The Communists Speak and Free People Answer Back


“The People Speak” is a documentary inspired by Marxist historian Howard Zinn’s notorious A People’s History of the United States. It features Hollywood celebrities and musicians performing historical readings drawn from Zinn’s works. The purpose? To publicize Zinn’s book and its fairly simple message: America is an exploitative, evil force and has been since before it was founded.

NewsReal will be the go-to blog responding to “The People Speak” after it airs on the History Channel this Sunday at 8/7 Central. Look out for numerous posts in the following days rebutting the documentary’s neo-communist arguments in Freedom Center fashion.

In the mean time, check out Big Hollywood’s Mark Tapson who has a great post on Zinn in preparation to the documentary. And also survey the resources about Zinn at DiscoverTheNetworks.


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