Peace Actvist? The Truth About Rachel Corrie – by


Anti-Israel activist Rachel Corrie has gotten the full-blown martyr treatment by the Left. But was she really a “peace” activist?

  • Proxywar

    I'm so glad this propagandist whore is dead. One last progressive/terrostist sympathizer in the world. Fuck her. She don't mean nothing to me.

    • Rick

      By your comments alone we see which side is evil.

  • libral

    she may had mental illness just like many leftist has a twisted mind

  • Shukairy

    Pancakes anyone?

  • antifascist18

    Adam Shapiro and Adam Friedman Gadahn – two lousy traitors…both to America and to the Jewish people.

    Someone should post a reward – dead or alive for these two Kapo Islamohitlerite groveling scumbags.

    But of course their benefactors Soros, Obama and Osama would save their sorry asses. Soros because he's a Nazi. Obama because he's a coward and anti-Semite, and Osama because he's the bastard grandson of Hitler.

  • antifascist18

    I wouldn't fuck her even if she was alive. She looked like and acted like a Hitlerjugend Dyke. Which is what she was.

    Her Leftard Neo-Nazi parents are no better than she was. Worse than animals.

  • paulschneider

    Corrie was one of those who believed that human nature as it is now should be destroyed by any means possible and reprogrammed into something more marxist. In her eyes, the “Palestinians” (i.e. the ideology of Islam) were the perfect tool for the job.

    Human nature rolled over her, as it will roll over anybody else who tries to change it.

  • andyFree

    When British people are murdered by Israel, an investigation is made and in all three recent cases, Israel has been forced to pay compensation, effectively admitting blame. One of the killers was a Bedouin, Sgt. Taysir, and was thrown to the dogs for it, much to the disgust of the desperate community he came from.

    But even killings wasn't stopping these courageous people, and Israel was first forced them to sign an indemnity against killing them and then entirely block their access, even committing acts of piracy on the high seas.

    US citizens get no such protection from either their government or other Americans, of course. Only a blaze of hatred.

  • Infidel4Ever

    The good thing about all this is that in spite of the efforts of deluded progressives, they have not been able to make Rachel Corrie a heroine outside of the pathetic Palestinian apologist movement. Most Americans, thankfully, saw through the scam amd saw her for what she was, a useful idiot for Palestinian terrorists. The real tragedy is how this young foolish woman was raised by her dingbat parents and how she was manipulated by the ISM and the PLO.

  • jackhampton

    This young woman was a terrorist supporter she should not have been in that rats nest of killers. She died by accident and by being careless. She is no hero by any standard. Her parents should have kept her at home but they are tools of the terrorist as well. Now maybe they can think of someone to sue besides Caterpiller. Maybe they should sue the makers of washing machines.

  • USMCSniper

    The IDF was clearing brush that was hiding two tunnels. This is confirmed by CNN and Time Magazine. The House was demolished 8 months later after the family had vacated and when the second tunnel had been discovered re-opened.

    Rachel Corrie died at the Hospital and probably at the hands of a Palestinian doctor who aided the PLO in making Rachel's death into Martyrdom. My bet is that she could have survived if the PLO didn't interfere with the doctors.

    Conclusion is that she jumped out of a hole and placed herself in front of an IDF bulldozer six years ago outside of the drivers sight lines and that when she left the accident site she was very much alive. What happened afterward has been covered up by the Palestinian Authority and the International Solidarity Movement.

  • semus

    Bullshit! Guys like this wouldn't be anything without ignorance stupidity and hatred.

  • Draza

    All these other Rachels died within a few months of Corrie, but — unlike her — in circumstances that weren't disputed. They were deliberately murdered:

    Rachel Levy (17, blown up in a grocery store)
    Rachel Levi (19, shot while waiting for the bus)
    Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband, son and father while at home celebrating a Passover meal)
    Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a Tel Aviv cafe, leaving three young children)
    Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged 5, 13 and 16 while at home).

    To HELL with Rachel Corrie, Long live Caterpillar Long live Israel.

  • Dorothy

    I'm 55 years old and have seen a lot of Rachael Corries. Misguided, no truly moral compass for what is right, a child of liberal parents who passed on their mental disorder to their daughter.If Ms Corrie were alive I would ask her, "Have you EVER seen an Israeli walk into a crowded market place and blow up innocent women and children?" Only the lowest form of human does that. Rachael picked the wrong side and died for it. Such a waste. Also, to Christopher Jensen. I've read some of your comments and have determined that you too have some kind of mental disorder. Must be something in the water.

    • rick

      What is with all this socialism phobia bs?Israel is a socialisat country.

  • beezelbum

    wow… is FPM run and visited by insane rabid monkeys with bloodlust and rape fantasies? no one deserves to die, unless of course they too have committed a serious crime. Being young, naive and misguided is not a crime and does not justify being killed for it.

    you are all insane and sick

  • jackbelias

    I am not sworn to defend marxist revolutionary youth. As an enlistee of the US Army I took an oath to defend the constitution and the American way of life. I am not a servant of social justice, marxist revolution, or even the current retard in the white house. Revolutionary youth are in fact guilty of sedition, it would be my duty to kill or arrest her.Those revolutionary democratic youth scumbags are turning up here and in Afghanistan, not just Isreal. We dont defend the spoiled little bastards when we run into them.The only goose stepping nazis I see are progressives forcing their global warming religion and wealth redistribution up our asses. The shitbird you praise as a hero was one of those progressive goose steppers and had been involved with socialist factions since at least the 5th grade. Her parents posted one such 5th grade video which reveals that she wanted youth solidarity with youth of third world nations. She didnt like the concept of personal wealth very much.

  • Manhattanite

    Most of the brownshirts and then SS men were young, naive and misguided, just like Rachel Corrie. She slept and ate with an enemy, put her life on the line for the murderous cause and therefore very much deserved what she got.

  • mishamarchenko

    No, sobaka and suka beezelbum. You are the sick and evil sobaka who loves suka Corrie. Like this blyadushka, you love the sight of a blown up bus or pizza shop and dead Jews. This evil witch loved Jew-hating terrorists and got what she deserved. Save us the lie that she was just young and misguided. Yeah, just like the Einsatzgruppen and Mohammed Atta.

  • jackbelias

    You are correct about the revolutionary soldier in question. What really pisses me off about the left is that they reserve the right to become revolutionary soldiers, yet see it as murder when they die as soldiers in war.

    I am a soldier, my job is to complete the mission, this includes killing the enemy. At times we are killed by the enemy, such is the nature of war. Why cant the ISM revolutionaries grasp this concept?

    Her age and gender are no matter, an enemy is an enemy. Her mission was the total destruction of a nation state which involved commiting genocide. I am only disapointed to see that she died in an accident. She should have been forced to die like a soldier in battle, she should have been forced to accept the reality of war. She deserves no respect or mourning as she failed to grasp the ideals of being a warrior. She was a spoiled little coward who should have been blown to bits by an airstrike.

  • jackbelias

    The ISM is to blame here, they recruit youth as revolutionary soldiers tasked with the mission of commiting genocide and destroying entire nation states. They lie to their revolutionary soldiers in the sense that they convince the little brats that war never involves real death. What they recruit and empower is never expected to accept a warriors code and isnt required to understand the nature of war itself.

    She was injured in an accident while being stupid and careless. She died due to poor medical care provided by her own command. There was no murder and the only lawsuit needed is against the sub par medical care provided by her paramilitary command.

    I think all youth ISM soldiers should be FORCED into the reality of warfare. Age and gender are of no matter, there is no question of who deserves what. The mission involves killing and being killed, having the courage to accept this earns one the esteemed title of warrior.

    There should be no more accidents, every killing should be intentional. This means taking the gloves off and seeing how these youth revolutionaries perform in battle. Snipers, airstrikes, landmines, ambushes, tanks, etc… should all be introduced to every soldier of the ISM revolution. They would all surrender inside of 24 hours leaving the ISM with a generation of youth who refuse to join and die for the cause. This would end the whole conflict and lead to peace within one year.

  • Christopher Jensen

    It seems the only real Nazi force in the world is the one declaring themselves Israeli's. The only thing you guys need to do is start goose stepping down your streets to show where you really stand.
    How long are you going to try and stonewall the world community? How long before you wake the rest of the USA to the truth about how you are committing genocide on your neighbors as you slowly steal their lands and uproot their people?
    I fought in the US Navy against Socialism, so don't call me one just because I don't agree with your inhuman and inhumane tactics.
    The Old Testament, the story of the Jewish people is the only living historical text providing insight into genocide as the Israeli's moved into Canaan, killing every man, woman, child, and beast.
    This girls death is a wake up call to America, soon we won't be funding your tanks anymore, then we will see how close you can cozy up to the Russki's or the Chinese. Then let's hear all the wailing about how anyone who disagree's with you is on the Commie Left.
    Rachel Corrie is a true hero. Zionism is a plague.

  • Christopher Jensen

    I agree, so when we say that America needs to declare war on the Fascist/Zionist state of Israel, to occupy them until they have given up on their war plans of domination, nobody in Israel will be able to cry foul. Listen to how you talk. Typical of a Fascist dog. Always brave in yelping, but tucking tail when you meet someone your own size. Why don't you Israeli's pick on the USA? You probably think you have our politicians in your pockets, but you can't count on a democracy like ours to stay asleep forever. Keep it up and you will soon feel our sting.

  • Christopher Jensen

    You should be ashamed of yourself, defending the Zionists over an unarmed American Girl whom you are sworn to protect by duty of your oath! No American life should ever be taken by any foreign government, especially without an official apology!!
    You should be as incensed as I am that these goose stepping nazis are allowed to get away with murdering Americans.

  • jackbelias

    You should all watch the other videos about this nasty little ISM turd. One of the ISM propaganda videos shows a bit more. Her parents are interviewed and reveal that several members of her family had also deployed there at the same time.The chickenhawk parents seem to have commited their children to the revolutionary cause via lifelong brainwashing. Rachel is shown as a 5th grade student giving a speech about the need for youth solidarity with children of third world nations. A communist soldier named Joe Carr tells us that she had gotten caught in the bulldozer, the driver was being yelled at screamed at by revolutionary soldiers the whole time and didnt have a chance to know that she had been pulled under. A clearly staged photo is shown with an orange Jacket having been placed in the tracks of the bulldozer. We are expected to believe that she was killed on the scene by the dozer, however ISM soldiers are shown at the hospital awaiting news from the doctors on the same propaganda video. One can clearly see that she died at the hospital.

    Her parents raised her to be a marxist revolutionary and seemingly send all of the family youth off to fight in warzones. Why is there no investigation of the chickenhawk marxist parents? They should be arrested for supporting terrorism and sedition given the fact that we are at war with radical islam. Marxists teaming up with radical islamic holy warriors is nothing new, but being a common practice shouldnt make it legal.

  • jackbelias

    I am an American soldier serving in Iraq, I am in fact not even jewish. This spoiled brat was a marxist revolutionary who was killed in an accident involving construction equipment. Her siblings also deployed with her and were in fact at the hospital awaiting news as to her condition. One of the marxist ISM propaganda videos even shows a staged photograph with just her jacket having been thrown on top of dozer tracks, it was intended to make us think the dozer had run her over directly. A fellow marxist revolutionary however states that she had gotten caught in the mechanism and had been injured while the dozer was backing up.

    I have yet to tuck tail and run from anything boy, I intend to redeploy to Afghanistan as soon as this tour is complete. Its easy enough to join up with deploying units. I know you will howl and cry about the innocent taliban freedom fighters being victimized, but then again I dont care about how you feel about anything.

    If I were ever deployed to Isreal and tasked with fighting alongside radical islamic scum and marxist youth revolutionaries I would prove to be a security nightmare. I will not fight for the ISM, progressive American traitors, marxists of any kind, or jihadist vermin.

    Your marxist hero killed herself by being stupid and wreckless, she wasnt killed by the IDF. She posed for pictures holding AK 47s before her death so she could email the photos home to mom and dad. We all know she was never a peace activist at all. The IDF would have had every right to kill the worthless bitch given the fact that she was a well known militant according to her family and friends.

  • Christopher Jensen

    I served my country in the Cold War, Boy. The only traitors are people like you who dishonor Americans with that worthless Nazi loving trash talk. Go shove it up your ass, Hitler lover.

    • Eat me Chris

      You are a shithead, raghead-lover.

  • jackbelias

    She and the other youth solidarity scumbags were running up to the dozer so they could jump up on top of it and bang on it with thier fists while screaming death threats at the driver. She became caught in the mechanism while climbing the dozer to get at the driver. He backed up to get away from the rest of the revolutionary scum and injured her in the process.

    A member of her faction related this after staging a photo with her jacket thrown on top of the dozer tracks. They had originally tried to claim she was run over directly and on purpose while standing in front of it.

  • Christopher Jensen

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    The enemy is at the door troop, and its name is Zionist! Stand at the wall with or against, I don't care because I will defend my country against these Zionist pigs. This isn't about Marxism, or whether you agree with the President or not, and I doubt you could even spell the letters after his degree, but about protecting our citizens against FOREIGN threats to the USA, which the Zionist Israeli's most certainly are.
    No country should be allowed to hurt Americans period. And when they do we should rightfully give them payback until they squeal uncle.

  • Christopher Jensen

    Or I am realistic. Lady, I am an American, I don't care about Israeli's or Palestinians. I do care when our troops, our civilians, and our way of life is being endangered by Zionist goons who take our money but won't take our orders and kill our children, regardless of how misguided you may think they are.
    You don't know your history very well, the Zionists blew lots of innocent women and children up to create their state in 1948. They also displaced millions by force to create a National state. Lady, that's fascism and it's what my Granddad, Dad, and myself went into the US Armed Forces to protect against.
    The only person here with a mental disorder is obviously you.

  • jackbelias

    Blah Blah Blah, you probably spent your service giving away military secrets to the soviets and recruiting other leftists.

    This is a time of war and sedition has never been a constitutional right. Treason was and still is a high crime. You progressive vermin are the lowest forms of life on earth. You do not deserve human rights or quarter.

    Your militant islamic allies are losing this war, here in Iraq we have killed off or arrested anyone capable of putting up a good fight. Soon your allies in Afghanistan will fall, and I hope we will then have the honor of comming for you at home.

    Progressive revolutionary scum have become too numerous and are a direct threat to the national security of the United States. A sane administration would have declared martial law a long time ago and caged you in internment camps for at least the duration of the war.

  • Mo

    Young, naive and misguided? This grown woman was supporting terrorism – in other words she supported murder. And not just ideologically! She actively participated in attempting to stop Israeli Defense Forces from protecting their people from these murderers by demolishing these tunnels used to smuggle weapons.

    You act like she shoplifted a candybar or something. What sort of upside down morality do people like this woman and yourself have, that you side with Islamic terrorists? For the life of me, I do not understand it.

  • jackbelias

    None of what you posted suggests I or any other member of the US military serve the political interests of any democratic youth movement. Lawful orders given to me by the president are defined by the constitution as the supreme law of the land. I am not to follow orders which are unlawful aka unconstitutional.

    She wasnt killed by foreign troops in the US, she died after attacking a bulldozer operator in a foreign country. The only crime commited was hers.

    I dont see jews hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings, instead they fight our common enemy. This makes them allies, and those progressive youth traitors.

  • jackbelias

    I dont care about how impressed you are with the president. The worship of him as a returned messiah back in the states is just absurd in my eyes. We laugh about it over here alot.

    I have no leanings toward Isreal other than knowing they are currently allies fighting a common enemy.

    I am also supposed to defend America against its domestic threats. Progressives tend to forget that while mobbing the streets with picket signs praising my sworn enemy and calling for the deaths of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since progressives such as yourself are so superior and educated would you mind telling me what you know about the Irish draft riots during the civil war? What of the very constitutional national security safegurads imposed upon European and Japanese immigrants during WW2? Can you see where your side of the fence just might be commiting acts that could lawfuly lead to your internment?

  • Christopher Jensen

    Doubtful that I'd be interred, but it's obvious that, if you are truly an American Soldier stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan, you have lost your bearing and that whatever superiors you have have indoctrinated you too hard.
    Your comments are verging on treason, I'd be more careful if I were you. A federal brig might clear your head from all that talk of interring Americans who disagree with you.
    By the way, the enemy of our enemies aren't always our friends. And the Palestinians aren't our enemies. Don't get them confused with Taliban and Al Queda.
    The Zionists have milked the USA for too long. Time to cut the cord.

  • Christopher Jensen

    OK, so you are crazy. Or just another stupid skinhead nazi piece of shit. Wish you'd come to Alaska and talk that trash. My address is on my Facebook page open to all. Bring it shitbag. There are only well-armed liberals up here. If I see you and your ilk coming, I will be sure to aim careful.

  • jackbelias

    We are seeing her kind in Iraq and Afghanistan too. They are sent to training camps in Somalia and Pakistan by their well funded progressive factions with the hopes of fighting against US troops. The earliest I know of was jihad johnny from a wealthy progressive CA family. There have been many others since. Somali immigrants are also joining the enemy in battle, 5 of them were recently arrested in Pakistan.

    Progressives have been sending American youth to these camps for a long time. During the cold war it was the democratic youth movement along with its extremist split offs such as Red Brigade. Now that we are at war progressive families feel rushed to have their youth get a few rounds off at the US military. Its a thing of great pride for many progressive parents.

    Dont be too surprised to start hearing about American youth being amongst the dead enemy bodies in Afghanistan and maybe even Iraq. I am hearing rumors of engagements with them from time to time. They get on average about 5 hours of rifle markmanship and tend to come from metropolitan families which dont raise their kids with firearms. Overall they arent too scary and only manage to make us very angry from what I hear. Their ineptitude probably gets them killed many times but I wouldnt trust anyone I know (nor myself) to arrest one. My SAW might develope a mechanical problem and experience a runaway if an American youth ever surrendered to me over here. I think the rest of the enemy deserves quarter, but leftist vermin from the US and allied nations are hardly human.

  • jackbelias

    Thats funny as progressive youth often do not distinguish the palestinians from the taliban or al queda. In fact many youth like her attend training camps in the hopes of facing me in battle.

    This has nothing to do with free speech or disagreement, it has to do with sedition during a time of war. There was a German special interest group with similar beliefs to yours during WW2, the govt used them as a justification to intern thousands. It is you who needs to be more careful, a study of our history puts you on the wrong side of the fence.

  • Christopher Jensen

    If so at least I will be morally correct. IMHO the only seditious voices are yours and your Zionist buddies on this page who are trying to force the US into a side that it doesn't belong. We are supposed to be attempting to broker peace, but in the meantime to do that we have to stop the Israelis from getting more weapons. At least not on my dime.
    I'm not muslim, but I too would face anyone like you in battle anytime anywhere, because your opinions are vile and wicked. At the very least a good ass whoopin' should come your way.

  • edwinsvigals

    oh, you served in the Cold War! What a brave fellow! You certainly didnt see any action, you silly twit!

  • Manhattanite

    You man are not in the position to state if you are morally correct or not. You are full of shit dude.

  • Manhattanite

    The only little Nazi here is you. And Rachel Corrie deserved what she got. I wish all of your heroes to have this kind of fate.

  • Dazey

    I would not want to be you in the afterlife… you won't be allowed to take asbestos suits, you know. May God have mercy on your pitiful souls.

  • Manhattanite

    Little ignorant shit you are.

  • Christopher Jensen

    Full of shit for not wanting to spend US dollars on Zionists? Obviously many of you here really do need a lesson in American democracy and the Constitution. Moreover, there is no red blooded American who would support the slaughter of others as Israel has done. Israel managed a great snow job on the American public over the last 40 years. That now is changing and most are seeing the Zionists for what they are. It seems to me that the only people supporting Israel in this country anymore are Israel loving Jewish Americans and misguided Christian sects who think they can bring the second coming of Christ by forcing Armageddon.
    No, the only ones full of shit are you and your Zionist loving buds. You're a bunch of National Socialists in disguise.

  • Christopher Jensen

    I bet you do, and likewise the same to you. In the meantime, I assure you that I am not a Nazi. My grandparents fought in WWII, my Dad in VietNam, and I was in the Gulf just before the first gulf war.
    Your a nasty bunch here, I will say that. Good luck to you Hannity lovers. Unfortunately in this Democracy we are not allowed to put you on the wall to be shot like the treasonous bunch of animals you really are.

  • Christopher Jensen

    “Progressives have been sending American youth to these camps for a long time.”

    Really?! Yeah, there are all these young Americans going over to fight in the jihads. What a pitiful lie. You really are a deluded and sad individual.

  • Christopher Jensen

    You're right, I didn't. I was in the Navy on an aircraft carrier. We were on a constant state of alert while at sea and at that time the Russians and the Chinese were constantly tracking our major ships with nuclear missiles. Once we got the aircraft off we knew we were melted slag should a real nuclear war break out. I did 2 WestPacs during my tour of duty.
    But no, I only served, I didn't see any action.

  • jackbelias

    Nazi? Thanks for the laugh, your posts are the only ones that blame all of the worlds ills on jews. Didnt the Nazis do that? I could hardly breath while reading your post because I was laughing so hard. You might want to become the first leftist to be literate enough to read a history book. You will be shocked to find out that you have repeated nearly everything the nazis said.

    Your armed liberal resistance claims are also funny. 99% of liberals in America hate guns, even if they went out and bought them tomorrow they wouldnt be proficient enough with them to be any threat to us. They would be lucky to know which was the dangerous end while we freely walked amongst them, threw them to the ground and secured them. Can you just see the Berkeley brigade in action? How about the pink San Francisco division? I can only imagine how terrified we would be of them.

    If they did get a lucky shot off (most would likely shoot themselves or fellow comrades by accident) and hit one of us we could use it as an excuse to be as brutal as we wanted to be.

    Even our transport vehicles are armored enough to be immune to anything you can buy at any store. What will you do against a tank? How about an attack helicopter? Our infantry tactics have been battle tested against well armed radicals who have been fighting their whole lives. You wouldnt stand a chance.

    The fact is leftists have been calling for our deaths in the streets, directly suporting the enemy, and sometimes even attend terrorist training camps. What rational option are you leaving the US other than eventual internment? You are doing the same things German extremist groups did during WW2, and sometime you are going to have to answere for it as they did. Each day your radical factions get bolder and dumber, this will lead to your downfall.

  • henrypercy

    I'd love to drive a tractor over that hippie filth Jensen,
    lube the tracks with his disgusting grease, but
    there would waft a smell so revolting as
    the whole creation would get the heave…


    Of course, Jensen is really a “RATON”!!!


  • jackbelias

    All you have to do is follow the lead of your fellow progressives. Attend a training camp in Pakistan or Somalia and join up with the muslim extremists. Being a navy vet you arent likely to have much experience with combat rifles or gound warfare tactics, but all of the other progressives are in the same boat you are.

    You can face as many American soldiers as you want in battle after training. Dont be surprised to discover that you dont stand a chance at all though. We dont care about fair over here and will happily turn you into hamburger meat. Be careful while in base camp, our attack helicopters pack a cruel wallup and can fire on you from miles away. The A 10s are also bad news. Dont bother trying to penetrate any tanks with the used POS rifle you will be given, it might just turn and run you over rather than waste ammo. They have been known to do that from time to time.

  • jackbelias

    They have been caught on numerous occasions. Being a cold war vet you should recognize the Red Brigade, they sent progressive youth from western nations all over to train. North Africa was the location of most of their camps.

    You obviously dont keep up with the news very much.

    During WW2 German special interest groups recruited American youth to join the Germans. They spouted off about jewish evil and a need to demonstrate against the war effort. Many were arrested for sedition which led to their activities being used to justify the internment of european immigrants who were not known members.

    They claimed that zionists had fooled the public into fighting on the wrong side. They made up all kinds of BS human rights abuses by American troops and claimed that European children were scarred forever by allied carpet bombing. They claimed to be “peace activists” while calling for the deaths of US troops and praising the Nazis in Europe.

    Today you and your fellow progressives are following in their footsteps. Your rhetoric is the same, your tactics are the same, and your intentions are the same. I predict that the outcome of your efforts will be the same. There will come a time when we find one too many of you over here for the public to stomach, or perhaps an activist will use something that goes BOOM in the states. So far empty military recruitment offices have been bombed but what will the public reaction be when one is occupied? How long until one of your activists gets tired of empty buildings and decides to strike a blow? You are walking on eggs and can be introduced to a lesson in constitutional law regarding times of war just as the Germans did.

  • Proxywar


    She was killed on accident anyway.

    Still, FUCK HER.

    Nothing about her was American other than the fact she happend to be born here. Take your dumb opinion to Daily Kos don't no one here care about that bitch or anyone else you name that worked with the enemy and happend to die. This is war. Pick your side wisely. People die every day. One less progressive bitch don't mean a fucking thing to me. Funny, you don't cry about the real many of murders happening all around the world to Americans and others in different countries. If this is how you think you don't mean a fucking thing to me either. Go take your holier than thou ass back to church your dealing with realists and atheists. Don't noone have time for your nonsense.

  • Proxywar

    Notice how he ignores your post? LMAO!

    The fucked up part is these Rachel's were just trying to live their lives in peace.
    They weren't bothering anyone. Big difference between them and the rachel that got demolished by the Israel bulldozer on accident. Yet he cares nothing about them. Jensen is nothing more than a Zionist-kook. Ignore him his dumb opinions which have been debunked God knows how many times.

  • Proxywar

    Nothing about her deserves the label HERO. She was not a hero. The men who stormed the beachs during ww2 were heros. Sorry but, accidently getting yourself killed does not make one a Hero. It makes them a zealous-moron. People die every day by accident yet we don't call them Heros. Sorry but, this whole lets feel sorry for Rachel Corrie jag you are on doesn't make a lick of logical sense. It's nothing more than sensationalism. Your trying to guilt trip people into feeling bad for her when there is no reason to feel bad for her. She is exactly what I said she was nothing more than a privileged white girl who happend to be born an American citizen who was a stone cold sympathizer for the Jihadist-Terrorists. She's been seen holding AK47's trying to play Jihadist. Fuck her and you. I will not call her a hero and no one else with brains on this site will ethier. So you can fuck off with your bullshit appeal to emotion fallacy because noone here gives a flying fuck about her.

  • Christopher Jensen

    The more you talk, the weaker your arguments become. Sounds like desperation to me. Not only that, but the majority of you don't even sound like Americans. You sound like Israeli's trying to influence American Politics by sounding like you really live here. Wonder how long you've been trying to scare politicians like that?
    This isn't Germany, it's the US of fuckin A.
    You guys are really too stupid to discuss this all with and I doubt any of you are real American soldiers, marines, or sailors.
    Like I said, I look forward to meeting you any way you wish. The real defenders of the USA are right here. Not you.

  • Christopher Jensen

    Dunno what a raton is, sounds like we have some faggot who doesn't love America.

  • Christopher Jensen

    Really? And what is wrong with being anti-Zionist? You bet I am! Zionism=Fascism pure and simple. Also what is dumb about saying that the USA should not be sending weapons and money to Israel? Only an Israeli or an Israeli agent would say that. I am saying that the USA should not be swayed by a little country that practices wholesale slaughter on its neighbors. We should not be sending ANY support at all!!

    You are at war, accept that people die. lots of Rachels and Habibs. I only care that it was an unarmed American girl that was killed by Israeli's.
    You are right. I don't give a shit if you kill one another. What I am saying is that Israel should not think that it can kill Americans without consequence.

  • jackbelias

    You know for sure that every progressive activist will be happy with bombing empty military recruitment offices forever? That might be a bit too much faith to have in anyone. My vision of your political future is based on historical fact and an understanding of human nature. The tactics of your political faith can only make your lives worse one day as you cant trust indoctrinated leftist youth to keep the protesting peaceful. They like to do extreme things as way of getting attention and making names for themselves. How will the American public react when the activism is taken up a notch by those seeking attention?

    When they do what youth do the public reaction can shift and become far more hostile than you imagine. Not every American is a progressive democrat, many of us belong to no party at all. We are very intollerant of extremism and the out of control hoodlums your party encourages. We read the reports of rioting in the streets as a fun sport, siding with the enemy, chanting death threats, and traveling to vacation spots in Pakistan and Somalia. We read the reports of American Islamic hatred, right along with the reports of domestic terrorist acts commited by them. Your party then accuses us of bigotry when we take offense to their terrorist acts. We then see that your political collective thinks jews or Bush blew up the world trade center, how ridiculous! We see your constant neo nazi wailing about “zionists” as desperate buck passing. You are trying to turn America into Bosnia with your groupthink and your ridiculous ethnocentric politics. Our tolerance of you is growing very thin. The things you are doing cannot be tolerated forever.

    You really are crazy, now Im a secret agent working for Isreal? Do you know how paranoid and stupid that sounds? Influence Americans? I read the news and post a few comments, other than that my contact with America is limited to care packages and emails from friends and family. I have no access to politicians and I have no interest in being in their general area. Shaking hands with one could give me a disease for which there is no cure, for the rest of my life I would have to scrub the dirt off vigorously. Unlike you I dont trust parties or their grubby little politicians.

    I was born in the great state of Maine to conservative working class parents. I was one of the last generations to enjoy Maine, progressives from every metroploitan district in America bought most of the state and paved it. What they didnt want was given to the Somalis.

    The events I told you of happened in the US, not in Germany. Again I say that you should consider reading up on a little American history.Everything you have said has been said before, the tactics your political collective uses have been used before. Those who did what you are doing paid a price well within the “US of fuckin A” when the public would no longer tolerate them.

    If you want to meet just do what I suggested before. Grow a pair and come on over to fight us like some of the other progressive vermin. If your nuts hang half as low as you claim it should be no problem for you at all. You might live for as long as ten minutes after stepping off the transport, which is ten minutes more than you deserve.

  • jackbelias

    A funny poem indeed, Im going to have to print that out so someo the other soldiers can get a laugh too. Hippies in general arent too popular in our crowd but this Jenson jerk off is over the top.

  • Manhattanite

    It does not matter what your grandparents fought for. You do sound like a Nazi despite your inane issurances to the contrary. And Tim McVeigh was in Iraq too.

  • Manhattanite

    Man you are truly deranged. You man sound like Josef Goebbels reincarnate. But you are not even him, just a ridiculous wannabe. What lessons in American democracy and Constitution are you talking about? Your kind had been interned and often shot during the last Great War without much ado, because there was no time or point for democratic niceties with the likes of you. This is how the American Democracy works when the demagogues like you overstep their limit and welcome during trying times. It's you who needs a good lesson in history. So shove your “morality” up your own ass.

  • Manhattanite

    Those americans who actively assist the enemy, i.e. the ones who plot and murder american allies and other americans are no different from the enemy. And you, as their defender, due to your rabid jew-hating nature, is the enemy sympathizer. You are tolerated during relatively peaceful times. But once things start to heat up a little bit you may find yourself in big trouble man. Turn to history for lessons.

  • doubleblack

    It may be the translation, but sir you need to up your dosage of anti-psychotic medication.

  • doubleblack

    It may be the translation, but sir you need to up your dosage of anti-psychotic medication.

  • bs61

    jackbelias – God bless you for defending the US! I'm doing my part at home with the Tea Party to get rid of the Marxist regime in DC.

  • henrypercy

    Ding-dong Jensen sez:
    “Dunno what a raton is, sounds like we have some faggot who doesn't love America”

    A “Raton” is a desert rat, like you, a follower of Mahomet-Baphomet,
    the rapist, thief, genocidal assassin and pedophile prophet and
    who also follow the teaching of Khomeini in “Tahrir Ol Vasileh”
    and thus sodomise babies and animals.

    The enemy of freedom(an abd, or slave), the enemy of America!
    (Most muslim names start with “ABD” meaning SLAVE!)

    You're not called goat f**kers for nothing.

    Muslims used to be called Sabaeans, or slaves idolaters of a “moon” meteorite
    called Kaaba…AKA…ALLAH!!! (Check what's inside the black cube
    in front of the caboose in Mecca!), surrounded by thousands of muslim idolaters.

  • Proxywar

    Just because you say “Zionism” equals facism doesn't make it so. Infact, you have violated godwins law. Let me turn your question on you… what is dumb about saying that the USA should not be trainning, sending weapons, and money to HAMAS/FATAH? This little country you speak of is surrounded by nothing but vast enemy countries. If you don't want to support Israel fine by me. Talk to your governor about setting up a individual law that allows you to opt-out when it comes to tax allocation to Israel. She was a American turned jihadist unAmerican girl. They didn't kill her for tenth time. She killed her dam self. An no you don't care about Americans other wise you would be bitching about the other countries that actually do murder Americans. Spare me, your anti-semitism is appallingly zealous. It's made you illogical.

  • Proxywar

    I don't care what your parents did because obviously they raised a nazi.
    Yeah we are nasty bunch but you can't prove us wrong so who gives a fuck who gives a shit? Hannity is a joke. You should try reading history and philosophy books and forming your own state of mind rather than spewing liberal talking points. For instance, did you know I'm an atheist libertarian? No you didn't know that because you don't care.
    You have your mind made up that you are the most moral being on the face of this earth who is never wrong about anything. People like you never introspectively question what they think you just think it because it's easier for you to get along with people that way.

  • Proxywar

    I'm 100% American buddy, so fuck you. The problem is you don't like my politics. Unlike you, I'm not thinking “BUYING EVERYONE A COKE” makes a Utopia. Hell, no. I'm thinking like Machiavelli in a time of war. Thus, why I support Israel against the muslim nations. If anyone is thinking nonamerican it is you. You who supports the Jihadist and the solidarity scum bags who sympathize for them because they've been brainwashed by their baby boomer parents and taught nothing but negative history about America and Israel. If you don't see things my way FINE BY ME but step in my way and I will crush every ideological myth you stand behind. I do not play a zero sum game.

  • Proxywar

    Noone said she deserved to die they simpely just don't care that she did die.
    That is my stance at least.

    That's not insane or sick it's just how the cookie crumbles. Do you care one way or the other about people that die in car accidents everyday? Would you care one way or another about a misgudied, naive, young, nazi-youth movement member that got killed back during ww2? You could say it's being selectively apathetic. That I would agree with. To a degree we are all selectively apathetic. Would you want me to lie to you and to put it in a politically correct way like you just did? I'd rather not. I'd rather speak the truth.

  • Proxywar

    God does not exist and ethier does the soul for that matter.

    So don't waste mercy on me because I don't need it.

  • Mo

    And you know this how?

    Meanwhile, the Bible has plenty of evidence that it is what it claims to be and that Jesus was who He claimed to be. I suggest you look into it before spouting off such arrogance and ignorance.

    If I'm wrong, then you've lost nothing but some time. But if you're wrong, you've lost eternity. And that's a long, long time. Don't you think it's worth a bit of effort in looking into it?

  • Proxywar

    If you read about neuroscience specifically neurology you would realize what makes us, us, is our brain not something in intangible like a soul.
    There is zero scientific evidence for the souls existence.

    The bible has no evidence to claim anything. It can't even prove the exodus really happend let alone prove the son of God “jesus” existed.
    The biblical poppycock doesn't jive well with the historics, archaeology, and anthropology proofs.

    Pascal's wager on me? lol. Provide me some evidence for me to look into other than what your bible tells you to think. You can't because it simplely doesn't exist. Let me show you the absurdity of your “wager arguement”. Let's say the conversation was about the flying spaghetti monster instead of about God. And then you went on to say this….

    “If I'm wrong, then you've lost nothing but some time. But if you're wrong, you've lost eternity. And that's a long, long time. Don't you think it's worth a bit of effort in looking into it?”

    There is no way you are this illogical.

  • Mo

    Neither can anyone photograph things like love, your own thoughts (not the brain activity that comes while thinking, but the actual thoughts themselves), and a whole host of other things that we know are real but are in a different category than that which can be captured physically.

    Your nasty and condescending comment about the poppycock of the Bible shows me you haven't even read it. Otherwise you wouldn't say something so ignorant. Go look up the prophecies of Christ that were fulfilled, the history of Israel and of Jesus Christ. You'll find plenty of evidence. But you won't, because you've already made up your mind – based upon nothing.

    I hope one day when you're standing before Christ you'll remember that a perfect stranger showed enough concern for you to ask you to stop being so closed minded and actually take the time to look into this Bible and this God that you so despise, without knowing ANYTHING about either.

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