Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews – October 12 – 16, 2009 – by David Horowitz


The radical Islamic state of Iran is leading a global movement calling for a second Holocaust — the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth. The Islamic terrorist organizations Hizbollah and Hamas are calling on Muslims to destroy the Jewish state and kill the Jews in those exact words. And on campuses across the United States, radical professors and student groups are lining up to support the genocide.

The day Israeli troops left Gaza – a territory that has been used as a launching pad for three aggressive wars against the Jewish state – Hamas terrorists began a three-year campaign of rocket attacks on Israel that was only halted by an Israeli counter attack, which began in December 2008.  As Israel was defending itself from these Hamas attacks, University of California Sociology professor William Robinson assembled pictures university administrators described as “lurid” of Nazis persecuting Jews and emailed them to all the students in his course on globalization along with a diatribe about how the Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas terrorists were no different from fascist troops in World War II destroying the city of Warsaw.

Robinson’s propaganda message had no educational context, was unrelated to the subject of the course, and allowed for no alternative viewpoints.  It had nothing to do with education. It was purely an act of aggression, part of an intensifying war against the Jews that has broken out on many fronts across American higher education:

  • A University of Rochester sit- in during Israel’s defensive war in Gaza intimidates school administrators into backing a demand for the university to divest from companies doing business with “the Israeli war machine.”
  • During Israel’s war to defend itself from 7,000 unprovoked rocket attacks launched at civilian targets from the Hamas-run Gaza strip, “teach-ins” were held on campuses across the country whose theme was that Israel is a Nazi apartheid state and the Hamas terrorists are freedom fighters.
  • An event at UCLA’s Center for Near Eastern Studies encourages the audience in a “Zionism is Nazism” chant and portrays the genocidal terrorists of Hamas as peace-seeking, unjustly provoked victims.
  • At University of California Irvine graduation ceremonies, members of the Muslim Students Union wear green stoles mimicking those of suicide bombers with Arabic word shahada (“martyr”) printed on them.

The campus war against Israel and the Jews, with its ominous overtones of the 1930s, is both a reflection of the Middle East conflict and something much more: an effort by radical groups to stigmatize America and the west by stigmatizing Israel.  This campus conflict has been building for several years, as radical professors and student groups have targeted Israel and the Jewish students who defend it. But in the aftermath of 9/11, as Israel became a front line state in the war on terror, this campus war has intensified.  Students, particularly Jews, who refuse to join the attack on Israel are not only criticized; they are subjected to hatred and intimidation.

At one level it is a war of symbols: campuses are adorned with banners in which the Star of David is joined to the swastika by an equal sign; as Israel is the only Jewish state and was created against the backdrop of the Nazi Holocaust, this is a hate crime in itself; student governments and academic senates push measures for disinvestment based on the blood libel that Israel – the only democratic state in the Middle East — is morally equivalent to the racist apartheid regime of South Africa; in a cynical reversal of the Biblical story, the genocide inciting Islamic world, enabled becomes David and tiny and outnumbered Israel becomes Goliath.

The conflict increasingly features the threat of real, as opposed to merely rhetorical violence. Pro-jihad groups such as the Muslim Students Association, an organization that supports Hamas and is part of the Muslim Brotherhood network which now has hundred of campus chapters and regularly sponsors fundamentalist Islamic prophets of hate, have dropped the pretense that it is only Israel and not Jews that are in their gun sights.  In demonstrations at UCLA, its members showed that there is no such distinction as they chanted “Death to Israel!” in almost the same breath as “Death to the Jews!”  At a pro Palestinian demonstration at UC Irvine, MSA members threaten Jewish students with violence and chase them off campus.

Stopping the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews

Until now, the unholy campus alliance of Muslim supporters of the Islamic jihad and secular radicals at war with America, have been winning these battles. In large part this is because of the support they receive from faculty members who use their classrooms to reinforce the virulent anti-Israel and anti-American messages of the jihad. They are abetted by administrators, who otherwise rigorously punish even the suspicion of  “hate speech” but are so cowed by the campus left that they refuse to apply similar standards to the Jew-haters on their faculties and among their campus organizations. But the real problem is that this campus war has been going on for so long now and has been so one-sided that it has created a culture of stigma for Israel and the Jewish students who support it or who criticize the genocidal ambitions of Hamas and other Islamo Fascist groups involved in the Palestinian cause.

During the week of October 12-16, 2009 the David Horowitz Freedom Center is organizing a nationwide  protest whose theme will be “Stop the Campus War Against Israel the Jews.” We intends to attack the culture of stigma that has placed a target on the back of every Jew attending a college and to support students who are standing up to the hate and fighting back. We will do this in several ways:

  • In a series of pamphlets and flash videos, we will document the fact that the all out, totalitarian attack on Israel is in fact a blatant form of anti Semitism.  These publications will show the full range of the left’s anti Semitic assault —in classrooms, in administrative decisions, and especially in the abusive arena of campus politics.
  • We will report on the bigotry Jewish students on campuses experience as part of their every day academic and social lives in a series of first person accounts that will dramatize the crushing way in which the virulence of the hatred against Israel affects individuals, especially when they speak up in or out of class with an opposing view.
  • We will establish alliances with Jewish student groups under attack and with Christian groups defending Israel. We will also reach out to Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, an embattled faculty organization that attempts to promote an even handed discussion of Israel and Palestine on campus, and increase their visibility and influence.  We will do the same with individuals such as Alan Dershowitz, who has waged an often lonely struggle against the “divestment” movement that has become one of the left’s most potent weapons in its offensive against Israel.

The centerpiece of the Freedom Center’s campaign to “Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews” will be a week-long series of demonstrations .  Based on the Center’s successful “Islamo Fascism Awareness Weeks,” these teach ins will feature films, lectures, and panel discussions with figures such as Nonie Darwish, Yossi Ohlmert, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, and myself. By revealing the irrational hatred of the left’s attack on Israel, and documenting its anti Semitic overtones and its support for terrorist groups, this week of demonstrations will win space for an honest discussion of Israel and the Middle East conflict and of the objectives of the campus left in our universities.

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  • Bellerophon

    Iran can probably not be stopped by a preemptive strike. It will only force their nefarious activities further underground. The chance to stop Iran has come and gone and may not come again in time to save Israel.

    On Sep 12, 2001 there were demonsrations throughout the capitals of Muslim nations celebrating the death of Americans and the destruction of the World Trade Center. Scene of ecstatic dancing and children running and yelling were seen througout the world.

    There was, however, one capital city where the demonstration took a very different turn. The streets of Tehran were filled not with celebrants but mourners. Thousands of Muslims took to the street to show their sadness and compassion for our losses. Throughout the night candles were carried by men and women facing arrest and imprisonment in the jails of one of the most brutal regimes on the planet, but they would not be deterred in their attempts to show the world that not every Muslim hated America.

    A movement had arisen within Iran that despised the mullahs. They were ready to revolt and end the nightmare that was the Iranian theocracy.

    And just how did George Bush reward the only Muslim people in the Middle East to side with America against Muslim terrorists? He ignored them.

    Not a word from his mouth was heard to praise, or even acknowledge their existence. When people risk torture to say that they are your friend it deserves better.

    They needed very little – secure communication equipment, a pledge to acknowledge their new nation were their revolution to succeed. Perhaps a guarantee to help them protect their nation from external threats should the surrounding tyrannies find a freer Iran a threat.

    They received nothing.

    The reason appears to be that it was because this movement was secular in nature. These Muslims, who endured the rule of religious fanatics for twenty years, became vocal advocates of a kind of mosque-state separation that even the ACLU would find extreme.

    Could G W Bush, with his belief that all government is based on religion, be expected to support such a revolution? The nations that he built, Iraq and Afghanistan, are both theocracies. Afghanistan still sentences apostates to death. Iraqi Christians have fled the country in fear of persecution.

    There is a new anti-clerical movement beginning. Will it receive from Obama what Bush denied them in the past? Don't bet on it. While Bush merely despises secularists, Obama despises individualism and cannot apologize enough for America being the home of individualism. As long as the mullahs continue their war on the rights of individuals their opponents will see no aid from America.

  • aspacia

    Yes, I am a teacher who has often, vocally supported Israel. A Muslim collegue could not refute the fact that Arab children in Gaza, West Bank, and most of the Middle-East are indoctrinated to hate Jews and Israel, especially after I showed him the PA's children's programing.

  • aspacia

    Yes, I read about Iran's vigil too. The problem is the Iranian government, not the people.

  • ostap_bulba

    “At a pro Palestinian demonstration at UC Irvine, MSA members threaten Jewish students with violence and chase them off campus.”

    I don't get it. Jews vastly outnumber Muslims in American colleges. Shouldn't it be Jews and members of Jewish organizations who chase the Muslims off campus? What's going on?

  • Russell

    One of these groups is non-violent & tolerant. You do the math.

  • USMCSniper

    The way of the straegy would be to catch the Campus pro Palestinian ringleaders alone at night in cohert operations and kick their asses royally, and tell them if they don't leave the Jewish students alone, more and more of the same is coming. Morality is on the side of the heaviest artillery once the violence starts. If they want a knife fight bring a gun and so on.

  • thomasnicholson

    Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews!
    Stop the war.. lets support peace for all of us..

  • Steve Osder

    The incidents involving ant-semitism on American campuses are well known and extensively documented. The growing anti-semitism can be traced to Barack Obama and his cronies. (See Mary Anastasia O'Grady's column this week, Wall Street Journal, that summarizes these connections to Obama. But what is the position of American Jewish voters who overwhelmingly supported Obama's election? They continue to love Obama. They will continue to love him even after an Iranian nuclear device destroys Tel Aviv. Dershowitz writes passionately in support of Israel, but Dershowitz continues to adore Obama and his cronies. There is no hope until this message penetrates. I have lttle hope for such an enlightenment.


  • puzzlesgames234

    It was purely an act of aggression, part of an intensifying war against the Jews that has broken out on many fronts across American higher education:
    Puzzles Games

  • ApolloSpeaks


    In 1962 Nikita Krushchev recklessly moved nuclear missiles into Cuba and nearly plunged the superpowers into a nuclear war. In the 21st century Vladimir Putin has recklessly allowed Russian nuclear scientists and technicians into Iran to assist its terrorist regime in developing deliverable nuclear bombs.

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read about this frightful development reminiscent of the dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • chiqui13

    I have just read the article The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews: The Carter Center – by John Perazzo. I posted my response on that article but I would also like to add it here since it is related to the issue.

    It is quite disappointing to know that a past president of the United States would be a blatant advocate of the campus war against Israel and the Jews. I understand that he is but a person with an opinion of his own to be respected but he should also know that being a previous president of a nation as big as USA, his ideas on global matters count and can influence a lot of people.



  • billsocal

    This just proves a point the dumming down of the education system both at the lower and higher levels. Also shows how much the Progressives and the Communist have taken over the higher levels of education. The true story is not very well known about the Israel and the Arab Nations. No one unless they read some historical books or do a google search don't know that in 1948 that the Arab Nations expelled almost all of their Jews, about 900,00. Why is it that comes on right after the Holocoust and nothing is said about this. The state of Israel took in almost 600,000 of these Jewish people and helped them become cizitens of the stae of Israel. The Arabs had the Palestines leave Israel for the coming war in 1948. Too bad the Arabs lost and didn't live up to the teachings of the Koran by taking the Palestines in like Israel did. Then we have the formation of the PLO by Yassar Arafat
    the only problem is that he is not Plestinianing but is a Eygptian, and the distant cousin of the Grand Mufti of Jersualem, Haj Amim Al-Husseini. The Mufti spent WWII in Berlin. He help rise a division of SS Moslem Troops from Bosnia. Some of these troops were used to put down the up-rising in the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw during WWII. The Mufti also help the Nazi form battalions of Moslem troops in Central Asia to fight against the Soviets. This is why all the Tartars were expelled out of their homeland after the war.

    Now lets come to the present day. Everyone talks about how the state of Israel is treating the poor Palestians. Poor Palestians my foot, let's talk about how the Moslems are treating the Christians in the lands that they control. Hamas is killing Christians in Gaza for no other reason than being Christians. In the West Bank the Moslem have forced out more than 40,000 Christians out of their homes in Bethelhem. What was a community of 60,000 Christians is now less than 20,000. Why is this a recurring theme with both the Jews and the Christians with the <oslems is it because of the Koran or is it racial. History and the true facts need to come out or else we are a path to destruction.

  • orange5

    I don't really understand why the left would join up with Moslem groups. Why should they (campus radicals) hate Israel or Jews? I just don't get it.

  • CowboyUp

    Being nonviolent and tolerant doesn't exclude one from the ability to deal out violence. In fact, those that abhor it the most are often the 'best' at it, once they reach the point where the need for justice or survival renders nonviolence untenable.

    Few if any of the Jews I know that grew up in the SE USA would be run off from anywhere by anybody. If they were, it wouldn't be without leaving a trail of enough incapacitated Aholes behind them to make the crooked, stupid, or ignorant pity the Aholes. Jews are no strangers to victory over long odds here or anywhere else. These practitioners of 'the religion of peace' will eventually corner some of these Americans and I suspect they'll wish they hadn't.

    That it's California would come closer to explaining it to me.

  • Nick

    The problem exactly lies with the Iranian government. Just as when our country (the US) was ran by G W Bush, it wasn't are fault, we just had a bad leader at the time.

    Has anyone seen the you tube video about the Muslim's protesting against our ambassador in Israel? Real disturbing…

    Let's stop that war against Israel soon.

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