Hasan’s Motives – by Dennis Prager


One reads and hears with increasing disbelief and anger that we don’t know the motive or motives of Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army major who fired over 100 shots at his fellow American soldiers in order to murder and maim as many as possible. Hasan ended up allegedly murdering 13 people, but government and Army spokesmen and the mainstream media claim they just can’t figure out why he did this. They are, however, certain that it was not an act of terrorism.

Sunday’s New York Times “Week in Review” article about Nidal Hasan was titled “When Soldiers Snap.” The gist of the article was that Maj. Hasan had snapped — even though he had never been in combat. He snapped in advance. Just two sentences in the article were devoted to the possibility that his motives were in any way relatable to his Muslim faith.

As Chris Matthews put it, “it’s unclear if religion was a factor in this shooting.” To Matthews, not only was it unclear if Hasan’s Islamic faith was “the” factor, it was unclear if it was even “a” factor.

Likewise, on NPR, Tom Gjelten offered the novel explanation that Hasan, who has never been in combat, may have suffered from “pre-traumatic stress disorder” because he anticipated having traumatic distress. “Was he an example,” Gjelten seriously asked, “of these soldiers who are literally freaked out by what they are likely to face when they are deployed?”

And on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera, said, “I don’t know what motivates him … as far as I know … he’s a sociopath; he’s a criminal. He could have had a toothache and gone off because of that.”

The deaths and maiming at Fort Hood are heartbreaking and angering. But ultimately far more injurious to America than the act of evil that caused those deaths and injuries is the massive self-deception American society engages in out of fear of being called bigoted, racist or “Islamaphobic.”

Any American who is not prepared to lie to himself has reason to believe that Hasan’s religious views were prominent, if not exclusive, factors for why he slaughtered fellow American soldiers. The motives appear as clear as any could be.

Chuck Medley, Fort Hood’s director of Emergency Services, told Reuters that Hasan yelled “Allahu Akbar” — the Arabic incantation of “Allah is the greatest” yelled by Islamic terrorists before they slaughter people — just before the shooting,

Dr. Val Finnell told The Associated Press that he and other classmates participating in a 2007-2008 master’s program with Hasan at the Uniformed Services University had complained about his comments, including that the war on terror was “a war against Islam.”

Another classmate told the AP that he complained to five officers and two civilian faculty members at the university. He also wrote to Pentagon officials that fear in the military of being seen as politically incorrect prevented an “intellectually honest discussion of Islamic ideology” in the ranks.

Other classmates who participated in a 2007-2008 master’s program at a military college said they, too, had complained to superiors about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s anti-American views, which included his giving a presentation that justified suicide bombing and telling classmates that Islamic law trumped the U.S. Constitution.

And ABC News now reports that Hasan had attempted to contact al-Qaida.

It is a given that the vast majority of American Muslims are loyal Americans. But that’s not the only given.

It is equally a given that a certain percentage of Muslims in and outside of the military are Islamists who want Americans dead and America Muslim.

It does the majority of Muslims no favor to deny the existence of the minority. And Muslim Americans do themselves no favor by denying it. Unfortunately, Muslims are theoretically represented by groups like CAIR whose values are correctly seen by most Americans as suspect.

Americans are worried by the fact that there are Muslim Americans whose beliefs compel them to murder non-Muslim Americans. But what is even more worrisome is that American Muslim groups (and their supporters on the left) deny this.

  • tarleton

    It seems to me that Islam is a kind of mental rabies that attacks a persons central nervous system…..a kind of invasion of the bodie snatchers
    It's true that most moslems are not radical jihadists , as most germans were not nazis in 34 , but as they say , nothing succeeds like success and by the time of the great victories in france , very few germans were not nazis
    Most moslems are not radical , but they could become so , if Jihadists are percieved to be successful
    They are , as of now placid ….like gasoline is , waiting for a spark
    Major Hasan was placid last week before he ignited ….987654321 ….IGNITION !!

  • tarleton

    FURTHERMORE……I've just remembered who this creep Hasan reminds me of ? …….it's the monster in Young Frankenstein , which is very apt and fitting for him….Geene Wilders imortal line ''did I put an abnormal brain into a 400 lb monster ?

  • tarleton

    Actually …there is a parrallel to this story and it's the two moslem doctors in Scotland who went on the rampage and tried to blow up Glasgow Airport.
    The day before , they were trying to cure people of illness …that's a radical attitude ajustment !…talk about being litt up !….I'd say
    This story is almost parady …..a moslem phychologist is treating US soldiers for PTS syndrome , the day before he guns them down

  • wildjew

    “It is a given that the vast majority of American Muslims are loyal Americans…..Any American who is not prepared to lie to himself has reason to believe that Hasan’s religious views were prominent, if not exclusive, factors for why he slaughtered fellow American soldiers. The motives appear as clear as any could be.”

    It's a given fact? It's not a given fact. Why did you write this? How do you know it is “a given fact that the vast majority of American Muslims are loyal Americans,” any more than we knew the vast majority of American Germans were loyal Germans during the second world war? It may be, the vast majority of American Muslims are not prepared to perpetrate the sort of violence Hasan perpetrated – though this is only speculation. Do we know for certain that the vast majority of American Muslims do not in some way sympathize with Hasan? Or in some way sympathize with the 9/11 sneak attacks? We do know there were Muslim Americans who celebrated the 9/11 atrocities. Are these also loyal American Muslims in your view Mr. Prager?

  • ScotchIndian

    Just walk on by, folks, nothing to see here. No jihadists, no illegal immigrants, no disintegrating schools and morals … just move on now.

  • http://www.compellingconversations.com Eric the sceptic

    Brilliant, sensible deconstruction of the mainstream media's cover-up of Hasan's motives – and the clear implications for our society. I would, however, offer one additional comment. President Obama himself – by both his initial disinterest in the Fort Hood killings and later demand that people "stop speculating" and "don't rush to conclusions" until "all the facts are unknown" played a critical role in this cover-up and censorship. Let's be clear: the Obama administration effectively cowed the mainstream media into silence for the first 36 hours. And that's a scary sight for Americans who appreciate a free press and respect their own ability to think for themselves.

  • Robert Bernier

    Better see it before it's pulled.

    Without comments…

    No one should miss this video:


    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • edwardstillwell

    Please permit me to edit the last paragraph; “Americans are worried by the fact that there are Americans who are Muslim whose beliefs compel them to murder Americans who are not Muslim. But what is even more worrisome is that Muslim groups in America (and their supporters on the left) deny this”. If you can't see the difference, you may be part of the problem.

  • PreachTheGospel

    Now, it is quite obvious that Islam is the source of evil, since the founder proclaims that war is deception.
    I am extremly worried in Europe:
    The people have been disarmed and out of PC we let Muslims serve in Police and other forces. Now, some may say that not all are bad, which is true; but: Most of them who will do something in the future will not be open about their views and will develop them later based on Imans preaching or by reading the Koran and following Mohammeds orders to the letter.

    However, as I said, those which are serving are running around with machine guns on the airports in Germany and protecting people: a disaster waiting to happen.

    I want to see the people after this would happen about how they will explain the truth away, again and again and again.

  • kafir4life

    After the flying imams, and the obvious PC (read clueless) nature of our alleged leaders, were I to encounter something “suspicious”, I'll get my family to safety as best I can, and keep my trap SHUT! Turns out if you attempt to “prevent” a terrorist attack, the terrorists can (will and have) sue. Best to just go on Fox after the fact. The fbi, cia, et al are NOT on the side we'd *think* they'd be on.

    Thanks, President Hussein!!

  • http://netzero.com/ Steve Chavez

    Below is a letter to the editor at DAILYLOBO.COM the college newspaper of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Mr. Salam somehow gets a weekly letter in when none of mine have been printed since 2001. Also, an Israeli Jew, also a student, had to go to the office three times to get his letter printed. Salam's letter before this one said that profs teaching the history of Islam were telling lies although after two weeks of responses, he never revealed which profs they were.

    Fort Hood shooter's actions had nothing to do with Islam!

    I would first like to offer my deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones at the recent Fort Hood shooting. Whenever innocent people are killed in cold blood it is a lamentable thing.

    Now, while we do not yet know exactly what caused Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s actions, one thing should be made absolutely clear: This was an individual who acted alone, and Islam had nothing to do with it — period. I feel that this point must be made absolutely clear because the corporate media are already trying to turn this tragedy into a systematic demonization of a faith that numbers about 1.6 billion people. Islam is being dragged into the gutter over this tragedy and it is both uncalled for and despicable. If we wish to honor the memory of those who are gone, then we would be wise to use this tragedy as a moment where we all attempt to love and understand one another. As the saying unfortunately goes, “In war, the first casualty is the truth.”

    Mujahir Salam
    UNM student

  • Timmy

    I for one am really sick to death of hearing the pathetic sappy hand-wringing apologies that seemingly everyone gives about “most other” Muslims every time someone has to discuss the obvious evil problems of “some” Muslims. If any Muslim doesn't want to be grouped in with the evil Muslims and Muhammad who was worse than any of them then leave Islam for crying out loud or suck it up and be judged. Or if you have found some wormhole through which to be a Muslim and still be an actual decent good loving human sharing the world with everyone else infidels included then PROVE IT WITH WORDS AND ACTIONS NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, merely not killing infidels is not enough.

  • eddibebbi

    Absolutely correct, Mr. Prager.
    Some here in USA
    continue to deny that there
    are some Muslims who are
    violent BECAUSE of their

    At Ft. Hood, the killer was
    yelling “Allah Akbar” as he
    started shooting.

    Can't be much clearer.

    And he didn't SNAP;
    he PLANNED.

  • Deejean

    I once embraced islam with love, And I really got to know islam, when I began to find out, about the global jihad movement, and the victims of islam, I thought we could reform islam, I was wrong, There is no hope for reform of islam, At least not until we see the countless millions of victims of islam.
    The victims of islam are the largest group of victims with the least representation in the world, Because islam does not permit any truth wich might offend islam, They actually make laws against such truths called blasphemy laws,
    And they have so compelled the dhimmitude of the west, that even normally free thinking westerners {yes especially my liberal family) are so busy defending islam at all costs, That they can not or will not see, there are millions of victims of islam just sense the formation of America even more before that,
    You talk about equality but you don;t want to give us equality or free speach we are attacked any time we stand up for the victims of islam,

  • BS77

    Since day one, the liberal media has turned Hasan into the “victim”….of pre traumatic stress syndrome, of psychological problems related to being a poor, downtrodden Muslim in oh so intolerant America….see if people had only been nicer to poor Mr. Hasan, why he would be a well adjusted guy, without any problems. This is the BS coming from the NY Times……..it's always our society, our military, our foreign policy….no one is ever responsible for their own actions. Motives? Who cares what the motives were. It is his killing and wounding that matters. He belongs in the death chamber with that POS the DC sniper….end of story.

  • BS77

    Yeah Islam has NOTHING to do with it. Had nothing to do with the endless suicide and truck bombings that have killed thousands in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Had nothing to do with 9-11. Had nothing to do with the London bombings. Had nothing to do with the DC Beltway snipers…Had nothing to do with the torching of cars and riots in France. Had nothing to do with the riots over the cartoons in Denmark. Had nothing to do with the killing of all those school children in Beslan, Russia………..it's always something undefineable, some thing else we cannot grasp.

  • flandsperg

    Hello America
    why don´t you just lie down and play dead. it makes me ashamed to watch the news.
    This case is not so difficult, stand tall and call a spade a spade.
    - is it really that difficult to recognize a terrorist, –
    what now, what´s next, who is next ???.

  • wildjew

    Right. There is this inherent notion of collective responsibility. It's just the way it is. I have said this often and it bears repeating. Had there been nineteen Jewish hijackers who flew those jets on 9/11/01 into the World Trade Center tower buildings; were Jewish terrorists like Hasan mowing down unarmed non-Jews, justifying it in the name of YHWH or Torah; were rabbis, like these clerics and imams teaching violent terror or “holy war” in the synagogue, does anyone think Americans would conclude (as Mr. Prager has done), it is a given that the vast majority of American Jews are loyal Americans? Not on your life.

  • MarkR

    My son serves in the US Army and is going on his third tour to Baghdad. I watch as General Casey worries more about the labeling of Muslims than he does of the potential for more of the same of what occurred last week. I guess my son's life and his brothers and sisters in arms is less important to the military than the protected status of a religion. Now, I don't say round up all the Muslims- what I do say is when you have evidence as they did that this man was a potential terrorist that they step in and remove him from duty. My God I spent 4 years in the US Navy and if I uttered one word of disloyalty to my country and or our mission I would have been summarily booted out on my as-. This multi-cultural bullcra- is gonna get us all killed. But to think my son is in the US Military and that my trust of the US Military is shaken is a travesty.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    Prager's views are solidly grounded in the experinece of hundreds of similar evil deeds performed over many decades by Moslem jihadists who are preforming the holiest and most redemptive deed of Islam when they kill infidels. The study of the madman Mohammed, a mass murdering terrorist thug, and Islamic Law will enlighten you on this matter.

  • Timmy

    I can't think of any other group that gets that treatment. Even with the mafia and Italians, everyone knows that not all Italians are in the mafia but every now and then mainly from movie portrayals you will here some talk about that, that not all Italians are in the mafia. But with Islam it is just relentless. It must come from the total propaganda aspect of Islam, that it is literally – per its founding documents – at total war with any and all existing civilizations and systems of governing – but it has to hide that in order to accomplish its goals. So all of the Muslims who don't engage in front line violent jihad war really are doing a function for Islam just by their very existence, just by being one of the number of Muslims that make up the so-call ummah. By providing cover for the violent jihadists the peaceful ones really are just as dangerous to any infidel system. So that is why they continually have to beat the drum that not all Muslims are violent, they can't allow the discussion to get past that, to what the role of the so-called peaceful Muslim really is.

  • LucyQ

    I'm wondering the same thing, while Prager assumes most Muslim-Americans are loyal.

  • http://freethoughtnation.com/ Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

    If you would like to see the denial in action, please go to my blog post:

    It's the Islam, stupid!

    Several thousand hits and approaching 200 comments. Phew!

  • LucyQ

    Questions I have:

    Why aren't soldiers allowed to carry guns at their base? Aren't they more highly trained in weapons than the average citizen?

    Why are our armed forces so desperate for Arabic speakers that they'll just about accept anyone without a thorough background check—especially Muslims?

    I also think it's a War on Islam……why shouldn't I think so?

  • USMCSniper

    Hi Timmy, actually a very good post . From the Washington Post.

    The Army psychiatrist believed to have killed 13 people at Fort Hood warned a roomful of senior Army physicians a year and a half ago that to avoid “adverse events,” the military should allow Muslim soldiers to be released as conscientious objectors instead of fighting in wars against other Muslims.

    As a senior-year psychiatric resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan was supposed to make a presentation on a medical topic of his choosing as a culminating exercise of the residency program.

    Instead, in late June 2007, he stood before his supervisors and about 25 other mental health staff members and lectured on Islam, suicide bombers and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting in the Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a copy of the presentation obtained by The Washington Post.

    Story continues below ↓
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    “It's getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims,” he said in the presentation.

    “It was really strange,” said one staff member who attended the presentation and spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the investigation of Hasan. “The senior doctors looked really upset” at the end.

    Under the “Conclusions” page, Hasan wrote that “Fighting to establish an Islamic State to please God, even by force, is condoned by the Islam,” and that “Muslim Soldiers should not serve in any capacity that renders them at risk to hurting/killing believers unjustly — will vary!”

    The final page, labeled “Recommendation,” contained only one suggestion:

    “Department of Defense should allow Muslims [sic] Soldiers the option of being released as 'Conscientious objectors' to increase troop morale and decrease adverse events.”

    Oh…., by the way, knock off the “crush your skull” threats, as they are meaningless. I also seriously doubt if you pack the gear and have the necessary level of training to back up your idle threats.

  • USMCSniper

    Imagine if everyone was allowed to carry loaded weapons on a secured base. What for?

  • LucyQ

    For Muslim soldiers who enjoy killing non-Muslims. Obviously, this wasn't a secured base.

  • Timmy

    In the old days having a secured base meant just that, and so there was no need to carry a weapon for each individual. At this point with the military allowing gang members (crips, bloods, skinheads, etc.) and Muslims into the military there can no longer be the presumption that you are always among friends.

  • Timmy

    You obviously remembered the crush your skull like a grape comment so it must have struck a nerve, it was you who made the silly comments attacking me that prompted that. So you need to wise up and knock off the meaningless attacks. I had forgotten that which is why I wasted time responding to you here. It would be fun if there was a way for internet commenters to be joined up in a sort of tv reality show where they could literally fight one another to death with bats and chains. What a creep you are.

  • prayfat

    If public opinion starts deriding this kind of violence done in the name of Islam as a disease like alcoholism, then Muslims themselves may work harder to address it than they are working to excuse it. The killing spree at Fort Hood along with most responses from secular and Muslim institutions underscore a thesis posted at http://www.atfp.org/articles/9 that violence done in the name of Islam is like alcoholism in a codependent dysfunctional family. Both systems feature excuses, denial, and enabling behaviors of people inside and outside of the systems. Neither justice nor excuses for violence done in the name of Islam are deterring it. Underlying enabling systems and attitudes must be addressed and changed. Nothing impacts alcoholics and their dysfunctional families like a reformed alcoholic, and nothing changes an alcoholic better than prayer. Similarly, no one can preach better against violence done in the name of Islam than a reformed terrorist, and nothing can change these deranged people better than prayer. Pray for the miracle of seemingly impossible changes in these desperate lives and their dysfunctional system.

  • RD1953

    Islam is the enemy! Until we, as a country, recognize that, we will not be able to stop them from taking over.

    It is not: “radical islam”, or a few “jihadists”: IT IS ISLAM ITSELF which has been seeking to rule the world since its creation by its would be profit who made himself a deity!! Why do we fail to recognize Islam for what it is and always will be.

    If they fail this time…they will be back, as they always have.


  • USMCSniper

    Here is a reason for celebration. Sniper faces execution
    John Allen Muhammad (another Islamic Terrorist) is scheduled to die by lethal injection today – and it will happen.

  • tarleton

    During WW2 Japanese americans proved their loyalty by joining the 442 regimental combat team….the most highly decorated unit in the US army
    So where is the moslem equivelent ?….after all we are at war and we need arabic speakers…where are the America First Moslems ?
    Religion is a very very powerful brew….moslems like christians are loyal to their religion first , then country …..but Islam is anti democratic and anti american ….period

  • jerry

    it is NOT the citizens who pretend not to know his motives, it is our panty waist PC government officials who DO pretend not to know. we need to get rid of all these PC a**holes who cannot bring themselves to call a spade a spade and go back to the Constitution , where you can and SHOULD speak up at wrong-doing.

  • rih

    “It is a given that the vast majority of American Muslims are loyal Americans…” I tried to dismiss doubts in intellectual honesty of Mr. Prager. But this phrase which factually can't be ascertained and flies into face of reality when matched with facts really causes my concern. And I can't forget Prager's adulations with slimy Fuad Ajami who tallks around terrorism but never condemned it.
    Mr.Prager, if Muslims are loyal Americans where are the protests and demonstrations on their part as we always see when Jews respond to Arab terror. Can you imagine response of psychotic Jews if Jew would perpetrate similar crime. It's actually very easy. Remember Jewish reaction when Dr.Goldstein killed Arabs who prepared for new Jewish pogrom in Hebron. On arab side, it is at best regrets, some kind of justification and claims that it is against Koran without of course any proof but which nevertheless is readily accepted. In fact, this terror is in total agreement with Koran. Please read http://www.prophetofdoom.net/Islamic_Quotes.Islam or jihadwatch.org or faithfreedom.org Why would not you discuss it and invite Craig Winn, Robert Spencer, Hugh Fitzgerald or other non-paid by Saudis scholar on Islam and enlighten yourself and your listeners about Islam.

  • James

    It's just unbelievable that the US army doesn't take the psychological casualties of war seriously….

    What Hasan did is inexcusable, but it's indicative of the horrors that American soldiers deal with both on the battlefield and when they get back.

  • Deejean

    You want to know who the man is? let him tell you and show you! he is a terrorist plane and simple I am an Apostate who has research the terrorist movement for years now and know it very well and infact I WARNED THIS THREAT WAS COMING AND IT WOULD NOT BE THE LAST!
    And I begged someone to listen and look in on it!

  • http://twitter.com/HereticsCrusade Heretic Crusader

    Meanwhile an apologist for the Islamification of Europe(who works for the U.S. Gov) will be adressing the “Congressional Muslims STAFFERS Association” on the 13th.

    The CMSA has reportedly been working with President Obama to select 45 Muslims to work in the White House. If not intended for Secret Service or Military posts that means a Muslim representation in the White House staff SIX times the actual Muslim demographic.

    If Military and U.S.S. posts ARE included (Doesn't THAT make you feel secure) then the new Muslim representation will ONLY be 3.5 five times the “fair” number.

  • http://twitter.com/HereticsCrusade Heretic Crusader

    Hasn't it struck anyone how arrogant the Leftist position is toward Muslims?

    They seem to be saying that while we all know that “we” don't do “things like that” for minor reasons “one of them” is not to be expected to be able to restrain himself in the face of events that confuse his provincial mentality.

    Maybe all the Leftists are so convinced that Westerners are evil in intent simply because they confuse Westerners with themselves!

    It makes as much sense as anything I have heard from the “analysts” lately!

    More on the situation over at http://hereticscrusade.com

  • jezaher


    I am a faithful reader of this web site and I have a real need to have the following questions answered….Possibly in your column.

    Question 1: Since Hasan received an unfavorable evaluation at Walter Reid, how could the Army defend giving him the promotion to Major? Have they lost all sense of reality?

    Question 2: If Hasan is indeed a finatic, then how do we know what he was doing to the soldiers he was treating. He could have been making them more sick and upset. Nobody to this date has asked that question and they should. He is a shrink for God's sake!!

    In my opinion, a man who wears a soldier's uniform and who professes to love America does not normally wear Muslim clothing daily and contact known terrorists. …Much less talk about suicide bombings in America.

    It is time this country got off the darned “liberal express” and came down hard with the hammer of justice. All one needs to do is take a look at what has happened to Britain. They opened their gates to these evil people and now they are having a devil of a time with all the violent demonstrations, a bombing of a bus and the underground. Is that what we want here. They have said they will attack “from within.” America had better listen. They are infiltrating this country little by little. Who knows where they will strike next.

    There has been much talk about his being born here. Well, that doesn't make a darned bit of difference. We all know there have been many of Muslim descent, born here, who joined the Jhadists.

    The court should make him pay a very high price for all the people he murdered. If that was one of us the court would put us away and throw away the key….we would never see the light of day again. God will make him pay as well for his sins. As I understand it Allah was supposed to be a peaceful God. If that is so, then all these people are evil sinners. LIfe in prison to this evil man.

    God Bless us all and God Bless America!

    J. E. Zaher

  • therealend

    “on NPR, Tom Gjelten offered the novel explanation that Hasan, who has never been in combat, may have suffered from “pre-traumatic stress disorder” because he anticipated having traumatic distress”

    pre-traumatic stress disorder? I thought that was called cowardice.

  • Timmy

    As a Muslim operating behind enemy lines under deep cover he very likely did undergo a great deal of stress. As a westerner it is hard to put ourselves in the same position. That is, if we were on a spy or subterfuge mission in an enemy country we would most likely find that quite stressful. Only certain people are really cut out for it. This guy apparently did not try all that hard to hide his true feelings, but even then, getting nothing but acceptance from his chain of command likely only confused and disturbed him more creating more stress in a sense. Anything short of directly killing infidels for any Muslim intent on true jihad warfare has to be somewhat stress inducing. The cool characters who can play it out over years in the media working on the slow jihad really are a special breed in that sense but who knows when they will break also.

  • USMCSniper

    JARRATT, Va. (AP) – John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind of the sniper attacks that terrorized the nation's capital region for three weeks in October 2002, was executed Tuesday. Muhammad died by injection at 9:11 p.m. at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt. Hassan is next in line for the death penalty after his military court martial.

  • DemocracyFirst

    Given that Hassan seems to have had open emotional and intellectual affiliation with Jihadism, and that will likely prove in court to have been clearly his motive, it will be a real test of the judicial system to sentence him to death. Muhammed, in contrast, didn't claim Jihad to have been his motive, nor did he have exactly the same history with it. So while we can see evidence that that was partially the impetus, we can at the same time also see just a plain old psychopathic killer.

  • upsala

    you are absolutely correct.

  • jwbaumann

    Here is the ugly, harsh, politically incorrect reality that we all need to wrap our brains around. Muslims kill people. Muslims kill people because Islam directs them to kill people. Muslims kill people because they believe that is what Allah instructs them to do. They will not stop killing people just because we don't believe that someone living in America would do that sort of thing. Muslims kill people – that's what they do.

  • LenPowder

    Dear Senator Lieberman,

    I want to commend and thank you for initiating an investigation into the jihadist killings in Fort Hood. The American public needs to have the truth revealed that the media hides and obfuscates. We are in danger from a vicious and determined enemy and are afraid to even call it by its rightful name – Islamic terrorism. While they claim to fear being victimized it is really WE who are and will be victimized by THEM! Are we insane in this country? Are the lunatics running the asylum? The political correctness we adhere to as if it was a commandment from God is utter madness.

    Millions of Americans are depending on YOU to make the facts and the truth about these jihadists known before even more lives are lost and then written off as the act of a sole madman. We don't want what is happening to Europe to happen here. We don't want to be fighting jihadists on our soil as we now are in Afghanistan, but the pathetic PC culture is moving us precisely in that direction.

    Why do we have to tell our “leaders” what to do? Why don't they know this themselves? Who exactly are the 'leaders' and who the 'followers'? If Congress cannot protect us from our enemies then what the hell good is it? Who needs it? A military dictatorship would at least protect us from those who want to kill and enslave us!

  • Timmy

    “The political correctness we adhere to as if it was a commandment from God is utter madness.”

    In some cases such as in the case of the military personnel who covered up or ignored this crazy major it isn't political correctness but an outright direct economic interest, fear of losing a career as a direct and immediate result of stating the truth or asking questions that indicate you see the truth or see through the political correct lies.

    And there is a comparison to be made to Islam. We are constantly beat over the head with the “fact” that there are millions or billions of Muslims who are not terrorists, as if that matters or means anything, but regardless, in Islam there are millions of people who don't speak up or criticize Islam not just for their own twisted version of political correctness or because they believe in Islam but because like the prior example, they fear for their jobs or even their very lives if they speak out in any way that even remotely suggests they are not 100% in lock step with Islam and Muhammad.

  • antifascist18

    No More Palestinian Muslims in our military!

    And if they persist in dumping them on us and killing our boys Barry Bonzo, Gates, Jones, Casey should be indicted on charges of treason and endangered the security of American citizens.

    In fact, all Muslims should be drummed out of our military, and drummed out now.

  • antifascist18

    Because we have gotten soft, tolerant (in reality INTOLERANT towards Jews, Christians and REAL Americans) in this age of Obama. We do so at our own peril.

    A Real President and a Real Secretary of Defense would have purged the military of Muslims after 9/11. Note I didn't say purge Arabic or Farsi speakers, but Muslims.
    Instead we the citizen has to get to an airport 1-2 hours ahead of schedule because our “leaders” – and in both parties, sad to say (the GOP needs a drastic clean-up, the Democrats became Nazis a long time ago) are afraid of offending our enemies.

    A Palestinian Muslim Roach fece like Nidal Hasan should never have been accepted in the military, much less promoted to Major. This is the mindset of the Robert Gates, the Jimmy Joneses, and of course Boy Barry BonZo.

    Lethal injection now – not later for the Qaedist Hamas plant.

  • JAA

    We have a muslim in charge of our Military-NOW WHAT DO WE DO?

  • BS77

    See, according to the tenets of Political Correctness it was more important to allow 13 people to be shot to death and dozens more to be wounded than to even suggest “offending” a piece of garbage like Mr. Hasan. We cannot offend CAIR, or limit Muslim immigration; we cannot shut down jihadist mosques or brainwashing schools at “Islamic centers”. We are FOOLS….and we are giving our enemy the means to attack and harm us.

  • Rob_W


    I too took exception to Tom Gjeltin's remarks on NPR.

    His broadcast actually stated that Nidal Hassan could have been pushed over the edge by treating returning vets who “may have committed war crimes themselves” in Muslim lands.

    I immediately responded on NPR's web site under that story – and exclaimed that NPR had 1: Gone too far and 2: that before the blood had even dried on the victim's bodies that NPR was BLAMING THE US ARMY for this massacre.

    My post was immediately removed from NPR's website for “failing to observe discussion standards”.

    NPR is a disgusting left-wing rag – that dribbles virtue out of the corners of its mouth via taxpayer dollars – and then poo-poohs anyone who dares to disagree.

    NPR can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

    I'm ashamed to be an American.


  • Timmy

    It is bad enough that the enemy in the form of this Muslim doctor was “treating” (who knows what sort of head games he was playing with them) soldiers in their most precarious time of need, that is outrageous enough, but it is beyond the pale that some piece of filth garbage would then have the sick detestable nerve to suggest that those honorable soldiers somehow caused distress to this vile creature Hasan.

    Every soldier treated by this person or their family should sue the military for allowing him access to them. Who knows what bizarre head games he played with those he considered the enemy.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Your question reflects your bullsit idealogy regarding who is nuts or dangerous.

    A combat soilder is given a rifle for one reason only and that is to kill the enemy when ordered to do so.

    Anyone of us could be the enemy and that includes you.

    You pompus ass!

  • bushlikesdick12


    You are grouping Muslims with crips, bloods, skinheads and the likes of them.

    Currently, I'm in a country that borders Muslims countries that happens to have a large percentage of Muslims.

    In this country, there are no gangs to speak of as we know them. The Govt itself has small bands of gangs that extort from the innocent which is not much different than what goes on in the U.S..

    So I often eat in small Muslim restaurants and experience them quite often.

    I am also a native of Los Angeles and have been one of the few white men that have worked on the housing projects in South L.A. such as Nickerson Garders and Jordon Downs as a carpenter/welder.

    Skinheads are also part of my expertise when I use to work for them when they were ripping off FEMA to rebuild many of the homes wrecked from the Northridge earthquake. Northridge is in the west part of L.A. county on the way to Simi Valley where all the white L.A.P.D's go to live.

    Do you remember the Rodney Kings riots? Do you know where the trial for the officers that beat Rodney was? That is right — Simi Valley.

    They held their trial there ( all white jury) for the same reason why Johnny Cochran skillfully moved O.J's trial from Santa Monica (all white jury) to downtown L.A. (mostly black jury).

    So which jury do you fit in when you decide Hasan's fate?

    Is he part of the likes of the bloods and crips in which they give guns to their kids to kill each other over drug turf or maybe they are like the skinheads who just hate Jews and blacks for the sake of hating.

    Or could you read, analyze, and make an honest and objective judgement of Hasan's mental state while considering the incompetence of the military's ability to prevent this sort of act?

    Read this:

    So why didn't officials act on their concerns and seek to remove Hasan from his duties, or at least order him to receive a mental health evaluation? Interviews with these officials suggest that a chain of unrelated events and factors deterred them.
    For one thing, Walter Reed and most medical institutions have a cumbersome and lengthy process for expelling doctors, involving hearings and potential legal battles. As a result, sources say, key decision-makers decided it would be too difficult, if not unfeasible, to put Hasan on probation and possibly expel him from the program.
    Second, some of Hasan's supervisors and instructors had told colleagues that they repeatedly bent over backward to support and encourage him, because they didn't have clear evidence that he was unstable, and they worried they might be “discriminating” against Hasan because of his seemingly extremist Islamic beliefs.
    Third, the officials involved in deliberations this year reportedly were not aware, as some top Walter Reed officials were, that intelligence analysts had been tracking Hasan's e-mails with at least one suspected Islamic extremist since December 2008.
    And finally, Hasan was about to leave Walter Reed and USUHS for good and transfer to Fort Hood, in Texas. Fort Hood has more psychiatrists and other mental specialists than some other Army bases, so officials figured there would be plenty of co-workers who would support Hasan — and monitor him.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Oh yea,

    Harvey Lee Oswald was a Marine. Maybe you would feel a bit safer for the President if he were to visit a secure base with good ol white boys with guns with the name Oswald.

    Let us not forget to feel even more safe when you consider the competence of our govt. of screening out psychotic nut like Hasan

    Doe's this answer your very stupid and arrogant question?

  • jezaher

    America is in this situation now because they were too busy making money
    and enjoying life. They were not paying attention. Now that some folks bring
    the present problems to the attention of these inattentive Americans, they
    just give up, thinking that nothing they can do will work. Boy have they
    been lulled into dreamland. Do they not realize, that if enough people speak
    up and continue to encourage others to do the same, we can beat these
    liberal Nazis? Since when did an American ever back away from a fight? Who ever
    would think that Americans could be so stupid as to be fooled by this
    liberal, Muslim narrator? Well, he didn't fool me. I was shocked when he was

    I believe that Hasan probably joined the service to receive a FREE
    EDUCATION. However, once told he would have to go over seas, it was a different
    story. He is a disgrace. I hope he is put to death for what he did. In
    addition, if he was so set against the war and in favor of suicide bombers, has
    anyone ever wondered what type of psyc treatment out soldiers were receiving
    from him. He was in a position where he could do further damage rather
    than helping them. I think under the circumstances somebody should go down
    that avenue and check it out. Remember, they said they would defeat us “from
    within.” This looks like a first step.

    I have always believed that we should close the borders for a period of
    time ….Allowing nobody in. Had we done so, we might not be experiencing
    these problems we are confronted with today. All our resources are being used
    up. What happens when it is all gone? Will they resort to canibalism?

    I have difficulty understanding these American born/Muslim descent people.
    So many have turned against this country that has given them so much
    freedom, etc. It must be something in their culture. Not making excuses by the
    way. Further, allowing Mosques is a major mistake. The are nothing but
    training camps for terrorists.

    That is all I have to say on the subject tonight. I hope this letter gets
    to you.

    J. E. Zaher
    _dockside4@aol.com_ (mailto:dockside4@aol.com)

  • jezaher

    You are right on track there. If we who really care about America do not start gathering together and raising hell over these issues, we will eventually be destroyed as a nation. We all have seen, how slowly but surely, the leftist in Washington are taking away our rights, provided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our people should remember that the leftists are only allowed to do this because the people remain silent. On election day, I hope everyone remembers how these senators and representatives voted and vote them right out of office. Defeat all the leftist incumbents.

    I will never understand why the people in the Democratic party always seem to follow their leaders BLINDLY, right or wrong. Can they not see the damage those people are doing to our country and our people?

    ON ANOTHER SUBJECT: This war is horrible enough….If the President cannot send enough support for out boys who are already over there and placing their lives in danger every day, then I say IT IS TIME TO BRING THEM HOME! This disgusting policy of his will only increase the number of deaths.
    I wish I could tell you what else is on my mind on this subject, but if I did that Muslim president of ours might just have me arrested. :o( There goes our FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

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