Idiot Watch: Al Gore the Poet (NewsReal Blog) – by David Horowitz


Excerpts of Al Gore’s “poetry” from Variety:

The beginning:

One thin September soon
A floating continent disappears
In midnight sun

Vapors rise as
Fever settles on an acid sea

An excerpt from the middle:

Snow glides from the mountain
Ice fathers floods for a season
A hard rain comes quickly

Then dirt is parched
Kindling is placed in the forest
For the lightning’s celebration


The shepherd cries
The hour of choosing has arrived
Here are your tools

  • bushlikesdick12

    HThat's lovely David!
    Here is some poetry from President Bush:

  • MikeUSA

    “President Bush” is out of poltics BLD, Gore is still in the forefront of your libtard movement, stay with current events please you moron.

  • therealend

    This is deep, like deeeeeep deep poetry writtin'. Now he will get the Nobel prize for Literature too. Amazing!

  • GBoydA

    If that poetry??? had not come from that idiot it would not have made print.

  • abrahamstubenhaus

    The rain and snow, the ice and the hail,
    The people the animals, the trees and the fish,
    Oh Al the wisdom the passion of inner papers,
    The intelligence, the revelation of four cars with a banana!
    Oh Al you are filled with gore, you are so full of a lot of stuff,
    Oh Al shaheed and wise poet your camera is, before it melts,

    Oh Al, your brilliance illuminates the spring bobsled.
    The shining for the clouds in the coolness of hotel roof,
    Near the chocolate of phenomenon,
    Therein lies the sidewalk of surf and steering wheels in the night,
    To your uncle of mailbox harmony through the bird!

  • Voltimand

    Powerline quoted only the last section, and I sent them a missive speculating that this was Al Gore's experimentation with the classical Japanese epigram form “haiku.” Now it appears that the poem is string of “haiku” or haiku-like understated musings. The nice thing about haiku it is that is almost impossible to detect a “bad” example, being as its main thrust is to say something in the most elusive and indirect manner possible. Those lines could be about anything you like. Some people think haiku is a some sort of poetic pinnacle–for me, it's an invitation to facile and imprecise musings, something you might do on the john instead of reading the NYTimes.

  • USMCSniper

    How would Americans be convinced to cut their use of oil, gas and coal? Gore wants to shut down power plants, jack up gasoline prices, and impose a whole network of controls designed to turn off our lights, turn down our thermostats, and black out the power grids. Gore's and the UN's attempt to force America to comply with the UN Copenhagen Treaty would plunge the nation into a self-made energy crisis that would make the 1930s shortages look like a utopia.

    Of course, Gore claims that we can compensate for this disaster with “conservation” and “alternative fuels.” Well, Jimmy Carter said the same thing back in the '70s. It's a claim every bit as speculative and imaginary as the science behind the global warming scare.

    In Earth in the Balance, Gore described industrial affluence as an unhealthy “addiction” that must be broken. Remember that when you hear him talk about how to “keep the prosperity going.” Whatever he may say during the election, Al Gore's real goal is not to achieve prosperity, but to sacrifice it on the alter of his goddess Ghia.

  • Wayne

    Good gawd, the man who invented the internet, invented the climate change/global warming crusade, is now a poet? Throw a net over him and haul him off to the loony bin.

    More seriously, since Climategate there is a movement afoot in Hollywood to rescind the Oscar that Al Gore came into possession of because of his “documentary” —”An Inconvenient Truth” which has now been shown to be a truly inconvenient truth for him.

  • navigator

    I was under the impression that the haiku needed a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, such as:

    Global warming now
    Global cooling yesteryear
    Each stifles freedom

  • bushlikesdick12

    Oh come on Sniper — the sky will not fall if we ween ourselves from petro and coal.

    Let's be honest with each other, like most liberal/conservative policies the problem really is about shifting the distribution of wealth.

    The conservatives didn't have an answer for our environmental concerns and chose not to participate in the Kyoto agreement but instead chose to bury their head in the sand. Now that China has agreed to substantially reduce emissions, now everyone is scared now because now we have no excuse on our part for not participating.

    Burning oil and coal is very important to the people who got the Bush's elected and promoting alternative fuels is a substantial threat to their bottom line.

    You had eight years of Bush's environmental policies that favor drilling oil and harmonizing with Saudi oil while promoting AIDs relief in exchange for oil in Africa and if you take the number of years that a Republican held the presidency compared to a democrat since after FDR's progressive years of turning our country around — what does that come out to?:

    Truman — 8 years
    Kennedy — 2
    Johnson — 6
    Carter — 4
    Clinton — 8
    Obama — 1 ( maybe you will impeach him)

    29 years of progressive policies (33 years if you include Obama as 4)

    Eisenhower — 4
    Nixon — 5
    Ford — 3
    Reagan — 8
    Bush Sr. — 4
    Bush Jr. — 8

    That's 32 years of conservative policies

    Americans are pretty good and knowing how to balance things such as our justice system and our issues with climate.

    Don't worry the sky isn't going to fall with Gore lurking around crying about the sky falling either!

    It's all about the distribution of wealth — how much of that oil wealth is Bush giving you?

    A retired vet really has that much stock in oil?

    If I had as much stock in oil as you I certainly wouldn't be talking to you but rather be on a beach in Caribean talking to some hotty filling up my glass with ice tea!!

    Here is a link that should help you understand how are economic policies worked the past 8 years:

  • WFB2

    “The nice thing about haiku it is that is almost impossible to detect a “bad” example, being as its main thrust is to say something in the most elusive and indirect manner possible.”
    Not quite. Most haiku by westerners is quite bad. It's zen-like in that the idea is to convey the most meaning in a few words, viz.:

    Dry weeds of summer
    First Autumn rain

  • poptoy1949

    Can you spell DOOFUS?

  • rudigerlaufhutte

    Das ist ein Dichter unter Dichtern, wie ein Arsch unter Gesichtern! Anonymous

    At least it rhymes!

  • Elizabeth

    Freedom Lovers: At least something will be rotten in the state of Denmark when the White House Squirrel (tied to Acorn) arrives in Copenhagen to find ways to CHEW us out and SNUFF out freedom! Speaking of Copenhagen, we've gotta find ways to cope with that squirrel which keeps hoggin' the spotlight! Squirrel Watcher

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