Europe’s Bid to Re-Colonize America – by Dick Morris


Whether it was rewarding Jimmy Carter for criticizing the Iraq War or supporting Al Gore in his crusade against global warming, the Norwegian Parliament — which chooses the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize — has sought to use the award as a political tool to influence American politics. Its prestige and moral power make the prize a potent weapon with which to help steer the direction of the colossus beyond the seas that controls a quarter of the world’s economy and most of its military power.

Now, the Norwegians have weighed in to support Barack Obama in his bid to reshape America so it looks more like, well, Norway — or at least like Europe.

European socialism cannot succeed without conquering the United States. If the European Union has high taxes and the U.S. keeps its levies low, business and brains will flow to America. If the EU’s labor standards require long vacations and high benefits and proscribe layoffs, and ours do not, employers will migrate across the ocean to do their business in the States. If the Old World curbs ambition by taxation, regulation and social opprobrium, the ambitious will flock to the New World, as they have done for four hundred years.

So, Vladimir Lenin was right. Socialism cannot exist in just one country — or one continent. It must dominate worldwide, or wealth and power will flow to those who remain committed to the free market. Europe realizes this reality, and it makes Obama’s election as president of the United States all the more welcome.

The Nobel Prize is really Obama’s payback for disciplining the unruly United States and taming it to be a member of the European family of nations.

Europe wants to reverse the American Revolution and re-colonize us, and it sees in Obama a kindred spirit willing to do its bidding.

Does the United States let its entrepreneurs run wild, coming up with fanciful new ideas and making billions from them? Obama will regulate and subdue business just like they do in Europe. Do U.S. businesses compete by slashing prices, aggressively pursuing markets and jockeying for market share? Obama will make them behave themselves and stay in line, just like European companies do. Do Americans work hard and push aggressively to make as much money as they can? Obama will raise taxes, emphasize community values and narcotize their ambition by offering government largesse.

And does the United States still believe in a sloppy, contrarian democracy in which ordinary people can directly affect their government, states have powers and courts can reel in executive authority? Obama will use his rubber stamp majority in Congress to pass new laws regardless of public opinion and make us obey.

In foreign policy, is the United States still willing to stand up, alone if necessary, to protect human rights in Bosnia, in Iraq and in Afghanistan? Obama will curb this unruly independence and mold it within the fabric of appeasement that has dominated Europe for the past half a century.

All this heavy lifting, this conversion of America into a European state, deserves a reward. And what is a more fitting one to give Obama than the Nobel Peace Prize? He obviously doesn’t deserve the award for economics or, given his health care ideas, for medicine. But the Peace Prize expresses Europe’s longing: to take back the nation its overly ambitious and uppity children founded.

  • Proxywar

    I think the peace prize was given as a refutation of the bush years.
    Though, I think what Dick said follows.

  • comebackamerica

    Great piece, as usual Dick Morris is not afraid to face the facts. Want an answer to the nagging question, follow the money- follow the desire to control the money.

  • David

    Come on Dick, this is one of the most ridiculous pieces you have ever written. European businesses are much like our own, they are looking for the cheapest places to manufacture their goods. And that, is in China!!

    After all that has happened recently in the economic world, I'm still amazed at those who push for unfettered capitalism. When will you all admit that the fox cannot keep guarding the henhouse?? Unless that is you are the fox!!

  • MDCragg

    Come on DAVID, your comment to Dick is one of the most ridiculous pieces I have ever seen anybody write. We haven't been under “unfettered capitalism” as you suggest for a long time. Instead we have been moving toward an increasingly socialist system with central planning and massive regulations.

    The economic problems we are experiencing started in the banking and mortgage businesses. There aren't many business in this country that WERE ALREADY AS TIGHTLY REGULATED as the banking and mortgage businesses but the people who buy into the propaganda of the socialists somehow can't see this. Instead, they believe that EVEN MORE regulation would have somehow saved us from this. Ridiculous. At what point do hopefully somewhat intelligent people start to see through the myths and the lies and the propaganda of the left? At what point do people see the contradictions unfolding before our very eyes?

    Look at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in particular. They were at the very epicenter of the economic meltdown we are in. They are so regulated that they are actually quasi-governmental institutions that are run, at least indirectly, by the federal government. That massive federal oversight didn't stop the problems that arose in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did it? In fact, the endless tinkering, cronyism, shady dealing, and God knows what else that the (almost all Democrat) politicians who were controlling Fannie and Freddie engaged in no doubt set the stage for those institutions' falling apart like they did.

    I will take an unregulated private sector profit-seeking business over a corrupt government regulated and run institution or economy any day. Because if private sector businesses abuse me or their customers I can take my business elsewhere and so can everybody else. With government run institutions and heavy-handed regulations we're all affected with little or no recourse.

    MDCragg |

  • fcress


  • David

    Come on MD you can't really believe the mortgage and banking businesses have been 'tightly regulated' as you claim? How is it that the AIGs, Enrons and Bernie Madoffs of the world get away with their scams and creative bookkeeping? The path is littered with businesses that have failed and left investors high and dry because of weak and unenforced regulations. I really get a kick out of you right wingers that insist an unregulated market is the way to go. A business which is too large to let fail is a business that is too large. When is the last time any anti trust laws were enforced? I guess we should let muggers rob people on the street too!

    Our problem as I see it, and I don't consider myself either a socialist or protectionist, is that big money pretty much calls all of the shots. Just look at our huge trade deficit. For you that don't have a clue, it is over $7 trillion the last 20 years. I hear all of the screaming decrying excessive spending, which I agree is out of hand, but no one seems to care about our trade deficit. It's because there is just too much money to be made by sending our industrial base to China. If it wasn't for Boeing our trade deficit would be much greater.

    We have been betrayed by both the Democrats and Republicans. I am simply amazed at how many people still have their head in the sand. Okay, you can go and listen to Rush and Sean now..

  • levkoyeff

    Nobel Prize is the bribe to our President Arnold (oops, I mean Obama). What an old idiot I became.

  • UncorkedVentures

    It shouldn't be hard to realize that giving Obama the peace prize was simply a slap in the face of the neo-conservatives that inhabited the office over the past 6 years(Bush didn't start that way, so I leave off the first 2).

    I think you'll find a lot of American's who would be happy with longer vacation times, smaller military spending and national health care in one form or another. I don't want to follow the European model, but let's be honest about the current situation and say we could learn something from the rest of the world.

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  • Anna DeBlasis

    It`s disgusting what the president is doing to our country ! I`m so glad someone else
    is watching !

  • Tatantula

    We should have let Germany keep Norway…

  • patriotwork

    Obama will leave a indelible stain. He hopes to be remember in history as the man who brought the American republic down.

  • GJTryon

    “If the European Union has high taxes and the U.S. keeps its levies low, business and brains will flow to America.” All else being equal, maybe so. However, given America's appalling levels of crime, immigration chaos, disease, political volatility and failing infrastructure, many businesses and most brains will opt for tidy and temperate old Europe. The US keeps its levies low because it keeps its levees still lower.

  • Tenn Slim

    As usual, Dick Morris is right on the money. We are witnessing a travesty of the Founders intentions..