Most Amusing Ad Hominem Comment of the Day: I have an “Adolescent Mind” Because it’s NewsReal’s Mission to Critique the Media

I received this rather delightful ad hominem attack today on the index page for Tim and Alissa Birkel’s Rachel Maddow series:
sam jannarone permalink
December 29, 2009

Swindle, your cute little swipes at msnbc are becoming tiresome. Such a superior intellect as yours should certainly be focused on bigger quarry. But your adolescent mind prevails. Horowitz had his conversion; it will be a pleasure to watch your’s when you grow up.

I hope my response serves as another reminder of how stupid it is to attack people instead of challenging arguments:
David Swindle permalink*
December 29, 2009

You know why this is such a tremendously entertaining comment, Sam? I’m this blog’s managing editor, David Horowitz is its Editor-In-Chief. Whose idea do you think it was for NewsReal to go after MSNBC? Just take a guess.

Horowitz was the one who said that we needed to have someone watching Rachel Maddow regularly. It was my idea to assign Tim and Alissa Birkel to that beat. (And I must say I’ve been quite pleased with their work on this beat.)

So is it actually Horowitz whose adolescent mind prevails and who needs to grow up?


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