What My Daughter Taught Me About Compassion – by David Horowitz


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President Barack Obama has been in office nearly one year, making it two since my late daughter Sarah trudged through a freezing winter in Iowa to help him win the nomination. According to a Gallup poll conducted on the anniversary of the presidential vote, only 28% of Americans still believe that Mr. Obama will be “able to heal political divisions in the country.” A year ago, 54% felt he would be able to do so.

When I read those figures I can’t help thinking about Sarah. For the two of us reflected the country’s political divisions in our own relationship—a case familiar to many American families. As a conservative and an active participant in political conflicts, I am acutely aware of how difficult it is, despite best intentions, to change the tone in the midst of debate, and how many otherwise thoughtful people can be swept up in its lower passions.

Despite our political differences—and the painful distances and predictable frustrations they created—Sarah and I ultimately came to the point where we were able to avoid the rancors of these public imbroglios. By the time she was overtaken by medical complications that derived from a birth defect, and which made efforts like her Iowa campaign extraordinarily difficult, we were quite close. Sarah and I were able to be respectful not only of the fact that we had such differences, but of the reasons why we had them. After her death in March 2008, I decided to write a memoir of her remarkable life, and to include the story of our estrangement and reunion in the hopes it might be helpful to others facing similar divisions.

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  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Dear Mr. Horowitz,
    May you and your family be comforted and may you not know of any more pain or sorrow or loss.
    Thank you for your insight. I remember that at first, I too was drawn to this Mr. Obama. Being Jewish, and having thousands of years of persecution in my genes, it is almost automatic and natural for me to be open to people who have been crushed by society and to those who have been singled out for suffering.
    That is why I understand my wife's allegiance to Mr. Obama and her support for him also.
    Like your daughter may she rest in peace, my wife was aimed at seeing a new horizon filled with the hope and healing needed to help our world, so she sought a new light.
    I feel that if your daughter had survived, she perhaps would have slowly begun to realize that your path was correct after all. Look at the statistic you brought up in your article. That proves that many have changed their ways and allegiances, once they saw where this man is really at. He has tricked and fooled me and millions of others. My wife has also changed her feelings about him completely, but it took time for her to see that Mr. Obama had tricked us all.
    It is great to know that your daughter was an honest person who followed the path she felt was needed for her to feel free and true.
    One day we will all be together and celebrate the love and happiness we all strive for.
    Thank you for your devotion and the sincere care you have for all of us and for all your work for the truth.
    Abraham Stubenhaus

  • antifascist18

    With all due respect to both Mr. Stubenhaus and to David on their losses.

    You cannot dismiss someone who sat in a pew (and this was very well-known) for 20 years either being stone silent or applauding a guy whom if he were White would justly be called a Nazi. His penchant for seeking out friendships – and hiring as advisers – anti-Semites like Brezinzski, Samantha Power, and Rob Malley were known for months before he ran for office.

    I walked the walk in the Civil Rights Movement, I was beaten up by junior Klansmen in a California schoolyard because I got up in class and demanded open housing and equal treatment for Black Americans. I knew about what happened at Fort Pillow long before even Civil War buffs heard of Nathan Bedford Forrest. And in knowing that, I also knew of the Democratic Party's ties to Secession, Racism, and the Klan. Even Jimmy Carter was a Klan acolyte when he began his not-so-stirring career. Thus I also knew how Black Democrats themselves, in the words twisted by Harry Belafonte, became “Plantation Slaves”.

    We are a supposedly very intelligent people, we Jews. How could we be so stupid to vote for a reverse racist and an anti-Semite. Just compassion and Historically sympathetic ties (that were destroyed by SNCC, by Huey Newton, Stokely Carmichael and Angela Davis after the 1967 War, and later by Jackson, Farrakhan and Sharpton) isn't enough reason to – in the words of the great fraud, coward, liar and anti-semite himself whom 78 percent of us chose to believe in – “behave stupidly”.

  • Marco

    Horowitz: a degenerate conservative asshole you doesn't know shit about compassion. What you have done with your daughter, whom you HATE , is caved in to one of the Ten Commandments, but in reverse :Honor thy sons and daughters. You consider this a duty, but , really, underneath, you can't stand all leftists including your daughter. Marco Ermacora

  • Marco

    I mistakenly did not insert the word “like” after the word “asshole” in my above comments. Marco macor22@yahoo.com

  • smiths_dana

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