and not prepare for its next jihadi attack.

  • elizabethdickman

    Why on earth would anyone question the motives behind the Ft Hood murderer?" He was a Muslim doing his Muslim duty. I'm so sick of the "it's our diversity that makes us strong" garbage. The diversity and lack of screening of people coming into this country is destroying us. Entire communities of illiterate immigrants are brought in with no means of supporting themselves, with no desire to assimilate and they expect and get handouts. They create communities resembling the third world countries they left behind , raise their own flags and speak their own language and live off the tax payers. They spread their own destructive and dangerous ideology and religious beliefs and the leaders of this country encourage it and keep on chanting, "it's our diversity that makes us strong.' Wrong, the diversity is killing us and will be our total destruction. Where are the real men in this country?

  • Robert Bernier

    Better see it before it's pulled.
    Without comments…

    No one should miss this video:

    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • beetyboop

    Why is there an ad for a Muslim “singles dating” site on this page? The whole subject of Daniel Pipes' article is disturbing enough…. do we need to wonder why there might be Muslim-aimed advertising going on here? And to watch Robert Bernier's video is enough to send me scurrying for the nearest fallout shelter. If our own military's judgment and it's Commander in Chief's motives are so doubtful, where is the citizenry to turn? We have truly invited the wolf into the henhouse.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    What is the connection between the release of the Torture Memos in April, the Virginia Tech massacre of two years ago and Nidal Hasan's jihadist rampage?

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read my piece: “The Torture Memos, Virginia Tech and the Ft. Hood Massacre” for the answer.

  • alancoffey

    Yup. Agree. And watch how fast the DOJ pulls the UCMJ case from the U.S. Army, to allow Hasan to have a “more equitable” legal discovery process, thus avoiding the death penalty and squashing the truth from coming out.

  • Sag_i_Jangi

    If the jihad school of interpretation needs a middle-European chapter, I'm here. Well-written, that man. Agree all the way.

    a refugee from PC Britannistan

  • daphneburdman

    The Daily Telegraph (07 Nov. 2009) as subtitle states “Major Nidal Malik Hasan worshiped at a mosque [Dar al-Hijrah Mosque, Great Falls Virginia, 2001] led by a radical imam [Anwar al-Awlaki] said to be a “spiritual adviser” to three of the hijackers who attacked America on September 11, 2001″
    N.B. Data within parentheses [ ] drawn from text of article.

    I believe Hasan falls within the category of a lone self-selected terrorist exposed to Islamist indoctrination although cannot rule out deliberate recruitment at a radical mosque.

  • avidyananda

    Muslims don't kill Muslims. Who says that? They do it daily and have been doing it for centuries. This is evidence of how some Muslims are capable of believing contradictory things simultaneously. And even when what they are saying is patently untrue, they can make their claims with the greatest of self-righteousness.

  • dcarlson

    May you be blessed for your wisdom. Great question, where are the real men in this country? In my opinion – its the anti God social system in work today that is stuffing real men in a corner with the help of the media and the education system and political correctness sees that no new ones are created. Buckle up, its going to get worse before it gets better

  • dcarlson

    May you be blessed for your wisdom. Great question, where are the real men in this country? In my opinion – its the anti God social system in work today that is stuffing real men in a corner with the help of the media and the education system and political correctness sees that no new ones are created. Buckle up, its going to get worse before it gets better

  • coyote3

    Well the Moslem dating advertisement is because someone paid for it.

    Seriously, you have a point. What is being left out, is this could become an extremely dangerous situation if a substantial number, even a relatively small number, of citizens become doubtful of the institutions motives', then that is a recipe for violence on an unprecedented scale. And no, the manufacturers could not even produce enough ammunition for the military and police to stop, if it really go going. Not to mention if the rank and file police & military had serious doubts. Americans accept, even embrace, some level of incompetence in their government, including the police & military, but if, by the government's actions, if their actual motives are in question then there are big problems.

  • stanfordlinzey

    No matter why the major in the army committed such terror and death, he should face a general court-martial as any other member of the military should. The reason for the major's action is not on trial, rather, he should be on trial for his own act of murder. Some of our good soldiers lost their lives due to his actions. The person is responsible for his own conduct. His religion gives him no precedence over those of other religious faiths. Let's get real.

  • MarkR

    Passivity-disinterest- it's not in my neighborhood- it's PTSD- he was a victim being harrassed- blah, blah, blah. Only when this hits closer to where people live and breathe on a daily basis will it be taken seriously. When an attack like 911 happens again (God forbid) then the people who scream now for multiculturalism will be screaming in the opposite direction. It's wonderful to be on the far left and never having to say you are sorry.

  • Robert Wargas


    That could be the headline of any mainstream “news” article about the Ft. Hood massacre–or, indeed, any terrorist attack that is kept under wraps by the Frankfurt School media. (Actually, I'm exaggerating: The media would never include the word “Muslim” in the headline.)

    The point is that regardless of the circumstances, all major media outlets–from that Marxist rag The Nation to even centrist newspapers–will blame whites or other non-Muslims for this. Thus Hasan's motives are explained away by “harassment.”

    We're also told to beware an evil KKK-like “backlash” against Muslims, although this never happens.

    Dozens of people are hurt or killed and all these left-wing psychos can think of is a “backlash.”

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Nidal Hasan was under great and unspeakable stress before a carried out his heinous crime, the distressing thought of eternal damnation if he didn't kill any enemies of God before he died.

    Google ApolooSpeaks (one word) and read my peice: Moslem Terror Strikes Ft. Hood: The Inner Mind of Nidal Hasan

  • hebrewprophet

    Major Hasan went to his local Mosque was indoctrinated by his Imam ,the rest is a tragedy or farce ,depends on ones point of view.

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  • timothyclemmens

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