Muslim Mafia – by Fern Sidman


The Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian based Islamic terrorist organization appears to be alive and well and cloaking itself in legitimacy in our nation’s capitol under the guise of a front group say intrepid undercover agents P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry in their new book, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America (World Net Daily Books 2009). Investigative journalism reaches new levels in doughtiness and concludes with a shocking crescendo in this tome, as Gaubatz, his son Chris and Paul Sperry infiltrate the shady Washington, DC based organization known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); the nation’s largest and purportedly mainstream Muslim-American “civil rights” advocacy agency. The frightening facts published in this book are supported by more than 12,000 pages of confidential CAIR documents and hundreds of hours of video captured in this unprecedented undercover operation.

Through painstaking and nuanced research of internal memos and documents the authors establish the fact that CAIR is the ideological cousin of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood and their leadership is inextricably tied to the promulgation of an explosively violent “jihadist” agenda.  Utilizing double speak and a wide variety of cleverly devised subterfuges, CAIR manages to ostensibly present itself as a law abiding, pro-American organization, however the authors expose their unbridled mendacity in its most egregious form.

Mr. Gaubatz served for twelve years as a former agent with the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations and is a career military counterterrorism specialist as well as a US State Department trained Arabic linguist. Joining him on this six month long covert foray into the nefarious machinations of CAIR and it’s overt ties to Muslim terrorists of all stripes are his son Chris who worked undercover as a convert to Islam and Paul Sperry, a veteran investigative journalist and author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.”

This book could effortlessly take it’s rightful place among classic hair raising espionage thrillers if it’s tragic geo-political realities weren’t so terrifying. The authors scrupulously document CAIR’s foreign fundraising sources including exceedingly large donations from the Wahabi dominated Saudi Arabian government that gave birth to the 9/11 hijackers. Not to be outdone, CAIR also assumes the role of benefactor, as the recipients of their financial largesse include such heinous terror organizations as Hamas.

Moreover, the authors offer shocking revelations about CAIR’s infiltration of key US law enforcement agencies including local police departments, the FBI, the CIA and the State Department as well as their heavy handed influence operations against members of homeland security committess on Capitol Hill and their insertion of Islamic spies in congressional offices.  According to the authors, FBI wiretaps reveal that, “During a secret Muslim Brotherhood meeting he organized last decade, CAIR founder and former chair Omar Ahmad expressed the need to strengthen “the influence with Congress.” He argued for using Muslims as an “entry point” to “pressure Congress and the decision makers in America” to change US foreign policy in the Middle East and other policies.”

CAIR’s far reaching tentacles have even permeated corporate America, say the authors, as they and their sister organization, the Islamic Society of North America blackmail Wall Street firms who do not comply with Islamic financing principles. The authors also spotlight CAIR’s use of intimidation tactics in silencing their political opponents as evidenced in their efforts to unleash a vitriolic campaign to blacklist such media personalities as Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage while pressuring the National Review to acquiesce to their demands.

While elected officials from both sides of the aisle, including former president George W. Bush, have legitimized the dubious organization with governmental recognition and ceremonial gravitas, CAIR’s underlying credo remains seditious and rabidly anti-American until this very day. The authors remind us that in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, President Bush appeared alongside officials from CAIR and other outwardly benign Muslim groups that weren’t properly vetted at the Islamic Center of Washington in a display of “unity”. The unsuspecting former president announced, “It is my honor to be meeting with leaders who feel just the same way as I do. They’re outraged, they’re sad. They love America just as much as I do.”

These words would come back to haunt the president as facts concerning CAIR’s zealous legal representation of Muslim Americans charged with terrorist activities came to the fore and as history would record, certain members of CAIR’s own leadership would turn out to be unindicted co-conspirators in helping to finance terrorist organizations.

As the burgeoning and pernicious scourge of global radical Islam continues to proliferate in an unfettered manner, it is clear that within our borders the threat to our cherished democratic values and principles are all too real. The release of this book of paramount importance by authors Gaubatz and Sperry hasn’t come a moment too soon. To say that the information published in these pages is a real eye opener is an understatement of monumental proportions. It is a must read for anyone, the world over, who still clings to the hope of freedom, peace and liberty that Western civilization represents.

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  • misha1776

    As good a starting point as any when examining the Islamic threat on US soil is the case of Ismael Selim Elbarasse, described in this Washington Post article: Va. Man Tied to Hamas Held as Witness (… ).

    Elbarasse was something akin to the bookkeeper of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The search warrant alluded to in the Washington Post article provided a treasure of documents detailing the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) operation in America.

    These documents described the MB’s hostile intent to overthrow the US Constitution and replace it with Shariah law. The documents indicate that most every major Islamic group in America is a MB controlled entity. The evidence even includes Org Charts and contact information for the leadership structures of the groups.

    Much of the material taken from Elbarasse’s home was submitted, uncontested by the defense and stipulated as being true, as evidence in the Texas Holy land Foundation Trial (HFT), the largest terrorism funding case in US history. As such, this material, by definition, is not opinion, but rather a matter of legal fact. The trial resulted in the conviction of the defendants on all 108 counts.

    Hundreds of individuals and organizations were designated as unindicted co-conspirators in HFT, c.f.: U.S. Government List of Unindicted Co-Conspirators and attached. They include most every major Islamic organization and large mosque in America (CAIR, ISNA, etc.)!

    The judge was so concerned about the significance of the threat to America and that so many unindicted co-conspirators remained to be prosecuted, that he ordered the documents submitted as evidence be put on the web site for everyone to know that the threat was ongoing.

    For a broad offering of documents submitted in this trial, see or here .

    Being designated as an unindicted co-conspirator essentially means that the government could have indicted the co-conspirator and prosecuted them with the same evidence they are using to prosecuted the conspirators actually indicted. In this particular case, the reason the US Attorney did not indict everyone was because there were over 200 unindicted co-conspirators! The US Attorney’s office didn’t come close to having enough manpower to conduct so many prosecutions simultaneously. Also, many of the organizations that needed to be prosecuted, like CAIR and ISNA, have spent years conducting influence operations with the most senior elites in US politics. As such, any prosecution would also be subject to political attack.

    ISNA actually petitioned the US Attorney to remove their name from the unindicted co-conspirator list. The US Attorney responded by putting them on notice that they were indeed a target for future prosecution and that they would remain on the list. Yet the FBI recently participated in ISNA’s annual conference this past July Fourth.

    Space prohibits me from going into it here, but beyond the Muslim Brotherhood, there is very clear evidence that there is a global Islamic movement, embodied by the Organization of Islamic Conference ( which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda), whose doctrine is the Quran and whose objective is a global Islamic Shariah government with the entire world’s population subordinated to Islam.

    One of these captured Muslim Brotherhood (MB) documents is quite revealing, and was analyzed at the time the Joint Staff’s resident expert on the doctrine and jurisprudence of Jihad.

    This document is the equivalent of capturing an enemy’s order of battle. In it the MB boast:

    “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood’s name for itself] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

    It is interesting to note how such stated intentions and objectives contrast with US Code – Title 18 – CHAPTER 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES.

    In another document captured in the Elbarasse raid (but not submitted as evidence so it isn’t on the web site) discussed the Phases of the MB’s plans to overthrow the US Constitution. Note that the fifth phase is violent. This is not a movement seeking to operate in the pluralistic political discourse of our Republic!

    Phases of the Movement
     Phase I: Phase of discreet and secret establishment of elite leadership
     Phase II: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various public activities (Shadow government)
     Phase III: Escalation phase, prior to conflict and confrontation with the rulers, through utilizing mass media
     Phase IV: Open public confrontation with the government through exercising the political pressure approach.
     Phase V: Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups become united.

    Look at what some Muslim Brotherhood “charities” in America are doing. Consider this example which is all too common:
    Hidaya Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization with Federal Employee Identification Number 77-0502583. Your donations are tax deductible.

    They openly collect zakat (Islamic charitable contributions) for Jihaad:

    Fi Sabeelillah: Those who are away from home in the path of Allah. Those in Jihaad, those seeking knowledge or a stranded Haji may be assist with Zakat if they are in need.

    One has to wonder what the IRS makes of this.

    The Muslim Brotherhood recognizes “The Reliance of the Traveler: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law” as just that, an authoritative manual of Islamic Law.

    With regards to Hidaya and many other US Islamic charities, we can readily conclude that they are using the money for Jihad because they say they are using it for Jihad on their own web sites (c.f.: screen shot, below)!

    Some organizations try to be subtle about it by listing the eight categories of Zakat just like the Quran does it, but for category 7, Jihad, they call it “Struggling for Allah.” But the Quran says the 7th category is Jihad. It is comical. They list the eight categories which match exactly with the Quran in 7 of the 8, and then they tweak the 7th so it prevaricates around the word “Jihad.” To “struggle” or “fight” for Allah is used throughout Islamic writings as another way to say “Jihad.”

    Still others just say they are accepting donations for zakat, but that has specific meaning.

    With regards to the section on Zakat in Reliance, it has this to say “It is obligatory to distribute one’s zakat among eight categories of recipients, one-eight of the zakat to each category. (N: In the Hanafi School, it is valid for the giver to distribute his zakat to all of the categories, some of them, or to confine himself to just one of them).”

    In the chapter on Jihad, the opening sentence is “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion.” So hopefully there is no confusion as to what Jihad means.

    Again, least there is any confusion as to what “kind” of Jihad they are talking about, with regards to zagat Reliance says “The seventh category is those fighting for Allah, meaning people engaged in Islamic military operations for whom no salary has been allotted in the army roster.”


    America has been completely penetrated by an enemy insurgency operating in our midst using our own freedoms to undermine and overthrow the US Constitution.

    When several members of congress recently voiced their concerns about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), it wasn’t CAIR that attacked them. It was their fellow members of congress who have been subverted by years of targeted influence operations by CAIR and others.

    The political correctness that pushes multiculturalism to the extent that we refuse to identify America’s mortal enemies is suicidal.

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should see this video !

    The ambition of Islam to conquer the world.
    For centuries Islam of the militants have been on the march to conquer the world. We did not notice because we chose not to notice. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in
    1920 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt and was in deep confrontation with the Egyptian government. The current goals for Islam to achieve global domination for a Muslim Caliphate: a world under strict Islamic “Sharia” law, pulling Muslims back to the 7th Century.

    Consult :

  • USMCSniper

    Muslim Demographics In America

    8 million in America
    7 million in the U.S.; 1 million in Canada.
    Larger than Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland & Sweden.
    Annual growth rate of 6% versus 0.9% for total U.S.2
    Interaction between Indigenous and Immigrant Muslims is limited.
    Same size community as Hispanics 25 years ago.
    4,2 children per family

    67% of adult American Muslims are under 40 years old
    67% of the adult American population is over 40 years old3
    American Muslims are younger and demograhically the future of America:

    67% of American Muslims have a Bachelor's degree or higher
    44% of Americans have a Bachelor’s degree or higher3
    The Variance for Advanced Degrees is even greater.
    One in ten American Muslim HH has a physician / medical doctor

    U.S. Average income is $42,158 per year (U.S. Census 2000)
    66% of American Muslim HH's earn over $60,000 / year
    26% of American Muslim HH's earn over $100,000 / year

    Mosques in the United States: 1,209
    American Muslims associated with a mosque: 2 million
    Increase in number of mosques since 1994: 25 percent
    Proportion of mosques founded since 1980: 62 percent
    Average number of Muslims associated with each mosque in the United States: 1,625
    U.S. mosque participants who are converts: 30 percent
    American Muslims who “strongly agree” to participate in American institutions and the political process: 70 percent

  • BS77

    Switzerland passed a measure to protect their nation, culture and society from mosques with minarets….and the UN went crazy…..calling it “discrimination”…Hmmmm, just how many churches, synagogues or Buddhist temples will you find in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan? I guarantee you….very, very, very few. See tolerance is a one way street for the jihadists….they go nuts over a cartoon, burning the Danish flag and rioting….but could you imagine a demonstration in S Arabia for “equal rights for women” or “freedom of religion”??….you have got to be kidding.

  • riverfred

    CAIR's leaders should be tried for treason and drowned in pigs blood.

  • tlwinslow

    Too bad, charging for such an important book. I hope after they make enough dough they authors will release the book free on the Internet, turning each chapter into its own Web page so the search engines can incorporate the content. What's money good for after the U.S. is nuked and Islamized? They can also try an ebook approach but why not just a Web site that makes money with clicks like all the others? Why not host it here or on multiple sites? Every click is a V for da cause.

  • mtlassy

    All along, its been only a few conservative writers and talk radio that have dared sound the alarm. Our “elected” officials haven't wanted to speak out because of fear of these people. Funny, just as we so many times find that the covers of National Enquirer were right all along – we are finding out eventually how many of these innocent looking Muslim organizations in D.C. are really fronts for and conduits for finances to terrorists.

  • BS77

    There have been warnings trumpeted by many writers for years now…Oriana Fallaci, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabrielle, Michele Malkin and Melanie Phillips, who wrote Londonistan. THe trouble is, most politicians in the US and Europe are passive, mega tolerant PC multiculturist idiots. Allowing millions of illegal and legal immigrants to simply flood our nation for the last twenty years will go down as one of the worst political blunders in US history. The Repubs and the Democraps did nothing to stop this.

  • misha1776

    The Muslim Brotherhood in the form of ISNA – Louay Safi – was at Ft Hood yesterday, training the army brigade getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. At about 1800 EST, Safi gave a check to families of the victims of the Major Hasan killings. This is criminal and the base commander should be fired right now.

    Safi is one of the leading Muslim Brothers in the US representing an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing case in US history (HLF).

    Patrick Poole writes more about this here:

  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Thank you Fern Sidman. Your writing is so direct and clear, I actually ordered the book from Amazon in the middle of reading your great article, and now I have returned and finished reading and I thank you so much for revealing this vital news to all of us. We all know just by reading the papers and watching the TV that when the show offs spread their religion, it really means they spread blood. It is no secret that they enjoy murder and they call each other “hero” after they have killed, and they are even proud of it. Many murderers seek justification to alleviate guilt. These Muslim Brotherhood followers are just disciples of hate, anger, rape, murder, and torture, and it's all done in the name of what they call a god, so in that way, they have an excuse for being blood spillers. The synagogues and churches in my area have many former Muslims who are actually embarrassed by how their former “brothers” have insulted their god.
    The leaders of these killers announce loudly to the world that they are the, “fastest growing religion,” but we all know they forgot to add the words, “in the prisons and jails.” Many of them are running or are planning to run but intimidation often keeps them trying to appear in favor of the daily murders.
    Thank you and I look forward to reading the book and to learn how I can do something about this.

  • c lebowitz

    I remember visiting the CAIR site around the year 200 and they had on 3 main objectives of which I remember 2: get moreMuslims into government positions AND change the way our country is known from Judeo Christian to either Judeo/Christian/Muslim (not sure of order) OR Abrahamic. Sometime after that they took those 3 objectives off their site to cover up their agenda

  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Thank you Misha for your brilliant and deep exploration into their dirty, criminal and lowlife organization, filled with the love of murder and blood. Where are our U.S. politicians? Do they ever read Frontpage?