Creators Versus Destroyers – by David Horowitz


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Glenn Beck had a terrific show yesterday, a basic lesson in the reality we inhabit. The first segment took off on Patrick Kennedy’s pious blather about how we should all be civil. Beck showed the contrasting images of leftwing fascists behaving violently in Pittsburgh and peaceful tea party enthusiasts on the capitol mall. He also showed the trash left by the environmental hypocrites at the Obama inaugural and the pristine lawn that followed the tea party event. He also read the Times attempt to portray the Pittsburgh riot as a pastoral scene from Bambi and the Times lame efforts to make the tea party patriots look threatening.

Beck’s comment on this was to note the difference between the two sides in this culture war. The side of those who are trying to make this country better and those who want to destroy it. Because they believe that “fundamental change” is in order. These are the people who celebrate the loony pig Michael Moore whose new film declares “capitalism is evil and evil can’t be regulated.”

Capitalism has given the world the only democracies it has ever really known. (The Greeks had one but it was built on slavery.) Capitalism is the only system which has given people life beyond mere survival and has made more people prosperous and comfortable than any other in the history of mankind — this is what Moore and his fans in the “liberal” media want to destroy.

Beck then talked about the Twelver — the Jew-and-America-hating dictator who is in charge in Iran and who believes that he must wash the world in blood to bring back the 12th Imam (yes that is literally and precisely what he said in his UN speech) and is building his nuclear warheads and long-range missiles to do just that while Obama fiddles and dithers and takes off for Denmark to give the Chicago mob their payoff.

We are just beginning to see now the consequences of November 2008 when the inmates took over the asylum.

  • Proxywar

    The 9/12ers need to exlcude the need for belief in God as one of the pinciples.
    I would join if they did that.

  • CowboyUp

    Nope. God is where our rights come from, otherwise they wouldn't be sacred, and if granted by man could be taken by man. Nobody forces you to worship him, just to aknowlege our unalienable rights came from a higher power than man.

  • 2maxpower

    another excellent article, thank you David.

  • FBastiat

    Contempt for the masses, not compassion for the poor, motivates the welfare statist, a disciple manqué of the Gotha Marx. It is from his creation of an “evil” entity — the “greed,” “selfishness,” and “materialism” of all others, of society — that he derives, with his advocacy of redistribution, an opposed “good” identity — his own “social conscience.” For a Michael Moore, the evil of America — of capitalist society — is that it will not “guarantee” free, unlimited medicine for all as a political right, while his own good is to be found right there in his support for such a noble (i.e., paper) proclamation. His position doesn't come from a focus on the reality (theoretical and empirical) of health care as provided by the market vs. the State, a reality well known in Canada (which didn't legislate free, unlimited medicine for all, but government control over all areas of medicine) and brilliantly dramatized in the Québecois export The Barbarian Invasions, the 2004 Oscar winner for best foreign language film. If the good is to be found in the market — in “civil society,” the explicit enemy from Marx to Chomsky — what is to be gained from setting oneself apart from — above — it?

    From here.

  • USMCSniper

    “All humans are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights,” is the phrase made famous by the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Its intent was to express the concept that everyone has certain privileges, simply by virtue of their being human. Those inalienable rights or privileges, as conceived in the Declaration, are “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  • Carterthewriter

    The very idea that Moore gained fame through capitalism, then castigates it is beyond shameful.

    I suppose he would be welcomed in Tehran and would be required to cloak himself appropiately so no one would have to loathe him any longer.

  • Ben Coultry

    He's mentioned before: if you believe in.. say 7 out of 9 principles, you belong

  • USMCSniper

    Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private ownership and control over the means of production. The distribution of goods and services and their prices are mainly determined by competition in a free market. Under such a system the primary job of government is to protect private property, enforce contracts and ensure rule of law.

    Michael Moore is an advocate of “State Ownership” ownership and control over the means of production and for the distribution of goods and services and their setting their prices.

    However, we can rank in the mixed- economies as to whether they are closer to capitalism or closer to communism or socialism. If one ranked countries according to whether they were closer to the capitalistic end of the spectrum or the socialistic or communistic end, then ranked countries according to per capita GDP and finally rank countries according to Freedom House's “Map of Freedom in the World,” anyone would find a pattern that is by no means a coincidence.

    The people in those countries closer to the capitalist end of the economic spectrum have far greater income and enjoy greater human rights protections than those toward the socialist and communist end. Read the “Black Book of Communism” on the history of national and international socialism – 150 million corpses.

    According to the London Telegraph article, Moore's film features priests who say capitalism is anti-Christian by failing to protect the poor. This is pure nonsense and revealed as such by asking, “If you're an unborn spirit, condemned by God to a life of poverty but allowed to choose the country in which to be poor, would you choose a country near the communist end of the economic spectrum or the capitalist end?”

    If you chose the United States, you'd find that according to every private and government survey, the typical “poor” American has cable or satellite TV, two color TVs, and a DVD player or VCR. He has air conditioning, a car, a microwave, a refrigerator, a stove, and a clothes washer and dryer, and whether he has health insurance or not, he is able to obtain medical care when needed. Choose China or Russia and it is the opposite. They can even supply good toilet paper. Besides, Michael Moore is so fat he probably can't reach around to wipe his own ass properly anyway.

  • mrsdalepetterson

    David – is there a possibility of everything happening in Washington with HealthCare and the Cap and Trade bills and the bottoming out of our democracy with this liberal group ever be cancelled out with time and returned to the way it was before? I find it impossible to believe the Americans will let all this happen without a revolution and we all know what happens in a revolution. I am repulsed by this Chigago Punk. Thanks for listening. Mrs. Dale Petterson

  • WFB2

    “Beck showed the contrasting images of leftwing fascists behaving violently in Pittsburgh and peaceful tea party enthusiasts on the capitol mall. He also showed the trash left by the environmental hypocrites at the Obama inaugural and the pristine lawn that followed the tea party event.”
    There's no longer any question in my mind that the radical Left is a manifestation of (probably psychosexual) patriphobic neurosis. Hatred of “The Man” as Freudian revenge for an abusive father. Violence is a staple of Leftist “street theater protest” which is their “adult” manifestation of tantrum throwing infantilism. For those interested go to
    I would like to see Beck (or someone) discuss this possibility with an expert in the psychiatric world. Narcissism is almost certainly involved (Obama definitely and Clinton likely).

    For most of the twentieth century the world has been torn apart by such mentally ill leaders (Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, et. al.) It's way past time to prevent these loons from coming to power in the first place. Collectivist Messianism is a mental illness.

  • mrsdalepetterson

    Thanks. No name.

  • Wow

    If Moore hates Capitalism so much, why does he charge people money to see his films, read his books, and buy his BS?

  • Bellerophon

    “Capitalism has given the world the only democracies it has ever really known. (The Greeks had one but it was built on slavery.)”

    I really wish that people would stop saying that “the Greeks had slavery” not because it isn't true but because everyone at that time had slavery. The Greeks did, however have something that no one else had – free men who served no master.

    It was the free men who established the first democracy. The wealth came from farming and commerce. Yes, most of the workers were slaves but since it doesn't seem to bother anyone that the Incas had slaves, the Chinese had slaves, the subcontinent of India was filled with slaves and of course, the Egyptians had slaves why is it that only the Greeks get singled out.

    Greece was for the ancient world what the US is to the modern world – the whipping boy for ever evil real or imagined, and for the same reason – they were the best, freest country on earth.

  • Bellerophon

    Why if God is the source of rights did that fact go ignored in the Constitution?

    The answer is that everyone knew that if god went in to the Constitution that he would have to be some particular god, the god of the Methodists, or the Baptists or the Episcopalians or the Deists or the Catholics. Each sect had their own idea of god and dreaded the thought of living under another sect's version of the deity.

    Note also the choice of words in the Declaration – “endowed by their Creator” not “given by God”. This wasn't an accident. “Endowed” means that the rights inhere within man as a result of his creation and cannot be separated from him without destroying him.

    “Creator” means only one aspect of god, his power of creation. No other characteristics are implied by the word “creator”. Again, this was not an accident because man's rights were not to be dependent on any characteristic of god that might be subject to dispute by the various sects.

    Rights are inherent in man's nature which, whether you believe man was created or evolved, is the basis of his rights.

  • bubba4

    This is powerful language and don't forget they were trying to “legally” circumvent the power of Kings (which was divine). So they absolutely had to say that “rights” are part of us by nature (or of our creator).

  • USMCSniper

    The liberals and leftists who advocate government control are the worst destroyers, The dumbing down of education in America! And that is 100% attributed to Government running and coontrolling education. And that is the reason why Government run healthcare and everything else this government is trying to sneak through is wrong and will fail!

    I always think it's funny when the left calls the average America ignorant, when it's their own left agenda and intellectual incompetence that got us here. The education in America has been government run for so long and the leaders of our country refuse to allow competition and choice to be involved and it has brought us to this state today…we are dumbing down our children into little collectivists that know little or no history, science, have never read any of the great classics. Even Europe allows vouchers for private education.

    So, liberals, step up and take the credit for our dumbed down people..You are 100% to blame.

    This is so typical. Look at the economy also. It was Barney Frank and liberal democrats who FORCED the banks to accept mortgage loans from people who never could qualify, and now, the world is paying for a liberal agenda in America.

    Why do they always get away with all the problems in our country? It's not staying this way for long. There is a wave of average Americans who are tired of standing back, being bullied and told that they need to go along with the taxation and government control and if they don't it is because they are being cold and without compassion. Well, that is one big lie. And we are tired of being bullied by liberal thinking people who tell everybody else they need to pay for all the problems that they create and to fix the society they seek to destroy.

  • Bellerophon

    The Cato Institute publishes rating of the world economies based on free-market principles. Every year Hong Kong rate number one. The US bounces around from 3rd to 8th. In the last go around we were 6th but that was mainly because other countries engaged in more freedom limiting activities than we did.

    If you look at their ratings it is bloody obvious that the freest economies are the most productive and have the highest standards of living.

    Something to consider when trying to understand Israel, it rates low in terms of economic freedom, 78th in fact. It is between Egypt and Papua New Guinea. The freest economy in the Middle East is Dubai which is one of the few Arab states that allow synagogues and churches in it. Economic freedom tends to breed tolerance.

    For Bush supporters who think he believed in free markets – Iraq and Afghanistan are not rated.

    If you're interested here is the link to Cato's ratings: