Throwing Rifqa to the Wolves – by Jamie Glazov


Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pamela Geller, founder, editor and publisher of the popular and award-winning weblog She has won acclaim for her interviews with internationally renowned figures, including John Bolton, Geert Wilders, Bat Ye’or, Natan Sharansky, and many others, and has broken numerous important stories — notably the questionable sources of some of the financing of the Obama campaign. Her op-eds have been published in The Washington Times, The American Thinker, Israel National News, Frontpage Magazine, World Net Daily, and New Media Journal, among other publications.

FP: Pamela Geller, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

Rifqa Bary is being sent back to Ohio. You have been following the developments. Tell us what is going on and what it means.

Geller: Rifqa Bary is a teenage apostate. She escaped her devout Muslim home when her parents were advised by members of their extremist mosque that Rifqa had converted to Christianity.

Rifqa Bary’s father threatened to kill her if “she had this Jesus” in her heart. And so she ran away to Florida, as far away as she could get, and stayed with sympathetic Christians. She has since been placed in foster care, and the battle rages on to get this young woman to return to her devout Muslim family and Muslim community. Having spoken to many apostates in the States, living as a Christian in a devout Muslim household is not an option, despite her father’s dubious assertions.

FP: So what happened in court?

Geller: There were key developments in Judge Daniel Dawson’s juvenile court yesterday. It was a bizarre scene. Ohio started their own proceedings to get Rifqa back when they lost jurisdiction two months back.  So two courts met at the same time on the same matter; both listening to each other’s statements via audio link. Both judges were deciding the case of whether Rifqa Bary goes back to Ohio. To say this was unusual is understatemen.

The upshot is that Ohio has jurisdiction and the Florida court maintains emergency jurisdiction at least until the 27h of October.  The law is clear on this.

FP: Is Rifqa safe in Ohio?

Geller: No, I do not believe she is. As soon as she ran away, Ohio law enforcement dismissed her charges of abuse — before they had even conducted an investigation. A month ago, Ohio Governor Strickland publicly stated that he wanted Rifqa back in Ohio. Strickland has been a supporter of CAIR. Not surprising, as he has been on the receiving end of substantial dollars from the Muslim community.  CAIR is very involved in the case. They are advising Mohamed and Aysha Bary (Rifqa’s parents). The Muslim community and particularly the Noor Mosque, will not be warm to such a vocal apostate. Imagine the psychological abuse for a 17 year old girl upon her return. 75 pound Rfqa vs the Islamic machine. David meets Goliath.

The media refuses to discuss apostasy, but the motive behind the threat is apostasy. It is verboten in the court room.

There is an upside. The parents have been very dodgy, dishonest even, on their immigration status. Time and time again they have ignored court orders to produce copies of their immigration documents. This is a key issue, because when Rifqa ran away, her mother had packed all of the family’s belongings and said they were going back to Sri Lanka. This is what I believe the family, the community, CAIR, and the Islamic machine really wants: to get Rifqa back to Sri Lanka.

I asked an apostate from Sri Lanka who showed up at the hearing yesterday to provide moral support for Rifqa, if Rifqa would be safe in Sri Lanka (not a Muslim majority country). She said,

“No. She will die, she will die in her society. Society won’t leave her alone. Even if the family, Mother and Father has a little sympathy, but not society, society is worse because she has gone too far. The society will never leave the family in peace. They have to take a stand for this, because it is the shame. Rifqa has brought a shame for their religion and for their society.”

The judge is aware of this, because he ruled he would not release Rifqa until the family’s immigration documents were submitted to the court. Then Mohamed Bary’s lawyer, belligerent and rude, made all sorts of wild accusations. He alleged that John Stemberger (Rifqa’s lawyer) was going to kidnap Rifqa and “squirrel her out of the country”. When in fact that appears to be the Islamic plan, but that is typical: blame it on “right wing extremists” or “anti-Muslim bigots”. Hence the insane accusations in the court room. But the bottom line is Rifqa will not leave Florida until the immigration papers are filed. And the Bary lawyer has been threatened with contempt should he not produce them.

This is a tinderbox. But for now, Rifqa is safe in Florida. If the issue is not resolved by the end of October, a judicial review has been tentatively scheduled for November 10. I do not believe the parents will provide the documents. And then? Stay tuned.

FP: What are the possibilities if the parents do not provide the documents?

Geller: It’s anyone’s guess. The whole family could be deported. The risk to Rifqa’s life is considerable. The sooner Rifqa’s defense team has the documents, the sooner her status can be addressed. There are several different approaches to securing her safety. A person seeking asylum may do so from inside the US and does not have to leave and petition for re-entry. That is the advantage. Religious asylum is seldom granted though. Perhaps Rifqa could file a claim on a civil rights violation (a CAIR move) against her parents.

The question of jurisdiction may appear to be settled but it is not. Dawson said he doesn’t plan to release her until he sees the Bary immigration documents. It will be interesting.

FP: Why do you think there is such silence about apostasy when this is actually causing the case itself? The media is saying nothing about this.

Geller: It’s indicative of how sick our society has become. Spinelessness and ignorance are a lethal combination. Apostasy is the motive behind the death threat. Period. Of course the FDLE found no evidence of a threat, they did not investigate threats of a religious nature. Perhaps the upside (if there could be such a thing) to this terrible case is that the media is being exposed for their conquered, dhimmi approach to the story. And that is why new media/alternative reporting was so critical to this story.

FP: Overall, what do you think this case has signified? What has been its meaning? What have your own impressions been?

Geller: This is a landmark case on so many levels. The obvious is the media’s auto-censorship. Their bias is so fixed that they would rather put a teenage girl’s life at risk than report the story. Why wouldn’t they err on the side of caution? What is Rifqa Bary so terrified of? The media’s indifference is devastating.

It’s the proverbial teaching moment. Why isn’t the media giving Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish and any of the thousands of apostates living in the shadows, front page exposure in the media, to help push back, push Islamic supremacism back to the fringe of civilization?

Further, this case pits Sharia law and its absolutism against the rule of law in America. If we turn a blind eye to the execution of sharia law in our society, is that not our sanction? Are we not complicit if we are not vigilant?

The silence of the media, pundits, law enforcement, psychologists, the court system renders the girls, the women, the men murdered in the name of Islam nothing more than a rumor. They are invisible and count for nothing. It speaks volumes to the West’s respect and sanctity of life.

The larger picture is the clash of civilizations, a clash of human systems. The battle is for our very soul.

President Obama addressed the Muslim world in June from Al Ahzar University in Cairo where a fatwa (death penalty) was issued for apostasy. The President described Al Azhar. this way: “For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement.”

In that same speech Obama declared,  “….the United States government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab and to punish those who would deny it.”

Well, what about the right of women and girls not to wear the hijab?

America is the greatest, the noblest, and in its original founding principles, the first and last moral country (save Israel) in the history of the world – what happened?

FP: What can we do to help Rifka?

Geller: Call, write, fax, snail mail, Governor Charlie Crist, gently persuasively. Every day.

Governor Charlie Crist’s office:

Phone:  (850) 488-4441, (850) 488-7146.

Fax: (850) 487-0801


FP: Pamela Geller, thank you for joining us.

Editor’s note: Watch scholar Robert Spencer discuss Rifqa’s case on Fox and Friends:

  • josephwiess

    If this innocent girl turns up dead, we should arrest the family, the lawyers, everyone in that mosque, the governor of Florida, the Governor of Ohio, and the judges for letting her go back into a hostile situation. If this were any other child, CPS would be all over it, and CASA would be advocating for a new home for this child.

    This girl is 17? She can file papers to be liberated from her parents, just as she could easily run away to Los Angeles, or even to Texas.

    How many more girls must die before we say that Sharia law is antithetical to the laws of the USA?

  • wildjew

    Even conservative talk radio is silent about this. My talk radio show hosts here in central Fla. are silent. I called in a few weeks back on the topic. The host was very familiar with the story. Then silence. Has anyone heard a radio talk show host covering this important story? I

  • David

    I've been following this for some time. Pam has worked tirelessly on behalf of Riqfa and I hope in the end this young girl is able to break away from this nightmare. The Bary's have been in this country for over 20 years and are still not legally in this country. Why haven't they produced the paperwork? How many others are here like this and what are our tax dollars being used for by the ICE.

    Florida should delay everything until she turns 18.

    I'm really surprised that the networks have not aired this story. Fox has had some brief spots but nothing to speak of.

  • aliasMrJones

    If this happens to apostates in the freest country on earth you can imagine what it might be like for them under Islamic regimes. What has gone wrong with America ?

  • Grimcargo

    Thank you for presenting Pamela Geller. No better friend to this young girl than Pamela. She walks the walk. God bless her and you.

  • Federated Republic

    As father of two beautiful and intelligent women I am deeply disturbed every time I hear of these Islamic atrocities against the female gender. When are American women as a whole going to get some spine and stand up against these Islamic misogynists with same zeal they burned bras and marched for woman's rights? What kind of hypocrisy is this? Just because her parents Islamic she has no rights? Where is this young ladies equal rights? You women out there, especially on Demoncrat side, who sit idly by and let these Islamic nutbags murder and disfigure women as they please, totally disgust me!

  • armaros

    Rifqa is trapped between the ideals of the left and the right.

    The Left wants to act under relativism. Thus, no Muslim can commit an honor murder more likely than a X-tian or a Jew. Suggesting otherwise is “racist”.

    The Right fears parental rights to be devalued through this case. They maintain the sanctity of the family above all else and fear a precedent for kids running away with the help of the state. They fear that one day a X-tian kid comes out, alleges abuse and has the state standing behind him(her) enforcing state over parental sovereignty.

    Of course the same Left which decries this case as an example of racism and islamophobia, would be the first to rally behind a X-tian kid calling his parents demands to say Grace at the table “abuse” and would call them fundamentalists and help the child find a way out of the family. But to want to escape a “victim group”, all that falls apart.
    They view this as if a black kid wanted to run away from home because the parents wanted her to listen to Hip Hop or something and see Rifqa as someone rejecting her culture in favor of another. Another they despise, X-tian American.

    So Rifqa unfortunately is trapped between the two rocks.
    Also her X-tian faith drives the Left crazy and lends credence to the lies that she was “brainwashed”. If she wanted to leave Islam for a secular atheist life, they would not allege “brainwashing” and other canards.

    Therefore the media is playing this with their cards close to their chests.
    They never support any X-tian movement or belief and usually support those who cry first “racism”. CAIR did a great job in portraying this child as a liar and a tool of the X-tian Right in their crusade against Islam.

    But the reality is that CAIR is where the weakness of their case should surface.
    The Noor Center is riddled with fundamentalists. Even their own members complain of rampant nepotism, Arab supremacy and discrimination against blacks and women. Basically they are a bigoted institution which houses the money and votes for a powerful Ohio Islamic community.

    The racism and misogyny claimed by Noor members should raise eyebrows among the politically correct Left. But as usual, Muslims are exempt for the standards applied to Rush Limbaugh for example. Muslims get away with blatant homophobia, sexism, racism and religious intolerance.

    This case turns all of that on its head. So there is the reason why few want to touch this with a ten foot pole. They hope the case will go away. They hope Rifqa would just go away. She is not their desired actor in the game. She is a very believing X-tian which in the eyes of the Left is just as bad as a fundamentalist Muslim.

  • Mary Lou Rucker

    Keep the pressure on Gov. Crist….We cannot afford to be wrong on this!

  • YoshiNakamura

    Because of the huge national publicity surrounding this case, it is unlikely that Rifqa will be harmed as long as she remains in the United States. The Moslem community here is, first and foremost concerned about Islam's image among Americans. To harm Rifqa would confirm to all skeptics that the critics of Islam were right.

  • joeyindc

    I think that it is crazy that the court would allow this girl to go anywhere near her family with her allegations and the facts that we have seen with our own eyes. CPS has taken children from homes of parents that smoke as a reason to protect the children. Now they want to send this girl into the lion's den. Even if they don't kill her, what kind of treatment will she get just for starting this whole thing in the first place. They should put her in foster care until she is 18. She should have some say in her future, she knows more about her family than we do. She should be taken seriously. What if she ends up dead? Are we to shake our heads later and say that someone should have seen this coming? No, she is doing the right thing, she is taking the avenues that the courts say she must. Being PC shouldn't have a thing to do with saving this girl. Remember only a couple of months ago a woman was beheaded by her muslim husband who actually worked as a moderate avdocacy group. Is it a coincidence that she was beheaded, a favorite torture kill of the muslims? He was considered moderate, no one thought that he would do this, but he did. This girl needs protection. NOW.

  • Tom

    The silence is deafening. Honor killings are apart of Islam. It is as if the media ignores or understates the severity of the connection between Islam and terrorism, honor killings and slavery that they actually believe the public will never find out the truth. The fact that this poor girl is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness to protect a religion that calls for her death is beyond tragedy. At this point, from politicians I expect nothing. When the president of France shows a bigger pair of cahones by speaking out against the oppression that the burka represents and the president of the USA thinks that it is nothing more than a cultural fashion piece then the rest of the free world should be very afraid. Obama showed his real committment to human rights when that poor Iranian girl was murdered in the streets protesting an obviously corrupt election. Every American politician should have been up in arms about the Iranian travesty and they should be fighting for the life of this poor girl Ms. Bary. Obama has the largest bully pulpit in the world and instead of calling out the shortcomings of Islam and demanding "change" he is going to sit silently with the rest of the Marxists and Islamic apologists and hope that this poor girl isn't murdered. And if she is it won't be because of a flaw within Islam, it will be because her parents were unstable or some other such rot… I have no idea how these peole sleep at night.

  • LindaRivera

    Thank you so very, very much to caring Pamela Geller for all of her efforts on behalf of frightened and desperate runaway Rifqa. I hope that street demonstrations will take place for Rifqa all over America. Rifqa must stay in Florida! She must stay in America! Please, G-D keep this innocent child safe!

    Before the latest court hearing, I e-mailed Governor Crist the following e-mail to


    Dear Governor Crist:

    I appreciate all that you are doing to protect Rifqa Bary.

    I was stunned when I read that Florida investigators declared that Rifqa is safe. The only way to determine if Rifqa is in danger, is to see what the Koran, Hadith, prominent Muslim Imams and major mosques teach regarding an apostate who leaves Islam. The punishment given is death. The Koran says to show no mercy to unbelievers (non-Muslims). Untold numbers of apostates from Islam have been murdered.

    The call to murder apostates from Islam, Jews and other non-Muslims come from Islamic books and preached by Imams:

    Leaflets were distributed in major British cities which included slogans such as: “The final hour will not come until the Muslims kill the Jews.”

    Britain's response? “police appeared reluctant to prosecute because the calls to fight the Jews were carefully couched in quotes from the Koran.”

    Does Britain believe this horrifying incitement to call for the RELIGIOUS MURDER of Jews and other innocents should not be prosecuted because it's in the Koran?

    Hezbollah leader Nasarallah:

    If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002).


  • yogeshsaxena

    Lucknow: A teenage Muslim girl was killed by her parents last night and her body chopped into pieces because she dared to elope and marry the man she loved.

    Mohsina Akhtar's murder came to light when Muzaffarnagar police stopped three persons carrying a huge gunny bag. Inside were pieces of the 18-year-old's body and a chopper and an axe used in the “honour killing”.

    Superintendent of police (rural) Arvind Pandey said the three Mohsina's mother Iqbal Jehan, maternal uncle Kallu Mohsin and brother Mohsin – confessed they were on their way to dump the pieces in a canal near Lalauna, the west Uttar Pradesh village where Mohsina was murdered.

    Pandey said Iqbal told him it was the body of a “shaitan” (devil). “Yeh shaitan meri beti thi. Humne unko maar dala (This devil was my daughter. We have killed her).”

    “All three admitted that they killed Mohsina because she loved a Muslim boy from a neighbouring village and married him after eloping a month back,” the officer said. “I have handled many such incidents of honour killing but this was one of the most gruesome.”

    Police sources said the girl's father, Mohammad Akhtar, who hasn't been arrested, will be questioned tomorrow.

    Senior superintendent of police Sushil Kumar said Iqbal, who has another daughter, didn't betray any remorse. “When they were produced in court today, she was silent, as were Kallu and Mohsin. Iqbal said she had to kill her. She said she was not feeling good after the murder but has no regrets,” the SSP added.

    Residents said one reason for the lack of regret is the increasing social recognition such honour killings – common in the northwest frontier region of Pakistan – are getting in western Uttar Pradesh.
    “Villagers often pool money to bear the legal expenses of a family that kills a wayward daughter,” said a resident of adjoining Baghpat.

    “An elopement makes it difficult for a family to get a match for other daughters,” said Rajiv Soni, a social worker.

    According to police files, 23 cases of honour killings have been reported in the Baghpat-Muzaffarnagar-Saharanpur-Bijnor region since 2006, including six this year in Muslim families. Yesterday, a woman who had been forced into marriage was shot dead by her brother for refusing to go to her marital home.

    “I suspect hardcore fundamentalist elements are encouraging these incidents,” said Shaista Amber, a member of the All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board.

    Mohsina had fallen in love with Mukhtar Mahmud, 20, a resident of Bilaspur, a village about 2km from her home. The family had recently shifted to Lalauna, where Mohsina's maternal uncles live, and found that neighbours knew about the affair. Her uncle Kallu told the police that the family tried to stop her as society frowns upon such relationships.

    But Mohsina and Mukhtar eloped and got married last month. Soon, the whispers “inki ladki bhaag gai hai” – got louder. The family's instant reaction was fear of social ostracism. Iqbal had to marry off another daughter. So Mohsina had to be killed.

    Unconfirmed reports said a small group of elderly residents also ruled that Mohsina should be killed to protect the family's honour.
    The young couple made the mistake of returning home last week. Last night, Mohsina was hanged from a ceiling fan of a room in her maternal uncles' house. Her body was then taken to a cattle shed where it was cut into pieces.

  • yogeshsaxena

    Ambedkar’s plan was community-based, and thus more realistic than the Cripps plan]
    I do not think .that any detailed explanation is necessary for the reader to follow and grasp the conclusions I have endeavored to embody in this skeleton Act. Perhaps it might be advantageous if I bring out some of the salient features of the proposals to which the projected statute of Parliament is intended to give effect, by comparing them with the Cripps proposals.
    In my opinion it is no use for Indians to ask, and the British Parliament to agree, to proceed forthwith to pass an Act conferring Dominion Status or Independence, without first disposing of the issue of Pakistan. The Pakistan issue must be treated as a preliminary issue and must be disposed of one way or the other. This is why I have called the proposed Act “The Government of India (Preliminary Provisions) Act.” The issue of Pakistan, being one of self-determination, must be decided by the wishes of the people. It is for this that I propose to take a poll of the Muslims and non-Muslims in the predominantly Muslim Provinces. If the majority of the Muslims are in favour of separation, and a majority of non-Muslims are against separation, steps must be taken to delimit the areas wherever it is possible by redrawing provincial boundaries on ethnic and cultural lines, by separating the Muslim majority districts from the districts in which the majority consists of non-Muslims. A Boundary Commission is necessary for this purpose. So a Boundary Commission is provided for in the Act. It would be better if the Boundary Commission could be international in its composition.
    The scheme of separate referenda of Muslims and non-Muslims is based on two principles which I regard as fundamental. The first is that a minority can demand safeguards for its protection against the tyranny of the majority. It can demand them as a condition precedent [=precondition]. But a minority has no right to put a veto on the right of the majority .to decide on questions of ultimate destiny. This is the reason why I have confined the referendum on the establishment of Pakistan to Muslims only. The second is that a communal majority cannot claim [=compel] a communal minority to submit itself to its dictates. Only a political majority may be permitted to rule a political minority. This principle has been modified in India, where a communal minority is placed under a communal majority subject to certain safeguards. But this is as regards the ordinary question[s] of social, economic, and political importance. It has never been conceded, and can never be conceded, that a communal majority has a right to dictate to a communal minority on an issue which is of a constitutional character. That is the reason why I have provided a separate referendum of non-Muslims only, to decide whether they prefer to go in[to] Pakistan or come into Hindustan.
    After the Boundary Commission has done its work of delimiting the areas, various possibilities can arise. The Musalmans may stop with the delimitation of the boundaries of Pakistan. They may be satisfied that after all the principle of Pakistan has been accepted—which is what delimitation means. Assuming that the Musalmans are not satisfied with mere delimitation, but want to move in the direction of establishing Pakistan, there are two courses open to them. They may want to establish Pakistan forthwith, or they may agree to live under a common Central Government for a period of, say, ten years, and put the Hindus on their trial. Hindus will have an opportunity to show that the minorities can trust them. The Muslims will learn from experience how far their fears of Hindu Raj are justified. There is another possibility also. The Musalmans of Pakistan, having decided to separate forthwith, may after a period become so disgusted with Pakistan that they might desire to come back and be incorporated in Hindustan, and be one people subject to one single constitution.
    These are some of the possibilities I see. These possibilities should in my judgement be kept open for time and circumstances to have their effect. It seems to me to be wrong to say to the Musalmans, if you want to remain as part of India then you can never go out, or if you want to go then you can never come back. I have in my scheme kept the door open, and have provided for both the possibilities in the Act: (1) for union after a separation of ten years, (2) for separation for ten years and union thereafter. I personally prefer the second alternative, although I have no strong views either way. It would be much better that the Musalmans should have the experience of Pakistan. A union after an experience of Pakistan is bound to be stable and lasting. In case Pakistan comes into existence forthwith, it seems to me necessary that the separation should not altogether be a severance, sharp and complete. It is necessary to maintain live contact between Pakistan and Hindustan, so as to prevent any estrangement growing up and preventing the chances of reunion. A Council of India is accordingly provided for in the Act. It cannot be mistaken for a federation. It is not even a confederation. Its purpose is to do nothing more than to serve as a coupling to link Pakistan to Hindustan until they are united under a single constitution.
    Such is my scheme. It is based on a community-wise [=by community] plebiscite. The scheme is flexible. It takes account of the fact that the Hindu sentiment is against it. It also recognizes the fact that the Muslim demand for Pakistan may only be a passing mood. The scheme is not a divorce. It is only a judicial separation. It gives to the Hindus a term. They can use it to show that they can be trusted with authority to rule justly. It gives the Musalmans a term to try out Pakistan.
    It might be desirable to compare my proposals with those of Sir Stafford Cripps. The proposals were given out as a serial story in parts. The draft Declaration issued on 29th March 1943 contained only the following :—
    “His Majesty's Government therefore make the following terms:—
    (a) Immediately upon cessation of hostilities steps shall be taken to set up in India in manner described hereafter an elected body charged with the task of framing a new constitution for India.
    (b) Provision shall be made, as set out below, for participation of Indian States in the constitution-making body.
    (c) His Majesty's Government undertake to accept and implement forthwith the constitution so framed subject only to:
    (i) The right of any province of British India that is not prepared to accept the new constitution to retain its present constitutional position, provision being made for its subsequent accession if it so decides.
    With such non-acceding provinces should they so desire. His Majesty's Government will be prepared to agree upon a new constitution giving them the same full status as the Indian Union and arrived at by a procedure analogous to that here laid down.”
    Particulars of accession and secession were given in his broadcast. They were in the following terms :—
    “That constitution-making body will have as its object the framing of a single constitution for the whole of India—that is, of British India, together with such of the Indian States as may decide to join in.
    “But we realize this very simple fact. If you want to persuade a number of people who are inclined to be antagonistic to enter the same room, it is unwise to tell them that once they go in there is no way out, they are to be forever locked in together.
    “It is much wiser to tell them they can go in and if they find they can't come to a common decision, then there is nothing to prevent those who wish, from leaving again by another door. They are much more likely all to go in if they have knowledge that they can by their free will go out again if they cannot agree.
    “Well, that is what we say to the provinces of India. Come together to frame a common constitution—if you find after all your discussion and all the give and take of a constitution-making assembly that you cannot overcome your differences and that some provinces are still not satisfied with the constitution, then such provinces can go out and remain out if they wish and just the same degree of self-government and freedom will be available for them as for the Union itself, that is to say complete self-government.”
    To complete the picture further details were added at the Press Conference. Explaining the plan for accession or secession of provinces Sir Stafford Cripps said :—
    “If at the end of the Constituent Assembly proceedings, any province or provinces did not wish to accept the new constitution and join the Union, it was free to keep out—provided the Provincial Assembly of that province, by a substantial vote say not less than 60 per cent., decided against accession. If it was less than 60 per cent, the minority could claim a plebiscite of the whole province for ascertaining the will of the people. In the case of the plebiscite, a bare majority would be enough. Sir Stafford explained that for completing accession there would have to be a positive vote from the Provincial Assembly concerned. The non-acceding province[s] could, if they wanted, combine into a separate union through a separate Constituent Assembly, but in order to make such a Union practicable they should be geographically contiguous.”
    The main difference between my plan and that of Sir Stafford Cripps is quite obvious. For deciding the issue of accession or secession, which is only another way of saying, will there be or will there not be Pakistan, Sir Stafford Cripps took the Province as a deciding unit. I have taken community as the deciding unit. I have no doubt that Sir Stafford adopted a wrong basis. The Province can [=could] be a proper unit if the points of dispute were interprovincial. For instance, if the points of dispute related to questions such as distribution of taxation, of water, etc., one could understand the Province as a whole or a particular majority in that Province having the right to decide. But the dispute regarding Pakistan is an inter-communal problem which has involved two communities in the same Province. Further, the issue in the dispute is not on what terms the two communities will agree to associate in a common political life. The dispute goes deeper, and raises the question [of] whether the communities are prepared at all to associate in a common political life. It is a communal difference in its essence, and can only be decided by a community-wise plebiscite.

  • yogeshsaxena

    In the course of the Moplah riot of 1921 anything was practised from arson to conversion to pregnant women being cut into pieces with unborn babies protruding from the mothers' corpses. Smt Annie Besant, the Irish lady, and the 1913 president of the Congress, after her
    visit to Malabar, exhorted Gandhiji to see for himself the ghastly horrors. Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have perpetrated any numbers of blasts and explosions. On record since October 2001 are 13 bomb blasts in the different cities of India from New Delhi in the north,
    to Bangalore in the south, to Gandhi Nagar in the west to Guwahati in the east. The terrorists could well be misguided youth but what is particularly disturbing is that hardly ever does a responsible Muslim leader condemn the barbaric action. Nor does he apologize for any of
    them. For the people of India, that is rubbing salt by the Muslim elite on the wounds inflicted by their misguided fellow religionists.
    A time has come when the major crimes of Islamists are enumerated and Muslim leaders are confronted with them along with a demand for their apology. There are nine mega crimes for which apologies are called for.
    The governments in India have taken the boycott of vande mataram lightly although, in effect, the Muslims refusing to participate is an insult to the nation. Vande mataram was the song of the Independence movement and would have been the national anthem but for Jawaharlal
    Nehru's weakness for Muslim prejudices, Jana gana mana was therefore chosen although it was originally written as a tribute to King George V.
    Over the decades, Hindu Muslim riots were mostly started by the latter. If this were not so, why have there not been Hindu Christian riots even in districts where the latter are dominant as in Nagarcoil? Until the political advent of the British, the communal equation was
    so loaded that the Muslims felt secure. Once the Muslims were also reduced to subject status, their insecurity began the corollary of which were riots. In the course of the Moplah riot of 1921 anything was practiced from arson to conversion to pregnant women being cut into pieces with unborn babies protruding from the mothers' corpses. Smt Annie Besant, the Irish lady and the 1913 president of the Congress, after her visit to Malabar, exhorted Gandhiji to see for
    himself the ghastly horrors, which had been created by his beloved brothers, Mohammad and Shaukat Ali.
    The success of an Islamic expedition to non-Muslim land was also judged on the basis of the number of slaves made and sold. But for the late Dr K.S. Lal who wrote his magnum opus Legacy of Muslim Rule in
    India and Muslim Slave System in Medieval India, this aspect of Muslim
    atrocity might have been completely forgotten. It began with the
    despatch of Parimal Devi and Suraj Devi, the two daughters of Raja
    Dahir to the harem of the Caliph, soon after he was defeated by
    Muhammad bin Qasim in 712 D. This was carried forward by Muhammad
    Ghauri, Khilji and Tughlaq. Even Emperor Jehangir traded in this
    export business.
    The imposition of jazia on the Hindus on the excuse of protecting
    their life and property is legendary. The object of protection was
    called a zimmi. The subject was dealt at length by Dr P. Saran in his
    book Studies in Medieval Indian History whose introduction was written
    by Prof. Mohammad Habib. The purpose of jazia was three fold: to raise
    money for the state, to impoverish the Hindu and to remind him that he
    was an inferior subject.
    London could not persuade either the Congress Party or the Muslim
    League to accept the 1946 Cabinet Mission plan of a loose federation
    to be created in the wake of the British departure from India. It was
    equally clear that the Muslim League could not dominate the all India
    political scene, nor could Mohammed Ali Jinnah be the prime minister
    of an undivided India. If therefore, he had to be the head of the
    government or the state; Partition of the country was essential. The
    surest way to precipitate Partition, in the wisdom of the League led
    by Jinnah, was to engineer riots. They would frighten the Hindus into
    realising that it would be wise of them to let go the Muslim League
    dominated areas into Pakistan. The riots would demonstrate to the
    British that the Hindus and the Muslims were incompatible co-citizens.
    They had to be allowed to go their separate ways.
    The Muslim League Supreme Council met in Bombay and on July 29
    declared for “Direct Action”, August 16 was fixed as the day for the
    initiation of the movement. Fiery speeches containing thinly veiled
    threats of Civil War and drastic action against “Quislings” followed.
    The League Press and the League spokesmen started a tirade against the
    Congress in particular and Hindus in general in Calcutta, the League
    papers started stepping up their programme of incitement causing great
    apprehension amongst all national circles.
    The uneasy dawn of the 16th found large bands of “processionists”
    armed with long sticks, iron rods, bludgeons and sharp weapons
    parading the city all over with League flags. Any shop that was even
    partially open was immediately stoned and the shopkeepers belabored.
    Vehicular traffic was forcibly stopped and the passengers beaten up.
    Sikh taxi-drivers were a special target and even lone cyclists did not
    escape. Any resistance merely increased the fury of the “peaceful
    processionists,” looted shops, cracked heads and stab-wounds being the
    reply given to protests or remonstrance's. Police were significantly
    inactive; indeed the city was totally innocent of police protection.
    Soon the city was ablaze from North to South and from East to West.
    The telephone wires were jammed with frantic appeals for police-aid
    from Hindus of all sections of the city, but these appeals were
    disregarded in toto. Even where by chance there were some police, they
    seldom did lift a finger, excepting in certain instances where they
    bestirred themselves in gleaning some loot. In some cases the police
    present are alleged to have said that they had orders not to interfere
    in such political demonstrations.
    Mass butchery started with the early dawn of Saturday, while loot and
    arson spread like wild fire all over the city. The police had let the
    situation deteriorate till it was completely out of control and yet
    military aid was not called for. The carnage continued for two more
    days until the military took matters entirely into their own hands and
    very large forces were employed in penetrating deep over a widespread
    area. The situation was brought under control only after the direction
    and control of affairs relating to law and order had virtually passed
    out of the hands of the League Minister-in-charge of Law and Order,
    Mr. H.S. Suhrawardy, and his henchmen in officialdom.
    Iconoclasm is a face of barbarism in the name of God. Which divine
    likes or dislikes icons or idols is a matter of opinion based on
    imagination or inculcation. But one thing is certain, for anyone to
    impose one opinion or the other is inhuman. My God is supreme as the
    Ten Commandments ordain in the Old Testament. My God is the only god
    and there can be no other god, the holy Quran contends. Both are
    wrong. Simply because there flourished civilizations for long before
    the holy Bible was penned and well before Prophet Muhammad had his
    visions, which means that either there are other Gods or there is no god.
    God or no god, it is desirable for men and women to switch off from
    the material and to pray or meditate about the spiritual. To enable
    ordinary people to focus on the spiritual, it is useful to provide
    icons, idols or walls. A Hindu idol, a Parsee fire, a crucifix over an
    altar for the Christian or a mimbar for the Muslim are helpful. For a
    mimbar to claim that it is sacred but an idol is profane deserving to
    be destroyed, is patently wrong. Similarly for an Imam to feel
    fulfilled because a temple or a church has been desecrated is
    reprehensible. For him to worship in a mandir so converted to a masjid
    is more immoral.
    Ignorant scholars often dismiss iconoclasm as being medieval; no point
    in wasting discussion on what happened centuries ago. If that be so,
    what is the need for pursuit of history which is always about
    centuries past. Medieval history is not myth. Iconoclasm is equally
    contemporary. A Buddha statue was destroyed at Swat in Pakistan as
    recently as September 2007 (red letters). The tragic fate of the
    Bamiyan Buddhas as late as 2001 is well known. The 20th century
    especially in its latter half has witnessed hundreds of desecrations.
    Unless the perpetrators are punished or retaliatory action taken, this
    barbarism will continue to prevail.
    The biggest on going crime is terrorism. Since October 2001, post
    9/11, there have been 13 major bomb blasts in India which have
    butchered hundreds of innocent people, women, children, ordinary
    citizens et al. The officially reported figures are low because they
    are announced soon after the incident and can only be based on dead
    bodies found. Those that are not recorded are not taken into account.
    What is shameful is that the acts of terrorism are seldom condemned by
    Muslim leaders probably because they are looked upon as episodes in
    jihad. How can anything sacred be condemned?

  • yogeshsaxena

    There is a mosque at every Road Side Railway Station, which is un authorize constructed in violation of U.P. Roadside Act and U.P. Public Premises Act,1986. Justice Rajendra Sachar Report is the warrant of Slavery. There is no concession in the Name of a Religion in our preamble of constitution. The basic Structure of Constitution Prohibits it and Article 14 and 16 restricts any such type of reservation on caste basis.
    The Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee report on social, economic and educational status of Muslims across the country was tabled in Lok Sabha on Thursday.
    The committee has favoured a group of Muslims with traditional occupations as that of scheduled castes be designated as most backward classes and provided 'multifarious measures,' including reservation. The panel has said Muslims in the country have three groups in terms of their social structure. These are ashrafs, ajlafs and arzals.”The three groups require different types of affirmative action,” said the report, tabled by Minority Affairs Minister A R Antulay.Of the three groups, arzals whose traditional occupation is similar to that of SCs, may be designated as MBCs and provided reservation. This particular group, the panel said, needs multifarious measures including reservation as it remains 'cumulatively oppressed.'Antulay later told reporters that the report is the 'best thing' that has happened to the community. The issue of reservation has been dealt in the chapter on 'Muslim OBCs and Affirmative Action.'
    The number of Muslims in security agencies was 3.2 per cent — 60,517 out of the total of 18,79,134 in CRPF, CISF, BSF, SSB and 'other agencies,' it said without specifying whether armed forces were included or not. The Muslims' headcount in the armed forces sought by the panel had triggered a controversy in Parliament sometime back.
    Observing that a 'very small' proportion of government/public sector employees are Muslims, concentrated in lower level positions, the panel recommended that it may be desirable to have minority persons on interview panels. This can be done on the lines of SC/ST participation in panels, it said.
    The committee recommended constitution of a 'equal opportunity commission' to look into grievances of deprived groups. It said an example of such a policy tool is the UK Race Relations Act, 1976.Such a measure while providing a redressal mechanism for different types of discrimination will give a further reassurance to minorities that any unfair action against them will invite the vigilance of the law, it said. Noting that Muslim participation in electoral bodies is known to be small, the report said of the 543 Lok Sabha members, only 33 are Muslims. The panel made out a strong case to put mechanisms in place to enable Muslims to engage in democratic processes and governance. “Mere material change will not bring about the true empowerment of the minorities; they need to acquire and be given the required collective agency.”It said a carefully conceived 'nomination procedure' can be worked out to increase the participation of minorities at grassroots. Mechanism should be put in place so that a large number of minorities are indeed nominated to increase their participation in public bodies. It has suggested that the steps taken by Andhra Pradesh to promote participation of deprived sections in elected bodies could be used to enhance Muslim participation in the decision-making processes. Noting that over the last 60 years, minorities have scarcely occupied adequate public spaces, it said the participation of Muslims in 'nearly all political spaces is low, which can have an adverse impact on Indian society and polity in the long run.' “Given the power of numbers in a democratic polity, based on universal franchise, minorities in India lack effective agency and political importance,” the 404-page report said. The minorities, it said, 'do not have the necessary influence or the opportunity to either change or even influence events, which enable their meaningful and active participation in development process.' The committee has recommended elimination of anomalies with respect to reserved constituencies under the delimitation schemes. “A more rational delimitation procedure that does not reserve constituencies with high minority population shares for SCs will improve the opportunity for minorities, especially Muslims, to contest and get elected to Parliament and state assemblies,” the report said. Referring to educational opportunities for Muslims, the committee recommended mechanisms where madrassa can be linked with a higher secondary school board so that students wanting to shift to a regular/mainstream education can do so after having passed from a madrassa. It recommended recognition of degrees from madrassas for eligibility in competitive examinations such as civil services, banks, defence services and other such examinations. It also suggested that a process of evaluating the content of the school textbooks needed to be initiated and institutionalised.The seven-member committee was constituted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in March this year and its tenure was extended till November 30. The report has come against the backdrop of the prime minister's observation that Muslims should get a 'fair share' in government jobs, which had triggered a debate.
    The formation of the committee had created uproar in Parliament due to the committee's reported move to seek a head count of Muslims in armed forces. PM Man Mohan Singh and Kalam the President should ask Paki-Bangli Chini Stans to educate Indian Moslems as these regions were carved out or snatched out of Hindu territoris. In there high level- foregion ministories level or head hancho levels should make these core issues and ask the to give southern Sindh -as part of peace process- to Sindhis. These area should be called Autonomous region of Hindu-Sthan.
    Can these top-jkers comprehend these? Can Achar/Sachar digest this?
    What the mind does not know the eyes don't see and ears don't hear.
    What a pity the dumb stupid Hindus still think alien religions and their replications will bring them freedom and prosperity! The Committee was setup by the UPA government on March 9th, 2005 to study the Socio-Economic and Educational status of the Muslims in India. It was headed by Justice Rajender Sachar and had six other members Shri Sayyid Hamid, Dr T.K. Ooman, Shri M.A. Basith, Dr Akhtar Majeed, Dr Abu Saleh Shariff and Dr Rakesh Basant.The Sachar committee report has a whole chapter dedicated to the politically controversial issue of Muslim demographic trends in India.The relevant pages in the document are from Page no 48 to 68.The report says that according to the 2001 census the Muslim population in the country was enumerated at 138 Million. The report estimates that as of 2006 it must have crossed 150 Million people. The report confirms that Muslims have higher population growth rates and higher fertility rates than the rest of the population even when adjusted to regional variations such as the North(with a higher population growth rates) or south(with near replacement level growth rates). In both instances the Muslim Population growth rate is slightly higher than that of the other Socio-religious communities in the said region. The report also says that Muslims have the most favourable child sex ratio among all Socio-religious communities in the country. An average of 986 females to every 1000 males compared to 927/1000 for the general population. They have a lower rate of Infant mortality compared to the rest of the population but paradoxically have a higher incidence of child under-nourishment cases. Muslims have a younger age profile compared to the general population. The Muslim Population has for historical reasons a more urban profile than the rest of the population. According to the 2001 census 35.7% of the Muslim population was urban compared to 27.8% for the overall population.
    Spatial distribution- Numerically, the majority of the Muslims in India are living in four states UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra which had atleast ten million Muslims each. UP has the largest Muslim population in India with 22% of India’s muslims living there according to the 2001 census i.e., around 30 million people. The other states with a significant Muslim population are Kerala, AP, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka with a population of between five to ten million Muslims each. Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu have a Muslim population of between 3 to 5 million each. Delhi, Haryana and Uttaranchal have one to two million each. With regard to the district wise distribution. The report says that of the 593 districts in India only 20 had a Muslim majority. Of them 9 are predominantly Muslim, i.e., with over 75% Muslim population; these include Lakshadweep and eight districts in Jammu & Kashmir. The other 11 districts have between 50 to 75% Muslim population.These districts are six from Assam, two from J&K, and one each from WB, Bihar and Kerala. Numerically about 13% of India’s Muslims i.e., nearly 18 Million people lived in these districts. A further 38 districts had a significant Muslim population of between 25% to 50%. These were distributed in a number of states as follows. UP- 12, WB- 5, Kerala- 5, Assam- 4, Bihar- 3, Jharkhand- 2, Delhi- 2, and one each in AP, Haryana, J&K, Uttaranchal and Pondicherry. Numerically these districts accounted for 22% of the Muslim population i.e., around 30 Million people. In about 182 districts the Muslim population was between 10 to 25% of the population. These districts accounted for nearly 47% of the Muslim Population ie., around 65 Million people. So of the 593 districts in India, 240 districts with a significant Muslim population of atleast 10% and above have nearly 82% of India’s Muslim population, i.e., nearly 113 Million people. A further 77 districts have most of the remaining share of 18% i.e., nearly 25 million.
    Demographic processes- The report considers population change as a product of three processes- Mortality, Fertility and Migration. Mortality- The report says that the Muslim child mortality in both indicators i.e., IMR(Infant mortality rate) and U5MR (Under five mortality rate) is lower than the average of the overall population. The report attributes it to probably higher levels of urbanisation among Indian Muslims and points out that within urban areas the Muslim child mortality rates is closer to the average mortality rates prevalent in urban India. Fertility- The report endorses the various surveys such as NFHS-1, NFHS-2 and the Census which shows higher than average TFR(Total Fertility Rates) for Muslims when compared to the overall population. The TFR for Muslims is supposedly higher by 0.7 to 1 percentage point than the average for the rest of the population. Also other measures of fertility such as CBR(crude birth rate) is also higher at 30.8 compared to 25.9 for the total population. But the report stresses that the overall trend since the past two decades has been a decline in fertility rate among all religious groups including the Muslims. It shows that in the southern states where population growth rates are lower than the north the TFR for Muslims stands at 2.5 to 2.8 quite close to the prevailing population growth rates in the South of the country. The report also says that the use of contraception is widely prevalent among Muslims but to a lesser degree than the average for the overall population. In contraceptive prevalence rate there is a supposed gap of 10% between the Muslims and the average. The report also says that reversible methods of contraception are more favoured by Muslim couples rather than non-reversible methods such as sterilisation. As per the report atleast one third of the Muslim couples were reported to be using some sort of contraception. Migration- The report says that the contribution of Migration to the growth differential has been very small. It stresses that much of the population growth can be explained with respect to the higher fertility rates and lower child mortality rates among Muslims and the perception that there has been considerable ‘international migration’ (an eupheism for illegal Bangladeshi immigration) of Muslims into India is not correct. But it does not give any stats to prove its case that the widespread illegal Bangladeshi immigration into India has been as inconsequential as it claims it to be.
    Future growth prospects- The report expects the Muslim population growth to reach replacement levels i.e., a TFR of 2.1 during the decade of the 2040’s with a overall population around 320-340 million in a total population of 1.7 to 1.8 billion. The Muslim population then according to the report would comprise nearly 19% of the total population from the current 13%.A jump of 6 percentage points. The report says that this is due to a number of factors such as higher TFR’s, lower child mortality rates, and a better than average child sex ratio among muslims which would mean that the Muslim population growth would start to plateau around 10-15 years after it has for other social and religious communities in the country. The report also tries to answer the question of whether and if so when will the Muslim population become the largest group.The report largely discounts the possibility of this happening within the Indian union. But it goes on to add that by 2050 in the area of pre-partition India (i.e., including Pakistan & Bangladesh) the combined population of Muslims and Christians together would be close to the 50% mark in comparison to the Indian religionists (i.e., Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Others).In conclusion the report succeeds in putting a lot of issues related to the Muslim demographic trends in India in perspective. It is always better to have hard data, any data even if poorly compiled and analysed rather than depend on just perception as always is the case in India. But there are some issues that the report tries to play down. One is that of illegal Bangladeshi immigration.It tries to dismiss it as inconsequential but all reports on the ground point out that this has been anything but inconsequential. This is one point where the report smacks of partisanship.Since this report was commissioned by the UPA and the perception is that many of the UPA partners and comrades depend on the votes of these illegal immigrants to get elected. This line take by the Sachar report on this sensitive issue only throws a question mark on its credibility as an objective source of Information in this regard. The other is the sleight of hand where it suddenly introduces some unknown “source” and says that according to it the combined Muslim and Christian population of South Asia would cross 50% around 2050. Where did it get this piece of gem from? Did it also go through the census records of all the SAARC countries? or Did it just quote some random UN report? Why does it not offer its “source” so that it can be fully scrutinised? And again this report does not consider the prospect that many people from neighbouring countries could ‘migrate’ to India for better economic prospects thereby making many of the conclusions drawn by this report redundant. Many of the districts in the North East, WB and other parts of India could well see a significant demographic shift because of ‘International immigration’ (illegal Bangladeshi immigration) and what if some of these regions are radicalised? How would that affect the National security situation in the decades ahead? The Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee, set up to study the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community, will submit its report to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday. The high level Sachar Panel is expected to ultimately only give a status report on Muslims and perhaps recommend reservations. But it's the Ranganath Mishra Committee that will ultimately decide which castes among Muslims are eligible for reservations. The National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities was set up in October 2004 to define a “backward Muslim.”
    “Upper caste Muslims are not eligible for any reservation,” said Tahir Mehmood Member Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities.
    Competing with creamy layer :Muslims so far only get reservations under an omnibus OBC category. This also includes Muslim dalits who are left to compete with the creamy layer of both communities. This is possibly the reason behind one of the Sachar Committee's key conclusions that Muslims are – economically, socially and educationally – in worse shape than even dalits. The Rangnath Mishra Committee that is looking into the issue of reservations for Muslims believes the Sachar Commission's findings would have helped them. “The Sachar report should have been given to us. It would have helped us fine-tune our report,” said Mehmood. Backing the principle of reservations for Muslims on caste grounds, the government is keen to allocate separate funds for Muslims in the budget. “There is a need for having separate funds for the overall development of minorities,” said A R Antulay, Minister for Minority Affairs. Many perceptions about Muslims are sought to be broken by the Sachar Committee, which says their population growth has slowed down and that less than four percent of children from the community take madrasa education. It says there is a 'substantial demand' from the community for fertility regulation and for modern contraceptives. 'Muslim population growth has slowed down as fertility has declined substantially, clearly showing that Muslims are well into demographic transition. In the future, growth is bound to be slower and eventually population is bound to reach replacement level', the report says. It notes that religion is an important element that influences the lifestyle of sizeable segments of citizens, but its impact on regulating human fertility of Muslims is 'not strong'. Over 20 million Muslim couples currently use modern contraceptives and this number will grow if quality and choice-based reproductive healthcare services are made available to the community, the report by the seven-member committee headed by former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajindar Sachar says. 'However, the relatively higher incidence of poverty and the widening gap in literacy between the Muslims and other comparable socio-religious categories, particularly among women at young ages, could in fact impede the decline in Muslim fertility', it adds. 'The growth rate for Muslims, as for the total population, is bound to fall further and eventually reach a zero growth stage. There are strong indications that this could occur well before the end of the century', the report says.
    It also refers to what it calls uneven distribution of Muslim population, which it notes has a high concentration in some states that are lagging behind in development. 'Bringing down regional disparities could go a long way in reducing demographic disparities', it says. By the end of the 21st century, India's Muslim population is projected to reach 320-340 million in a total of 1.7 to 1.8 billion people and the share is likely to be 18-19 percent. The 2001 census has put India's Muslim population at 138 million-plus. In its report, the Sachar committee insists that madrasas have also provided mainstream education in many cases – '… and several of them are in the process of modernising their curriculum'. Also, the committee reports that there is a tiny population of school-age Muslim children who attend madrasas. 'It is important to take note of the fact that less than four per cent of the Muslim children in the school-going age actually attend full-time regular madrasas', it says. In its findings, the Sachar committee has also pointed to SC/ST reservations in posts for Urdu teachers. 'Often Urdu schools have teachers who have no knowledge of Urdu. This problem is partly compounded by the fact that posts of Urdu teachers are reserved for SCs and STs and such candidates are not available. This anomaly needs to be corrected', it says.
    The cycle of change and experiment, rise and fall, growth and decay, and of progress and retrogression recurs endlessly in the history of man and the history of civilization. T. S. Eliot in the First Chorus from “The Rock” said :
    “0 perpetual revolution of configured stars,
    0 perpetual recurrence of determined seasons,
    0 world of spring and autumn, birth and dying!
    The endless cycle of idea and action,
    Endless invention, endless experiment”.

  • yogeshsaxena

    India soon to become an Islamic Republic, if no one acts
    The Central Government has allocated 15% of its fund for muslim welfare. The Union Rural Development Ministry (headed by Dr.Raghuvansh Prasad Singh) has identified 3 programmes which will benefit the community i.e. Indira Awas Yojana (IAY), Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY) and Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY). In fact the Central Government has made a 15 point programme for them. The Minority Affairs Minister, AR Antulay, has announced that the Sachar Committee report will be implemented in toto in 2007 and since the Minority Affairs Ministry is the nodal agency for implementation of the 15 point programme, it has advised the Rural Development Ministry to earmark funds for muslims. In turn the Rural Development Ministry has already earmarked Rs.581 crore against which 2.3 lakh houses will be constructed for poor muslims, under Indira Awas Yojana (IAY). Banks are also under pressure to give loans that obviously will not be recovered. I am also appalled at the way some Members of Parliament want to reserve Government jobs & seats for Higher Education for Muslims, just because they want their votes, stating they have been found to be 'backward' by the Sachar Committee report. The reason for the majority of Muslims in India becoming 'backward' is the number of children they produce. In France, the French Government decided to provide housing for everyone in the 1960s' & they did fulfil that promise, but while the people from other Religious backgrounds have found that to be enough, the Muslims (predomenantly from North Africa) now feel that it is not enough, simply because they have been producing too many children. The same is going to happen in India, if Muslims are given reservation or houses are constructed for them as proposed. One can only imagine how efficient the people in Government jobs or people who get educated with a 'reserved' seat will be. In fact, one can already see how a Doctor/Lawyer who got educated with a 'reserved' seat who tries one's hand at private practice fails miserably, because of their lack of knowledge. Rolling back reservation for muslims will also be dangerous, because of the riots that ensue – riots happen even in places like today's partisan Gujarat, when Muslim shrines are razed. Religion based reservation/house construction will also bring about large scale conversion to that religion. Please file a Public Interest Litigation in the Delhi High Court against this 15 point programme or else Manmohan Singh (despite being a follower of Guru Gobind Singh) will become Aurangzeb II (& India will soon become an Islamic Republic).The BJP Kerala unit today said it totally rejected the Justice Rajinder Sachar committee report as the suggestions, if implemented, would divide the country and create dangerous consequences. Reservation on the basis of religion was totally rejected by B R Amedkar and Nehru, BJP Kerala unit president P K Krishnadas told a press meet here. The sugessions of the report were 'impracticable and dangerous' and it would create division in the society, he said adding the observations about the backwardness of Muslim community was 'unscientific'. He blamed that the religious leaders of the minority community for the backwardnes of their women in the field of education and securing employment. Asked how the BJP candidate would fare in the December four Thiruvmbady byelection, he said that his party would improve its position. “The committee recommended constitution of a 'equal opportunity commission' to look into grievances of deprived groups. It said an example of such a policy tool is the UK Race Relations Act, 1976″ Well well, how is the current state of race relations, with respect to muslims, in the UK? This is an indicator of the success of the above said policy tool. It will also be worthwhile to note the number of muslims volunteering for a career in security forces.If this number is low nothing can be done. Integration can also be achieved by applying the same set of laws to all Indians irrespective of their religion. Why this is not acceptable. Just a recognition of Madarassa degree won't secure seats, there is a need to regulate what is being taught in the madarassa. Will this be acceptable? All in all an useless exercise. Won't serve any purpose. Wow ! that's great news !!! Govt will now blame the hardworking common man for it's policy failures ! If 60 years of hand feeding the lazy did not help neither will this work.
    How can once excel if you go on pushing them up the ladder ? The Govt must find means to ensure everyone – particularly the poor receive good modern education and leave the rest to each person. If they are good they will do well and be proud about it. This will also not cause any unhealthy competition to grab the few seats available and also provide the right incentive to the hardworking. I have seen one eyed and one legged birds survive in the wild so why can't a perfect man do so ??? It's in your mindset that chains you to old dogmatism and inability to cope with it. PLS give us break from muslim / islam.. Sachar committee should recommend muslims to follow one wife and child and hard work the way other communities are doing Has sachar committee found out how non muslim are treated in msulim majority areas. Or the ratio of children in msulim family than in non muslim family. Pampereing one community under the tag of minoritism,freedom of expression and economic backwardness is vote bank politics. it will serve the purpose of powerhunngry upa traitors. Pls impliment UCC, make one judicial / education system for every indian. Make edu free and compulsory for every indian till XII std in cbse schools. make compusolry family planning irrsepctive of someone' background get red of illegal immigrnats fro pak , bangadesh, seal borders and stop the cbms especially with pakistan. povert poverty hunger illness, economic backwardness are prolbems of every community. and muslims are to be treated indians not as votebank, minorities or indian muslims. the special previleges will make muslims think that they are minorities / muslims are not indians. it will create more hatred and hostality between muslim and non muslims. It seems politics over the Sachar Committee report on state of Muslims is far from over and as Uttar Pradesh — the state with the highest Muslim population in absolute numbers goes to the polls next year, the issue of reservation for Muslims in jobs and educational institutions is more than likely to drag on. Sachar Committee report on plight of Muslims has already sparked a debate and seeing the crucial assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh next year it seems Congress couldn’t have found a better time to woo the Muslim vote-bank. SP leader, Sahid Siddique said, “After the UP election it would have been possible to have serious debate. Now it cannot happen. BJP will use it to garner Hindu votes while Congress will use it to garner Muslim votes. Later Samajwadi Party will also respond to it.” Left leaders have also come out in full support of the so called neglected Muslims in India and want affirmative action. But the principal opposition party, the BJP squarely blames the Congress for all the ills that could be attached to the sorry state of affairs of Muslims. Come Wednesday (Nov 22) and the debate over this issue would go on the over drive when the winter session of parliament begins.
    The NDA led by the BJP has already stated that they will expose the government for any move on reservations based on religious lines.
    The concession is given as an incentive for their increase of population from 47 million to 135 million of Muslim population , whose religious book Koran preaches the to destroy and derivate follicle Hindu to offer their gratitude on Muslims grave yards who destroyed the temple and killed the innocent hindhs under garb of Zihad, Which is an offence U/S 95 CrP.C. read with 153A and 251 I.P.C.. The enemy of Civilization and promulgation of sex and Violence are promoted by * committee member mostly
    belonging to Muslims Fanatics having the vision from bliend eyes in single direction.

  • yogeshsaxena

    Moth-Eaten Pakistan – indeed that expression may annoy an Islamic terrorist, may I assure you that this expression has not been coined by me. Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the creator of that Islamic nation had used this expression when the territory that the departing British paramount power gave the divisive Muslims was not what they had planned for. Let us leave it at that and come to the aid of the present day Pakistan.

    In the comity of nations, the present almost failed state of Pakistan is addressed as an International Migraine. Wherever there is an act of Terror, the perpetrators ,at least one of them, is a non-state player of Pakistani origin. In fact Pakistan is called a factory manufacturing international brand of terrorism. Well, Pakistan and its rulers, mostly military men are to blame. At first they trained terrorists to fight against the Soviet army in Afghanistan, then the same brand of people trained a new breed of terrorists called the Taliban. Taliban means “student” in Persian language. How true. All Talibans have proved that they are worth their salt in spreading death and destruction through acts of Terror and camouflaging their sins as JIHAD or a holy war fought for Islam against the infiedals. All robbers in hinterland call themselves Robin Hood – robbing the rich for the benefit of the poor. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is no crime,let alone
    sin,in their lexicon.

    Pakistan initially enjoyed riding the TIGER called Taliban. They forgot that those who ride a tiger always end up in its stomach. Right now this story is like a dream come true for the Taliban. They have devoured parts of Pakistan like the Swat valley, province of NWFP and made inroads into Buner on way to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. The Americans and Europeans got worried. Taliban were not far from laying their index finger on the button of the dirty bomb. As a matter of fact India should have been more worried but she is not. We the Indians are staging the dance of democracy. Nothing else can detract the government in New Delhi until 16 May when a clear picture of the new rulers will emerge. Anyway, when the USA twisted arms of Pakistan, the latter announced from housetops that the Taliban had been persuaded to withdraw to their base in the Swat valley. But the media in Pakistan spoiled the game by proving that the Taliban were only regrouping
    in and around Buner. The Taliban had tasted blood by coercing the government in Islamabad to give a green signal to imposition of archaic Sharia in Swat and now their goal was to have Sharia promulgated in the entire country. Indeed a winning army never retreats and the vanquished never dictate terms of peace.

    One wonders if imposition of Sharia, the archaic Islamic law, is the sole motive of Taliban and for that they have shed so much blood of innocent people,mostly Muslims. The insiders say that the real aim is to dethrone those who profess to be close to the West and bring in clerics to run the government. It will be Nizame Mustafa or the government as per the decree of Prophet Muhammed,Peace be on him, and the girls will not go to school. All entertainment,except reading the Quran, will be banned by law. In other words, under the Taliban rule Pakistan or parts of it under the Taliban rule will slide into medieval ages when adulterous women were stoned to death without their crime being proved to the hilt.

    Ah! What about the Pakistan Army? Will they allow this to happen? The answer is YES in capital letters. The Army treats the Taliban as Brother, both born of the same parents. As a matter of fact the Army is looking forward to the day when they will launch an all out war against India and their brothers –in-arms, the Taliban will fight against the Indians and provide close front line support to the Pakistan Army. Indeed, a moribund military planning and both the brothers are destined to come to grief. The Americans would not lend their shoulders to Pakistan army to put their heads on and cry.

    Where does the rest of the world go from here. Just wait and watch. Let us see how the Chinese in Beijing react. They also have a Muslim population on the central Asian border and some miscreants among them challenge Chinese once in a blue moon. A quick retribution follows and all turns quiet on the Islamic front for an appreciable period of time. The Cinese may be devising aplan to control the Islamic bomb in Islamabad so that it doesnot come under control of the Sharia enforcing government. How will they do it. Chinese chequers can be played by those who know the Chinese culture,diplomacy and eat chow-mien, Period.

    Anyway, the sane people have a lot to worry about the dirty bomb. Collective thinking followed by an effective strategic action will save the world from this mortal danger. Let us hope and pray that the Tiger called the Taliban does not swallow its rider called the state of Pakistan

  • yogeshsaxena

    Are we a Secularist?
    • Then please answer these questions for myself
    • There are nearly 52 Muslim countries. Show one Muslim country where Hindus are extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India?

    • Show one country where the 85% majority craves for the indulgence of the 15% minority.

    • Show one Muslim country, which has a Non-Muslim as its President or Prime Minister.

    • Show one Mullah or Maulvi who has declared a 'fatwa' against terrorists.

    • Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry , etc. have in the past elected Muslims as CM’s, Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming the CM of Muslim – majority J&K?

    • Today Hindus are 85%. If Hindus are intolerant, how come Masjids and madrasas are thriving? How come Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are proclaiming 5 times a day on loud speakers that there is no God except Allah?

    • When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song, why should
    • Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura And Kashi?

    • Why Temple funds are spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any way they like?

    • When uniform is made compulsory for school children, why there is no Uniform Civil Code for citizens?

    • In what way, J&K is different from Maharashtra, TamilNadu or UttarPradesh, to have Article 370?

    • Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public fund, not government funds, when in January 1948 he pressurized Nehru and Patel to carry on renovation of the Mosques of Delhi at government expenses?

    • Why Gandhi supported Khaliafat Movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got?

    • If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya etc? Why are Hindus denied minority rights in these states?

    • Do you admit that Hindus do have problems that need to be recognized? Or do you think that those who call themselves Hindus are themselves The problem?

    • Why post – Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no-one talks of the
    ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir?

    • In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population in Pakistan was about 24%. Today it is not even 1%. In 1947, the Hindu population in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30%. Today it is about 7%. What happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights?

    • In contrast, in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today; whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 85% in 1991. Do you still think that Hindus are fundamentalists?

    • Do you consider that – Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular, Mandir is Communal and Masjid is Secular, Sadhu is Communal and Imam is secular, BJP is communal and Muslim League is Secular,
    • Dr.Praveen Bhai Togadia ,Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and, Acharya Arya Nareshand Ashok Shingal are ANTI-NATIONAL and Bukhari is Secular, Vande Mataram is communal and Allah-O-Akbar is secular, Shriman is communal and Mian is secular, Hinduism is Communal and Islam is Secular, Hindutva is
    • communal and Jihadism is secular, and at last, Bharat is communal and Italy is Secular?

    • When Christian and Muslim schools can teach Bible and Quran, Why Hindus cannot teach Gita or Ramayan ?

    • Abdul Rehman Antuley was made a trustee of the famous Siddhi Vinayak
    Temple in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Can a Hindu – say Mulayam or Laloo – ever
    become a trustee of a Masjid or Madarsa?

    • Dr. Praveen Bhai Togadia has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. Has the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Ahmed Bukhari been arrested For claiming to be an ISI agent and advocating partition of Bharat?

    • When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarovar are taxed? A Muslim President, a Hindu Prime Minister and a Christian Defence Minister run the affairs of the nation with a unity of purpose.
    On the last date of the election in Utter Pradesh by stretching the Assembly session to pass the Bill, when no opposition member was present in the House on 8th may 2007, the controversial Mohammad Ali Jauhar University ( amendment) Bill 2007 in most undemocratic manner by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Azam Khan, who earlier wanted himself proposed to remain appointed as vice- Chancellor throughout his life time, having the status of Minority Institution , but withdraw the said proposal of life Time vice- Chancellor as being Mohammad Ali Jauhar University Bill, 2004. the speaker read out president APJ Abdul Kalam’s message, that pro vice- chancellor appointed for 5 years will chair the university executive council ect., the status of university as minority institution having permanent endowment from Rs. 10 lakh to 2 crore and to appoint only Muslims to various posts. The enquiry committee being headed by a retired high court judge, one representative of state govt. and one from executive council of university. The bill further provide that for derecognising the university so passed, in absence of opposition members , when the verdict of people has ousted samajwadi party from power, three forth majority of both the house of state legislature is required.

    Can this happen anywhere, except in a HINDU NATION – BHARAT?

    That the distress of Mahatma Gandhi on the wake of partition of
    Indian continent may still be heard from a distant voice calling to the people to unite and the unity in diversities may provide India’s survival as a nation before partition which depends on a wider vision of unity based on inter-dependence based on the sub continents and secularism and social justice. Let us try to hear again how distressed Mahatma ji was at the turn of events on the wake of partition:

    “ So far it was my desire to live upto the age of one hundred and twenty five years, but now I have no such desire. The objective before me was not just to attain freedom, but also to remove all the social ills in the society which had pestered during the 200 years of the British Rule. They have practically divested us of our traditions of tolerance and harmony and instead fomented hatred and discord through their communal policies . I had thought that we could change the entire system and the people of this country and would live together as brothers in love, harmony and peace, so that coming generations may be blessed with all of that , which we have been deprived of. Therefore in addition to the freedom of my country , the primary objective of my life was maintenance of cordial relations between Hindus and Muslims since I could not attain my objective , this freedom has become tainted .Today when I see Hindus and Muslims separated with more or less permanent gulf , I feel politically and spiritually defeated . I have no desire to live any longer …….when I cannot remove this mutual hatred and ill will between Hindus and Muslims , and cannot create feeling of love peace and harmony in name of God and religion , you tell whether there is any point in my living any more ? I would prefer death to this kind of life.”
    That “Partition of India” was purely a political game fought with a mark
    of religious fundamentalism the speech of Quaid Azam Zinnah on 11-08-1947 who vehemently advocated the two nation theory was enunciated the Government of Pakistan policy has also realised the folly committed in accepting partition on communal lines in these words:
    i. “If you change your past and work together in spirit that every one of you , no matter what community he belongs to, no matter what his colour , caste or creed , is first , second and last , a citizen of this state with equal rights, privileges and obligation there will be no end to the progress you will make. I cannot emphasise it too much ; we should begin to work in that spirit , and in course of time , all these angularities , of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu community and the Muslim community , because even as regards Muslims, you have Pathans, Punjabis, Shias , Sunnis, and so on and among the Hindus you have Brahmins , Vaishnavas, Khatris also Bengalis Madrasi’s and so on , will vanish. You may go to your temples, Mosques or any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state …….We are starting with the fundamental principle that we all citizens and equal citizens of one State….”
    That Let us examine the factors responsible for the partition of India , certain extra-ordinary emotional circumstances in the event of quick succession rushed through a very disparate speed which caught in the whirl wind having a sort of commutative effect on our national life. The operation of the system of working of two political parties that is Indian congress and Muslim league and lack of collective wisdom in the leaders of both the political party had ultimately resulted into the partition of Indian continent . Gandihiji observed after the partition ,when the congress leaders had virtually buried him a life , Gandhiji gave the said spirited reply:-
    “ I cling to the hope that I am not yet buried alive. The hope rests on the belief that massed have not lost faith in my ideals . When it is proved that they have, they will be lost and I can then be said to have been buried alive. But as long as my faith burns bright, as I hope it will even if stands alone , I shall alive in the grave, and what is more , speaking from it. The life is worthless which ignores or disregards moral values.”

    That with the demand for local self government the tempo of national movement gain movement gain momentum , thus the government of India act 1909 Known as Morely Minto Act was passed by the parliament of England. Then came the first world war 1914 in which the people of India forgetting all differences , co-operated in anticipation of self government and Home rule after the war . This was done on the basis of pronouncement in parliament on 20th August 1917 regarding assurance as per policy of British government for granting responsible government by providing for the increasing association of Indians cocuy branch of Indian administration and for gradual development of self governing institution with a vision to progressive realisation of responsible government in India as an integral part of British empire and there after quit of India. Act 1919 was passed by the parliament.
    That the governor general issue ordinance which were to have the free of law for six months. The Indian people had expected much more and men co-operation , civil discipline disobedience movements and terrorist activities started . Inspired communal riots insisted the necessity to send statutory commission popularity knew as Simon commission for England in 1927 to study the problems which was boycotted by Indian national congress. The commission submitted its report vehemently condemning diarchy which was discussed at round Table conference led to the government of India Act !935. Sir Stafford Cripps made negations with the acceptance that the elected body of Indians should frame the Indian constitution and for the purpose cabinet mission was send to assist the viceroy in setting up the constitution and to mediate between the congress and Muslim league.
    That Government of India Act 1935 has provided separate electorate and communal representation in the central and provincial legislature. To strengthen hands of all India Muslim league that critical stage in 1945 , British Government had decided to hold general election both for central legislative assembly and provincial legislature under the government of India Act 1935. In that high pitch of communal frenzy, the result was foregone conclusion.

  • yogeshsaxena

    Resolution of the congress working committee
    (April 2, 1942)
    The working committee have given their full and earnest consideration to the proposals made by the British War cabinet in regard to India and the elucidation thereof by Sir Stafford Cripps . These proposals , which have been made at very last hour because of compulsion of events , have to be considered not only in relation to India’s demand for independence, but more especially in the present grave war crisis with a view to meeting effectively the perils and dangers that confronts India and envelops the world.
    The congress has repeatedly stated , ever since the commencement of the war in September 1939, that the people of India would line themselves up with the progressive forces of the world and assume full responsibility to face the new problems and the shoulder the new burdens that had arisen , and it asked for necessary conditions to enable them to do so to be created . An essential condition was the freedom of India , for only the realisation of the present freedom could light the flame which would illumine millions of hearts and move them to action. At the last meeting of the all India congress committee , after the commencement of the war in the pacific , it was stated that “only a free and independent India can be in a position to under take defence of the country on a national basis and be of help in the furtherance of the larger causes that are emerging from the storm of war”
    The British War cabinet‘s new proposals relate principally to the future upon the cessation of the hostilities . The committee , while recognising that self determination for the people of India is accepted in the principle in that uncertain future , regret that this is fettered and circumscribed and certain provisions have been introduced which gravely imperil the development of a free and united nation and the establishment of a democratic state. Even the constitution body is so constituted that the people’s right to self determination is viated by the introduction of non-representative elements. The people of India have a whole clearly demanded full independence and the congress has repeatedly declared that no other status except that of independence for the whole of India could be agreed to or could meet the essential requirement of the present situation. The committee recognise that future independence may be implicit in the proposals, but the accompanying provisions and restrictions are such that real freedom may well become an illusion. The complete ignoring of the ninety millions of the Indian states and their treatment as commodities at the disposal of their rulers is a negation of both democracy and self-determination. While the representation of an India state in the constitution – making body is fixed on a population basis , the people of the state have no voice in choosing those representative, nor are they to be consulted at any stage , while decisions vitally affecting them are being taken . Such states may in many ways become barriers to the growth of Indian freedom , enclaves where foreign authority still prevails and where the possibility of maintaining foreign armed forces has been stated to be a likely contingency, and a perpetual menace to the freedom of people of the states as well as of the rest of India .The acceptance beforehand of the novel principle of non accession for a Province is also a severe blow to the conception of Indian unity and an apple of discord likely to generate growing trouble in the Provinces , and which may well lead to further difficulties in the way of Indian states merging themselves in Indian Union. The congress has been wedded to Indian freedom and unity and any break in that unity especially in the modern world when people’s minds inevitably think in terms of ever larger federation , would be injurious to all concerned and exceedingly painful to contemplate .Nevertheless the committee cannot think in terms of compelling the people in any territorial unit to remain in an Indian unit against there declared and established will. While recognising this principle , the committee feel that every effort should be made to create condition which would help the different unit in developing a common and co-operative national life . The acceptance of the principle inevitably involves that no charges should be made which result in fresh problems being created and compulsion being exercised on other substantial groups within that area . Each territorial unit should have the fullest possible autonomy within the union , consistently with a strong national state. The proposal now made on the part of British war cabinet encourages and will lead to attempts at the very inception of a union and thus create friction just when the utmost co-operation and goodwill are most needed .
    Any proposal concerning the future of India must demand attention and scrutiny , but in today’s grave crisis , it is the present that counts , and even proposals for the future are important in so far as they affect the present .It has been made clear that the Defence of India will in any event remain under British control.
    To take away defence from the sphere of this stage is to reduce that responsibility to a farce and a nullity , and to make it perfectly clear that India is not going to be free in any way and her government is not going to function as a free independent government during the pendency of the war . The committee would repeat that an essential and fundamental prerequisite for the assumption of the responsibility by the Indian people in the present is their realisation as a fact that they are free and are in charge of maintaining and defending freedom. The committee , therefore , are unable to accept the proposals put forward on behalf of the British War cabinet.

    The Working committee of the All-India Muslim League have given their most earnest and careful consideration to the announcement by Mr. Churchill , the British Prime Minister , in the House of Commons on March 11, 1942 and the draft declaration of the War cabinet of his majesty Government regarding the future of India and also the interim proposals , during the critical period which now faces India , for the immediate participation of the leader of the principle sections of the Indian people in the councils of their country.
    The committee appreciated the proposal of his majesty’s Government regarding the draft declaration of August 8 1940 , which had promised to the Musalmans for the framing of the constitution to be enforced without the approval and consent of Muslim India.
    The possibility of creation of Pakistan was recognised by implication of two or more independent establishment of unions in India which was not open to any alternative proposal and therefore was not open to any modification such proposal was unacceptable to them for reasons given below ;-

    1)The Musalmans after 25 years of genuine efforts for the reconciliation of the two major communities and the bitter experience of the failure of such efforts, are convinced that it is neither just nor possible , in the interest of peace and happiness of the two peoples ,to compel them to constitute one Indian union , composed of two principal nations -Hindus and Muslims -which appears to be the main objects of His Majesty’s Government , as adumbrated in the preamble of the Draft Declaration , the creation of more than one union being relegated only to the realm of remote possibility and is purely illusory
    2)The primary object in the Draft Declaration has been proposed by a constitution making body with creating one Indian union. The Muslim league decided finally that it will be unfair to Musalmans to compel them to enter with such a constitution making body whose main object is the creation of a new Indian Union which according to them may exacerbate bitterness and animosity among the various elements in the country .
    3)The right of non -accession to the union, as contemplated in the Draft- Declaration has been conceded ; presumably , in response to the insistent demands by the Musalmans for the partition of India .The Musalmans were not satisfied on a vital question affecting there future destiny and demand which according to them was a process of evading the real issues to court disaster .
    The secretary of Sir Stafford Cripps on April 2 addressed to the president of al India Muslim League ;-“A province should reach the decision whether or not to stand out of the union by a vote in the legislative assembly on a resolution to stand in . If the majority for accession to the union is less than 60%, the majority will have the right to demand a plebiscite of the adult population”.
    4)With regard to Indian states , it is considered opinion of the committee that it is a matter for them to decide whether to join or not to join or form a union
    5)With regard to the negotiations made between crown and the Indian union or unions , since it was not indicated as to what would happen in case of disagreement on the terms between the contradicting parties, there is a difference of opinion in negotiating a revision of treaty arrangements
    6)The committee was unable to express their opinion with regard to their interim arrangement as there is no definite proposal except the bare statement of His Majesty Government and secondly is on account of the reason that Sir Stafford Cripps has made it clear that his scheme would either4 be accepted as a whole or is rejected as a whole but it is not possible to retain only the part relating to immediate arrangement at the centre and discard the rest of the Draft scheme .
    In conclusion the committee wish to point out that unless the principle of Pakistan scheme, as embodied in the Lahore resolution dated March 1940 ,the same is now the creed of the Muslim League, namely,
    “The establishment of completely independent states formed by demarcating geographically contiguous unit into regions which shall be so constituted which such territorial adjustments on numerically in north western and eastern zones of India in which Musalmans are in the majority shall be the homeland of Muslim as constituent unit , autonomous and sovereign” :
    “That adequate effective and mandatory safeguards shall be specifically provided in the constitution for minorities in the above mention units for the protection of their religious , cultural , economic , political , administrative and other rights and interests in consultation with them”.:
    “That in other part of India where the Musalmans are in minority , similar adequate, effective and mandatory safeguard shall be provided in the constitution”.
    This was unequivocally accepted and conceded the true verdict of Muslim India for enforcement of the right to self determination by the Musalmans and no other proposal or scheme was acceptable to the Muslim league regarding the future.
    Hindu Mahasabha’s ‘resolution’
    The All India committee of Hindu Mahasabha notes that the fundamental principles of the Hindu Mahasabha, namely the unity and integrity of India , has been accepted only in theory by the cabinet Mission by their proposal for the formation of one Indian union and by their rejection of Pakistan. But the committee regrets that in practise this has been whittled down and the apprehension of the communal domination of the Muslims has been unduly exaggerated , although the apprehension of the minority in the Muslim majority area has been totally ignored. The Hindus , as such have no existence in the political scheme of the mission and have been lumped together with others under the misleading category of “General”
    The Mahasabha has opposed Pakistan or the partition of India into two entire sovereign states not on sectional or communal grounds but in the interest of India as a whole . The Central Government as envisaged in the cabinet Mission proposal will be too weak. To pull her full weight in the international world.
    The committee reiterates its demands for the formation of a strong central Government to check and control the disruptive forces in the Indian body politic and to pool all national resources for effective planning in order to prevent the economic exploitation of the poor masses. World security is linked up with the building up and maintenance of a really free and prosperous India . That object can never be achieved with a truncated centre and a hybrid constitution based on artificial grouping of the provinces with residuary powers vested in them. Those provinces will then be in a position to put up tariff walls and to clog the progress of India in the social and economic fields. In order to make effective any large scale economic and administrative and to prevent the disintegration of India after the withdrawal of the British power of India , it is essential that the centre should be strong enough and should be clothed with constitutional authority to deal with customs tariffs currency , banking , and other subjects should have authority to intervene in cases of emergency minority oppression or inter-provincial deadlock and to co-ordinate All India resources to fight famine and pestilence .
    The Mahasabha cannot accept any constitution which negatives in actual practise , the salutary principle of India’s integrity. It stands for an indissoluble union of provinces which may be re-constituted on cultural and linguistic basis.
    The dominant idea lies behind the cabinet mission is to appease the Muslim league to the detriment of all other minorities .
    The Mahasabha is opposed to a complicated machinery which seeks too set-up a three Decker constitution and which will place the Hindus of Punjab ,Bengal , Assam , Sind and the N.W.F.Province as well as the entire Sikh community at the mercy of Pakistanis and which will not provide any acceptable solution of the communal of the communal problem. The injustice done to the Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab, Bengal and Assam is further intensified by reason of the fact that these are vast areas in these provinces which are predominantly non Muslim .
    The committee demands that the artificial systems of grouping and the sub federation should be withdrawn . The constitution should be framed on the recognition of the principle of the sovereignty of the people. There should be one constituent assembly which will frame the constitution of the provinces . We are opposed to introduction of the principle of regionalism based on communalism and to the grant of residuary powers to the provinces. The Mahasabha is also opposed to the pernicious principle of the parity in any shape or form .
    The committee notes that one of the principles for which the hindu Mahasabha stood , viz. representation on the basis of population strength has been recognised by the cabinet mission in the constitution of the constituent assembly which is based on principle of one representative for one million people But this very principle has been vitiated in allowing the European members of Bengal and Assam Legislative assemblies to vote for or stand as candidates for the constituent Assembly . Thus of Hindu members of these assemblies will be deprived of their own choice in proportion to their population.
    The committee demands that the sovereign status of the constitution assembly should be recognised so that Indians may frame a constitution for themselves. The minority must not be allowed to veto the progress of the majority or to retard the building up of a healthy , self sufficient and prosperous India.
    The Committee records its emphatic opinion that the scheme is inspired by the pro Muslim league tendencies of the British government, strengthened by the policy of appeasement pursued by the congress. The scheme is unacceptable to the Mahasabha unless it is modified in respect of the fundamental defects enumerated in this resolution .
    The committee calls upon the Hindu status to realise the danger inherent in these proposals and urges upon them to mobilise the public opinion effectively so that these proposals are not implemented , unless suitably modified in order to meet the aspiration of a free and united Hindustan.

    The plan was made public on May 16, 1946. India was to remain one state with the central government power to empire to Foreign affairs, communication and defence. The provinces would be grenped geographically into three regions, are predominantly Hindu other Muslim and third nearly equal population of the communities. Both Congress and Muslim League accepted the cabinet mission plan.
    That elections to the central legislative assembly was held first. The results of election to the to the central legislative assembly were known towards the end of December 1945. The congress won overwhelming success in the general constituencies while Muslim league won all the Muslim seats. The nationalist Muslims mostly forfeited their deposits in many constituencies. Congress secured 91.3%of the votes cast in Non Mohammedan constituencies and the Muslim league got 86.6 % of the total votes cast in Mohammedan constituencies.
    i. The Final Figures were
    ii. Congress …………….57
    iii. Muslim League …………30
    iv. independents ……………5
    v. Alkali Sikhs ……………2
    vi. European ……………8
    vii. Total elected seats……….102
    That the Elections to the provincial legislature followed shortly. The results in the different provinces may be summed to as follows : -

    Sindh:-The Muslim league won 27 seats and one independent member joined it after the election. The congress won 21 seats but was joined by seven members belonging to two other group And by one independent labour members . Although the congress coalition commanded a majority of one over the Muslim league. The leader of the league was asked to form a ministry by the Governor.
    N.W.F.P : The Congress won 30 seats (Including 19 Muslim seats ) while the Muslim league got only 16 Dr.Khan Saheb formed congress ministry.
    Punjab out of 175 seats the result of the election were as follows :
    b. 1)Muslim league 75
    c. 2)Congress 51
    d. 3)Akali Dal 22
    e. 4)Unionist 20
    f. 5)Independents 7
    g. There were some changes after the elections ,Congress and Akali Sikhs formed a working alliance and invited Muslim league to join it. But the negotiation failed . Eventually a coalition was formed between Congress, Alkali Sikhs and unionist , under Mr. Khizar Hyat Khan who formed the ministry .
    Bengal :Out of 250 seats , the Muslim league won only 113 seats and the congress 87 seats. Mr. H. S. Shuhrawardy the leader of the Muslim league negotiated with the Congress for a coalition , but being unsuccessful, formed a league ministry with the support of independent members .
    In other Provinces of Bombay , Madras, U.P, Bihar and C.P the Muslim league captured 54,34 and 13 seats , out of the total Muslim seats numbering 66,40 and 14 respectively .
    The result of the election in the provinces confirmed the deductions made on the basis of the election to the central legislative assembly . They proved that the congress and the Muslim league were the only two parties that counted in the country ,representing respectively the Hindus and the Muslim communities, except in the N.W.F.P and Singh . But it is noticeable that the Muslim league could not get absolute majority anywhere , even in the Muslim Majority Provinces.

    That it is significant to note that apart from all other factors it is the diplomacy of the then British Rulers that was mainly responsible for partition of India. While leaving India their main attempt was to hustle everything with undue haste and to balkanise India into several political units. Ultimately India was partitioned into two states and leaving 500 and odd Indian states as independent units giving option to them either to join India or Pakistan as per their discretion . It is obvious that the British rulers wanted to keep always , a vast country like India, internally weak and divided ,as part of their global strategy and international power game .
    That on May 15 just before the despatch of the Cabinet delegation to India , Mr Attlee , the British Prime Minister, used these words —
    “My colleagues are going to India with the intention of using their utmost endeavour to help her attain her freedom as speedily and fully as possible .What form of government is to replace the present regime is for India to forthwith the machinery fore making that decision. But if she does so elect it must be her own free will . The British commonwealth and empire is not bound together by chains of external compulsion. It is a free association of free peoples. If on the other she elects for independence, in our view she has a right to do so It will be for us to help to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.”

    “Charged in these historic words we – the cabinet ministers and the Viceroy have done our utmost to assist the two main political parties to reach agreement upon the fundamental issue of the unity or division of India After the prolonged discussion in New Delhi we succeeded in bringing the Muslim league together in conference at Simla.”
    55. That the size of the non Muslim minorities in a Pakistan comprising the whole of six provinces enumerated above would be very considerable as the following figures show –
    North western Area—– Muslim Non Muslims
    Punjab 16,217, 242 12,201, 577
    North west frontier Provinces 2,788, 797 249,270
    Sind 3,208, 325 1,326,683
    British Baluchistan 438, 930 62,701
    22653294 3840231
    62.07% 37.93 %

    North Eastern Area—
    Bengal 33005434 27301 091
    Assam 3442479 6762254
    36447913 34063345

    ( Based on Census 1941)
    That these figures show that the setting up of a separate Sovereign state of Pakistan on the lines claimed by the Muslim League would not solve the communal minority problem; nor can we see any justification for including within a sovereign Pakistan those districts of Punjab and Assam and Bengal in which the population is predominantly non Muslim. Every argument that can be used in favour of Pakistan can equally in our view be used in favour of exclusion of Non- Muslims area in Pakistan. These points particularly affect the position of Sikhs.
    Six major proposals
    Common case recommended that the constitution should take the following basic form -
    1)There should be a union of India , embracing both British India and the states which should deal with the following subjects :– Foreign Affairs ; defence and communication ; and should have the powers necessary to raise the finances required for the above subjects
    The Union should have an executive and a legislature constituted from British Indian and states representatives Any question raising a major communal issue in the legislature should require for its decision a majority of the representatives present and voting of each of the two major communities as well as a majority of all the members present and voting.
    All subjects other than the union subjects and all residuary powers should vest in the provinces.
    2) The states will retain all subjects and the powers other than those ceded to the union.
    3) Provinces should be free to form Groups with executives and legislatures , and each group could determine the provincial subjects to be taken in common
    4) The constitutions of the union and of the groups contains a provision whereby any province could by a majority , vote of its legislative assembly call for a reconsideration of the terms of the constitution after an initial period of 10 years and at 10 yearly intervals thereafter.

    After careful consideration conclusion was that the fairest and most practicable plan would be
    a) To allot to each province a total number of seats proportional to its population, roughly in the ratio of one to a million , as the nearest substitute for representation by the adult suffrage.
    b) To divide this provincial allocation of seats between the main communities in each province in proportion to their population .
    c) To provide that the representative are allotted to each community in a province shall be elected by the members of that community in its legislative assembly.

    Table of representation

    Section A
    Province General Muslim Total
    Madras 45 4 49
    Bombay 19 2 21
    United Provinces 47 8 55
    Bihar 31 5 36
    Central Provinces 16 1 17
    Orrisa 9 0 9
    Total 167 20 187

    Section B
    Province General Muslim Sikh Total
    Punjab 8 16 4 28
    N.W.F.P 0 3 0 3
    Sind 1 3 0 4
    Total 9 22 4 35

    Section C
    Province General Muslim Total
    Bengal 27 33 60
    Assam 7 3 10
    Total 34 36 70

    Total for British India .. 292
    Maximum for Indian states .. 93

    Viceroy’s broadcast (May 17 , 1946)
    “I wonder whether you realise that this is the greatest and most momentous experiment in government in the whole history of the world –a new constitution to control the destiny of 400,000,000 people . A grave responsibility indeed on all of us who are privileged to assist in making it.
    Lastly I must emphasise the seriousness of the choice before you . It is the choice between peaceful construction or the disorder of civil strife , between ordered progress or confusion . I am sure you will not hesitate in your choice for co-operation .
    May I end with some words which were quoted by one great man to the other at a crisis of the late war , and may well be applied to India at this crisis ?
    Thou too , sail on , O ship of the state ,
    Sail on , O Union , strong and great :
    Humanity with all its fears
    With all the hopes of future years,
    Is hanging breathless on thy fate.’”

    Letter from the president of the Muslim league to Lord Pethick -Lawrence , dated May 8 , 1946

    I have now receive the letter of your private Secretary , dated May 8 ,1946 and the enclosed document to which you had referred in your letter of May 8, 1946 .
    It is proposed by you that this paper be discussed at the next meeting of the conference to be held on Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m
    if this is agreeable to the Muslim league delegation .
    Your proposal embodied in your letter of April 27, 1946 , runs as follows :
    “A union government dealing with the following subject —–Foreign Affairs ,Defence and Communications . There will be two groups of the provinces , the one of the predominantly Hindu provinces and the other of the predominantly Muslim provinces , dealing with all other subjects which the provinces in the respective groups desire to be dealt with in common The provincial government will deal with all other subjects and will have all residuary sovereign rights”

    Mr Jinnah speaks on the Mission’s proposal
    (May 22 , 1946)
    “I have now before me the statement of the British cabinet delegation and the viceroy dated May 15 .Before I deal with it I should like to give a background of the discussion that took place at Simla from May 5 onwards till the conference were declared concluded and its breakdown announced in the official communiqué dated May 12.”
    “We met in conference on May 5 to consider the formula of embodied in letter of the secretary of state of India dated April 27 inviting the league representatives.”
    The formula was as follows :
    “A Union government dealing with the following subjects :foreign affairs, defence and communications. There will be two groups of provinces the one of the predominantly Hindu provinces and the other of the predominantly Muslim provinces dealing with the all other subjects which the provinces in the respective group desire to be dealt with in common. The provincial governments will deal with all other subjects and will have all the residuary sovereign rights.”

    68. That Let us recollect the course of the events that led to partition of India on 15th August, 1947:-
    1) On 20th February 1947 , Lord Attlee the then Prime Minister made the Historic announcement of the end of British Rule in India by stating :
    His Majesty’s Govt., wish to make it clear that it is their definite intention to take necessary steps to effect the transference of the power to responsible Indian hands by a date not later than June 1948 .
    The above declaration was absolute and unconditional in as much as the transfer of power would not depend upon any agreement between the Indian Parties and it had set at rest al the doubts about the intention of the British Government in regard to the transfer of power by declaring a definite date i.e.June 1958, when India would be free from the British control.
    ii)On 24th March 1947 Lord Mountbatten has assumed charges as New viceroy of India with the task entrusted to him of transferring to Indian hands , the responsibility for the government of British India .
    iii)On 3rd June 1947 Lord Attlee announced the plan containing the actual proposals for partition of India in the House of commons.
    iv) Indian national congress working committee met on 3rd June 1947 and approved the new plan .Mr Jinnah had also accepted the new plan on 3rd June 1947 representing the all India Muslim league.
    v) On 4th June 1947 Lord Mountbatten had announced in a press conference that the transfer of power would be affected not on June 1948 as was declared by lord Attlee in the statement of 20th February 1947 but much earlier than that date in 1947 itself probably about 15th August 1947 .
    vi) The Congress committee again met on 12th June 1947 and prepared a draft resolution for the approval of All-India Congress Committee which met at New Delhi on 14th & 15th June 1947 to accepted the proposals embodied in 3rd June Plan .
    vii) On 4th July , 1947 Indian Independence bill was Introduced in the house of commons . It was passed on 15th July 1947 It received Royal assent on 18th July , 1947 Beside other provisions contained in it main provision of the Indian Independence Act was that there shall be set-up two Independent states India and Pakistan on 15th August 1947 .
    viii) On 14th August 1947 Governor general of India promulgated India (Provisional constitution ) Order 1947 modifying an adapting Government of India Act 1935 to suit the new circumstances.
    ix) India that is Bharat became independent on 15th August ,1947.
    69.That From the chronology of event s stated above, it is evident that as per that famous unconditional announcement of February 1947 made by lord Attlee, it was the date June, 1948, and not the 15th August, 1947 which was originally fixed for transfer of power. All things were settled by 3rd June 1947, British Government, congress and the Muslim league has accepted the partition plan by that date. In the face of all things settled, where was the urgency and the need to advance and expedite the original l time schedule for transfer of power from June 1948 to a much earlier date of 15th August 1947.
    70. That it is unfortunate that in that high pitch of communal frenzy And bitterness, the fate of the Hindu and the Sikh minorities then living in Pakistan and the fate of the Muslim minorities then living in India who were the real victims, was unfortunately forgotten. Lakhs of poor and illiterate, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslim minorities living in their respective homes in far of villages became overnight,some what aliens and were mercilessly subjected to communal madness. If the original time schedule of June 1948 was adhered to by the leaders, the British rulers would have been compelled before the bar of World Public opinion to maintain Law and Order in the whole of India till June of 1948, and no prejudice would have been caused to either party, since all things were finally settled by 3rd June 1947.
    71. That the Hindu and Sikh minorities in Pakistan and the Muslim minorities in India would have got some advance intimation and would have got some time to adjust their own circumstances and sentiments and there would not have any such large scale panic stricken immediate migration overnight barbarism on either side. When partition of India was found inevitable and unavoidable and was accepted by one all, least that could have been done as small as mercy to all religious minorities residing both in Pakistan and in India , was to allow some berating time to them by adhering to original time schedule of June , 1948 or some other convenient date instead of rushing every thing with undue speed by 15th August ,1947 .They could have jointly requested the British Government to fix some other date instead of putting 15th August 1947 in the Indian Independence bill for the sake of adjustment and migration.
    72. The question of minority was raised by Muslim leaders in order to gain their political powers would be clear from Chapter II of the Book 'The Administration of the Moghul Empire' written by a Historian Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi published in 1973 and reprinted in 1973. The relevant part of Chapter II, pages 22 and 23 are being reproduced below:-
    “ISLAM takes a comprehensive view of life and does not separate politics from religion…..”
    “By the time of the Prophet's death, the Muslim state was already strong and well consolidated. IN its essence it was the organized Muslim community functioning as a religious entity to preserve and propagate its beliefs and to provide the facilities to practice them, confronted with social, economic and political needs to sustain its life as an independent society, hence organized into a state without which its prime object of maintaining its Islamic character could jeopardized. This need could be felt by any religious group, but in Islam religion was not merely a matter of prayer and belief but it also embraced the external behaviour of man to a degree that such a conception of the Islamic community was inevitable. The Muslim thinkers have mostly upheld this conception of the Islamic State. Their legal thinking also has been affected by this belief; indeed this conception is so deeply immersed in the Islamic doctrine that it would be difficult to separate it from religious thought…..”

    Historical Back Ground of Muslim started claiming as religious minority only just before independence. Islam came in India in 712 A.D. through foreign invaders. First invasion was made by Mohd. Bin Qasim and thereafter a series of invasions were made by Mohd. Gajni and Mohd. Gori etc. Mohd. Bin Qasim established Islamic Rule in Sindh and Multan in 712 A.D. After Mohd. Gori, Mohd. Qutubbuddin Aibak, Akram Shah, Altmus, Gyasuddin Blaban, Razia Sultan, Jalaluddin Khilji, Alauddin Khilji, Firoz Shah Tughlak, IbrahimmLodhi and other Sultans ruled India and thereafter Babar established Moghul rule in 1526 followed Humaun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangjeb and other Moghul rulers and lastly by Bahadur Shah Zafar in greater India. Indian society other than Muslim minority was ruled by Muslim Rulers for about one thousand years over most parts of India. For all these years Indian society other than Muslim minority was subjected to pay Jezia Tax in most parts of India to remain as Hindus and to perform their cultural and religious rites.

    Relevant Paragraphs at page 50 of a Book 'Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India (Vol. III: Medieval Indian Society and Culture) by J.L. Mehta is relevant in the present context, the same is being reproduced below:-

    “Mohd. Bin Qasim, who laid the foundation of the Muslim Rule in Sindh and Multan (711-12), secured the status of Zimmis for his hindu subjects from the caliph and accorded protection to their lives and property on the receipt of jaziya. Obviously, this step was necessitated as a matter of political expediency because in spite of the loss of independence, the hindu masses, in general offered odgged resistence to forced conversions. It was physically impossible for Qasim and handful of his Arab followers to compel the vanquished multitude 'to choose between Islam and death', particularly, when they were 'armed to the teeth'. Recognition of hindu 'idolators' of Arabia. His example was followed by the turkaofghan rulers of Delhi in their dealings with the hindus. The latter were not treated as full-fledged citizens of 'the Islamic stte' albeit they received status of zimmis-'the second-class' or 'inferior' citizens, which denied them all political rights and made them suffer from certain socio=religious and economic disabilities so as 'to prevent them from growing strong. In the words of Jadu Nath Sarkar,
    “The very term zimmi is an insulting title. It connotes political inferiority and helplessness like the status of a minor proprietor, perpetually under a guardian; such protected people could not claim equality with the citizens of the Muslim theocracy.”
    There developed, with the passage of time, four schools of though for the authoritative interpretation of shara or 'the Islamic law'; these were known as Malakite, Shafite, Hanbalite and Hanafite after the names of their founders-Malik Ibn Anas (715-95 A.D.), Ash-Shafi (767-820), Ahmad Bin Hanbal (780-855) and Abu Hanifah (699-766), Doctors of the first three schools offered no other alternative but death to 'the idolators' including the hindus, on their refusal to embrace Islam. It were the exponents of the Hanifah school alone who permitted their existence in the Islamic state as zimmis. That explains the intesne hatred of the non-muslims by the orthodox muslims fanatics, in general; whenever a muslim ruler fell under the spell of such orthodox ulema, he adopted the policy of religious intolerance and persecution of his hindu subjects. It created a permanent gulf between the hindus and muslims which could not be bridged effectively for a long time. According to an observation, 'the politcal and religious condition under which the hindus were forced to live in a muslim state raised a great barrier between the two communities. The political supremacy of muslims was absolute; the hindus not only enjoyed no political status in practice, but could not even aspire to it under Islamic theory'. While living in their own country and in possession of their own hearths and homes, the hindus were reduced to the status of inferior citizens of 'an Islamic state' as the sultanate of Delhi was usually styled. On the other hand, the muslims, though in microscopic minority, constituted the privileged or the most favoured children of the state who enjoyed the bounties and benefited from all the public welfare and other state enterprises.”

    Relevant paragraph at page 42 of the Book 'Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India (Vol. III: Medieval Indian Society and Culture) by J.L. Mehta is also relevant, the same is being quoted below:-
    “Thus, Islam does not separate religion from politics; in fact, the concept of religion in Islam emerged first, the state was 'an after-thought'. The additional Islamic law does not acknowledge 'the independent existence of state, nor is state regarded as a primary condition of human society. It makes the State completely subservient to the religion of the Prophet. According to the Islamic law, the state is only an instrument to serve the creed in the attainment of its objectives or fulfilment of ideals of the muslim brotherhood. The Islamic theory of state was, therefore, based on a three fold idea of one scripture, one sovereign and one nation; scriptu was the holy Quran, sovereign was the imam (leader), also called Khalifa (the caliph)- political successor to the Prophet, and nation was the millat-the muslim brotherhood. The basic feature of the state, according to this theory, was its 'indivisibility' in all the three aspects. It contemplated the establishment of a theocratic state based on the Islamic law, and recommended only one sovereign, the caliph, to rule over the whole of the muslim world. The caliph was styled as the amir ul momnin-'the leader of the faithful'; his office was thus a political institution based on Islamic injunctions. The sovereignty resided in the millat which elected their imam or the caliph, and the latter was under religious obligation to implement the Islamic law on and for the benefit of his muslim subjects. The Islamic government was, therefore, one which was composed of the muslims, by the muslims and existed for the happiness and welfare of the muslims alone.”
    That according to the Islamic belief, Koran ( Quran ) is regarded as a divine book containing the words revealed by prophet Mohammad. The verses of Quran were in relations to the happening taken place during the particular events and the connotation of it has a different and separate back grounds , than the present scenario based upon the logical perceptions and that of intellectual property rights.
    That in the society, wherein the Rule of Law is supreme, the perceptions of authenticity is based upon the truthfulment of the statements and the orthodox superstitions with the ideological confrontation be wiped out in collaboration with harmony between other sections of the society.
    That the Muslims in India have seldom invited their own people for the public discussions of their creed in general. The effect of the preaching made by their prophet and most of them have idolized the verses of Quran at par with their religion. The result of such pressure being exerted by vociferous activities upon rest of citizens in case one may convince to have the introspection of the repercussions of such preaching which ultimately lead its followers and act of terrorism.
    That such activities have been broadened to include the memberships, support, assistance or furthering the activities of some terrorists’ organizations. The raising of funds intended for the purposes of ‘Terrorist Act’ has always provided an enumerable loss to the life and property of the people worshiping the other religion than Islam. Thus in a secular estate such activities of terror may provide a considerable loss to national assessed by declining in the terrorist participation in promotion of the financial assessed to out nation.
    That the petitioner is seeking the direction from the Central Government to declare such preaching of ‘ZIHAD’ for converting out nation as DARUL-E-ISLAM by the recital of verses of Quran as detrimental to the interest of the nation.
    That the citizens having following of the other religion of Hinduism, Buddhist and Jainism including Jews, who are regarded to be “infidels” at the hands of “believer” of Quran, have their right to know in respect of their fault being committed by them on account of their non-violent and peaceful a domination of every religion. Thus there is no moral and spiritual import except by a free and fourth right discussion and the interpretation of verses of Quran in its rights prospectives to the followers of the Islam.
    That a citizen who is properly informed regarding the public opinion can only decide in the long run, as to whether the Quran qualifies or not as a religion scripture.
    That by the mere reading of a few sayings of Quran – 37 which proclaims “ Preach cruelty, incite violence and disturbs” public peace, while verse –17 saying which “ Promote on ground of religion, feeling of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities in India”. The 31 saying further proclaim, “ Insult other religious as also the religious belief of other communities.
    That secular pattern in behaviour of Muslim majority in Bangladesh and Pakistan towards the Hindu minority simply demonstrates the cruelty and feelings of hatred amongst the fellow citizens in keeping with the tenets of Islam.
    That it is submitted that recent photos of Bangladesh Hindus, who have been systematically uprooted from their ancestral home land, even after India had made great sacrifice for speculating liberation for Bangladesh are mesirable, which is apparent from perusal of photographs of Mass-killing and gang-rapes conducted in Bangladesh. The copies of photographs published in ———— having naked bodies of women lying slaughtered and victims of rape, gang-rapes in the family of the Hindus minority at Bangladesh and the treatment given to the personnel of Border Security Forces are filed herewith as Annexure no.1.
    That on one hand the Hindus, Buddhist, Jainism stood for non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, chastity and non-covetousness, while the preaching of Quran may puzzle them the adherents of another religion of Islam based upon the cruelty, violence and crime. Thus the concept of secularism as adhered by our nation has become antithesis with the acts of terrorism and recital of preaching from Quran.
    That there is the recital of the ‘SURAH & AYATEN’, which are reproduced as Annexre No. 1
    That it was submitted that communal strife and conflicts in its orthodoxy may be seen at Pakistan whose sizable number of Hindu population has been obliterated through murder or through forcible conversion. However, in the judgement passed by then Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vimal Chandra Basak on 17th May, 1985 had observed that making such order as prayed for would amount to abolition of Muslim religion.
    That the problem is now aggravated by the facts that unlike other communities, Muslim are highly orthodox people and follow the sayings of Quran with fanatical zeal as a result of which even the sizable number of Muslim population can never have been peace on the soil of our nation.
    That even the Muslim Act founded by Baha’iulah in Iran in 19th Century, whose 1 Millions followers are living in India for spiritual unity, which is uncomphertable with Quranic preaching has been subjected to verse prosecution and the students have been expelled from school and colleges in Iran. In Shia nation and Sunni nation are themselves indulged in violent conflict resulting in numerous death. Thus a modified version of Surah and Ayat in the preset context of communal harmony is required to be given to its followers if the majority of the citizens are save themselves for the vast communal passions and religion fanaticism.
    That section 295-A does penalize any and every act of insult or attempt to insult the religion or religious belief of class of citizen, which are not perpetrated with deliberate and malicious intention of religious feelings of that class. It was observed by the Hon’ble Court that in its opinion it cannot be said that Quran offers any insult to any other religion.
    That the preamble of our constitution and Article 25 and 26 of our Constitution are providing freedom of conscience.
    That the preamble proclaimed India to be secular states. However, it has been wrongly interpreted that offending Surah and Ayate of Quran if being forfeited from its publication and the recital may deprive a section of people of their right of thought expression, belief, faith and worship, such action would amount to abolition of Muslim religion. This has been a wrong findings which are totally inconsistent with the offended verses of its Surah and Ayat as reproduced above.
    That the application of section 153-A is squarely applicable for forfeiture and banning of the offending Surah and Ayat enumerated in the Quran as the same generates disharmony feeling of enmity and hatred and also the ill-will between different religion or community.
    That untoward incident has been reported till then for carrying on the mutual enmity, hatred between section of the Muslim minority and Hindu Majority incite violence as main aim and object of Quran.
    That the petitioner most respectable submits that a lot of the terrorist activities have been sur-phased by the followers of the Islam mainly on account of preaching given in Quran, which has lead to the violence of Bombay Blast case of 1993 by Daud Ibrahim and Saleem, Ankaleshwar Temple blast, Killing the parliamentary attack, 11th September Tower Attack in America, series of bomb blast inside the railways compartments in Mumbai, Sankatmochan Mandir blast and complete elimination of members of other communities for territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Godara blast are the evidence to demonstrate that the decision given by Justice Basak has not taken any probability of the happening mentioned above and as such the present writ petition requires to look into the facts of mass-acre and atrocities committed upon the innocent Hindu citizens. It is submitted that as the last word of prophet written in Quran the Muslims are not ready even to enter in argument or discussion while on the other hand there has been recent judgement of Supreme Court of Malaysia discouraging the bearing of turban by the students, which was adopted on account of being warn by prophet Mohammad. The true photo copy of the judgement passed by three judges bench of Malaysia Court is being filed herewith as Annexure no. 2 .
    That the sources of Islam or Quran and Hadis, called as Sullah, the Quran contains the prophet “rebulation”., while Hadis are al that prophet Mohammad did or said or enjoyed, forbade or did not forbid approved or dis-approved. The Quran is Hadis-mutawatir i.e. the tradition considered authentic and genuine by all Muslims from beginning. The interpretation used by its followers even in changed context of the present days scientific invention and in the light of 2 nuclear bomb invasions in two other centuries is not correct interpretation, which could have been said to be last word of prophet Mohammad as if prophet Mohammad would have been surviving today he would have not promoted Zihad in way of prayer of Allah, nor “ infidel” so called Hindus would have been burned or slaughtered in such a manner as the followers of Islam have started practicing in the name of Quran.
    That the vary revelation of the word Islam from which the Muslim has been formed, the same drives from “ AS-LAM’ meaning solution to other and peace. Thus the meaning of infidel does not mean the fellow of other religion, but those who does not believe in any God and have indulged in the ruthless killing of animals and other fellow citizens, the true perceptions of the correct proposition of Surah and Ayat may be understood by healthy discussions in the matter. Thus every Hindu citizen has got the right to know the meaning of the infidel and status of Zimmis on which the Zaziya or capitation tax, was realised by the force of arms during period of slavery under the Mughals sub-ordination,
    That there is another aspect of the matter regarding the creation of quite painting by M.F. Hussain proclaiming himself to he follower of Islam. In the aforesaid paintings which have published and may be seen by any Hindu citizen, there has been naked goddess Durga and goddess Saraswati, Lord Rama without his head and naked Goddess Sita sitting on the thee of Raman and also on the tail of Hanuman. Goddess Durgaji has been shown to the in coupling with the tiger, while goddess Parwati is shown in the union with the Elephant, while Lord Shiva is said to have been watching upon them. Can it be assumed that M.F. Hussain is a cynic or infidel, who is suffering from seizophrenia with the sadistic pleasure by assailing the sentiments of Hindu citizen of our country. The naked photographs of our goddess demonstrated in oil painting by M.F. Hussain are filed as Annexure no.2.
    That on one hand the Hindu is considered to be tolerant for whom the misrepresentation is given to be co-ordis by the Muslims, if the Hindus may start their counter aggressism by preparing the suicidal Bomber upon Zama-Maszid and other mosque, the repercussion may be much serious resulting in the situation of riote Orson and Dona side. Thus in order to provide a curve upon such happening judicial review is required to be done regarding the interpretation of offending Surah and offending Ayate of Quran as the same may not be misunderstood by its followers.
    That the example of counter aggression has been seen at Iraq wherein Saddam has been executed by the American in his own country. It is submitted that there may be vested interest of other nations who remained opportunist to rule India on the policy of divide and rule amongst its citizens. Thus the ——given by Britishers for interpreting the Surah and Ayate of Quran is neither beneficial for our nation, nor the same is beneficial for Pakistan and Bangladesh to demonstrate their displeasure on the question of revaluation of truth amongst our fellow citizens.
    That it has been brought to the notice of the Most of citizens that N.D.P.S. is used for providing the illusionary atmosphere of Zannat for preparing suicide bombers. It has been found that the individual under going through brain-drain through such illusionary perception was smiling just before few seconds of the blast. Thus the conclusion is in-escapable that the preaching of Quran to its followers by some time generate themselves the illusionary perceptions of providing the attainment to the heaven if they voluntary sacrifice their life in the name of Zihad as Allah ordered them for killng of infidels. Thus the judicial activism is required to be done for positive interpretation of such recital, otherwise slaughtering and thereby plundering of innocent people may lead to the counter aggression, which is not congenial for the development of a Nation.
    That in this manner Quran may never be regarded as the holy book, nor the Muslim religion based upon misconception of Zihad and Darul-E-Islam may never be able to get the generation in the mind of Hindus. The slogan of secularism and Sarvadharm Sambhawa, it is submitted that the individual Afzal who attached upon the Parliament has yet not been hanged under the guise of getting the protection as a repercussion of such hanging may not lead to the mob violence, which was seen during the period, when the cartoon of Mohammad was made in the remote country at Denmark.
    That it is true that Hindus have fought Muslim invaders, who had locally established the Muslim dynasties. However our previous rulers have neglected to study the religious and ideological motives of such invaders and speculation remained unmindful of new phenomenon in their midst. Thus scullery dissertation of disciples of great learning may demonstrate the awareness——-
    That the problem of Muslim fanatics who are the followers of offending Surah and Ayate of Quran by generating the concept of Zihad and Darul-e-Islam is further magnified from the event of having the parliament attack. It is submitted that on one hand there is psychological fear generated in the mind of people from such attack and Godhara killing, but when in retaliation of act of terrorism, the counter aggressism was adopted by Hindu citizens in State of Gujrat then the entire word including appeasement policy of Government could not muster the courage of depreciating the Godhara killing, but the retrial after the acquittal of innocent citizens was further ordered to have been taken place in different State of Maharastra.
    Our country, earlier known for its civilisation, peace, harmony and non-violence, is now regarded as such a terrorists state like Pakistan ,Which according to the Americans and other European Country still not been regarded as a tourist country, where the foreigner may visit freely as to provide the foreign currency to boost our natural recourses and thereby may provide freedom from hunger, beggary , exploitation of the child and women , which is prevalent still from the medieval period of Mogul invaders under the garb of Jihad of their religion.
    The Blast at Akhchar Dham Temple, Sankar Mochan Temple, Vanarasi Railway Station , Bombay train Blasts, Samchota Express blasts are not by I.S.I. agents but by traitors enjoining the status of concession to the reason that cartoon was made Denmark, the communal tension was created at Lucknow.
    There is the offer to behead Tamseena habib The Writter Of Divided into Two by some Moulary by announcing the prize of 5 lacks, why he is not arrested?.
    They will through acid , if girls rare not wearing veil (Burkhas)
    They will rape Their Daughter In Laws But no one has a Right to protest against it.
    The Muslim Woman is the Pithiest Human being and is simonized
    Why Fat was are issued on the truth expressions
    Our Thrust for civilization has been conversed to the religion of violence
    This is on account of facts that we do not respect each others and are divided in segmentations.
    Why Afzal has yet not been hanged and why our Muslim President Keeping his mercy petition pending and is providing Oxygen. The reason Is Darrul e Islam And he is A Jihaddy and thus is protected by alien Indian govt.
    They behave like Mosquito when alone, they becomes Scorpions when few in number they are cobras for Hindu Majority and will become Python, if not checked by Nationalists.

    That it is threatening of mob violence under the appeasement policy that despite the death sentence awarded to Afzal for his heinous offence of sedition through attack on Parliament, the Government of India could not provide the execution of death sentence. It is submitted that Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir Sri Ghulam Navi Azad have warned the Central Govt. restraining from execution of Afzal and the entire cabinet decision have yet not the taken courage to hand the culprit of parliamentarian attack under the garb of pendency of mercy petition before his excellency the President of India. Thus the policy enumerated in regard to such pattern-age granted to the invaders indulged in terrorist attack may only be reduced if the Hon’ble Court being sentinel and guardian of majority of population may grant the proclamation and forfeiture of offending Surah and Ayate written in Quran to rightful conclusion through judicial interpretation.
    section 95 Cr.P.C. read-with Sections 153-A and 295-A of I.P.C., wherein a public duty is casted upon the Central Government and State Govt. to forfeit every copy of Koran, also spelled as ‘Quran’. The so called religious book of the Muslims the world-over, which incites violence, disturbs public tranquility promotion, on the grounds the religion, a feeling of enmity and ill-will between different religious communities and thereby insults other religions and religious belief of other communities in the secular of India.
    That for the convenient perusal the section 95 of Cr.P.C. and the provisions of section 153-A and 295-A of I.P.C. are reproduced as under :-
    “95, Power of declare certain publications forfeited and to issue search-warrants for the same—(1) where-
    (a) any newspaper, or book, or
    (b) any document,
    wherever printed, appears to the State Government to certain any matter the publication of which is punishable under Section 124-A or Section 153-A or section 153-B or section 295-A of the Indian Penal Code ( 45 of 1860), the State Government may, by notification, stating the grounds of the opinion, declare every copy of the issue of the newspaper containing such matter, and every copy of such book or other document to be forfeited to Government, and thereupon any police officer may seize the same whenever found in India and any Magistrate may by warrant authorize any police officer not below the rank of sub-inspector to enter upon and search for the same in any premises where any copy of such search for the same in any premises where any copy of such issue or any such book or other document may be or may be reasonably suspected to be.
    (2) In this section and in section 96-
    (a) “newspaper” and “book” have the same meaning as in the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 (25 of 1867);
    (b) “document” includes any painting, drawing or photograph, or other visible representation.
    (3) No order passed or action taken under this section shall be called in question in any Court otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of Section 96.”

    “153-A. Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residences, language, etc. and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.- (1) wherever-
    (a) by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or attempts to promote, on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities , or
    (b) commits any act which is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities, and which disturbs or is likely to disturb the public tranquility.
    (c) Organizes any exercise, movement, drill or other similar activity intending that the participants in such activity shall use or be trained to use criminal force or violence or knowing it to be likely that the participants in such activity will use or be trained to use criminal force or violence, or participates in such activity intending to use or be trained to use criminal force or violence or knowing to it be likely that of participants in such activity will use or be trained to use criminal force or violence, against any religious, racial, language or regional group or caste or community and such activity, for any reason whatsoever causes or is likely to cause fear or alarm or a feeling of insecurity amongst members of such religious, racial, language or regional groups or caste or community,
    Shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.
    Offence committed in place of worship, etc.- (2) Wherever commits an offence specified in sub-section (1) in any place of worship or in any assembly engaged in the performance of religious worship or religious ceremonies, shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to five years and shall also be liable to fine.”
    “295-A. Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religious beliefs – wherever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class of citizens of India, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.”

    This paragraph has references of Books such as Arnol J Toynbee, A Study of History: 12 vols; OUP, 4th impression, 1948, IV, p. 230, Wolseley Haig, CHI,III, p.-10, A.B.M. Habibullah, Foundatio

  • yogeshsaxena

    Hindu women independence is not prohibited. She was not required to live under the protection of father at young age thereafter under the domination of her husband and lastly under her son domination when she attain the old age. This has started after arrival of Muslim Religion in our nation. Now, she is required to stand behind the row of the man despite the fact that she may be more educated than her husband. The demand of the dowry at the time of the marriage of the daughter, permanently joining the family of her husband is only illogical demand but the same is again the demonstration to the society by the affluent and educated class of the Hindus being terrified by the aggressions of Muslim invaders to treat the women child with neglect at the time of her growth inside the womb and they are seldom killed through abortion and even after taking their birth. Thus the demand of the dowry and the offering of the same is a crime against humanity. The institution of marriage is subjected to great abuses and has become repugnant to the principles of Hindu law. The polygamy has led to the perpetration of revolting crime. No marriage should be permitted and the male may not be allowed to make any contact with another women when his one wife is alive. However Hasrat mohd. conducted fourteen marriages in his life time and his prophecies to the Muslim for conducting four marriages during their life time is the cause of disparity in the society and there by inviting the hindu counter part to commit such crime under the lust of the carnal desire and on the experimentation as instigated to them by Muslim citizens. Thus the preaching of the Quran provides the discrepancy in the harmonial atmosphere between the two sect of the society living in our nation. The Muslim according to Sura wakara, aayat of Quran no.223 may treat their wife as that of the agriculture field of harvesting the crop for which they are free to dig the women wherever they want to dig her. In case of divorce by reciting talaq thrice at a time or during the sleep, the wife has to undergone the co habitation with another person only there after she may become the valid wife of her husband. The lady in muslim is considered as hurrey and are treated like the property conquered during the war time of Daruley -e- islam required to be converted from darule-e –herb. Thus the Muslim cannot be permitted to sit idle during the period of living under the predomination of other religion and he is forced to commit jehad by killing other fellow citizens. Thus the preaching of hazrat mohd and his action during his lifetime have now become detrimental to the interest of majority of the citizens belonging to the non violent community of hindu civilization.Such a preaching are the seditious crime upon other fellow citizen and thus the same is prohibited under section 95 read with 96 of Cr.P.C and under section 153 –A and also under section 251 – A of IPC .
    The women under muslim law are seldom solemnized as muslim religion may justify the child abuse.
    Thus following the tradition of the Muslim, the Hindu women May only take the remaining of the food left by her husband. In this manner she seldom treated like a servant and other pet dogs inside the family. Seldom the outraging of the modesty of the schedule class women by the upper class may not even considered to be a crime while the same offence committed by someone with upper class women may be given the punishment death penalty.
    Amongst the Muslim religion her entrance at the place of worship is prohibited. She is treated as the machine for reproduction of the children.
    There has been instances of beating to such women as according to Muslim religion, prophet mohd had committed the same atrocities which are described under the haddish, based upon the treatment given by their prophet to his thirteen wives and many concubine during his remaining period when his wife Khadiza died at the age of 75 yrs when prophet mohd. was running at the age of fifty years and survived upto 65 yrs of age. The women is bound to live under the covering of the garment as the exposure of the women in normal dress may induce other person to indulge in sex. The Qumran sheriff is not allowed even to touch by the women during menstruation. Nobody is allowed to react in case a muslim male co-habit with other women before his wife. It is regarded that no one should provide the constraint upon the carnal desire of the male to indulge in sex with any women except who has taken the feeding of the milk at their teenage with the same mother. Thus according to Muslim religion the women is only a commodity and she has no right to express her desire and to live like a living human being. The peer is a Persian word representing to the old person suffering from prostrate gland, which enlarges due to the disproportionate secretion of estrogen hormones, and this provides the increase of sexual impulse and as such the old man known as the peer and maulvi again stimulate their desire to enter in co habitation with some young girl. The girl married with the old man may be subjected to neglect for rest of the time when the impulsive compulsion of the old man minimizes during deficiency of androgen hormone. Thus the women from their childhood till their death are always subjected to be exploited under the guise of the preaching of Quran and haddies by Muslim. She is considered to be the powerless creature having no right of inheritance in comparison to male counterpart from their childhood. Under the Bangladesh Muslim civil law the women can only inherit one- fourth portion of the property in comparison to half portion of the property given to the son.
    Under our common law children are given the name of their father but seldom the name of the mother is required to be given in any educational institution or even at the time of employment. Thus the lady who carries the child in her womb for more than nine months , may not have any right to remain her identity associated with such child after giving him/ her birth.
    The half of the population created by the almighty God just to provide the continuity of the survival of the human being is neglected. Till the orthodox superstitions and hypocrisy with psychofrancy prevelant in these two major religion may not be checked by the strict enforcement of law and drastic punishment may not be awarded by the legislature against such discrimination, the progress of the country may not be given effect to for the prosperity and the growth of progeny amongst the human being . (Taslima Nasreen)

  • yogeshsaxena

    There is Slaughter Houses by the Muslims are being Run in these mosques in violation of Cruelty on Animal act.
    The provision of laws which are enforceable by the central government in exercise of their power conferred under the provision of prevention cruelity on animals act are enunciated as under;-

    The ministry of social justice and empowerment exercising its power under sub section (1) of section 38 of the Prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 was pleased to promulgate the provision of the Prevention of cruelty to animals (slaughter house ) Rules 2000. It is provided that the slaughter means the killing
    Or destruction of animals for the purposes of food and include all the processes and operation perform on such animals in order to prepare it for being slaughtered.

    Under rule 2 ( c) slaughter house means where in 10 or more than 10 animals are slaughtered per day and duly licensed or recognized under a central, state or provincial act or any rules or regulations made there under.

    Thus the animals not to be slaughtered except in recognized or licensed houses.
    It is contemplated under rule 3 of the aforesaid Rules that no person shall slaughter any animals within a municipal area except in a slaughter house recognized or licensed by the concerned authority empowered under the law for the time being in force to do so.

    It is submitted that the sub rule (2) of Rule 3 provides that no animal which is pregnant, or has offspring less than three months old, or is under the age of three months or has not been certified by a veterinary doctor that it is in a fit condition to be slaughtered shall be slaughtered.

    The municipal or other local authority specified the Central Government for this purpose shall, having regard to the capacity of the slaughter house and the requirement of the local population of the area in which a slaughter house is situated, determine the maximum number of animals that may be slaughtered in a day.

    Under sub rule (d) of Rule 2 veterinary doctor is define as registered person under the Indian Veterinary Council Act , 1984. The duties assigned to veterinary doctor are to examine thoroughly not more than 12 animals in an hour and not more than 96 animals in a day and thereafter he is supposed to issue a fitness certificate in the form specified the Central Government for slaughtering an animal. The slaughter house shall have a reception area of adequate size sufficient for livestock of the animal and the corpus of the animal subject to the inspection by the authorized by a veterinary doctor.

    There is a further requirement that the separate isolation pens shall be provided in the slaughter house with watering and feeding arrangements for animals for animals suspected to be suffering from contagious and infectious diseases, and fractious animals, in order to segregate that from the remaining animals. The adequate holding area shall also be provided in the slaughter house according to the class of animals to be slaughtered. The adequate supply of the water and feeding facilities is not the only criteria but there shall be the resting ground provided to the animals. Thus the objective enshrined behind the incorporation of these provisions is meant for not only providing a gesture of humanitarian
    Criterion, but it is also implemented in order to maintain an equilibrium in the ecology cycle of the nature.

    That ahinsah may be central to our world view, Yet millions of animals are battered, blinded, force-fed steroids, dissected, mutilated and eventually killed every year, often for no reason at all. Many more are condemned to a lifetime of backbreaking slavery and then, in their old age, sent off to slaughter houses or thrown out on the streets.

    Millions are killed in legal and illegal abattoirs or hunted down as easy game. Superstition and religious rituals take an equally large number of lives. As do myopic development projects. Few notices because animals cannot protest. They cannot protest when they are maimed, tortured, killed , used for experiments and entertainment. Murdered for aphrodisiacs and fake remedies. Forced out of their natural habitats. Scarified to appease the gods.

    Hunters, poachers, movie makers, pet shops, circus owners, drugs and cosmetics companies, fast food multinationals, dealers in furs and ivory and leather goods, exporters of live animals and meat have people to back them. Animals do not.

    Under Rule 6 it is provided that no animal shall be slaughtered in a slaughter house in sight of other animals. No animals shall be administered any chemical, drug or hormone before slaughter except drug for its treatment from any specific disease or ailment. The slaughter halls in a slaughter house shall provide separate sections of adequate dimensions sufficient for slaughter of individual animals to ensure that the animal to be slaughtered is not within the sight of other animals. Every slaughter house as soon as possible shall provide a separate space for stunning of animals prior to slaughter, bleedings and dressings of the carcasses. Knocking section in slaughter house may be so planned as to suit the animal and particularly the ritual slaughter, if any and such knocking section and dry landing area associated with it shall be so built that escape from this section can be easily carried out by an operator without allowing the animal to pass the escape barrier.

    That curbed-in bleeding area of adequate size as specified by the Central Government shall be provided in a slaughter house and it shall be so located that the blood could not be splashed on other animals being slaughtered or on the carcass being skinned. The blood drain and collection in a slaughter house shall be immediate and proper. A floor wash point shall be provided in a slaughter house for intermittent cleaning and a hand-wash basin and knife sterilize shall also be provided for the sticker to sterilize knife and wash his hands periodically.
    Dressing of carcasses in a slaughter house shall not be done on floor and adequate means and tools for dehiding or being of the animals shall be provided in a slaughter house with means for immediate disposal of hides or skins. Hides or skins shall be immediately transported from a slaughter house either in a closed wheelbarrow or by a chute provided with self-closing door and in no case such hides or skins shall be spread on slaughter floor for inspection. Floor wash point and adequate number of hand wash basins with sterlizer shall for immediate disposal of legs, horns, hooves and other parts of animals through spring load floor chutes or side wall doors or closed wheelbarrows and in case wheelbarrows or trucks are used in a slaughter house, care shall be taken that no point wheelbarrow or truck has to ply under the dressing rails and clear passage is provided for movement of the trucks. Adequate space and suitable and properly located facilities shall be provided sufficient for inspection of the viscera of the various types of animals slaughtered in a slaughter house and it shall have adequate facilities for hand washing, tool sterilization and floor washing and contrivances for immediate separation and disposal of condemned material. Adequate arrangements shall be made in a slaughter house by its owner for identification, inspection and correlation of carcass, viscera and head.

    That under the municipal laws it is illegal to slaughter any animal for meat except in a licences slaughter house, Where a government slaughter house exists such as Idgah or Deonar, killing an animal in any other place is illegal. Licensed slaughter houses have to observe strict ISI rules relating to hygiene and the disposal of waste matter e.g.- The need to be glass fronted to keep off flies, they must have 300 liters of water to wash the chicken etc. Most slaughter houses ignore these rules and operate in the filthiest conditions. A clipping of CMC banning butchers from open display of meat, the transport of meat in open vehicles . Even the chicken stalls in your local markets are illegal. The waste flows into the public sewers and contaminates your water supply, You can complain against them and get them shut down. The municipal commissioner shall provide restriction for running the illegal meat shops and also against killing more than the specified number of animals.

    That it is very painful and shocking that these are extremely pernicious cruelty for animals and the milk is very harmful for humans. It is illegal under the Food and Drug Adulteration Prevention Act to give these injections, Find out from the milkman and then inform the police and the people buying the milk and have the dairy closed down.

    It is illegal for more than 12 cows / buffaloes per bogey and even then they have to go with an attendant and have to be milk giving cows only,. However all old cattle are being overloaded in the hundreds after paying bribes to the station master . These are sent for slaughter to West Bengal, make friends with a railway employee so that you can be informed when such a thing is happening . You must stop it immediately, take the cattle off and register a case against the station master and the owner of the cattle’s.

    That the transport of the animals rules 1978 were amended by the government of India the Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment on 26 Dec 2000 and made available to the public on the 1st Jan 2001 wherein chapter VII and Chapter VIII were inserted. The transport of poultry and pigs by rail or road were prescribed. It is provided that in transport of poultry other than day old chicks and turkey poultry by rail, road or air. The poultry to be transported shall be healthy and in good condition and shall be examined and certified by a veterinary doctor for freedom from infectious diseases and fitness to undertake the journey. Poultry transported in the same container shall be of the same species and of the same age group. Poultry shall be properly fed and watered before it is placed in containers for transportation and extra feed and water shall be provided in suitable troughs fixed in the containers. Arrangements shall be made for watering and feeding during transportation and during hot weather, watering shall be ensured every six hours. Male stock shall not be transported with female stock in the same container.

    In transport of poultry by road, rail or air. Wire mesh or a net of any material shall not be bottom for the containers. The container shall be properly secured to avoid pilferage. The following instruction shall be printed on a label and fixed to the lid or printed directly on sides, namely ”Care in Transit”. The consignee shall be informed about the train, transport or flight number and its time of arrival well in advance. Poultry shall not be transported continuously for more than 6 hours and whole batch shall be inspected at every 6 hours interval. The transportation shall not remain stationary for more than 30 min and during this period, it shall be parked kin shade and arrangements shall be made for feeding and watering. All precautions against fire shall be taken and provision of fire extinguishers in transport shall be provided.

    In the respect of transport of Pigs by rail or road for the purpose of Chapter-VIII each consignment shall bear a label showing in bold red letters the name, address and telephone number (if any) of the consignor and consignee, the number and type of pigs being transported and quantity of rations and food provided to them. The consignee shall be informed in advance about the train or vehicle in which the consignment of pigs is being sent and its arrival time. The consignment of pigs shall be booked by the next train or vehicle and shall not be detained after the consignment is accepted for booking.

    The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (C M C) has already decided to ban open display of beef, mutton, ham, pork and fowl in meant shops from March “It looks cruel and adversely affects the tender feeling of children. Moreover, the scene is often nauseating to thousands of vegetarians .Butchers will now have to make arrangements for walls or thick curtains to ensure that suspended skinned goats or limbs of cows or buffaloes are not visible to people. The restriction were imposed for carrying beef, muttons, meat and pork through carts and rickshaws. It can only be transported in the covered van. Every day many unauthorized slaughtering of cows and buffaloes were witnessed by the vegetarians in the open market but after the restrictions the slaughtering of the animals came to an alarming low preposition. It is submitted that even the alternative arrangement of slaughtering the goats and sheep come to an abrupt halt. The unchecked growth of chicken vendors and having cruelty upon them was becoming a menace to the society and nuisance to the public. It is gruesome to witness chicken being hacked to death and cut it into pieces like the vegetables . It inculcates a sense of cruelty among children as it is done openly in the markets or on the roads. Thus the slaughtering of chicken was also prohibited in the city. Thus the conclusion is inescapable that if the will to protect the innocent animals is in the sentiments of the administration regulating the society, the implementation of legal provisions discuss above is not a difficult phenomenon. The sensitivity of the individual is provoked by the preaching of the great scholars and spiritual identities in every period of the history of our great nations and its tradition. We cannot put aside the sermons of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand Sarasvati and of our father of the nation after getting the independence . There is a need for preservation of valuable heritage and to provide compassionate attitude under the glorious fundamental duties caste upon every citizen under article 51-A (g) of the he constitution of India.

    That the government of lndia in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has further promulgated the requirement for the compulsory registration of the animals performing entertainment to public under the provision performing animals (registration)Rules 2000. The definition of the performing animals contemplated under rule 2 (h) prescribes that an animals which is used at or for the purpose of any entertainment including a film or an equine event to which the public are admirer. Any person desirous of training or exhibiting a performing animal shall, within thirty days from the commencement of these rules, apply for registration to the prescribed authority and shall not exhibit or train any animal as a performing animal without being registered under these rules

    The prescribed authority while granting registration may impose such terms and conditions as it deems appropriate and shall impose the following conditions in granting registration namely /- Every owner who has ten or more such performing animals shall have a veterinarian as a regular employee for their care treatment and transport. The owner shall not transport such animals by road continuously for more than 8 hours and except in cages admeasuring as specified in the fifth Schedule. The owner shall ensure proper watering and feeding halts during such transportation. The owner after transportation shall provide feeding and retiring enclosures in respect of the animals specified in the Sixth Schedule. The owner shall ensure that any animal is not inflicted unnecessary pain or suffering before or during or after its training or exhibition. The owner shall not deprive the animal of feed or water in order to compel the said animal to train or perform any trick. The owner shall train an animal as a performing animal to perform an act in accordance with its basic natural instinct. The owner shall not make a performing animal perform if it is sick or injured or pregnant. The owner shall ensure that no sudden loud noise is deliberately created within the vicinity of any performing animal or bring an animal close to fire, which may frighten the animal.

    The owner in case the performing animal is to be exhibited under artificial light, the overall intensity of such light shall not be more than 500 LUX. The owner shall not subject the animals to any action, which may either kill or injure or use the animal in scenes that may cause injury to the animals. The owner shall not use any tripping device, wires, or pitfalls for such animals. The animals shall not expose any animal to either burning fire or to fire accidents. The owner shall not keep any animal including horses in close proximity while shooting scenes involving explosives or other loud noises. The owner shall ensure that props such not cause injury to the animals during the performance. The owner shall ensure that the equines are not made to walk on hard surfaces without being shoed and shall further ensure that the animals are not used in downhill slides or rodeo slide stops without proper skid and hock boots. The owner of any equine shall not use any whip other than an air cushioned shock absorbing whip which has been scientifically tested to prove that it will not cause wears, bruising or other damage to the horse and subject to the conditions that- (a) the whip shall not have raised binding, stitching, seam or flap, (b) the whip shall be used by licensed jockeys only. (c) the owner shall also ensure that the whip is not used other than either on the quarters in either the forehand or the backhand position or down the shoulder in the backhand position or use the whip with the arm above shoulder height (d) the whip shall not be used more than 3 times in a race.

    The owner shall ensure that the animal is not used on floors that are very smooth without the use of non-skidding mats. The owner shall ensure that large gathering of animals is not allowed in such a way which may cause or result in stampede to the animals. The owner shall ensure that the animal is not made or incited to fight against other animals and shall further ensure that sedatives or tranquilizers or steroids or any other artificial enhances are not administered to or inserted in any animal except the anesthesia by a veterinary doctor for the purpose of treatment of an injured or sick animal. The owner shall ensure that the animal shall not be transported or be kept or confined in cages and receptacles which do not measure in height, length or breadth as specified under the Transport of Animal Rules, 1978, the Recognition of Zoo Rules, 1992 or under any other Act, rule or order for this purpose. The owner shall ensure that the animal is not continuously used for excessive number of takes in shooting a film without providing adequate rest to the animal and in the event of a snake being used it shall not be made to ingest any substances or made to crawl across tarred or any other heatened surface and shall not be contorted to wrestle. The owner shall ensure that while using an animal in shooting a film, the fight sequence shall not be shot in any livestock holding area including poultry area and shall further ensure that no birds are shown in cages. The owner shall inform the prescribed authority at least four weeks in advance informing the place, date and time of the actual making of the film wherein the animal is to be used.

    The provisions of aforesaid rules banning the training and exhibitions of an animals formulated under provision of sections 22 of prevention of cruelty animals Act were challenged as violetive of article 14, 19 (1)(g) and 21 of constitution of India before Hon’ble Kerela High Court in N.R. Nair vs. Union of India (AIR 2000 Kerela 340). The Hon’ble High Court was pleased to observe that “It is a fallacy to think that under our Constitution there are only rights and no duties. The provisions in Part IV enable the Legislatures to impose various duties on the citizens. The mandate of our Constitution is to build a welfare society and that object may be achieved to the extent the Directive principles are implemented by legislation.”

    If so, in determining the constitutionality of such laws, when enacted, the Court should have regard to the Directives as well as the fundamental duties along with the fundamental rights. The Courts may also look at the duties while interpreting equivocal status which, admit of two constructions and also uphold the constitutionality of a statute the object of which is in consonance with a provision in Article 51 A – vide Mohan v Union of India, 1992 Supp. (1) SCC 594 (AIR 1991 SC 1150). Viewed in the above perspective, the impugned notification has to be upheld as one in furtherance of the object of the fundamental duty of a citizen to have compassion for animals and to refrain from inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on them.

    Progress and retrogression punctuate the story of mankind. Empires have risen and crashed into the dust of history. Civilizations have flourished, reached their peak and passed away. “and yet time has his revolution, there must be a period and an end of all temporal things, an end of names and dignities, and whatsoever is terrene.”
    The law exists to serve the needs of the society, which is governed by it. If the law is to play its allotted role of serving the needs of the society, it must reflect the ideas and ideologies of that society. It must keep time with the heartbeats of the society and with the needs and aspirations of the people. As the society changes, the law cannot remain immutable. Sydney Smith, said, “When I hear any man talk of an unalterable law. I am convinced that he is an unalterable fool.” The law must, therefore, in a changing society march in tune with the changed ideas and ideologies. Legislatures are, however, not best fitted for the role of adapting the law to the necessities of the time, for the legislative process is too slow and the legislatures often divided by politics, slowed down by periodic elections and overburdened with myriad other legislative activities. A constitutional document is even less suited to this task, for the philosophy and the ideologies underlying it must of necessity be expressed in broad and general terms and the process of amending a Constitution is too cumbersome and consuming to meet the immediate needs. This task must, therefore of necessity fall upon the courts because the courts can by the process of judicial interpretation adapt the law to suit the needs of the society.
    “It is something to show that the consistency of a system requires a particular result, but it is not all. The life of the law has not been logic: it has been experience. The felt necessities of the time, the prevalent moral and political theories, intuitions of public policy, avowed or unconscious, even the prejudices which judges share with their fellow-men, have had a good deal more to do than the syllogism in determining the rules by which men should be governed. The law embodies the story of a nation's development through many centuries, and it cannot be dealt with as if it contained only the axioms and corollaries of a book of mathematics. In order to know what it is, we must know what it has been. and what it tends to become. We must alternately consult history and existing theories of legislation. But the most difficult labor will be to understand the combination of the two into new products at every stage. The substance of the law at any given time pretty nearly corresponds, so far as it goes, with what is then understood to be convenient; but its form and machinery, and the degree to which it is able to work out desired results, depend very much upon its past.”
    NO man in this country is so high
    That he is above the law. No officer
    Of law may set that law at defiancy
    With impunity.All the officers of
    The government,from the highest
    To the lowest,are creatures of the
    Law and are bound to obey it.
    (Mr. Justice Miller)

    A law is a command, coupled with a sanction,given by a political superior or sovereign to a political inferior or a subject.
    The above reasoning is based on the assumption that the soverign legislation has the power to abolish the customary law;but this assertion while very nearly accuratein the presentstate of political development is by no means universally true.Most of the countries today have their legislative assembly possessing such a power,but this is comparatively of recent development.for a long time custom had been a more potent source of law than legislature and in the primitive society it was custom alone which was law.
    Socio-political implications of of demographic-:Demography plays avery vital role in shaping the destiny of a country and more so in a demography.So has been the case with India with its democratic ethos and tradition. Similary religion often shapes the character of civilisation.It ha s been more so in respect of the Indian civilisation.It has beenmore so in respect of the indiancivilisation,as has been emphatically clarified by savantlike Swami Vivekananda or Rishi Aurobindo.Even though we know of the indiancivilisation as the fruition of sarvas dharma sammanvay,the predominant influence of hiduism in shaping the culture of this country remains indisputable. Major changesin the religious composition of the majority communityof the country as has come out in statement 7 of the census-2001 report of the government of India and has also been projecte4d by professional demographers will,therefore adversely affect the multicultural, secular and age old pluralistic society of India as also the integrity of the Indian civilisation as whole. Here are some facts

    Population growth
    1) Decadal growth Rate: census 2001, govt of India
    1991 2001
    Hindus 23% 20%

    Muslims 34.5% 36%
    a) all hindu religionists(Hindu,Sikh,Buddhists,Jains) as also chritians recorded steady decline in population in percentage terms since independence
    b) This figure has since been shown as brought down to 29% by omitting 3.6 crore Indians living in states of assam and J& K

    Percentage of muslim population to world population

  • yogeshsaxena

    Dear Sir,
    Vande mataram!
    No political party can say that they are in FAVOR of Violence i.e. all are in favor of Non-violence. No elected candidate can say that he is in favor of killing of Cows i.e. almost all are in favor of cow-protection.
    Cow- protection is essential for our true independence, true growth, real development, removal of poverty, unemployment, pollution of water, air & land and other problems.
    Kindly interview all political parties and candidates to clearly mention their stand on following issues:-
    Issue based Government can be formed. Help Bharat to get a stable and strong Government. A Government can remain strong and stable only when it shall save cow progeny.

  • yogeshsaxena

    Our reply to democracy, grenade and blast
    To the faith of the believer of Islam , therefore, has been added a
    compulsion — to prove itself again.
    “Death is just an insignificant word for them,” begins the report
    in News of 28 November, 1997 on the annual gathering of the
    Mujahidin-e-Taiba. “Killing those who do not share their set of
    Islamic values is the only reality. The congregation was flooded with
    thousands of people with these beliefs…” “And the massive gathering
    of people delivered one message loud and clear,” the paper
    reports, “there is no dearth of manpower in Pakistan for the fanatic
    forces to indoctrinate. 'If I die fighting, I will be greeted in
    heaven by Allah who will smile upon me,' said a 20-year old mujahid
    from Okra.” The paper reproduces at length the views and exhortations
    of “Professor” Saeed who heads the organization which is conducting
    the congregation, the Jamaat Dawa-wal-Ishad. He conveys a simple
    message, it says : “It was God who had ordered the establishment of
    the law of Islam everywhere in the world.” He calls for a jehad, says
    the paper, for ending the democratic system in Pakistan and turning
    it into “a pure Islamic State governed by strict Shariat laws.” At
    the congregation he rejects democracy, proclaiming, “the notion of
    the sovereignty of the people is un-Islamic — only Allah is
    sovereign.” [That has been the provision in each of Pakistan's three
    Constitutions since the Objectives Resolution was passed in 1949.]
    And these notions have been well internalized by the congregation,
    the paper reports : “The whole place was full of signboards with
    slogans like 'Jamhooriat ka jawab, grenade and blast.” (Our reply to
    democracy, grenade and blast). “The Dawa chief said his
    organization's main interest in Pakistan was to pick people and train
    them to wage jehad in countries wherever an un-Islamic government was
    in power,” the paper says. “God has ordained every Muslim to fight
    until his rule is established,” he declared. “We have no option but
    to follow God's order.” stoke terrorism, sending army regulars,
    spreading fabrications at every international gathering — it
    pictures to itself as jihad, as a religious undertaking, indeed as an
    Allah- ordained duty. Concocting lies then becomes a device for
    discharging that duty. “War is stratagem,” the Prophet has said, “War
    is deceit.” [Sahih Muslim, Volume III, pp. 945, 990-91; Sahih al-
    Bukhari, Volume IV, pp. 166-67; Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume II, p. 728]
    Thus one may lie, one may kill the enemy while he is asleep, one may
    kill him by tricking him. [For instance, Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume IV,
    pp. 164-65, That is one problem: for the man or force weaned on
    jihad, the concoctions are an intrinsic part of the struggle he is
    waging, for him the fact that the war he is waging is Allah-ordained
    is a complete justification for cruelty, for lies and the rest; on
    our side, we don't just shut our eyes to the concoctions that result
    from it, we shut our eyes even more tightly to the Ideology of which
    they are but the result. Belief makes one not just blind, it makes
    one reckless. A teenage Muslim girl was killed by her parents last
    night and her body chopped into pieces because she dared to elope and
    marry the man she loved. Mohsina Akhtar's murder came to light when
    Muzaffarnagar police stopped three persons carrying a huge gunny bag.
    Inside were pieces of the 18-year-old's body and a chopper and an axe
    used in the “honour killing”.
    Superintendent of police (rural) Lucknow , sri Arvind Pandey said the
    three Mohsina's mother Iqbal Jehan, maternal uncle Kallu Mohsin and
    brother Mohsin – confessed they were on their way to dump the pieces
    in a canal near Lalauna, the west Uttar Pradesh village where Mohsina
    was murdered.
    Iqbal told him it was the body of a “shaitan” (devil). “Yeh shaitan
    meri beti thi. Humne unko maar dala (This devil was my daughter. We
    have killed her).” “All three admitted that they killed Mohsina
    because she loved a Muslim boy from a neighbouring village and
    married him after eloping a month back,” the officer said. “I have
    handled many such incidents of honour killing but this was one of the
    most gruesome.” Police sources said the girl's father, Mohammad
    Akhtar, who hasn't been arrested, will be questioned tomorrow. Senior
    superintendent of police Sushil Kumar said Iqbal, who has another
    daughter, didn't betray any remorse. “When they were produced in
    court today, she was silent, as were Kallu and Mohsin. Iqbal said she
    had to kill her. She said she was not feeling good after the murder
    but has no regrets,” the SSP added. Residents said one reason for the
    lack of regret is the increasing social recognition such honour
    killings – common in the northwest frontier region of Pakistan – are
    getting in western Uttar Pradesh. “Villagers often pool money to bear
    the legal expenses of a family that kills a wayward daughter,” said a
    resident of adjoining Baghpat. “An elopement makes it difficult for a
    family to get a match for other daughters,” said Rajiv Soni, a social
    worker. According to police files, 23 cases of honour killings have
    been reported in the Baghpat-Muzaffarnagar-Saharanpur-Bijnor region
    since 2006, including six this year in Muslim families. Yesterday, a
    woman who had been forced into marriage was shot dead by her brother
    for refusing to go to her marital home. “I suspect hardcore
    fundamentalist elements are encouraging these incidents,” said
    Shaista Amber, a member of the All India Muslim Women's Personal Law
    Board. Mohsina had fallen in love with Mukhtar Mahmud, 20, a resident
    of Bilaspur, a village about 2km from her home. The family had
    recently shifted to Lalauna, where Mohsina's maternal uncles live,
    and found that neighbours knew about the affair. Her uncle Kallu told
    the police that the family tried to stop her as society frowns upon
    such relationships. But Mohsina and Mukhtar eloped and got married
    last month. Soon, the whispers “inki ladki bhaag gai hai” – got
    louder. The family's instant reaction was fear of social ostracism.
    Iqbal had to marry off another daughter. So Mohsina had to be killed.
    Unconfirmed reports said a small group of elderly residents also
    ruled that Mohsina should be killed to protect the family's honour.
    The young couple made the mistake of returning home last week. Last
    night, Mohsina was hanged from a ceiling fan of a room in her
    maternal uncles' house. Her body was then taken to a cattle shed
    where it was cut into pieces. The lesson he internalises is that
    Allah shall always come to the aid of believers, that the side of
    Allah shall prevail. So all one has to do is leap. The belief having
    been drilled into him that he is doing Allah's Will — or, as in
    Marxism-Leninism, of History – the believer just cannot believe that
    the fault may lie with him. As the war he is waging has been ordained
    by Allah, the one who is opposing him must, by definition, be doing
    so for some perverse reason, for some ulterior purpose.

  • yogeshsaxena

    Paintings by Raja Ravi Varma Paintings by MF Hussain

    Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shree Ganesh's head

    Famous Saraswati Painting Naked Saraswati

    Ravan, Sita and Jatayu
    (As per Ramayana) Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana

    M F Hussain's Hypocrisy
    Be a judge yourself of Hussain's paintings below.
    Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger
    Prophet's Daughter Fatima fully clothed

  • yogeshsaxena

    Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shree Ganesh's head

    Famous Saraswati Painting Naked Saraswati

    Ravan, Sita and Jatayu
    (As per Ramayana) Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana

    M F Hussain's Hypocrisy
    Be a judge yourself of Hussain's paintings below.
    Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger
    Prophet's Daughter Fatima fully clothed
    Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shree Ganesh's head
    M.F. Hussain's Mother fully clothed
    Naked Saraswati Mother Teresa fully clothed
    Naked Shri Parvati Hussain's Daughter well clothed
    Naked Draupadi. Well clothed Muslim Lady.
    Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana Muslim poets Faiz, Galib are shown well-clothed

    Full Clad Muslim King and naked Hindu Brahmin. The above painting clearly indicates Hussain's tendency to paint any Hindu as naked and thus his hatred. Naked Bharatmata – Hussain has shown naked woman with names of states written on different parts of her body. He has used Ashok Chakra, Tri-colour in the painting. By doing this he has violated law & hurt National Pride of Indians. Both these things should be of grave concern to every Indian irrespective of his religion.

    Out of the four leaders M. Gandhi is decapitated and Hitler is naked. Hussain hates Hitler and has said in an interview 8 years ago that he has depicted Hitler naked to humiliate him and as he deserves it ! How come Hitler's nudity cause humiliation when in Hussain's own statement nudity in art depicts purity and is in fact an honour ! This shows Hussain's perversion and hypocrisy.

  • michael

    I saw a an ex-Muslim convert to Christ, a pastor, on Fox. It may have been the Christian pastor the Rifka fled to in Florida. I suspect it was. But you never heard that a former Muslim was Rifka's pastor on any of the other media. Keeping facts from the public is an other form of lying.

  • CowboyUp

    Why not? We send little boys who's moms die freeing them from the CP in cuba back into slavery. The publicity at least made Elian a Potemkin slave, but this girl will die if they get their hands on her. The authorities here will call it an unavoidable tragedy if she dies or disappears after being handed over. I wouldn't want to have to 'splain that one to God someday.

  • CowboyUp

    Sounds hot, but what does it have to do with this? And if you believe in Her, shouldn't you pity him, since he has to face Her someday? It's been about 30 years since I read a book on Hindi Gods and Goddesses (which was very interesting, and illustrated with very good paintings, BTW), but if I remember correctly, they were sexualy active and more than capable of defending themselves. They have forever and you know a female will get him good when she does.

    That said, if anyone ever takes a picture of Her in a jar of urine or smears sh*t on a statue of Her and calls it art, and it's just too much for you, you want me on the jury as long as you don't maim or kill him.

  • CowboyUp

    That's an interesting fact, and I can see why it might be a suspicious one to be left out, but I don't see how it it changes anything other than he would know better than most what she was facing.

    I agree with you that leaving out relevant facts is lying, and I see it every day I pass by a tv with abc, nbc, cbs, and cnn, along with most print news and wire stories. I just don't see how it helps the other side of this story and could see it being dropped as trivia for brevity by any editor or producer.

  • CowboyUp

    Face it, if this were a child of a Christian sect with the beliefs she is fleeing, they might have burned the place down with everybody in it by now. It's happened before.

  • josephwiess

    Amaros, please don't fall into the same trap that the left wants you to. In your post, you keep typing X-tian, instead of Christian. But you also fully type out Muslim and Jew. I realize that you are trying to conserve space, (maybe), but you do a disservice by not typing out the full word.

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