David Frum Careens Off The Deep End (NewsReal blog) – by David Horowitz


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In his worst post yet, David Frum picks up some Andrew Sullivan foam (which is pretty much what Andrew produces since he became a celebrity of the left) and takes it to the next level of nasty. “Do Limbaugh and Beck Believe What They Say?” is the title of Andrew’s thoughtless little jape. At least Sullivan deploys the question as an unabashed instrument of derision which he doesn’t himself take seriously. We’ve all asked the question, which is our way of saying no one in his right mind could believe that. It’s what every liberal thinks (when they’re not thinking) of every conservative and vice versa. Does Michael Moore believe what he says? Does Al Gore? Since George Bush entered the White House liberals have ceased to think altogether about certain questions  — the election of 2000, the decision to go to war in Iraq, global warming — and have come to the conclusion that they are indeed the only sane people around.

You will recognize here a classic symptom of psychosis. But in his current post Frum goes them one better and takes the question seriously, suggesting that if Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly were offered twice as much money and twice as many fans to say the opposite of what they’re saying now they would. This is a vulgar Marxism that is beyond insulting, and beyond stupid. Sadly, it’s just one more embarrassing pirouette in David’s ever less interesting dance away from the conservative cause.

Editor’s note: See the recent Frontpage debate between David Horowitz and David Frum here.

  • semby

    David Frum wants to be relevant – so that is why he is saying these things === he's a nobody trying to be a somebody and you are helping him. What he says is meaningless, who is he anyway?

  • Wayne

    By saying that Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly would assert the opposite point of view to which they do now for a larger audience and/or more money, David Frum implies that these individuals could not possibly have firm convictions. It would be hard to believe that somebody such as Beck would place himself on the front line of those defending individual rights, constitutional government and a smaller government which respects those ideas, to be on the receiving end of abusive ridicule as he does from others in the MSM.

    By implying that those commentators lack conviction, does Frum imply that he does not possess conviction in what he considers to be right and true? — I think he does.

  • stevegrutzmacher

    My question to David would be, how much money did it take to nudge him into his latest and ever more ridiculous position on conservatism. The Obama foot soldiers are adept at spreading the spoils around and with billions in “stimulous” money being floated around to liberal election coffers, I'm sure there is a set aside for sympathetic “journalists” .

  • mngomes

    David is looking for brownie points from his beltway lib buddies.

  • Gylippus

    Sad to see that they got to Frum too. Still, he'll have to live with his Faustian choice. It's at times like this where you see what people are really made of.

  • Bellerophon

    It doesn't matter whether or not Beck or Limbaugh believe what they are saying, it only matters if what they're saying is true.

    Frum is so hopelessly enmeshed in a world where only opinion matters and facts are irrelevant that he has lost contact with reality. He no longer has (assuming that he once had) the ability to distinguish fact from opinion.

    Frum's on a path that leads to madness and all I can do is wish him a quick journey.

  • Dorothy Wachsstock

    I find it sad that David Frum has joined the left in order to appear on their biased anti-Israel programs. One that lies down with dogs gets up with fleas. To take off on people who give out information without doing his own investigation is for an invitation to a cocktail party and no guts. I didn't read that Frum had investigated the Czars and complained.when.even Sen. Fenigold knows it is unconstitutional as this Pres. goes after individuals and now Fox Network because they don't suck up but do old time investigating.

  • bubba4

    Now Frum is “left”….wow…its amazing when someone bucks the club and you turn the weapons against them. Now his comments are Marxist….he's “gone over”….LOL

    Frum's mistake was not realizing he is dealing with a psuedo-religion when he fights with Horowitz. Horowitz is like the grand wizard of this religion and he can excommunicated you in a heartbeat. Frum didn't suddently change his economic theories and political thought…but he's “left” because he committed heresy in calling out Beck's craziness.

  • dorothywachsstock

    Hey guys, if it wasn't for Glenn Beck who would know about Van Jones, Sustein, the Woman who loves Mao or even any of the so called Czars? Remember what Pres. Obama said." Judge me by the people I associate with". Well, we are judging and thank goodness there are people who still do old time investigating. I am shocked, aghast, surprised and thought I was in another planet upon learning that the "old media" guys stood up for Fox News Channel for the first time since Obama campaigned for Pres. They are learning that they have lost all credibility on their reporting and we just stopped watching them. We do not believe any of those old networks anymore. They leave out too much information and some day it will hit them that they too will live under the same laws that they do not tell their public nowPerhaps if they tell the truth and start asking hard questions, we might watch those old networks but not till then. Go after the Pres. and tell him that he is supposed to stay in the Oval office and govern and make decisions other than our healthcare. Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan and he is playing around and doing fundraising for a crook, Sen. Dodd? Blood is on his hands. Sen.Dodd did more crooked things intaking money from the Chinese plus the Country Wide loans and should be in jail.Libby was found guilty for less and the prosecutor knew that Armitage had told him. It was a farce and lies by people in office.