Lunch Break


Sonnet for the Vietnam Dead

They were but boys, whose lives you threw away.

They went because the country asked them to,

And served a cause their leaders would betray—

Thank Christ they never saw that bitter day.

They lived in holes, and slept in soaking rain,

Grew thin, and sick, and weary through and through.

They knew each day the taste of fear and pain,

And never thought that sacrifice was vain.

And when the touch of death had come around,

To valiant lives forever shaming you,

For love of comrades and by honor bound,

They poured their blood like water on the ground.

And we who loved them, we cannot forget—

And won’t forgive—while breath is in us yet.

Robert A. Hall

Former SSgt, USMC

Thank you for your submission Robert! We appreciate your service.