Nobel Puzzle

barack Obama Joker

I’ve been thinking about this Nobel Prize kerfuffle. Is it the racism of low expectations that prompted the Nobel committee to give it to someone who has accomplished nothing so that even he can’t figure out why he got, or is just their determination to further discredit a prize that is beneath contempt? The Peace Prize (remember Nobel was a bomb-maker, so the prize itself was just attempt to neutralize his bad press) has recently been given to the anti-Semite, America-basher Jimmy Carter, to the global hysteric Al Gore, to the anti-Semite and necklace collaborator Desmond Tutu (necklacing was a practice of the ANC in which accused “collaborators” had rubber inner tubes filled with oil placed around their necks and then set on fire), the terrorist spokeswoman and compulsive liar Rigoberta Menchu the terrorist Yassir Arafat, and the list goes on. The award to Obama is so transparently political and so empty of any other meaning that it is simply an embarrassment, and those of us who understand the prize is corrupt and its prestige dangerous can only applaud this choice.