Big Government: LA Times Defends Commie Ornaments

L.A. Times Art Critic Defends White House Commie-Chic Xmas

by Publius

Over at the L.A. Times today, art critic Christopher Knight went after Big Government for reporting on the White House Christmas tree ornaments and the man, Simon Doonan, tapped to oversee the decorations for the White House.  Knight’s objection to Big Government’s coverage of the administration’s decision to inject left-wing politics into the White House Christmas tree begins and ends with the fact that Andy Warhol was the artist behind the particular image of the murderous Communist dictator Mao Zedong featured on one of the ornaments we brought to your attention.  Knight’s article is excerpted below followed by Breitbart’s take downs and Knight’s response.  Jump in the comments here or head over to the L.A. Times article and join the fray.

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