Eurabia vs. Israel on Jerusalem – by P. David Hornik


The recent Swiss vote to ban minarets was seen by many as a further indication that European populations are waking up to the threat of Europe’s Islamization and the need to stop the trend. If so, the European Union—the centralized bureaucracy that, as documented in Bat Ye’or’s important book Eurabia, went “over the heads” of European publics to meld the European and Arab/Muslim civilizations in the first place—still hasn’t caught up and remains locked in a pro-Arab/Muslim disposition.

At least, the EU’s stance on Jerusalem would suggest so. Last week the new EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, “came down hard on the Israeli government” in her maiden speech to the European Parliament and said:

“East Jerusalem is occupied territory together with the West Bank. The EU is opposed to the destruction of homes, the eviction of Arab residents and the construction of the separation barrier.”

Her words prompted Israel’s deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon to reply:

“Just as the Romans did not succeed in cutting off Jerusalem from Israel, so too will diplomats from the UN and the EU be unsuccessful as well.”

Ashton, previously the EU’s trade commissioner and expected to be given considerable authority as a new sort of EU foreign minister, also called Israel’s recently launched ten-month moratorium on settlement construction a “first step”—representing, as the EUobserver comments, “a cooler tone than EU foreign ministers who last week took ‘positive note’ of the move.”

The EUobserver also pointed out that the speech was

“significant for what it left out: Ms Ashton did not say that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, that it faces a security threat from Palestinian ‘terrorists’ or that Palestinians should immediately return to formal peace talks—the classic tenets of Israeli supporters.”

Ashton’s statements also come hard on the heels of an EU-Israel spat over Jerusalem in which the EU explicitly called for East Jerusalem to become the capital of a Palestinian state. That demand was later only partially toned-down under intense Israeli objections.

In other words, even at a time when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly accepted the call for a Palestinian state and enraged part of his right-wing base with the settlement moratorium, the EU keeps reflexively embracing Arab/Muslim positions. As always, the EU’s stance on Jerusalem ignores several facts.

Jerusalem was unified under Israeli sovereignty in 1967, after nineteen years in which Jordan illegally occupied the city and finally used it to attack Israel despite being implored by Israel to keep out of the fighting.

Under Israeli rule, Muslims and all other groups (except Jews—on the Temple Mount itself) have enjoyed full freedom of worship—a stark contrast to the nineteen years of Jordanian rule when Jews and Christians were denied access to Jerusalem’s holy places and Jewish synagogues and gravestones were destroyed and desecrated.

Muslims already have full control over Mecca, Medina, and countless sacred locales and shrines throughout the vast Muslim world, and their demand for Palestinian sovereignty in Jerusalem and the redivision of Israel’s capital can reasonably be regarded as excessive – especially when, as noted, Israel gives Muslims full access to their Jerusalem shrines and full rights in the city.

Indeed, Jerusalem is full of minarets, and any visitor to its Old City or its Arab neighborhoods can attest to the vibrancy of Muslim religious life there. The EU should be more concerned with Islamization on the continent than with taking harsh stances against Israel as it struggles to survive and to find the right mix of accommodation and steadfastness in an Arab/Muslim environment hostile its very existence.

But for the EU, after decades of forsaking its Judeo-Christian roots for pro-Arabism, that may be too much to expect. Even if European populations are starting to grasp the consequences of this civilizational self-abnegation, Europe’s Brussels-based bureaucracy remains willfully ignorant of the stakes.

  • Renovator

    Why do you undermine your argument?

    Do you think European Christians would take you seriously if you had concluded “the EU, after decades of forsaking its Messianic-Jewish roots for pro-Arabism…”???

    “Judeo” is a combinative form that implies it is dependent upon, and an intrinsic part of, something else. To presume that Judaism is merely a part of Christianity is not only offensive, it is a conspicuous falsehood that undermines your entire argument. Why do you use such a self-defeating phrase?

    Both Jewish and Christian Europeans have a deeply-felt recognition that Christianity is separate from Judaism and, consequently, there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian. Thus, after having built to your conclusion, instead of a powerful climax your use of that phrase popped your balloon.

    Use the phrase “Judaic and Christian” (roots, traditions, values, etc.), which doesn't imply any convergence of the two. Of course, Islam also shares some roots, traditions, values, etc. with Judaism as well. However, confronting that reality forces even more careful thought. Perhaps “Judaic and Christian” roots must be compared and contrasted with “Judaic and Islamic” roots… then how does Christianity relate other than a fellow supersessory and displacement theology to Islam?

  • Robert Bernier

    Jeusalem is Jewish as London is British and Paris is French, and should not be up for negotiation .
    The true demographic threat in Jerusalem is the freezing of Jewish building and the limitations placed on the natural growth of the capital by diplomatic initiatives, unless you expand the border of Jerusalem, including Arab neighborhoods – you wont have the area required to allow Jerusalem to expand. In order for Jerusalem to bloom and expand it should remain Jewish and entirely under Israeli sovereignty. Jerusalem should not be up
    for negotiation, it has always been the symbol of Jewish unity as explained at :

  • Robert Bernier

    Jerusalem has always been the symbol of Jewish unity.
    Only twice in Jerusalem's history has it served as a national capital. The first time was as the capital of the two Jewish Commonwealths during the First and Second Temple periods, as described in the Bible, reinforced by archaeological evidence and numerous ancient documents. The second time is in modern times as the capital of the State of Israel. It has never served as an Arab capital for the simple reason that there has never been a Palestinian Arab state. More about Jerusalem at :

  • Edward Durfee

    History repeats itself, as the Moslems again are attempting to conquer the world. It was in 100 that they were pushed back to Medina and Mecca, when are we going to wake up and start to push them back again? Are we to just sit by while they conquer the world as we know it? I think not. Wake up to the reality of what is at hand. Do not be fooled into to believing that “regilious freedom” will allow tolerance. It is in our face and the time is know to stop it in its tracks.

  • Dikehopper

    The rest of the world does not seem to recognize Israel's claims to Jerusalem (or agree with the author). That is why no country on Earth has its embassy in Jerusalem. No U.S. president has recognized Israel's claims to Jerusalem. The U.S. has butted heads with Israel over this subject since, I believe it was 1952.

  • aspacia

    The terminology refers to the Biblical Old Testament and the New Testament, and it absolutely correct. The Torah is similar to the Old Testament, however some of the language differs.

    The difference is that Judaism does not recognize Jesus as divine, only as a rabbi.

  • aspacia

    You are jumping on the bandwagon Dikehopper. Europe is very antiJewish, if not the Holocaust would not have happened. Hitler was elected by popular vote, did that fact make it right. Hamas was elected by popular vote, is this correct? Basically, Europans kiss up to Arabs, not out a sense of justice, but a sense of their oil fix, just as Bush, and other U.S. politiicians do.

  • USMCSniper

    It's not about who Jerusalem should belong to. It's about who it actually belongs to and that would be the Jews. This is a non-argument, no-brainer. Once again muslims are demanding something that they have no claims to and no rights to. Jewish claims to Jerusalem are based on universally accepted, well documented HISTORICAL FACTS. They are based on SOLID EVIDENCE. The Arab or Muslim claims are based imaginary fantasies, and also on plain outright lies.

    It is useless to try to bother to debate the Arab/Muslim with historical facts because there is not a legitimate basis for a debate.

  • Dikehopper

    aspacia and Sniper – I noticed that neither of you disagreed with anything I said. Thank you. (Sorry, couldn't help that.) But seriously, in case you assumed otherwise, I am a super hawk in defense of Israel against its enemies, ever since 1967. I've urged others to write their Congressmen in support of Israel, donated money for equipment for the IDF, always supported military occupation of the Territories, etc, etc, etc. But I've always strongly disagreed with Israel on Jerusalem and the isolated settlements (always supported the “large settlement blocs” along the Green Line). I think they've been a serious mistake, have only done damage to Israel. And Hornik is a good guy, but it's probably fair to call his position on this one subject “fringe.” Anyway, you two and I probably agree on about everything else. If we met, we would probably part as friends, just disagree on this one subject. For what its worth. In case our paths cross again.

  • compwar

    “The difference is that Judaism does not recognize Jesus as divine, only as a rabbi” Jesus was never a rabbi, in fact that was part of the gospels (New Testament) the religous leaders rejected him.

  • aspacia


    Why not Jerusalem? I am a Deist, however Muslims already have two religious sites, and a huge land mass. Jews and Christians deserve at least 1 religious site, and both were disallowed entry into East Jerusalem until 1967. Jews allow both Christians and Muslims entry into this area. Muslims are hypocrites, and you know it, just look at the persecution or Copts in Egypt, and the disallowence of nonMuslims into Saudi Arabia.

  • LucyQ

    The EU and indeed, many Americans have trouble recognizing the fact that their God, Jesus Christ, was born in Israel, chose to become a rabbi whom the Hebrew children loved, and loved and believed the Original Testament.

  • LucyQ

    Europeans kiss up to Arabs not only because of their oil fix but because they're still trying 'to get' the Jews. Euros think if they bond in hatred with Arabs toward Israel that they will be loved by Arabs. Obviously, this sort of thing that passes for logic these days has more faults than a CA earthquake.

  • Lemac the cameL

    First of all, Catherine Ashton can just take her unsolicited positions on Jerusalem and shove them all the way back up her camel butt where they belong.
    As for David H's portrayal of the “nice, well intergrated ” izlamic communities of the Old Arab section of Jerusalem, this is nothing to crow about. This only provides a showcase for the Euro-loonies to continue promoting their John Lennon “imagine” fantasy vision of Europe. The arab community in Jersusalem and elsewhere in Israel is a fifth column that can explode in your face at any time……allah!
    Even our president, the fraud king Hussein oumgbama, has stated that in a crisis he will side with izam.

    Enjoy your stay in dar al harb while it lasts…….allah !

  • Kerry Winn

    Do not really agree, because in most of Europe Holocaust Denial is a crime. Most of the concentration camps are preserved with taxes to remind themselves “Never Again.”

    However, the rise in violent antiJewish crimes is a very bad indicator for European Jews.

  • elgee

    Arabism is racism!
    The wild racist virus on a vicious campaign of burning all non-Arab ethnicities down, main victims include: Kurds, Jews (not just in Israel), Berbers (the indigenous of N. Africa), Persians, Assyrians, Asians, Africans (not just in Sudan genocide), Nubians (indigenous in Egypt), Copts, etc.

  • Aloysius

    Jerusalem and Israel is in great danger, One day the invasion will happen ; many armies
    under UN banner and led by a new German dictator. Yeshua propheised that
    Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies (Luke 21). Yeshua or Jesus is the
    Promised Messiah, He was a Jew and did not have long hair and was not
    born on Christmas, He existed from eternity with God before His
    incarnation. May all Jews and Isrealis and the House of Jacob repent from their sins
    and from their love of evil things before ASTONISHING DESTRUCTION
    COMES UPON THEM from the end-time King of Assyra, who will have no qualms using
    weapons of mass destrruction