Fox’s Affirmative Action Baby Whines – by David Horowitz


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Marc Lamont Hill has responded to my Newsreal post about The O’Reilly Factor’s decision to make him their black in residence and to provide him a whole segment recently to share with us his views of the crisis with Iran. I pointed out that Hill’s expertise, such as it is, is hip-hop culture — the very low end, in other words, of popular music which is better known as rap. Why was Hill on at all? Because he’s Fox’s black academic. But what kind of academic? With an expertise in rap music, Hill has a professorship at Columbia University, illustrating  my often made observation that our liberal arts colleges have fallen to their lowest intellectual level in 100 years.


My objection to Hill’s appearance as a rap professor pontificating about geopolitical issues is it fed the soft racism of low expectations and that it was in fact an insult to all those black academics who would actually have had something intelligent to say about the Iran crisis.

Hill has now had the bad judgment to respond to my post on his Twitter. This has revealed another side of Hill which is equally illuminating. His Twitter web page is wall-papered with one of his heroes, Assata Shakur — a fugitive killer, wanted for the cold-blooded murder of a New Jersey state trooper in 1973. She has been protected for all the intervening years by the most sadistic dictator in the AmericasFidel Castro.

So here’s another dimension to the poor judgment Fox has shown in selecting

The image of Assata Shakur, the Castro-protected fugitive, that wallpapers Hill's Twitter page.The image of Assata Shakur, the Castro-protected fugitive, that wallpapers Hill’s Twitter page.

Marc Lamont Hill, out of all the black intellectuals available, to talk about cultural issues (let alone international affairs.) Hill is one of a community of black intellectuals promoted well beyond their abilities — Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West are two obvious others — who are poisoning the minds of  black youth with the idea that politically correct murderers like Assata Shakur are heroes, and patriotic Americans are devils incarnate. Of course confronting O’Reilly — and cherishing his air time and Fox stipend — Hill is far more moderate on TV than he probably is in his classroom or at the public speaking venues his gig on Fox makes possible.

Hill’s twitter reply to my post is typical in its illiteracy. He says I’ve made a career out of calling people Communists and anti-Semites, as though such people don’t exist. In fact, if his admiration for a murderer in the protection of a Communist dictator is any indication, he understands that Communists do exist but just doesn’t think they deserve to be condemned. Someone like myself who has the bad manners to point out their existence, therefore, must be ared-baiter or, better yet, a “McCarthyite.”

Unholy Alliance - Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitz

Hill’s second complaint is that I wrote a book called Unholy Alliance about radical Islam but I’m not an expert in Islam. This is supposed to take the heat off him for making inane comments on the Iranian crisis. Actually, my book — which he obviously didn’t read — is about theAmerican left — not Islam — and is an attempt to explain its tacit alliance with the Islamic totalitarians of al-Qaeda and Hamas. This is a subject I happen to be an expert on. I have studied the American left longer and know more about it than Professor Hill does about hip-hop culture or, for that matter, about me.

Editor’s note: If Marc Lamont Hill wants to respond to this we will give him the necessary space. Contact Jamie Glazov at

  • davidscott999

    Can't stand Hill and I am constantly amazed that he continues to get air-time on O'Reilly's show. Beginning some months ago, I switch to CNN during Hill's time, and return when he's gone. When I DVR O'Reilly, I fast-forward through Hill – I don't even take note of the topic for his segment. I wonder how many other people do the same? If O'Reilly want's a (clearly) race-based appearance for a segment, how about Thomas Sowell? Personally, I'd beg that man on my knees to appear on any show I hosted; he is a jewel.

  • therealend

    I'm puzzled why he appears at all on the Fox business shows on Saturday. What possible use is he in that forum? Resident useful idiot? Honestly, I know what he is going to say before he opens his mouth because he always says the same thing. Am I exaggerating?

  • Dave Miles

    Agree with the soft racism take. It's uncomfortable to watch O'Reilly or whoever debate Professor Hill because they always seem to be coaching a coherent point from him. It's embarrassing for everyone — black, white, you name it.

  • 2maxpower

    Good piece Mr. Horowitz, thank you.

    when Hill is on the Fox network I change the channel.

    I agree with David that there are plenty of qualified acedemics that Fox could use.

    While on this point the Fox use of Hill and Juane Williams, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson is one reason I find O'rRielly more and more difficult to watch. We know the talking points. These guys are just mouth pieces for the left. No new ideas and no solutions ..they push victim mentality and shake-down racism.


  • USMCSniper

    Oreilly should have on Blacks who know something about something. They include Prof. Walter Williams, chairman of the economics department of George Mason University; Prof. Thomas Sowell, the Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow in Public Policy at the Hoover Institution; U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; and Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State.

  • brenanc

    Right on Devil Dog!

    But just for fairness sake, you ought to include Juan Williams–who O'Reilly sometimes has as a guest. Williams is left of center, but he is not a leftist. He's one of the rare people on the other side that has retained some measure of honesty. He's actually been villified by the Left as an “Uncle Tom.”

    M.L. Hill's appearances on O'Reilly's factor is an example of how the constant barrage of criticism from the Left has weakened his resolve. O'Reilly's attempts at “fairness” invariably lead to coming off as left of center.

  • warpmine

    Yes by all means, Hill is an illegitimate academic with qualifications to sell newspapers on busy street corners. Great he knows about Rap culture, who in their right minds will consider that essential knowledge especially when versing about foreign policy.

    Like the first four commenter's, I to, turn or mute the channel when his segment is airing. Once again, we all know what Hill will say in regards to anything. Nuff said.

  • sasqautch

    I CAN NOT stand O'Reilly. He is such a phony. Mr no spin my ass. It is like no real truth. Especially when it comes to high profile/ranking Dems. He kiss's ass to the leftist just as well as any on PMSNBC. Look at any Clinton “interview” his Nobama “interview”. He is another spineless media weasel.

  • Carterthewriter

    I suspect that Bill O'Reilly's attempt to seem fair and balanced by using a voice from the left may seem appropiate, but giving airtime to an anti-American is another concern to be taken into consideration by him. Next guest may well be a “white supremist” to offset Hill's presence.

  • Carterthewriter

    Bill's making money selling his stuff and that seems to have become his primary goal, lately.

  • tbone104

    Oreilly's smug, condescending, “above all that” attitude will be his downfall. Hill is an ignoramus of epic proportion. He confuses his ideology with facts. A phd in hip hop is like a phd in window washing. Maybe he has Hill on to make him look more intellectual. There's nothing more hilarious than when he has Dennis Miller on. His lack of intellectual sophistication really reveals itself when he tries to match wits with a very bright man.

    Its disgraceful that he will not touch O with a 10 foot pole. There are so many extreme hard core leftist in this administration that for life of me I don't understand while Bill looks the other way. I don't watch O'Reilly as much as I used to. Hes losing my respect as a tough no nonsense commentator interested in the truth.

  • tbone104


  • tbone104


  • ElaineSusan

    Bravo, Mr. Horowitz!! Had “Prof.” Marc Lamont Hill not been so bold as to respond to your post, we would have missed the thrill of your fluent retort. You have expressed so well what many viewers have observed in wonderment regarding Mr. Hill’s manifestations on Fox.

  • davidclermont

    I am also surprised that Mr. Hill is on ANY news discussion programme. I have only heard him speak twice on Fox and both times he claimed that it was US white racism that was impeding Obama's passage of his health care plan. What a ridiculous comment. Just for that alone he should be shuttled back to the university so he can spew his own myopic prejudices to his poor, hapless students.

  • Fuzzlenutter

    Yeah, I too change the channel when O'Reilly has Marc Hill on, but I ESPECIALLY do it when he has that absolutely classless moron Geraldo “The Spitter” Rivera open his clueless, racist mouth…

  • Agim Zabeli

    Did I read that correctly? A professor of “rap” that gets paid to opine on foreign affairs objects to an anknowledged expert on commies who provides an assessment of the commies' latest alliance?

    I've seen this fellow on O'Reilly. He looks good and seems personable but apparently believes his job to be defending the left (near, far, and/or looney) on virtually any issue, no matter how absurd.

  • allahwins

    I don't watch O'Reilly. I have my doubts about his creds, if you will, as a true believer in Conservatism. His segments when he invites Beck on are always strange, to say the least.

  • Rockford Tea

    Marc Lamont Hill won't respond. It would be like standing in front of a Jet Engine. He would get sucked in and pureed. O'Reilly is transparently in it for the money and the cocktail parties. Both are buffoons.

  • CeltDaddy

    Thank you David for putting a voice to my thoughts regarding this light weight posturing as an intellectual who's fast talking responses to any question regarding the left is indicative of his ilk. Fox should know better.

  • therealend

    One last comment for the day. As you know, A. Lincoln said you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. etc. but I concluded during the Clinton Administration all you have to do is fool enough of the people enough of the time. Are there still enough fools out there? Prof Hill is enough of a fool but he is still only one fool and that's not enough.

    So, I think things may have already turned a corner. The Left is running out of intellectual fuel. They have gotten as much mileage as they can from the race card and blaming Bush or Cheney or Palin and it does little to provoke me. It's either that or I'm suffering from outrage fatigue. But consider how lame the Left's postion is lately. And who have they got? They have ACORN, Biden, Pelosi, Prof Hill, Former Pres Carter, Rev Sharpton, Edwards, Reid, Dodd, Olberman, Maddow, Rev Jackson, Wm Ayers, Al Gore, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Madonna, Bill Maher, Bill Moyers. Nitwits all.

  • Patrick Banks

    Thanks for informing us about Lamont Hill. I always knew was a left-wing hack job, but now I know his creds are BS. I thought he was a law professor or something. He's even lower on than that.

  • Mike Jefferson

    Smack down!

  • Deanna Wise

    When Hill is a guest – O'Reilly goes off.
    I do not tolerate racists. Hill is a racist.

  • eah098

    I think Rupert M. is not going to renew O'Reilly's contract, as the word is rumored that Rup. Can’t stand O’Reilly. That's whyG. Beck was hired, and with his success well established now, will replace O'Reilly after his contract expires. I BELIEVE, again believe, have the feeling, that's why O'Reilly has moved far left from where he was several years ago, so he can secure a job at CBS or ABC, or a venue that can pay the big dollars this idiot requires to work. For sure it won’t be NBC after O’Reilly has discredited them so badly. Frankly it would be a relief if Beck takes over O'Reilly's stop. He’s much smarter, more charismatic, a more committed conservative, and does better research and presentations then O’Reilly ever did or could do. That’s why when Beck is on O’Reilly’s show you can see how passively combative O’Reilly gets with Beck. And because Beck is so much brighter than O’Reilly, and realizes what he’s doing, Beck just laughs at him. O'Reilly’s nothing more than a huge schmuck. As far as Hill is concerned…he’s nothing more than a black bigot and racist.

  • topkick

    I agree with David's comments about Prof. Hill. I believe there are two possible reasons for his appearances on the FOX network. (1) To expose his left-wing views and stimulate the conversation (and the viewing audience). (2) There are not many other leftists who are brave enough to go on national television and defend positions that are insulting to Americans who think for themselves.

  • retired

    O'Reilly realizes Beck is smarter and more creative than he is. Eah098 Your assessment of Bill O seems right on. Great paragraph.

  • Richard Allen

    Fox News Channel putting this low life on and giving him a national platform is just one more reason why I stopped watching FOX news Channel years ago. I first understood just what Fox news channel was when Shepard Smith ran his car into the reporter in Florida and not one thing was done about it. Then I began to see what a blowhard Fox's top man O'Reilly is and I have not watched any of the big news channels since, opting to work for my news by surfing the internet. It takes longer but it's well worth getting real news than watching what the networks decide that I should know.

  • bubba4

    Hill is there because he's black and Fox can't put Michael Steele on everyday. He's not an affirmative action baby…he's a token.

    If you get an actual black academic…he won't within a mile of Fox News.

  • kbstreet

    Marc Lamont Hill is a racist, and his failure to be honest about his racism has convinced me to mute the TV when his mouth appears to move.

  • chrisfromoakpark

    Good retort, I have asked why FOX has him on at all..many a time…he is extremely irritating and proffers truly banal and abjectly skewed commentary…
    which is oftentimes so bad..that my reaction is as if he were scratching a nail on a blackboard….yikes…
    Therefore I must conclude that it must serve FOX's “covert” purpose to have this “Idiotic Resident Commentator” to present the Black/leftist point of view….
    not much different from having Colmes sitting opposite Hannity…

  • USMCSniper

    allahwins? I suppose you prefere Al Jazzera

  • Shep

    As O'Reilly often points out, The Factor is not a news program, it is opinion & commentary. They do present the facts, then discuss them from various points of view. I often disagree with his POV, but he is entitled to it as is everyone. But they can't get everyone on the program.

    As for Lamont Hill, I don't care for him either. I'm appalled by his viewpoints. But that is why he is on. No one is completely useless, they can always be used as a bad example!!

  • PAthena

    Add to this Ward Connerly who has gotten propositions passed in California and Michigan banning discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origins, religion (the same as in the much ignored Civil Rights Act of 1964), in state employment, including employment at public colleges and universities, and in admission to state colleges and universities/

  • USMCSniper

    How about he has on Harvard's Professor Leonard Jefferies.

    Jeffries teaches that black creativity comes from melanin. Of course he offers no evidence. But even if it were true, the implications are that people of mixed ancestry — the vast majority of American blacks — are inferior to the few “real blacks.” White people have contaminated to pure Black race.

    This is the fascist philosophy of “negritude”, whose most famous practicioner, Francois “papa Doc” Duvalier, posting as the 'defender of the blacks', created a terror regime in Haiti that preserved power for the U.S. and a largely light-skinned Haitian elite.

    Jeffries teaches that blacks can have self-respect only because their ancestors — for example, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and their high ranking generals — were black and “great.” Again, this is historical nonsense.

  • urbanrevival

    Lamont Hill is proof that PhDs are a dime a dozen. Never understood why O'Reilly has him on.

    Excellent job David – Hill is too arrogant to ever understand that he shouldn't get in the den with you. Will be fun to watch!

  • bubba4

    Wow…he sounds like your black doppelganger.

  • armaros

    Fox put Hill up for his entertainment value. To provide a contrarian yet vivid view.

    Juan Williiams is obviously the real black brain power when it comes to liberal voices on FoX but he is no “activist” type African AMerican. He is a liberal who happens to be black.
    Charlie Payne is a conservative through and through.
    So Hill is somewhere between a jester and a pundit.
    Who knows, perhaps being on Fox may make him see that the “enemy” is also human with equally red blood.

  • USMCSniper

    Entertainment value? Ohhhhh,,,… you mean comic relief like betwee the Acts in Shakespeare!