The Black Caucus War Against Obama – by Dick Morris

Waters Bank Aid

A civil war is breaking out within the left of the Democratic Party pitting the Congressional Black Caucus against the first African-American president.

The battle began when California Congresswoman Maxine Waters complained publicly about the Administration’s failure to do more to help minority-owned businesses in the current recession.  (Translation: In the new Stimulus of “Jobs” Bill making its way through Congress, they want a larger take).  It continued yesterday when ten members of the Black Caucus refused to participate in a meeting of the House Banking Committee which was considering the bill to restructure financial regulations forcing Chairman Barney Frank to push the bill through by the uncomfortable margin of only 31-27.

The latest shot in the battle was fired by Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss) a card carrying regular of the Black Caucus.  Faced with the need to investigate the gate crashing at the White House during the recent state dinner for India, he chose to embarrass the Administration by subpoenaing White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers rather than quietly negotiating for her appearance.

That Thompson’s action was a deliberate slap in Obama’s face is obvious (even though the media has missed it).  Since when does a liberal Democratic committee chairman embarrass a liberal Democratic president by forcing a liberal Democratic Social Secretary (from Chicago no less) to resist a subpoena to appear at a hearing?   Since he wanted to send a message to Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that the Black Caucus did not like being taken for granted.

The merits of the controversy are obvious.  What possible reason would a Social Secretary, for goodness sakes, have for the assertion of executive privilege that is usually reserved for issues of national security?  Obviously, none.  But Thompson chose his target well.  He struck at the social core of the Chicago Mafia that runs the White House, probably striking within the Obama family as well.

You don’t do that to a president of your own party, your own ideology, and even your own race unless you want to make a point.

The friction between the Black Caucus and Obama escalated when Waters berated the Administration for failing to rework a business loan from Goldman Sachs to the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation.  Inner City is run by Pierre Sutton, son of Percy Sutton, the long time media giant in the African-American community.  Two weeks after she raised the issue in a meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Emanuel, Goldman saw the light and restructured the loan.

Coming on top of liberal angst with the decision by the “peace” president to escalate the war in Afghanistan, this split with the black caucus comes at an awkward time.

But you pay a price when you mess with the African American Caucus and the Suttons. The Obama Administration is feeling it.  It’s kind of fun to watch.

  • Warrington07

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  • Alex Kovnat

    The congressional black caucus has a history of irrationality. For example when a Korean jetliner was shot down by Soviet fighters in 1983, the black caucus wouldn't even join the rest of congress in a purely symbolic vote condemning this act. And how about when the black caucus protested (when you think they would have at least quietly approved) the liberation of Grenada from what might very well have been a Cuban/North Korean takeover attempt in that same year?

  • TalkinHorse

    If Obama were really governing from the center, then he'd garner plenty of independent and Republican support against the Black Caucus bozos. That could make him a popular and even a decent president, in the mold of Bill Clinton. But Obama's pushing so far left that I'm flummoxed to see his sailing isn't smooth with his own left wing. As with Clinton, a big defeat on this nation-bankrupting citizen-murdering Frankenstein monster of a health care bill might set the foundation for a better administration. But he's so damned intent on ramming this toxic waste down our throats that future discord if guaranteed, if not an actual civil war. Is there no one left in Washington other than fools and scoundrels?

  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Thank you Dick Morris!
    So finally, we have reached the point where the super extended, expanded private sale, started by the strong arm tactics and political intimidation of Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton et al, to a national full blown all year long sale.
    What are they selling?
    The grand sale is a public offering of threats, intimidation, “a lot is not enough,” “no justice = no peace,” “violence looms,” sale.
    Mr. Obama, awaken! You thought you had it all covered?
    You forgot your own motto; “Political-Nymphomania: It will never be enough.”

  • antifascist18

    Mamas little baby DON'T like Shortenin' Bread.

    A pox on both of 'em. They're just poster children for both the Confederacy and the Klan. Just ask BonZo's old wrinkled f*art of a buddy Senator Byrd.

  • karenkirkwood

    Dick Morris is a reTHUGlican pawn. He used to ride Clinton's D____K, but had a falling out when he didn't get the attention or boost he thought he was due. You people are so filled with hatred for OUR PRESIDENT that you look for anything to grab on too. Instead of foolishness, pray for OUR PRESIDENT and OUR COUNTRY. When the president does well, the country does well. I guess YOU PEOPLE would rather live in poverty and hatred, rather than do something constructive to help your country. If you don't have the solutions, keep your trap shut. It took the country years to get in this mess and will take years to get out. Deal with it!

    • no hate

      if your sentiments were equally applied to all, your message would be better recieved, quick dick rid'n obama.

  • USMCSniper

    The Congressional Black Caucus should be disbanded as a racist institution that has no place in Congress … that because their viewpoint is racially biased towards blacks, it is a de facto racist organization. Putting race before your country and your constituency is wrong and should not be tolerated. To claim otherwise is disingenuous and not only promotes real racism, it is racism.

    The Black caucus is totally corrupt and attempting to control enough political power on behalf of the racially bases interests to bleed the American people dry – and make them “happy slaves” to supporting the tribalist welfare state they dream of.

    Americans need to realize that both Barack Obama’s and the actions of the Black Caucus are a clear and present danger to the nation. And would be so, no matter what is color, race, ethnicity, gender or any other characteristic may be.

    Get real. Time to stand up and fight for America and Americans. Want to curb racism, sanction the real racists among us – the blacks who believe their skin color makes them immune from the same type of criticism and crap hurled at white person who would dare challenge them on their openly hostile racism.

    • usn corpman

      right on the money.

      when i look at what my people have become i am almost ashamed… this is not what martin luther king wanted….who happened to be a republican conservative who supported nixon no less.

      it's not about race, until some oversensitve ashole with no real substance to his argument plays the race card.

  • 2maxpower

    welcome to africa.

  • PhillyHeiress

    I'm def not feelin it

  • Tar_and_Feathers

    Maybe the Caucus has determined that Obama isn't black anymore

  • LucyQ

    Hiya, I don't think Obama is positioned to the left wing. If he was, we'd be leaving Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm disappointed he wants to continue those wars. By continuing them, he's making the US more vulnerable; not safer.

    I think Obama is positioning himself to be popular and that's it. That's what GWBush did, too. I think there's more to this story than Morris is saying.

    • xxx

      leaving the middle eastt would create a power vaccum that would be filled by those hostile to the us. i was one of those who helped teach them how to kick the russians out. that power vaccum we left behind, gave us 911 years later. natur abhorers a vaccum.

  • LucyQ

    I agree with you. People don't like bullies which is the reason the GOP lost so badly in '08.

  • James Jones

    It is time for the American people to stand up and vote for term limits so that we can get all of the corrupt polictians that have been in office out so that we can really see what real change could be. As long as the same old mindset is running the Senate and the Congress we will never progress to the place we should be as the Leaders of the Free World. Corruption and greed is going to be the downfall of oour nation if we don't act on taking back of governemnt from both of these corrupt party bodies of governement. Set term limits now.

  • orbicularioculi

    The Black Caucus is simply the best Black Thuggery has to offer. The entire Democrat Party has become a Thugocracy. 2010 should offer an opportunity to rid the country of Democrat Kleptocracy and Economic Idiocy. Good bye, Marxists.

    • Julian Barlow

      In a country that is supposed to be so great it's a shame that the ignorance and fear of black people consumes you assholes to the point that you are obsessed with you fears and could't muster up an intelligent thought if your life depended on it.the lamest most ignorant answer to any question is because they are black.Of course you are too ignorant to realize it.You just don't get it the oldest military strategy is to divide and conquer when you divide us racially you deiide us as a nation.A house divided cannot stand.Welcome to THE UNITED HATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • davorino

    Wow, do you pray with that mouth? I suppose you also derided people that spoke ill of George as well, right? Because there sure was a lot of hatred when Bush was in office.

    • julian barlow


  • 1reallynow

    how are people that are voted in by their constituents thugs? get a life and remember that the economic boat sank on REpublican watch…

    • xxx

      the economic boat ank due to legislation that gave people more than they could afford…and guys like barney frank.

  • jackbelias

    We have no need of a surrender in Afghanistan. The far left just cant stand the idea of a war against radical progressive fascists so of course there is resistance. Dont worry though, he told the enemy how long they have to wait us out. Now they can sit back in their caves, wait 18 months, then emerge victorious. You will all have reason to celebrate wildly in the streets then.

  • jackbelias

    Look at all of the hate in your post! I have to love the president? I havent liked a single politician in either party for any election. The parties exist to empower themselves at the expense of the republic. Your sacred cow party puts its special interests miles ahead of what is good for America.

    We the people have every right to disagree and say so as loudly as we want. Angry teen anarchistic punks writing posts dripping with ethnic hate telling me or anyone else to shut up is just wrong on many levels. Hiding behind your little computer screen while commanding America to put up and shut up is unamerican. I would love to see the democratic revolutionary teenager who could force me to shut up. Try telling a guy like me in person how you feel sometime, see what happens.

    When Bush was president you wanted him to fail so your party would become empowered. Now you say wanting a president to fail weakens the nation. Do you all intend to flog yourselves for weakening the nation for 8 years? This is a youth culture president with a rabid mob like following.

    What good could possibly come of empowering hate filled destructive youth? We will have freedom from feeling offended instead of free speech. Federal health care instead of the superior PPOs we were able to choose in the past. Emotionalism instead of debate. A two class society where the leftist trust fund brats will be the only people in America who can afford the carbon credits to start a business. A nation where the common adult pays 10 times more for gas and discovers that he cant afford to go to the supermarket, the daycare center, or work. Kangaroo courts where offending the mob becomes criminal is also likely.

  • USMCSniper

    Yassah mizz LucyQ dun wnt Prez Obama tah beez hah Mandingo man an pound hah wit his choclat luv hamma.

  • 2maxpower

    that is funny …I still am amazed at how the liberal / socialist crowd views things. Obama the one forcing things on people whether they like it or not. He is a bully and a narcissist and an id!ot.

  • allamericanpie

    you had a legitimate point earlier, but this comment is completely ignorant and the fact that you call you yourself one of the nations few and proud is laughable.
    Please continue to make good points without the racial rhetoric you just espoused.

    -concerned USMC wife

  • CowboyUp

    Anything in the article you'd like to comment on or disagree with? Or is this just a general berating about how mean we are and how nice yall are? We can feel the love, tolerance, and inclusion pouring out of you. It's almost as compelling as all that unity and support hussein and the dp gave President Bush. Yall really know how to set an example.

  • CowboyUp

    When are they thugs? When their deadbeat constituents (maybe if they got a life they wouldn't have to leach off mine) vote them in to loot plunder other people's property for their benefit. When their goons beat up old men and bite off their fingers. When they short medical providers three or four hundred billion dollars, and paying customers like myself have to pick up their tab. When they compel me buy a health insurance policy or they will confiscate my property and/or lock me up (coming soon, if they 'succeed'). When hussein says, “you can build a coal power plant, but you'll go broke .” When maxine waters tells the American oil company CEOs, “This liberal will be all about socializing, uh, uh,… basically taking over, and the government running all your companies.” Gee, that sounds a lot like the finance, insurance, and auto industries today. When they arbitrarily change pay contracts, labor contracts, bankruptcy law, as they have in the last 9 months, it's being thuggish as well.

    The crash came over a year and a half after the dp took control of both houses of congress, as a result of policies the GOP weakly and opposed, and the dp (including maxine, barney, and hussein) strongly supported and defended.

  • TalkinHorse

    The fact that Bush was the most fiscally irresponsible Republican in history does not excuse Obama for being the most fiscally irresponsible Democrat in history. As a member of the vast right wing conspiracy, I salute Bill Clinton for leaving office with a better budget than when he entered, and I condemn Bush for blowing it. At this stage in the game, I'll endorse sanity wherever I see it. But I don't see it much. Personally I was backing McCain (who has a long record of urging the government to be less wasteful with the people's money) over Bush in 2000, and I feel vindicated. But feeling vindicated doesn't save the nation.

  • LucyQ

    So far, Obama's not a bully but anyone running for prez would have to be a narcissist. When we as a nation start demanding that pres candidates don't have to be multi-millionaires to be prez and demanding the running be limited to 3 months with federal taxes paying for each candidate, we may actually get a good prez from either party.

    I don't know if Obama is an idiot or not but I do know he lacks a strong moral compass.

  • LucyQ

    Maybe Obama will please the right fringes and invade all 78 Islamic nations, completely bankrupting the US in one stroke instead of tiny surges. Then, you'd be happy.

  • blackisbeautiful

    Yea, like`S. Africa where blacks rule over white racist such as yourself, dufus.

  • 2maxpower

    actually Obama is nothing but a bully. (he is the one using the unions and
    his backroom boys to do the dirty work) you just don't see or accept it.
    as for millionaire running for office,it would better then the posers (like
    Clinton. Obama Kerry …who only made money working in politics, which to
    me is stealing or a version of welfare)
    These people have know idea what is required to run an honest business.

    these people don't care about you or me.

  • 2maxpower

    and S Africa is now a giant cesspool. if you think it is a nice palace why
    don't you go live there. I have been there. I have seen the light.
    my comments were not racist (but I understand and accept that you take it
    that way) so I do understand why you respond with racist overtures.

  • jackbelias

    You care about the economy now? I thought the earth needed to be saved from CO2 being spewed into the air by evil, demonic working class Americans? What kind of economy will we have when 99% of my income goes out to taxes in one form or another? When the average rural working family cant afford 4500000000000000000.00 for 3 gallons of gas to take a trip to town with how strong will our economy be? When they cant heat their homes for fear of polluting how happy will they be?

    None of what the son of god in the white house has suggested is good for the economy, yet the war against YOUR islamic political allies is the only expense you dont approve of. Why such respect for god and his holy warriors? According to the Koran and the bible god only created the Jews and the Arabs, the rest of the worlds people were already here. Dont believe me? Read a chapter in the bible called “genesis”, when Cain kills Able he becomes fearfull that the men of the land of Nod will commit violence upon him. Who could possibly be living in Nod if Cains family is the first and only human creation of god? Cain then manages to marry a woman there, yet she is not his sister, how? The Koran has similar difficulties.

    Im going to let you in on a little secret. Science has explained how the universe was created, how the earth was created, and how man was created and evolved. There is no need for you to gain such a sense of solidarity with religious nut jobs who claim to dislike homosexuality to the point of executing homos while making women cover up but then think it ok for men to hold hands in public.

    War can improve an economy, its has done so in the past. It doesnt have to break us. The Army has needed a new service rifle for years, yet the Obama administration has no intention of granting a giant contract that would employ countless thousands and provide taxes. My M249 jams alot and doesnt like sand, how about granting a few Americans the job of building me a better light machine gun? A massive number of private industry jobs could be created with a handgun contract, the Army doesnt have enough to hand out to machine gunners like myself, truck drivers, and others who work in confined spaces. The ammo shortage is also very promising for jobs. The private want for it alone could employ 10 times as many people as it does now for the rest of their lives. The war has been a promising solution to our economic woes, but no political leader in either party has taken advantage of the opportunity. Extremists like you would never support the idea of a war economy though, it would be too fair to Americans across the board. You as a leftist prefer the eco economy, a two class society that promises extreme wealth to the “better half” while damning the working class to hellish poverty forever.

    You really have some nerve writing about a concern for the economy. You support a political faction that has trashed our economy in favor of some of the most dishonest and anti human rackets in world history.

  • LucyQ

    Do you have a point in your way too long rant. If so, it was too boring and repetitious to find.

  • beckncall

    You must give Obama credit. HIs destruction of small business isn't discriminatory. All small business will fail no matter the owners race. Good for Obama keeping his policies racist free!

  • jackbelias

    Do you see why youth shouldnt get involved with politics now? You thought my post too complex to read. Whats more you find issues regarding the economy “boring”.

    Nothing I write is going to be more interesting than MTV videos, or action packed video games. Politics is an adult world where even “boring” stuff like the economy is sure to be a common topic.

    I find it offensive that you use this service to disrespect adults, we say the the things we do because life experience grants us the wisdom to know what is right. You have no business here at all given that the site is POLITICAL! Your job is to listen and learn from us, not argue and disrespect.

    It would be best if you ran along and played with your little nintendo, let the grown ups have some space please.

  • LucyQ

    The Bible, the Original Testament, says all men are created equally. Christ believed that too…..he wanted to be and did become a beloved rabbi whom the Hebrew children loved.

    But you're boring not because of what you believe but because of your extremely narrow-minded attitude. You have a closed mind.

  • netobserver

    It's been a while…I'm trying to figure out if any of the old heads are still here. I think I know who LucyQ is…=)

    Anyway, the Black Congressional Caucus has been ambivalent, if not hostile, toward Obama since the day he decided to run. Another yawn piece for D Morris.

  • warpmine

    We all know they didn't participate in the vote because they're all Marxists. If they obly knew Karl was one of the biggest racists to the cause. Let'em keep their pathetic caucus. Eventually the plantation residents will figure out that the caucus is in fact their slave driving overseers hell bent on keeping them all under the whip. Ah, the good plantation life. Is it any wonder why the public schools are so bad. The caucus want's it that way….a never ending supply of victims.

  • warpmine

    Obama is most definitely escaping off the plantation and they can't have dat. They can keep their little Marxist caucus and eventually those that are residing on it will see the light of truth that is the CBC wants them all ignorant victims forever.

  • warpmine

    If civil war comes and we deem executions for members of Congress, will it be racist to hang certain members because of past history? I'fd rather set up a guillotine anyway. Run a few though it, ask the guilty parties to resign and take thei wealth for the treasury to pay off the debt. Dare to dream!

  • warpmine

    You're correct, I hate that scumbag Marxist President with every ounce of my being.
    I suppose you wouldn't mind if the President chased you down and tackled you. Speaking of creeps, is Clinton a hero to you as well?

    If you think that by transferring all the wealth out of this country is going to make us do well then I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska. Pushing our country further over the cliff by destroying your currency via spending on bullshit payoffs to your political allies in the labor movement isn't going to help us get out of the rut we're in.

    What would help the country today is the public would pull their collective head out of their collective rectum. You my dear are part of the problem, wake up apply some lubricant generously to your neck and let it work it's way to your head, brace yourself and pull thy head from thy rectum. Wash head thoroughly twice to get all the excriment off. Breath deeply.

  • karenkirkwood

    You, my idiot need to get a life and grow a pair. President Obama, that's right asshole, and President Clinton are better leaders than the former president that got us in this fucked up situation. Can you tell when this war will end and how much has it cost the country in the end? Any business person knows that money has to be spent to be made. The country is in a mess due to the former leaders greed. I guess I can't really blame Bush; after all, Cheney was running things. Get over it, the country has a SMART, BLACK PRESIDENT. Oh, might I add a PRESIDENT who has an IVY LEAGUE education and his wife has one as well. People like you want to lay all this mess at his doorstep. Where is Congress in all this mess? You can sit back with all the other reTHUGlicans and whine like a BITCH! You self-righteous, hypocritical idiots make decent people sick. You, dumbass Sarah, and the rest can go straight to HELL. Who needs you.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Get over it, he is the President. As much as YOU people want to blame him for the country's woes, look no further than yourselves and the previous administration. Get a life and an education.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Idiot, I don't want any president to fail. If the president fails, America fails. As for party affiliation, I don't belong to either party. Remember, this is a free country. You can say what you want and so can I. We don't have to agree, but I can say anything I want. Aren't you hiding behind a computer as well? Oh, the irony!

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Didn't have much against Bush, his policies and Cheney; now that's another story. Give it a rest and take a deep breath. We're all in this together. I rather enjoy seeing my tax dollars put to good use.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Thanks. I've gotten nothing against honest republicans. It's just the hypocritical ones that I can't stand.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • CowboyUp

    I didn't think so, you're just showing your *ss. I have a great life, a greater appreciation of it, and obviously much more sense and a better education than you. How much money did you waste on your educationor was it mommy and daddy's loss?

    I don't blame hussein for the country's woes, I just blame him for making them worse. Unlike “YOU PEOPLE' on the left/dp, you won't ever find me burning the American flag or siding with a self-declaired enemy of the USA against even you fools, and yall can't say the same. You're like a hooker talking abstinance. Tell us another one.

    Socialism is to blame for the country's woes, whoever peddles it.

  • CowboyUp

    Who needs warpmine? You do, or you've no wealth to “spread,” as you'll soon see, if not learn.

    I've always been smarter than hussein , and better educated since I was around 8. That fool Galbraith was an “IVY LEAGUE,” professor, and President Bush had an “IVY LEAGUE education.” Oh, and hussein's only half black, our smart Black President is still coming. When he runs, I'll most likely vote for him (or her), but hussein is neither.

    I feel bad that someday black people are going to be as embarrassed by him as most of us Georgians are by jimmy carter. At 10, I was one of 3 kids in an elementary school (1st-7th grade) of over 700 that didn't vote for carter in our little '76 mock election, and was d*mn proud of it. He won the popular vote in for President in Georgia despite the fact most wouldn't vote for him for governor again, if they ever did Maybe some day the color of people's skin or where they're from won't matter to you, then you might understand.

    Til then, you're mostly a threat to yourself and the weak or marginal. There'll always be heat in the hearth and food on the table at my place.

  • karenkirkwood

    Yeah, Bush did have an Ivy League education that was bought by dear old dad. President Obama got his Ivy League education the old fashion way — HE EARNED IT! Get a life and leave me alone. You are nothing but a whinning, bitter, ignorant racist. He won, move on. I have a job and apparently you don't because you have way too much time on your hands. You need help.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Apparently your education is not all that up to par, because you can't spell or even know how to use spell check. My parents are very proud of me and my brothers and sisters. Get over yourself and the election. Strive to make this world a better place. Oh, by the way, don't email me anymore. If you do, I will contact the administrator to file a complaint, as well as the police and file harassment charges. I learned that in college as well. Have a good day and pray for OUR PRESIDENT and country. Peace Out!

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • CowboyUp

    Maybe someday you'll reach a subpar education. You're living proof that you can lead a person to spell check but you can't make them think. So it was your proud parents that wasted all that money. Still nothing to back up your 'brilliant' declarations.

    e-mail you? I haven't e-mailed you, maybe you should contact an administrator, and the police as well, maybe you should figure out who's 'harassing' you (you wish, lol) first though, or you'll look sillier than you already do . I bet you got 'raped' a lot in college too. I would apologize to the women who really have been raped(God knows I've had to deal with the results), but you probably should go first.

    Here's an idea. Go to the disqus site and login. Go to My Settings/Account/Notifications and Under the bold “Email notifications” click your mouse on the circle next to “Disabled. Don't send me any notifications.” I looked over my spelin cuz I wuz pretty sure if I didn't and misspelled something, it would confuse you and you wouldn't be able to figure it out on your own. Do learn the lesson though, if not for innocent guys, then at least for the women that really are harassed and not believed until it's too late.

  • jackbelias

    You display the most severe narcisistic personality disorder I have ever heard of. Life inexperienced little you wants to educate American adults? What would you know about anything?

    Your parents like you? WOW! Nobody else in the universe could say the same, you must be really special.

    I dont see proof of a massive IQ in your posts. I see a spoiled brat with a high opinion of herself. Your views are the only right ones and everyone elses views are weakening America. Everyones elses views are “stupid”, everyone but you is an “idiot”. Thank you for exposing yourself as as a mouthy, snot nosed little piglet.

    Get over yourself brat, when the trust fund runs out youll be sure to find out how special you really are.

    Your youth culture messiah in the white house has taken every existing problem and made it worse for everyone. Did you know that the messiah has been allowing private contractors to take up most of the job codes in Iraq while at the same time repeatedly deploying troops for those same job codes? Taxpayers pay foreign contractors 5 times my salary to do my job, as of a few weeks ago I am limited to escorting foreign contractors from Jordan around base. I was sent here as a transport operator tasked with moving supplies cross country. Yeah kid, this is the administration of change and transparency.

    You will of course write back with snotty comments claiming to be a certified expert on war, the military, economics, etc… Nevermind the fact that leftists never actually serve in uniform, what you know is limited to internet websites. None of you work, yet you know it all when it comes to the economy.

  • jackbelias

    WOW look at the raw emotion. Do you take pills?

    War is expensive when the son of god returns to serve in the white house. Those contractors need to be paid well after all, war is cheaper when we pay Jordanian truck drivers extra to do work he just sent soldiers to do at a fraction the cost.

    Oh and son of god is an IVY brat, WOW! Oh God Im so impressed. This one time he broke a nail and still managed to attend a half day of school. I think he deserves the medal of honor for that!

    Who needs working class adults who do all of the real dirty work, damned right. Preach on! From here on out trust fund leftist teenagers can fight all of the wars all by themselves. Your “men” can emerge from their deluxe Iraqi summer homes built by contractors in their designer swim suits and scare the enemy away by groping them and asking them out.

    I have yet to see you make a logical point, your every post is used to let us all know how great and godlike you are. You do a great job of showing America how ridiculous and hate filled leftists are. Keep it up.

  • karenkirkwood

    cowboy up,
    Go fuck yourself you stupid idiot. You need a life. Get over it, OUR PRESIDENT is BLACK! By the way, have a merry Christmas.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Blah, blah, blah! Whine, whine, whine. Okay, I concur with you. My opinion is the only one that counts. My parents love me, too bad your parents don't love you. I'm smart, beautiful, talented, successful and gosh, darn-it — everyone LOVES Me! Have yourself a Merry Christmas. Maybe one day I can share my good life with you.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Honey, get a life and stop being so full of hate. We all know war is expensive. We've been at a senseless war for what, nine years? Whose fault is it that we are in this mess? You bore me with your foolishness. Maybe if you had a job where you actually had to use your brain cells, you wouldn't have time to let the likes of Dick Morris, Sarah Palin, Limbaugh or the other idiots tell you what to think. Get a life buddy!

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • CowboyUp

    Lol, yea, it's all my stupid idiot fault you're neurotic, clueless, frustrated, and angry. If I didn’t have a life, and better things to do, I would have let you make an even bigger fool of yourself.

    I hope I don't cause a tantrum if I point out again that hussein's half cracker. Trust me, you'll want something to blame his ignorance and stupidity on before long. You blaming his honky half will probably come natural anyway.

  • jackbelias

    When the war started we used contractors only when needed. Sometimes the military didnt have enough people in certain job codes so they farmed out the work. Now under the messiah we have too many contractors and constant redeployments. Under his watch I have seen more IRRs than ever before, and all so things look good on paper. Those IRRs get called back up after serving their military contract terms so they can deploy into a job slot taken by hordes of contractors paid for by your mommy and daddy.

    This is the cost of corruption, not war. War can save an economy, but not when we farm all of the job slots out to international contractors who just happen to donate to your political party. The son of god is spending 300 times as much as he has to, and you give him a break for it? This is further proof that you dont give a rats ass about the economy. If your party wanted the troops home and an end to the war so bad they wouldnt be calling up every IRR in America for redeployment.

    My adult foolishness that bores you so much is reality you dont want to accept. It makes you feel uncomfortable, it questions your religious faith and holy dogmas. Kids want something to believe in, something to belong to. Kids need a simplified black and white world with absolute bad guys and absolute good guys who come to save the day. The real world little kids like you cant come to accept is never black and white. There is evil and lessor evil to pick from in most cases.

    We won the war in Iraq a long time ago. We hardly ever get shot at and the biggest threat comes from inept retards with mortar tubes who seem to miss every time. We killed off and arrested anyone capable of a good fight in Iraq. Afghanistan is all we have left to win. The messiah paid lip service to the idea of transfering us, then of course called up a few more IRRs from home while mobilizing more reserves. This of course costs alot more than simply taking us from Iraq and sending us directly to Afghanistan. Obama could end it here by noon next wednesday if he wanted to. The contractors keep us here though as they will be sure to donate to democratic PAC funds for 2012.

    Its a dirty world we live in little one. There is no white knight to sing praises to, there is no messiah, and there is no good guy political party.

    Your comment about my job gave me a good laugh. We have to plan ten steps ahead every time we leave the wire. Not doing so means possibly going home in plastic bags, giving your entire born wealthy socio economic class something to celebrate. We dont want to give you that satisfaction and do alot more thinking than you ever will over a lifetime. Being born rich and never having to work doesnt require any thinking at all, be honest with us.

    Your opinions are all taken from GED educated hollywood stars, greedy Al Gore who probably failed science, and other youth who know just as little about the world and its issues. I would put your IQ at about 41, and Im not trying to insult you at all.

  • jackbelias

    Yes that tired old democratic dogma about wealthy parents being the only ones who love their children. We have all heard it before, you arent a revolutionary for repeating it.

    Your mommy and daddy told you that you were smart and pretty, how common. Did you know that every girls parents tell their daughters that?

    I wouldnt trade my working class parents or childhood for anything. I had alot of fun and I didnt require a new Porsche for my 16th birthday like you did in order to feel loved. I had plenty of friends, countless weekend camping trips in the forrests of Maine, 5.00 all day skiing adventures at sugarloaf, and a masculine father I could honestly respect.

    Your parents are weak, limp wristed, democratic frauds who have to buy the love their children. A more pathetic form of life cannot exist. They can only produce weak, limp wristed, democratic frauds. You should have been aborted, your selfish parents had no right to breed a little disease like you into this world.

  • jackbelias

    Managing that big trust fund has got to be tough. I dont know how a retard like you gets by every day. Its offensive to think that people who work for their money question your democratic greatness.

  • karenkirkwood

    Sorry I haven't laughed at you for a day or so, but I was busy shopping for my new Benz. I'm tired of going back and forth with you. You bore me. You are beneath me. Go crawl back under your rock. I'm going out now for shopping and dinner with my friends. Have a good one.

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Sorry I haven't laughed at you for a day or so, but I was busy shopping for my new Benz. I'm tired of going back and forth with you. You bore me. You are beneath me. My parents did not have to tell me that I was beautiful, I can see it for myself. Go crawl back under your rock. I'm going out now for shopping and dinner with my friends. Have a good one. Don't you just love me life?

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • karenkirkwood

    Sorry I haven't laughed at you for a day or so, but I was busy shopping for my new Benz. I'm tired of going back and forth with you. You bore me. You are beneath me. Go crawl back under your rock. I'm going out now for shopping and dinner with my friends. Have a good one. Don't you just love my life?

    Karen Y. Kirkwood

  • ajstokes

    hibbity hobbity