Has The Fascist Campus Left Reached a New Low? – by David Swindle


NewsReal has previously documented the attempts by the fascist campus Left to suppress free speech and disrupt those who dare to confront Islamic extremism. The attempt to silence Geert Wilders is only one of many examples.

David Horowitz has written in numerous books about the treatment he’s received on campus by activists trying to prevent him from speaking.

(Three years ago when David and I first met when he gave a speech at my alma mater, Ball State University, he was attacked with a pie, 50 pizzas were ordered in his name, and a huge “Horowitz not Welcome” sign was projected.)

This is really a new low, though.

Reports suggest that an arsonist attempted to disrupt Nonie Darwish’s speech at Boston University. Darwish forwarded out this email to her supporters which she received from one of the students who set up the event:

Dear Mrs. Darwish,

I just wanted to thank you for speaking at Boston University yesterday. I would like to apologize again for the confusion regarding the location of the event because of the fire. So far we know the fire was intentionally set in one of the bathrooms on the second floor of the building. It is still under investigation and I will let you know if any more updates come out. I was not the only person to think that the fire could have been set because you were scheduled to speak but I will inform you of any more developments. Once again thank you so much for coming to Boston University and I speak for everyone who attended the event when I say what you had to say was not only extremely important but a pleasure hearing.

Here is the link to the article that was written about the event:


Thank you,

Adam Korn

What next?

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should see this video !

    The ambition of Islam to conquer the world.
    For centuries Islam of the militants have been on the march to conquer the world. We did not notice because we chose not to notice. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in
    1920 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt and was in deep confrontation with the Egyptian government. The current goals for Islam to achieve global domination for a Muslim Caliphate: a world under strict Islamic “Sharia” law, pulling Muslims back to the 7th Century. Consult : http://xrl.us/bf66jj

  • jdmiles

    Welcome to the 21st century, fascist censors. You can't silence Nonie Darwish here:



  • USMCSniper

    Nonie Darwish believes Islam is an authoritarian ideology that is attempting to impose on the world the norms of seventh-century culture of the Arabian Peninsula. She writes that Islam is a “sinister force” that must be resisted and contained. She remarks that it is hard to “comprehend that an entire religion and its culture believes God orders the killing of unbelievers.” She accuses Islam and Sharia of forming a retrograde ideology that adds greatly to the world's stock of misery.

    She claims the Qur'an is a text that is “violent, incendiary, and disrespectful” and says that barbarities such as brutalization of women, the persecution of homosexuals, honor killings, the beheading of apostates and the stoning of adulterers come directly out of the Qur'an.

    And that is whay the Jihadists and their fascist allies on the Left want silence her.

  • http://www.compellingconversations.com Eric the sceptic

    Hopefully, the administration – and local police – will take the appropriate action and file criminal charges.

  • davidhorowitz

    Let's just hope this isn't another Francisco Nava. LOL

  • Steven L

    A significant component of Islam promotes misogyny, xenophobia and hate.
    You do not see that in pigs and apes!