The Mullahs’ Useful Idiot – by Dick Morris


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has fallen for Iran’s line that it is not developing nuclear weapons, but only wants the ability to develop one to achieve its place in the sun among the great nations of the earth.

In an interview on a Sunday show and in a leak in The New York Times that seems to have come from her (since it uses the same language), she notes that “there’s a small space for doubt (about Iran’s intention to build a bomb) because there are some contrary indicators. There is no doubt in my mind that they want nuclear energy and nuclear power, which they are entitled to, to be able to use it for peaceful purposes. The real problem is once you do that and you get what’s called a breakout capacity, it’s not long before you could do the other (build a bomb). So that’s why this is so important to address now.”

Pressed to comment on a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it was clear that Iran was headed toward building a bomb, Hillary demurred.

“Well, they … we … we are doing this (pushing for sanctions) because we think they’re heading there. But whether they want to get what’s called the breakout capacity and stop, knowing that they could then move forward, that’s where the question comes.”

Wow. The same theme — that Iran just wants to be able to make a bomb, not to actually make one — was annunciated in a New York Times story that likely had its origins in Hillary’s newfound doubts.

Why would Iran want to develop highly enriched uranium if not to make a bomb? And why would it enrich uranium in the first place if it did not want to enrich it enough to build a weapon? Why would it spend billions and incur all manner of international obloquy and sanctions just to get bragging rights and be able to say that it could build a bomb?

Does the nation with the world’s second-largest reserves of oil really need nuclear power to turn on its lights? Or is Iran so green that it can’t stand to contribute to global climate change?

That our secretary of state is naive and inexperienced enough to fall for this line is incredible. That she might have been president is worse. And that the real president may be falling for it, too, is beyond worse.

Ever since the Cold War started, it has been an article of faith that, in assessing enemy power, we measure his capacity and not his intentions. Intentions can change in the blink of an eye. Capacity endures forever.

Iran has a huge incentive to try to fool the world for just a few more months. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton warns that it has purchased from Russia — and already paid for — a highly advanced anti-aircraft missile system that would be exceedingly effective against every bomber except for stealth aircraft, of which Israel has none.

Has it been delivered? Is it installed? Are the Iranians trained to use it? Nobody knows.

But Bolton is clear that once it is operational, as he puts it, “the military option is out.”

So Iran’s game is obviously to stall Israeli action by deceiving the world into believing that it merely wants the capacity to go nuclear — “breakout” capability — rather than to build an actual bomb.

Iran even proffers a willingness to lend its stock of somewhat enriched uranium to other nations — presumably its buddy Russia — for further enrichment. (Presumably, the Russians would not enrich it all the way to the point where it could be weaponized).

Why does Iran want enriched fuel? They say it is to power a medical research facility. The West hopes that if Iran lent out its supply of slightly enriched uranium, it would not have enough in situ to enrich the amount it would need for a bomb. But, obviously, once it gets the uranium back, it can do with it as it pleases. If it agrees to inspection, it can always kick the inspectors out.

While Iran is negotiating “in good faith,” there would be hell to pay if Israel attacked “prematurely.” So, by enticing the world with this complex scheme, all the while enriching God-knows how much uranium in secret, Iran hopes to prolong the negotiations until it has the air defense system. Then, the military option — which is Iran’s sole motivation for even participating in these talks — will be closed and Israel will not be able to attack.

The Times story drew a parallel between Iran and North Korea, which wanted the bomb so as to achieve first rank among nations and to get bargaining chits it can give away for food, fuel, recognition, legitimacy and aid.

But there’s a key difference: North Korea doesn’t have an enemy it has sworn to wipe off the face of the Earth. Iran does. While tensions between South Korea and the North have risen and fallen over the decades since the Korean War, it is clear that the North does not want to destroy the South and kill all of its people. It wants to conquer if it could and dominate if it can’t, but not to exterminate. They are all Koreans after all.

But Iran makes no bones about its determination to destroy Israel and kill all of its Jews. Not since Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” has there been a clearer declaration of intent to find a “final solution” to the “Jewish problem.”

That Hillary Clinton would allow herself to be conned into believing that Iran doesn’t really, really, really want to build — much less use — a big bad bomb would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous.

  • poptoy194990210

    Remember, Hillary is from Chicago also.

  • Proxywar

    What will end up happening is this they will build a bomb on Obama's watch and then blame the next republican POTUS, if a republican can manage to get elected.

  • haydnkho

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  • davarino

    There is no way of predicting what Iran's true intentions are. They may be trying to provoke Isreal into throwing the first punch then they can cry to the whole world and accuse Isreal of being a bully. On the other hand, if Isreal waits to long they risk actually getting nuked. If Iran gets the anti missile systems in place, Isreal better have a few stealth bombers up their sleeve. Isreal will have to defend herself and soon or they will be gone. I am confident of Isreal's ability to survive, it will be interesting to see how they do it.

  • antifascist18

    Monica Lewinsky would make a far more effective Secretary of State than this silly, stupid, cuckolded shrill shrew.

  • louisewhiteford

    Doesn't Iran have access to lots of oil? Why do they need nuclear power? Just because it is clean? Don't think so!

  • brenanc

    “There is no way of predicting what Iran's true intentions are.”


    They've only spent billions developing processing facilities that are designed for the sole purpose of delivering weapons-grade uranium. They've only been striving to develop reliable solid fuel ballistic missiles that put Israel in range. There are only a “few?” statements regarding Iran's intent to wipe Israel off the map.

    Davarino, I believe you'd have difficulty predicting whether the sun will rise tomorrow.

    You're either a moron or you need to clean the windshield on your abdomen so that you might see more clearly–because your head is planted firmly up your poop chute.

  • paulsheldonfoote

    In “Hillary prepared to 'totally obliterate' Iran”, on April 21, 2008, WorldNetDaily noted Dick Morris' observation that the major American media were ignoring Hillary Clinton's threat of genocide.
    Dick Morris was the political adviser responsible for giving America the curse of President Bill Clinton. The worst useful idiots are Americans who believe anything said by Dick Morris or by Hillary Clinton.

  • riverfred

    Israel needs to strike Iran now preferably with nuclear tipped missiles to restrain those religious nut jobs for another 50 years.Unfortunately Obama will not allow Israel to fly over Iraq making their job much harder. Diplomacy is a joke with Arabs. The Koran instructs their followers to lie then strike your enemy when they are weak.

  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Oh no Hilary, have you also fallen for the, “There was no Holocaust,” trick?
    Hilary, please do not make us feel that you and Mr. Obama are in the same mindset. By agreeing with Madjob and his see through assurances, you are showing very bad judgment, Ms. Clinton.
    We have enough dealing with Mr. Obama's immature, naive approach to international relations. Oh, and Ms.Hilary, if indeed, you are like our president, please don't fool yourself into thinking you could be a presidential candidate again.
    Great job as always Mr. Morris and Mr. Morris, is it not possible that indeed Mr. Obama was really born in Hawaii but in 1959, not in 1961 as he wishes us all to believe. In 1959, Hawaii was not yet a state, and that could explain why cetrtain key papers are missing, not that he was born in Kenya, but that he was born in a group of islands called Hawaii, not in a state called Hawaii.
    Thank you Mr. Morris for all your brilliant and hard work.

  • Carterthewriter

    I met a woman like Hillary whose husband was famous and it made knowing the woman a most distasteful encounter, but useful for those that embolden her with praise and watched her squirm with delight at the attention bestowed upon her.

    I note this same malady in her compatriot, the speaker of the house.

  • melindago

    Is there any evidence that it matters what Mrs. Clinton believes? I'm not sure she's relevant. Biden predicted Obama would be tested early by our enemies and that we would not like his response. I didn't guess that the response would consist of a bow and warm embrace of each and every bully, thug, dictator and tyrant on the planet but that's what we got.

    I did guess that the Obama was going to blitzkrieg Americans and attempt to reduce them to state-run providers of goods and services to the globe. I assumed he'd have to keep outside aggressors in check to accomplish his goals but I see now that an open money spigot from hard working Americans to liberty crushers everywhere fits right into his plan. And how would the crisis of a mushroom cloud hurt his goals?

    Will Americans submit? Will Israel surrender without a fight? I doubt it.

    Freedom is hard to keep. Losing it would be much, much harder.

  • SAM000

    Iranian Resistance has revealed the existance of 2 new nuclear sites in the suburb of Tehran at September of this year.

    These two nuclear sites are making the detonators for the nuclear warheads.

    The US administrations will put another 4 years to wake up and see these two sites! Very late,

    When the super power fails his international obligations and bends himself in front of the Islamofascisme, the Mullahs feel the right to wipe off any nation.

    Our youth are dieing every day in the Iran's cities to make the USA and the west to feel the danger, but USA and the west continue to negotiate and appease this criminal regime of the Mullahs.