The Deal for Gilad Shalit – by Jacob Shrybman


As an oleh chadash (new immigrant) that came to land of the Jewish people not due to persecution or suffering but because of deep-rooted beliefs in Zionism, like many I have a big problem with all the latest discussions over Gilad Shalit.

As an oleh chadash that has recently received a profile score of 97 to serve my mandatory army service in a combat unit, and as an oleh chadash that for the past year has lived in the Gaza border city of Sderot I have an enormous problem with the latest discussions over Gilad Shalit.

I do not hold some seat in the government with some fancy title but I know what is going on now is wrong and it pains me to watch it happen.

Why is the discussion during the past week about how many terrorists we are going to give Hamas, Fatah, and the PA as a whole for Gilad’s return? Why isn’t the discussion about how we are going to make Hamas pay a huge price for the kidnapping of Gilad or about a plan to retrieve him?

Because we simply have entered into the Arabs’ shuk of hostage negotiating they have already declared a victory that will only empower them to kidnap more soldiers. It is laughable if one believes that they care if they get back 400, 1000, 980 or even 5 of their terrorists because they are in no way lacking numbers, and moreover as they use their own sons and daughters as human shields they clearly don’t value the lives of those they are receiving.

After a 21 day operation inside the Gaza Strip and we didn’t see Gilad back home, and now with our government, providing our enemies with the future opportunities to kidnap more of our sons and brothers- what am I supposed to think as someone soon entering the Israeli Defense Forces for ideological reasons when I know that my homeland won’t rescue me and will minimally take over 3 years to trade me only at the cost of future capture of others like me?

As someone living in Sderot since Operation Cast Lead it is hard to believe that this cowardly surrender to our enemies will bring anything but more missiles to more cities in Israel. It is awing to me when even the Defense Minister Ehud Barak has accepted the reality of rockets in our lives when last week in Sderot he described the situation as quiet. Friday before Shabbat we surpassed a count of 280 qassams, mortars and grads fired since Operation Cast Lead- apparently an acceptable amount to our elected leaders.

So what am I supposed to think as someone who lives in Sderot for the same ideological reasons that I have come to my homeland and will serve in our army, when I know our government is giving our enemies the opportunity to fire more missiles at me and others like me?

Can we really not get Gilad back with our infamous intelligence sources, stealth, and military training? Or has our government already sacrificed him and others to be so that they can get political points with all the world on-lookers and as a result maybe Bibi can also get a handout Nobel Peace Prize?

While all of this is happening and is considered a movement toward a greater peace deal, are we really supposed to believe it is all because of that scary hot-topic term “settlements.” Sderot, Ashkelon, and Beersheva are all targets of missile attacks that are not considered “settlements” by our administration or the Obama led American administration. Gilad Shalit was born in Nahariya and grew up in Mitzpe Hila, both of which are not “settlements.” So how can disallowing the growth of the Jewish nation or what George Mitchell and Barack Obama deem illegal settlement building really help bring Gilad home, stop the future capture of Israelis, and stop missiles from being fired at Israelis?

I do not intend to be facetious in writing all these questions but I am truly asking. As an oleh chadash soon entering the IDF and living in Sderot, what I am observing baffles me and leaves me with a load of questions.

Jacob Shrybman is a writer for the Sderot Media Center.

  • Robert Bernier

    Absolute victory.
    Based on theWorld War II experience, “absolute victory” has come to mean vanquishing the enemy – not merely defeating its army and effecting regime change, but forcing its acceptance that the vision that led to its aggression and the system that sustained it were at the end. Victory is needed to prove to the Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular that against their ethos of death stands the ethos of life, protected by the arms of democracies that are resolved to punish them where it hurts most as explained at :

  • Robert Bernier

    Hostages-for-terrorists swaps endanger Israeli citizens.
    The recidivism rates of terrorists released in hostage swaps alone make clear that hostages-for-terrorists swaps endanger Israeli citizens. And in light of the moral depravity of our intellectual and legal elites, it is clear that legislative action alone cannot remedy the current situation in which even the most monstrous terrorists can safely assume that they will one day be released. The public must involve itself in the issue. Commom sense at :

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Obama is the divine sign our radical Islamist enemies have been waiting for. From Al Qaida to the Shiite mullahs of Iran; from the Wahabis of Arabia to the Moslem Brothers and the Taliban, one and all see Obama as a heaven sent gift from Almighty Allah to bankrupt the US and destroy the Pax Americana, thus setting the stage for the restoration of Islam as a great world power.

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and

  • Hammer39

    If I remember correctly when given instructions from HaShem on how to take the land, Joshua was told kill all inhabitants. Some may disagree with my thoughts but here goes. Instead of releasing known killers to kill again the law should be changed to allow “The Death Penalty”. After all it was approved by HaShem. If an Isralie is kidnapped or if a rocket is fired into Israel causing death and injury we should announce to Hamas, Fatah and the world that we will by random selection put to death one of their prisones each day the kidnapped victim is not returned of the rocket launchers are not handed over to the IDF.

    A radical idea, Yes!

    • Esther Cook

      I LIKE it.
      It is fitting.

  • HenryW

    the situation baffles everybody,,,,,
    there are times in life when nobody is the winner. that remark probably sounds condescending. still, the hard reality is nobody has good answers.

  • Richard Weinberg (Vermont)

    And never mind that eye for an eye crap. What's needed is a head for an eye.

  • andyFree

    So you're a coloniser. The people who lived in Sderot are now crowded into a concentration camp, just like the Jews of Poland were uprooted and crowded into the Warsaw Ghetto.

    And you're going to kill them for resisting – it's none of my business to remind you of International Law and justice and comment on the subject of “Land in the East”.

  • andyFree

    For 60 years, Israelis were confident that they could rob and kill anyone they pleased in the region.

    But they're losing confidence now – Iran was a gentle nation, many miles away, that had never attacked anyone in 270 years. It's 10 times bigger than Israel. Now it's racing to get nuclear weapons to defend itself against a nuclear armed regional bully and protect the rocket-production industry that seems to be so popular in the region.

    And Israelis are starting to realise they cannot take on and beat 1.57 billion Muslims. It's taken a very long time for the natives to really start arming themselves against the immigrants, but there's only one way this battle can end.