Capitalism and Climate Change – by Dick Morris


The worst nightmare of the left is about to come true: The United States is about to achieve the carbon emissions goals set by the 1997 Kyoto Accords. Once seemingly beyond reach, the United States is already halfway toward meeting the stringent Kyoto goals for reduction in carbon emissions without a cap-and-trade law or a carbon tax or carbon dioxide being declared a pollutant.

Environmental nightmare? Yes. The goals of the climate-change crowd are not reduction in global warming but the enactment of a worldwide system of regulation that puts business under government control and transfers wealth from rich nations to poor ones under the guise of fighting climate change. Should the emissions come down on their own, as they are doing, the excuse for draconian legislation goes, well, up in smoke.

The facts are startling. In 1990, the year chosen as the global benchmark for carbon emissions, the United States emitted 5,007 million metric tons of carbon (mmts). Kyoto specified that emissions must be reduced to a level 6 percent lower than in 1990. For the U.S., that means 4,700 mmts.

American carbon emissions rose year after year until they peaked in 2007 at 5,967 mmts. But, in 2008, they dropped to 5,801. And, in 2009, the best estimate is for a reduction to 5,476. So, in two years, U.S. carbon emissions will have gone down by more than 500 mmts — a cut of over 8 percent.

President Obama has pledged to bring the U.S. carbon emissions down by 17 percent. He’s halfway there.

A combination of the recession and an increased emphasis on cutting emissions is working and may make onerous regulation unnecessary and even redundant.

How can we achieve the other half of the hoped for reduction?

If 60 percent of American cars were electric, the net savings in carbon would be 450 mmts (even counting the coal burned for the higher levels of electricity required).

And if one-third of the truck fleet ran on natural gas, the carbon savings would add another 150 to 200 mmts.

The point is that public education and increased environmental consciousness — the normal way we Americans respond to challenges — may suffice without the need for government regulation. And what persuasion fails to achieve, higher gasoline prices will do for us — move people to buy electric cars.

Good news huh?

Not if you are a socialist banking on climate change as the banner to regulate all utilities and industries in the world. Their game plan is to use the financial crisis to regulate white-collar businesses like banking, insurance and finance while using fears of climate change to extend government regulation to the blue-collar trades.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton calls cap-and-trade a “massive redistribution of wealth from the north to the south” (i.e., from the developed northern hemisphere to the less developed southern half of the globe). What the globalists and the one-world crowd had hoped to achieve by foreign aid, they now seek to bring about by cap-and-trade, forcing businesses and utilities to pay rural societies for the right to pollute with carbon.

But market forces are accomplishing what they are hoping only regulation can achieve. And the rationale for the global system of regulation being negotiated at Copenhagen is being made unnecessary even as the agreement is being hammered out.

There is a great deal of justified skepticism about the entire question of whether climate change is going on and, even more, how much human activity is contributing to it. But while the world divides into those who demand global regulation to fight climate change and those who say it isn’t happening, there is now an inconvenient truth: The market is taking care of the problem on its own.

  • phillip88

    Sorry Dick, You make the same mistake as most conservatives, thinking that rational proof will stop their onslaught. The left is dead wrong, but they just smile at your naivity and power ahead imposing power at their will. The essence of these God haters is not goodness or truth, so they have no shame and they understand the power that comes through deception and manipulation of the poorly prepared masses who have no idea what is about to befall them. We have suffered from bringing nerfbats to a hardball game. (McCain's unwillingness to criticize Obama as the dangerous man his is, for one.)
    People who would eagerly fight to kill innocent babies out of the womb (Obama) will have no problem with involuntary euthanasia, taking over the economy, regulating the air we breathe, the children we may, or may not be allowed to have, the cars we drive, the pay we receive etc. America is at war from within and mere exposure of technical facts are a lousy weapon at this late stage. They have been planning this takeover for decades now. If we don't get real tough, real fast, it's over!

  • wtfGuys

    Finally someone that gets what we are up against! The fat lastly is singing. Until the Marxist Media starts to tell the truth there isn't a rats chance of saving the country.

    Remember, Dick was wrong about health care passing and so many other issues.

  • USMCSniper

    You are so right, Dick needs to learn that you cannot reason out with scienctific facts, logic and intellectual honesty which was not reasoned in with logic, but acquired by pseudi-science, emotion and intellectual fraud.

  • algorecult

    This doesn't change the fact that Al Gore is a Cult Leader (

  • USMCSniper

    George Will has the envronmentalists' number “Green on the Outside and Red on The Inside.”

    For some people, environmentalism is collectivism in drag. Such people use environmental causes and rhetoric not to change the political climate for the purpose of environmental improvement. Rather, for them, changing the society's politics is the end, and environmental policies are mere means to that end.

    The unending argument in political philosophy concerns constantly adjusting society's balance between freedom and equality. The primary goal of collectivism — of socialism in Europe and contemporary liberalism in America — is to enlarge governmental supervision of individuals' lives. This is done in the name of equality.

    People are to be conscripted into one large cohort, everyone equal (although not equal in status or power to the governing class) in their status as wards of a self-aggrandizing government. Government says the constant enlargement of its supervising power is necessary for the equitable or efficient allocation of scarce resources.

    Therefore, one of the collectivists' tactics is to produce scarcities, particularly of what makes modern society modern — the energy requisite for social dynamism and individual autonomy. Hence collectivists use environmentalism to advance a collectivizing energy policy. Focusing on one energy source at a time, they stress the environmental hazards of finding, developing, transporting, manufacturing or using oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear power.

  • Klem

    Wow. There must be alot of red greenies out there sweating that we may hit our target numbers without a global cap&tax system in place. What will they do? They've spent decades of their lives and billions trying to achieve this goal of world domination and it might all just vanish. I love it!

    In the Copenhagen treaty there is a provision that kicks in when the earth’s carbon levels reach 450 part per million (we’re at 380 now). This is expected to happen in around 20 years (Why 450 was chosen is a scientific mystery). It means that once we arrive at this number, emergency action will be taken and our lives will be forced to change by law. By that time, if you have not already begun riding a horse to work, when we hit 450 you will be riding one thereafter. What is interesting is there is no provision in the treaty for the possibility of carbon levels falling. None. I find this rather revealing. If all of this is based on science, as they claim, there would be a provision included for this possibility. The whole point of this treaty is to make CO2 levels fall but there is no provision included which suggests that this could happen or what they’ll do. In other words, they will never let official CO2 levels fall.

  • garyjohnston

    This “success” is ironic in that it must be emphsized strongly that the Obama had little to do with this. His predecessor set this in motion. Further proving that a free market capitalist economy given the right incentives will succeed in accomplishin any reasonable goal.

  • tiberiandusk

    Don't worry neocons. Your Jeebus will rapture you up to heaven before the evil “Libruls” hurts your bottom line. Remember you can take all your cash to you heaven. It's as good as gold up there.

  • guy74


    buy carbon credits NOW…and fuel the bubble!
    The science behind climate change is a joke.. without going back too much, Danish people should know well that until the XIV century Greenland was actually GREEN LAND, after there was a significant cooling (just look at ice skater in Flemish paintings). Just looking at that for me is difficult to accept blindly that mankind is the cause of climate change

    However also given for grant that carbon is the cause of climate change: the current policy will change nothing

    Scientists tell us that WHAT MATTER is the concentration of Co2 in the atmosphere.. to reduce this concentration we should emit less Co2 than what the whole system is able to absorb. The truth is that “the system” is able to absorb very little … also a Co2 reduction of -50% overnight would not be sufficient to reduce the concentration


    Summing up climate change for me is a joke, but people want to invest there, politicians can get votes and it is now 5% of world GDP, so if you cancel this industry you will have double the impact of current crisis on world GDP.

    WHAT TO DO? In the end what everyone wants is Co2 price to go up, so don’t bother with investing in renewables or related stuff… just buy directly Co2 today with a cheap ETF (50bps management fee and no performance fee, with daily liquidity) ou buy at 15 today , you get 30/40 in 4-5 years with a NET 15-20% annual return.

    PS: for those who are afraid that the melting of the ice will increase sea levels and destroy their second home on the seaside… don’t bother, the melting of icebergs will not increase sea level, as for the principle of ARCHIMEDE: the total mass of the ocean and ice remains unchanged even when the ice melts. Just try to let melt the ice in your drink, you will see that your drink will not go up!

    • guest

      Now just add a moon, you will do, to draw the water in your glass up and down several inches. Complexity is troublesome when all the answers are simplistic. Leave science to people who actually understand it.