Painting a Bull’s Eye on New York City – by Dick Morris


President Obama’s decision to put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in New York City along with four others accused of helping destroy the World Trade Center and attack the Pentagon on 9-11 paints a bull’s-eye for terrorists right on New York City, their favorite target. Now Obama has identified where the terrorists should focus their energies — on New York City.

His decision to bow to political correctness and not to try Mohammed at a secure military base and to try him in a civilian court, according him all the rights of an American citizen, raises important questions:

Most importantly, is the admissible evidence against Mohammed damning enough to secure a conviction? The evidentiary requirements protecting an American citizen on trial are far stricter than those that would apply to an enemy combatant before a military tribunal. We already watched how the 20th hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui, escaped the death penalty because the evidence the government could use against him in a civilian criminal court was limited by his civil liberties. As a result, the data from his computer, which had not been seized pursuant to the Fourth Amendment, could not be entered into evidence against him. Failing such evidence, the feds had to settle for a life sentence.

Since much of the evidence against Mohammed was gathered through interrogations before which he may not have been read his Miranda rights and during which he may have been water-boarded, one wonders how much of his statement that he was the mastermind of 9-11 is going to be admissible. It could be that he will use the very Constitution of the very government he seeks to destroy to protect himself from the death penalty or even life in prison.

The decision to try him in a civilian court also confronts the Department of Justice with a difficult decision on how much of the evidence against Mohammed should be aired publicly.

Our anti-terror investigations depend on secrecy, and the FBI and Homeland Security agents may not relish having their methods publicized in open court. There is even the possibility that there will be a global backlash in favor of Mohammed as his defense lawyer — paid for by the American taxpayer — will make him appear to be the victim of overzealous investigators and prosecutors rather than the perpetrator of one of the greatest mass murders in history.

In any event, President Obama is affording the terrorists exactly what they wanted in the first place — a global stage right near New York’s theater district. The very goal of terrorism is to attract worldwide attention and, by trying Mohammed in a civilian court in the middle of New York City, President Obama is giving them the stage they want on which to articulate their perceived grievances.

Finally, there is the disturbing question of what will happen if Mohammed and/or his some of his confreres are found to be not guilty. Where will they be released? Will they walk out of the courtroom free to prowl the streets of New York, their transportation having been paid courtesy of the taxpayers? Will they be flown to Afghanistan to resume their plots against our government and our people, again at taxpayer expense?

What Obama should have done was to try Mohammed before a military tribunal, without the full rights of an American citizen (which, of course, he is not) and, after a guilty verdict, execute him. But this president bows before political correctness above all else, and he may just have done Mohammed and al-Qaida a big, big favor.

  • keithrage

    I am politically correct, Obumble you are a stupid,stupid man

  • Lary9

    How can we possibly take seriously the paranoia of a failed poll with no neck but with a big old, spiteful agenda?

  • wss25

    Obama is on notice by the Va and NJ governor elections that the Dems will take the tank in 2010 unless he does something to discredit the Repubs.

    Think about a public trial leading to the conclusion that 911 WTC was done with explosives. How many Repubs would be elected in 2010?

  • Steve Chavez

    TREASON now used to “create” jobs!


    THE DEMS WERE ALL OVER THE NEWS YESTERDAY saying that if the terrorists are moved to the new Illinois prison that it “will create 3000 jobs in an area of high unemployment.” DICK DURBAN, correctly named, is leading that charge.

    ONE MAN ON CNN YESTERDAY SAID “when this GENTLEMAN is moved to New York,” MEANING KSM.


    ON TRIAL HERE IS GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENEY! Obama and Holder will say: “It's their war, based on a lie, that was and is causing recruitment for real freedom fighters to protect their land from invaders, or the real terrorists! These Gentlemen were proven innocent which proves Bush and Cheney were picking boys off the streets and bringing them to Gitmo for their twisted and mindless logic. BUSH AND CHENEY SHOULD NOW BE PUT ON TRIAL FOR WAR CRIMES!!!”

  • antifascist18

    Maybe New York will deserve this. After all, they kept re-electing Hillary; they voted for Obama, they continue to vote in self-hating Jews in Congress even after Obama craps on Israel.

    And apparently, by voting Democrat constantly, they seem to have forgotten that horrendous Tuesday 9/11.

    The next wake-up call could very well be nuclear, courtesy of Al Qaeda – AND IRAN, Obama's boyfriends. Don't forget to keep electing the Nadlers, Weiners, Ackermans, Schumers, and Cuomos.

  • jackhampton

    Did you ever speak the truth. This is the dumbest administration led by the biggest idiot since the peanut head Jimmy Carter. These boobs make Carter look like a genius. The very sad part is that this will most likely cost many more innocent American lives. I just do not believe this deck cares.

  • prudentman

    Obama decision delivered by Holder holds nothing but down side for the country and him. I thought the Bush Administration had a political tin ear at times but Obama, and his Soros financed crew, appear to have concrete ones.

    How many times can an incompetent shot himself in the foot before it falls off? He is fortunate that his opposition not only lacks leadership but policies. The statists at the RNC are, obviously, more an impediment to Conservatives than allies..

  • BS77

    Great column by D. Morris. This decision, as D. Horowitz says, is the worst, beyond belief really. THe security arrangements for this circus trial in NYC will be nuts. THe cost of the trial will be nuts. The outcome is totally in doubt. The venue is totally wrong. These are foreign nationals, terrorists and enemy combatants…and do not warrant a civil trial. It's crazy. They will be getting most if not all the legal protections a US citizen would get for a simple criminal case. This is about an act of war….sabotege…jet hijacking…thousands murdered…billions of dollars in damage…a society under seige from terrorist mass murderers…and the decision was made to put these vermin on trial in a civilian court? Wait until you hear all the objections, the pleas for continuances, calls for witnesses, search for evidence, delays, appeals, more delays and subpeonas for people from the CIA and security services, from the military…it could go on for YEARS!!! This is a pile of smoldering garbage that the ACLU leftists are applauding as “justice” These terrorists should have been tried by a military tribunal years ago and executed. Not too PC, but it would have been over.

  • facebook-1143759790

    Heads up all my NY family and friends

  • craighoffman

    Coming to a Court House near you?
    Change of venue #1 defense move!

  • al_94147

    Anybody lining up to be the judge, jurors and prosecutors against the terrorists? How about their family members? Do these politically motivated morons have any idea how many people's lives are going to be put in jeopardy by this asinine move?

  • jerpresley1

    Obama is whimpy and spinless we should not bow to anyone especially our own president. He has apologized to alot of countries for what??? we are the superpower trying to maintain peace in this world. Again we gave into Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a terrorist and held his trial in NYC I'm certainly glad I am not there!!!
    all of this politicly correct BS has to end………….. American is being laughed at because of all this crap thats going on LETS GO TEA PARTIES !!!!!!!

  • danshe

    Really, who cares about New York anymore? They seem to want to self-destruct! This is what you guys voted for, now you got it!

  • LindaRivera

    In Britain, Sheikh Bakri: “We will use your democracy to destroy your democracy.”

  • LindaRivera

    Will he end up placed on an island paradise like the Guantanamo Four? Click on the link – look at the pics of their great delight.

    British Daily Mail
    Life in paradise as Guantanamo Four take a dip, eat ice cream, and plan first Uighur restaurant in British territory of Bermuda

    By Sarah Titterton and Mail Foreign Service
    15th June 2009

    * Comments (50)

    * U.S. accused of 'riding roughshod' over UK as Guantanamo detainees are sent to Bermuda in secret deal
    * But Washington insists deal was kept from London in an effort to protect UK's relationship with China
    * Bermudian opposition tables no confidence motion in Prime Minister as deal ignites political firestorm on the island
    * PM admits he may not have agreed to take detainees in had he known the controversy it would cause
    * EU agrees to take in detainees

    They look like ordinary tourists as they stroll along the seafront on the British territory of Bermuda

  • LindaRivera

    Over ten million people who live in New York care. Especially, the families of the 3,000 murder victims.

    PA Muslims Celebrate Murder of 3,000 Innocents 9/11

    World Trade Center Horrors: The Jumpers
    Thousands of Palestin
    ians again celebrate attacks, videotape suppressed
    By Ellis Shuman and israelinsider staff September 16, 2001

    On Friday and Saturday, thousands of Palestinians again paraded through cities in the West Bank and Gaza, celebrating the attacks on the United States.
    “Jubilant Palestinians took to the streets of refugee camps of Lebanon and the West Bank, waving Palestinian flags and distributing sweets to celebrate the attacks.

    “Palestinian policemen celebrating and shooting into the air, in addition to civilians dancing,”
    …Arab students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem held a party Tuesday night celebrating the attacks and giving out candy to participants.

  • LindaRivera

    Sorry, I just discovered the video on the 9/11 jumpers has been removed. It was an outstanding and heartbreaking video. I don't know why they would remove it.

  • michaelallen

    If I lived in New York I would move immediatley. In fact, I've been thinking about leaving the country. There's no way this nation can survive with the way that it's going. This country is finished and most of its' people don't deserve to live in a free society. They deserve a dictatorship with a boot on their necks.

  • bubba4

    Dick, you just don't care about this country at all do you? I know you are toe-sucking opportunist who will say anything for money, but this back-asswards stuff is just beyond the pale.

    The terrorists wanted us to freak out and crack down on civil liberties. They wanted us to come over the middle east and get bogged down in conflicts that strengthened then and stirred up hatred of the West…and they would much prefer that we give them lots of martyrs instead of dispensing Justice like you're suppose to do in a civilized society. Morris and others seems to think that becoming like the terrorists is the way to go….

  • bee

    Wait til they move to dismiss the charges based on the fact that the President of the US admitted they were tortured.

  • brenanc

    Kinda interesting how Obama repays political debts. A high publicity trial for NYC that's sure to create lots of jobs. I wonder if Obama's investor friends have purchased options on the real estate near the courthouse, should “urban renewal” opportunities present themselves.

    Illinois folks have great opportunities coming their way as well as Obama prepares to create Little Gitmo on the Prairie. One wonders if al Qaeda will provide a Beslan re-run for the prison guard's children?

    Can't wait for the transformation to come….

  • danshandle

    Let's examine this folks. New York has the most recognizable name and the most recognizable landmarks (the Twin Towers) in all of this great land. What they say is true, Al CIAduh is being lent a hand in the form of a GPW (great public whitewash, they happen from time to time after bad deeds). This is part of the plan. Everyone who reads this I implore you, look at the questions surrounding 9/11 and then please tell me there is not a cover-up in action.

  • Dave

    Hey moron, THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS. Ergo, they are not entitled to ANY rights granted to American citizens!!