Target: Tel Aviv – by P. David Hornik


Israel’s chief of Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin, addressed the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday. His tidings weren’t good.

Regarding Hamas, Yadlin said the Gaza-based terror group now has a rocket with a 60-kilometer range that can reach Tel Aviv, and has already successfully test-fired it into the Mediterranean Sea. He said Hamas had also smuggled in Iranian-produced Fajr-style rockets, and overall has a better rocket capability than before the Gaza War last winter.

Yadlin acknowledged that things have been relatively quiet lately, and attributed the reduced hostilities to Israeli deterrence as well as struggles within Gaza. The nineteen rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in October, he said, were fired by splinter groups that Hamas is trying to suppress. Hamas, however, sees itself as still building its capabilities, and the smuggling continues.

Regarding Hezbollah—relatively quiet since the 2006 Second Lebanon War just as Hamas has been quieter since the Gaza War—Yadlin said it, too, keeps bringing in weapons, and storing them south of the Litani River in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 that formally put an end to the 2006 conflict.

And what of the two forces—UNIFIL and the Lebanese army—that 1701 envisaged as preventing Hezbollah’s rearmament? UNIFIL, Yadlin said, refrains from entering the civilian houses where Hezbollah stores most of the weapons, and the Lebanese army occasionally gives Hezbollah a helping hand with its buildup.

And where do the weapons come from? That Yadlin said they come from Syria and Iran is not new or surprising, though he emphasized that “Syria has turned into the main factory and weapons cache for Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as for Syria itself, with financial aid from Iran. Syria is operating on two parallel tracks—benevolence toward the West, and in its backyard it is becoming a weapons factory for the axis of evil.” The very next day the Israeli navy intercepted a major Iranian arms shipment that was supposed to reach Hezbollah via Syria.

And as for how the weapons get to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Yadlin said they were passing through Syria—again, not new—and also Turkey. That falls into line with Turkey’s recent trend of Islamization and alignment with the Iranian-led bloc, and is an ominous development.

And regarding Iran itself, Yadlin said its nuclear reactor in Qom has “no possible civilian use” despite Iranian claims and is designed for enriching uranium; that Iran remains unmoved by international pressures; that it is aiming for “horizontal expansion” of its nuclear capacity, meaning that when it wants to make a bomb it will be able to do so in the least possible time; and that Iran is not only responsible for financing, training, and arming Hamas and Hezbollah but is also “behind the flow of weapons to Sudan, Iraq…and anyplace else where a military conflict is raging.”

From Israel’s standpoint, then, the situation could be one of only very deceptive calm. Although, immediately after the Gaza War, there was much talk of an international effort to stop the weapons smuggling into Gaza and even an international summit ostensibly devoted to that purpose, by now such visions are more or less forgotten and Israel again faces Gaza alone in a lull, possibly, of some length but, clearly, of no real depth.

The relative passivity of both Hamas and Hezbollah could also reflect an Iranian preference to hold them in reserve—along with Syria—as part of a multipronged retaliation should Israel finally, at some point, attempt a strike on Iran’s nuclear program. The fact that—despite ongoing U.S. and European blandishments—Syria is, more than ever, an armory and transit point for anti-Western subversion reflects dispiritingly on the West’s invincible will to self-deception when it comes to Damascus.

As for Yadlin’s words on Tehran, while well heard in Israel, one cannot be sanguine about the Obama administration’s ability to hear them over the noise of misguided diplomatic activity and its need to believe in “engagement” with implacable evil.

  • Proxywar

    Israel says they have the proof this shipment came from Iran but they have not released it. Though, It wouldn't suprise me if Iran was behind that weapons shipment.

  • DB

    The name of Iran shipping company was printed all over. Who would send weapons and put Iran's name of the crates ?

  • antifascist18

    It is time for Bibi to stop sucking up to the chimp who hates Jews anyway, and got tough. That is what he was elected for, not for bussing hairy ape butt. Especially the hairy butt of Jeremiah Wright's son.

    Syria and Iran have been building, building, building for war. Israel has never avenged the return of corpses for live babykillers, nor the continuous murder of Lebanese Christian patriots who did seek peace with Israel by Syria. It is time to do so.

    One or two well-placed bombs on Damascus and Tehran, plus a direct strike on the Syrian Presidential palace could cause a war, but it would also reap untold benefits for the people of Israel. Of course Bonzo in Lincoln's home would go bananas, but who gives a bleep for the little reverse racist, anti-semite, anti-American coward and liar anyway?

  • antifascist18

    Time to avenge the murder of Neda Soltan, the rape and murder of countless Iranian girls by Ahmedinejedad's thugs, the anniversary of the seizure of our embassy by thugs while another coward just like the one who now sits in the White House wrung his hands.

    Bomb Iran. The sensible thing to do. They've had their chances to disarm and end terrorism – they won't. Or if you're squeamish about that, throw out the monkey in Washington and put in a REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT who will arm the opposition and aid and abet them so they can do the job for us.

    Nothing could be finer than Ahmedinejedad and Khameini swinging from a gallows in Tehran town square – but if not, then turn the damn place into a radioactive paved parking lot. Neda Soltan won't mind – SHE'S DEAD, courtesy of Bonzo's friends.

  • Robert Bernier

    Hamas : not only Israel is concerned.
    While there are sanctions against Hamas, there is no concerted effort to overthrow the regime, even by those who claim to be in favor of Israel-Palestinian peace as a high priority. But as long as Hamas is in power there can be no such peace. Indeed, the main international attempt was to restrain Israel in its war in Gaza and then to criticize it afterward in a way that positively benefits Hamas. However, not only Israel is concerned as explained at :

  • Robert Bernier

    Violation of UN Charter Article 51
    Israel is a sovereign and democratic state with an obligation, and not just a right, to defend its citizens from armed aggression. Gaza has for years been used by Hamas and other groups as a base for rocket strikes on Israeli centres of population. There have been thousands of such attacks, putting hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians at risk. These are, as Human Rights Watch has put it, unlawful and unjustifiable, and they amount to war crimes. To understand what it means to live under rockets threat consult :

  • USMCSniper

    The Western response to the threat of Iran gaining nuclear weapons is tracking dangerously toward appeasement and failure. It is not yet inevitable? Now, most government officials in Europe and here, and of course the dominant media are already deeply into resignation, rationalization and denial. Indeed,Obama really has embraced the absolute exclusion of a military option and dialogue about appeasement has become the only “respectable” posture among both European and American officials and the liberal media personages.

  • bubba4

    Not to take away from the environment of fear that FPM is trying to create, but the photo for this article was released by Iran to show how strong they are.

    Even the untrained eye should recognize such clumbsy photoshop work. This photo was largely debunked and the original source even surfaced, which was, if I remember right…two rockets firing. In any case, it is oddly ironic that debunked propaganda from Iran finds a home on FPM.

  • antifascist18

    Regime Change in Washington…it's coming, folks.

    America will soon have a REAL President, and if he (or she) has guts, will indict Bonzo Hussein and Bogus Blowhard Biden on charges of treason…along with the major leaders of the Democratic aka Nazi Party.

  • USMCSniper

    And when the rockets appear inbound toTel Aviv what will your ilk say?

  • rapid555

    All i hear is good news. Hopefully the nazi zionist state will be destroyed.

  • Carterthewriter

    Checl the latest new, our borsers have already been infiltrated becuase our security sucks. I wonder why?

  • games123

    That falls into line with Turkey’s recent trend of Islamization and alignment with the Iranian-led bloc.
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  • Nicolai_Bonner

    If Israel were dissolved and zionsim stopped, the world would be a much better place

  • AL.

    Stop dreaming on it, bitch !

  • cjkcjk

    I think the Great Zionist State will once again defeat the worshipers of mo' the murderous pedophile and his devil god al' just as they have in the past. LOL
    My house cat would beat the shit out of one of those 'lions of allan' (snicker). LOL.

  • cjkcjk

    So when the canary in the mineshaft dies, that portends good times, right dumbass.

  • cjkcjk

    The Great Zionist state also beats the shit out of the worshipers of the PROFIT when it comes to science, technology, medicine, industry, literature, and most of all as a civilized peaceful culture…..something that the devil worshipers in the ummah just can't seem to be able to pull off.

  • cjkcjk

    You must be a libereal to focus on the accompanying photo which claims nothing, and forget about the real fact that hezbollah and other jihadists have thousands of rockets ready to go and have recently test one that can reach Tel Aviv………..Your deception is breath taking, and if it ain't deception than your ignorance is even greater.

  • imgood

    Yup, but unfortunately by the time the canary in the coalmine dies, it may be too late for us. The Appeaser-in-Chief, who cannot mention American foreign policy without apologising for some alleged or imaginary misdeed or other, essentially conceded Iran's right to have the bomb during his moral equivalence speech in Cairo earlier this year. For the Appeaser, negotiations are an end in themselves, and in his bizarre world view–in which he occupies the center of the universe–he probably imagines that in a face to face meeting, he can persuade the Iranian dictatorship to abandon its quest for the bomb, stop murdering its citizens, and sing songs by the campfire. Meanwhile for Iran, and for dictators the world over, for that matter (note how chummy he was with Nicaragua's Marxist thug Ortega earlier this year, or how he gave Comrade Chavez his homies in the hood handshake), the Appeaser's remarkable naivete and weakness is something that they never anticipated in their wildest dreams.

  • cjkcjk

    I personally am convinced that we (USA) will fall before Israel.
    I was just responding to the knucklehead above (Nicolai).

    By the way, as much as I detest the Man-Child, I was also getting seriously bummed out by Mr.'religion of peace' before him although he wasn't nearly as bad and straight out wicked as this Man-Child.

    We are headed for a world of shit!

  • Larry Stokes

    Excellant Article

  • riverfred

    It is unfortunate that iran is controlled by a bunch of religious Islamofascists, while the populace is actually pro-American. Israel needs a surgical strike to take out their leaders causing Syria to think twice about arming terrorists and cutting off the flow of weapons to Israel's enemies. Let Gaza respond and this time Israel should do some real damage.

  • bubba4

    My ilk? You mean people that use Photoshop?

  • bubba4

    What's deceptive? I RECOGNIZED the photo…I didn't focus on it. I recognized it because when Iran released it, it was immediately debunked months and months ago.

    Why would you choose a debunked propaganda photo for your article? Either you don't know its not real, or you objectives are the same as Irans.

  • imgood

    Ha ha–yeah, “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Islam means love” were two of many inanities mouthed by our former president. W, at least, had some comprehension of the nature of the enemy. The Man-child, on the other hand, does not even perceive an enemy.
    Sadly, your prediction (that we fall before Israel) has about a 50/50 chance of coming true. Before the accession of the Man-child to power, I would never have imagined we were this close to the abyss.