Obama’s Landscape of Anti-Semitism – by Jamie Glazov

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pamela Geller, founder, editor and publisher of the popular and award-winning weblog AtlasShrugs.com. She has won acclaim for her interviews with internationally renowned figures, including John Bolton, Geert Wilders, Bat Ye’or, Natan Sharansky, and many others, and has broken numerous important stories — notably the questionable sources of some of the financing of the Obama campaign. Her op-eds have been published in The Washington Times, The American Thinker, Israel National News, Frontpage Magazine, World Net Daily, and New Media Journal, among other publications. She is the co-author (with Robert Spencer) of the soon to be released, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (forward by Ambassador John Bolton).


FP: Pamela Geller, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about Obama, his administration and anti-Semitism.

Let’s begin with Obama’s anti-Israel policies, your thoughts on them and what you think explains them. Tie this into the role of his friends and advisers.

Geller: Obama had a disturbing track record from the beginning. The Obama landscape, the landscape of his personal and professional associations, is littered with anti-Semites and rife with Israel haters.

Only three weeks after Barack Hussein Obama took office, Israeli pundit Caroline Glick noted that “since it came into office a month ago, every single Middle East policy the Obama administration has announced has been antithetical to Israel’s national security interests.”

Obama in April 2009 asked Congress to revise American laws preventing financial aid to terrorist organizations so that the United States could keep funding the Palestinian Authority even with Hamas as part of the government.

Then in May 2009 came the revelation that the United States and allied military, under the command of Lt. Keith Dayton, was training 1,500 Palestinian troops.

Would American-trained Palestinian troops one day go into battle against the forces of American ally Israel? It was possible.

On September 23, 2009, Barack Obama made a speech at the UN that former UN Ambassador John Bolton called “the most radical anti-Israel speech I can recall any president making.”

Obama was the most anti-Israel President the United States had had since the State of Israel was formed. Yet American Jews voted in large numbers for this man.

They should have known better.

FP: Tell us about some of Obama’s advisers in this context.

Geller: Well, let’s begin with one Obama foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power, who, in a 2002 interview with Harry Kreisler of the Institute for International Studies at Berkeley, called for military action against Israel to secure the creation of a Palestinian state.

Power said that establishing a Palestinian state would mean “sacrificing — or investing, I think, more than sacrificing — billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence.” She said that this would “require external intervention.”

Many observers quite reasonably concluded that in this Power meant that the United States should invade Israel in order to secure the creation and protection of a Palestinian state. Confronted about this during the Obama presidential campaign, Power made no attempt to explain or excuse her statement: “Even I don’t understand it…This makes no sense to me….The quote seems so weird.” She assured supporters of Israel that she did not believe in “imposing a settlement.”

But Power was not alone. The anti-Israel statements of Robert Malley, whom Obama tabbed for an important mission right after he was elected President, were even worse than Power’s.

Early on in his campaign, Obama named Robert Malley one of his primary foreign policy advisers – to the immediate consternation of Israeli officials. One Israeli security official noted in February 2008: “We are noting with concern some of Obama’s picks as advisers, particularly Robert Malley, who has expressed sympathy to Hamas and Hizbullah and offered accounts of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that don’t jibe with the facts.”

Once Obama was elected President, he sent Malley to Egypt and Syria. “The tenor of the messages,” explained an aide to Malley, “was that the Obama administration would take into greater account Egyptian and Syrian interests.”

Malley had nothing on Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Adviser during the Carter Administration. Obama consulted Brzezinski for advice during his campaign, calling the octogenarian Brzezinski “one of our most outstanding scholars and thinkers” and saying that he was “someone I have learned an immense amount from.”

Bizarrely, Brzezinski called for the United States to protect Iran from an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. “We are not exactly impotent little babies,” he declared in a September 2009 interview. If the Israelis struck Iran, he said, “they have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” Brzezinski advocated military action against Israel to stop it from striking Iran: “If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not.”

Brzezinski holds no official position in the Obama Administration. But Rosa Brooks does: she is an advisor to the undersecretary of Defense for policy. Brooks is venomously anti-Israel. During Israel’s defensive action in Gaza in January 2009, Brooks wrote an op-ed in the Times entitled, “Israel can’t bomb its way to peace.” Stephen A. Silver of the media watchdog Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America pointed out that while Brooks gave the number of Palestinian casualties in this conflict, she didn’t mention that most of these were combatants, not innocent civilians. “She also takes no interest,” noted Silver, “in the fact that Hamas fires missiles at Israeli civilians from the midst of Palestinian population centers — a double war crime specifically intended by Hamas to manufacture Palestinian civilian casualties for public relations purposes whenever Israel tries to defend itself from Hamas terror.”

Former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) would probably have agreed with Brooks. According to the Jerusalem Post, he was “one of a handful of senators who frequently didn’t sign AIPAC-backed letters related to Israel and the peace process during his time in the Senate and opposed additional sanctions on Iran.” In the Senate he amassed a significant track record as one of a hardline hater of Israel who would not affix his name even to the most innocuous pro-Israel initiative. In late October 2009 Obama appointed Hagel co-chair of his Intelligence Advisory Board.

These were Barack Hussein Obama’s closest advisers. And the effect of all this showed in his policies, beginning almost immediately when he took office.

FP: What explains this hatred of Israel in Obama’s administration? What is it that is motivating Obama and these anti-Semites around him?

Geller: Obama’s anti-Semitic associations go all the way back to the beginning of his career: the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who worked with Louis Farrakhan and gave him an award from Trinity United Church of Christ; Bill Ayers, whose Communist rhetoric from the 1960s – the Weather Underground manifesto Prairie Fire — was full of anti-Semitic attacks on Israel; and others. Israel has always been an ally of the United States and was an enemy of the Soviet Union and socialist internationalists. Barack Obama is a socialist internationalist, as are the people he has surrounded himself with. It’s no surprise in light of that that his administration would be so anti-Israel.

Little attention is paid to Obama’s childhood study of Islam and his Koranic studies in Indonesia. Knowing what we know about Islamic anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred in the Koran, it may have been a powerful influence on Obama’s attitudes towards the Jewish homeland.

FP: What are the consequences of this landscape of Jew-hate in the Obama administration?

Geller: The main consequence is that Israel is on its own to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, and the U.S. may even try to stop Israel from doing anything about that threat. A nuclear Iran threatens the entire free world, not just Israel, but no one in the Obama administration seems very concerned about that. They’ve even opposed new sanctions on Iran.

When the cop walks off the beat, thugs go wild. With a weak Islamophilic President in the White House, there is a vacuum, a void — one that evil is only too happy to fill. The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently called on the Iranian mullahs to stop their uranium enrichment activities. Two days after that, showing how much they fear the wrath of the U.N. and Barack Hussein Obama, the mullahs okayed a plan to build ten new uranium enrichment plants.

This is the same IAEA whose chief, Mohamed Mostafa ElBaradei, said in October that “Israel is number one threat to Middle East.” The IAEA, led by Mohamed ElBaradei, has given covert cover to jihad nuclear weaponization for decades. Would we be in this predicament if the UN had even tried to do its job? Yet even this lapdog called out the Iranians, and not surprisingly, they laughed at him.

And all this comes after Iran defiantly rejected a deal that the UN brokered on its nuke program – although Obama has been mum about the rejection for understandable reasons. He knows what it will show about his determination to negotiate with the Iranians “without preconditions.” One colossal failure after another. All hail O-blunder.

But what did he expect? Why would Iran have endorsed this deal? Would Hitler have stopped in the Thirties? Did handing over Czechoslovakia satiate Germany’s bloodlust?

There is a weak leader installed in the Oval Office. It’s not hard to fool the invertebrate in the White House. He wants to be conned. The Islamic Republic of Iran is counting on it. Iran’s rogue regime has been unimaginably successful in achieving its goals while spitting in the face of the world. Why stop now?

For Iran, it’s all systems go.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton has sounded the alarm: “Once Iran gets nuclear weapons, we are in danger on a worldwide basis … Iran isn’t the end of the problem. The real difficulty with that analysis is that Saudi Arabia will get nuclear weapons, probably Egypt, probably Turkey, possibly others. So within a five to ten year period, you’ll have half a dozen nuclear countries in the Middle East … almost guaranteeing a nuclear exchange at some point or another.”

FP: The Israelis are, as you mention, now alone — with the Obama administration in office. What should and must Israel do in this situation?

Geller: Force is all that is left. Ambassador Bolton said that too – that “the use of force is required” to stop Iran’s nuke program. Required. “The other options,” he said, “have failed, are failing and will fail.”

Bolton restates the obvious. Bolton says clearly what is necessary. This is the kind of leadership the very survival of the free world requires. But instead, we have the post-American president.

Jamie, I expose the whole story of Obama’s anti-Israel policies and more in my forthcoming book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, which I am writing with Robert Spencer. It is scheduled to be published by Simon and Schuster in July.

FP: We’ll all be waiting to read it. Thank you for joining us Pamela Geller.


[To get the whole story on why the Left is attracted to anti-Semitism, read Jamie Glazov’s new book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.]


  • bushlikesdick12

    anti-Israel is not anti Semite. On the contary, many of us believe that Jews in general would be better off if the State of Israel was never created. If that was the case, then the energy Jews use to fight off their enemies over the land of Palistine could be better used elsewhere.

    • Alex

      So in other words your position is that unlike other ethnic groups, the Jews should not have the basic human right of self-determination, even though they have been a people for almost 4000 years. To me, your position smacks of anti-semitism. The Arabs , an ethnic group, have not only one nation state in Saudi Arabia, their true and of origin, but have established themselves as nation states in 21 other countries on the land that they conquered from other indigenous populations who were either driven out, murdered, enslaved or forcibly converted and miscegenated into the conquering Arab interloper population. You sound just like the people who trusted Chamberain's position, which was that it's just all right to give away the right of another people's right of self determination so long as it is not your own nation.

      The Palestinians in Israel, Samaria, Judea, Gaza, Golan Heights and Jordan, are nothing more than Arab interlopers in another land. They can go back to Arabia, since they speak Arabic and are are genetically, and culturally, Arabs. If they don't want to go Saudia Arabia, they can choose Jordan, where the so-called Palestinians have already stolen 80% of Jewish land, or, of course, they can choose any of the other 20 "Arab" conquered lands. The Arab Palestinians would today have even more choices, such as Spain or Serbia, former Arab conquered lands, but like the Jews, the Spanish and Serbs threw out the Arabs and Muslim interlopers.

      I suggest you think about your own rights, before you run spew out your thoughtless banter of giving other people's rights to self determination. Incidentally, I would suspect your people were living in cages, when the Jews already had a national identity and gave the world its first alphabet, written Hebrew, instead of Hierglyphics or . Interestingly, written Hebrew came into being just in time for Moses to receive the Ten Commandments, as the Israelite nation sought its national right of self determination. You will note that, they conquered their land from the Caananites, as all people had to fight off other ethnic groups to establish a land based national identity. Why should the Jews be different from any other people, as they struggle to fight for their right of self-determination, not only against the Arabs and Muslim world, but against Jew hating people like you who seek to conceal their anti-semitism with anti-Israelism. I'm sorry, but the Jewish people have been around too long to fall for your little semantics game.

    • Alex

      One other thing while I'm thinking about your lame comment concerning the Jews expending their energy fighting for Israel. You fail to mention that before Israel, the Jews, without a military and national existence, could not fight their enemies, all they really could do is cut and run for their lives, as they wondered from nation to nation as a persecuted minority subject to the tyranny of their so-called "host" nations.

  • Robert Bernier

    The reason to Obama's Anti-Semitism : Every American should know the truthNo one should miss this video: <a href="http://xrl.us/bf29mbhttp://xrl.us/bf29mb<br />Look to the end ( 10 min.)

    • ReBecca

      This shortened url link didn't open. Can you provide a working link? Thanks.

  • Robert Bernier

    Wow! Read this one. It is really good. And this gentleman says it just like it is. This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaiifor his seventy-plus years of service to patriotic organizations and causes all over the country. A humble man without a political bone in his body, he has never spoken out before about a government official, until now. He dictated this letter to a friend, signed it and mailed it to the president. Consult : <a href="http://xrl.us/bgeewc” target=”_blank”>http://xrl.us/bgeewc

    • ReBecca

      Same problem………..Could not find the short url

  • Proxywar

    “Little attention is paid to Obama’s childhood study of Islam and his Koranic studies in Indonesia. Knowing what we know about Islamic anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred in the Koran, it may have been a powerful influence on Obama’s attitudes towards the Jewish homeland.”

    I highly doubt this. According to Robert Spencers article on Obama's Cario speech obama doesn't have a clue what he is talking about when it comes to the Quran. Could be a case of kitman but I seriously doubt he was ever that learned in the subject of Islam. He's just your typical lefist-islamic sympathizer.

  • Proxywar

    “many of us believe that Jews in general would be better off if the State of Israel was never created.”

    Nothing anti-semitic about that.

  • Proxywar

    Miss.Geller we have to talk about the cover art for your book. It looks like a up-side down marlboro cigarette pack. Replace the cover before it goes into print. It is horrifically terrible looking. It makes me think the author is from NJ.

  • solemnman

    Israel should not attack Iran.Iran's rhetoric against Israel is just that-rhetoric to win favour with the Sunni Arabs ,who were defeated and humiliated by Israel and are Shiite iran's natural rival and enemy(remember their war with Iraq which took one million lives).Iran's ultimate goal is hegemony in the Middle East -a goal which could not be acheived if they ceased to exist -which would be the case if they nuked Israel.Nor would they be around to bring down the great satan -which is their ultimate goal.For favour with the Sunnis they will ,through Hezzbolah and Hamas,continue to undermine and provoke but- they will not risk total destruction

  • http://www.compellingconversations.com Eric the sceptic

    Illuminating and depressing on muliple levels.

    Let's hope that Obama the weak appeaser discovers some political advantages to doing the right thing, and confronting the jihadist threats. I wish I were more confident that Obama understood who our enemies are – and who are allies are – in this longterm cultural and military conflict.

  • keithrage

    “Barack Oblunder is a socialist internationalist”,and socialism is watered down communism, some way has to be found to remove this dangerous man.

  • Robert Bernier

    Protecting its people and borders is Israel's moral duty.
    if America demands that Israel relinquish biblical territory, refrain from responding to the murder of its citizens, or cease building in the West Bank, Israel's reply should be “No.” And if aid is thereby cut off (unlikely but possible), so be it. Protecting its people and borders is Israel's moral obligation. Maintaining close relations with America is not. Israel will not collapse without America as an ally. It can survive on its own or form alliances with other countries. More at : http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2009/06

  • bushlikesdick12

    There is a footnote in Wikipedia under the topic of anti-Semitic that appears to refer to this phrase ~~defames them as an inferior group and denies their being part of the nation[s]” in which they reside.~~

    Also, Semite includes all people of that region but appears that the word has evolved into the particular needs of Jews for the purpose of fighting off rebuttals against their claims.

    I find it interesting that Jews have their own special little word to use as they see fit.

    Many people complain that Jews have a monopoly with journalism — I once has a Jewish English teacher that came up to me out of the blue just to tell me that A.D. does not refer to After the death of Christ (Anno Domini)

    No Proxy, it isn't anti-Semite to dissagree with a Jew or not to give in to them.

    Nice try thou

  • Proxywar

    You disagree with there national existence that's different than disagreeing with Israel policy. Like I said hitler would agree with you.


  • chrissymann

    Believe you me, there is a revolution brewing like we haven't seen in over 200 years in our nation. Our liberal, satanic media is so bias that if you are not listening to Fox News, you are not hearing the 'truth'. Most Americans are livid and anxious about Obama and his evil ways. Take heart, many, many God-fearing, God-loving citizens are PRO-ISRAEL. There is a minority who are wicked, devil-loving people but the quiet majority is beginning to wake up and take a stand against the wicked, liberal, perverted, unclean, deceptive, lying, left.

    • ReBecca

      Agree with much of what you say; however, Fox News isn't as conservative as it once was. Glenn Beck is gone, Judge Napalitano (sp) is gone. And this is only to name two; there are others. Both of these men spoke the truth and they were rewarded by being dismissed.

  • tlwinslow

    Iran risks total destruction if it nukes Israel? Destruction by whom? After the U.S. record in Iraq and Afghanistan, it can't be them. Maybe Israel can get off a nuke or two from its subs, but probably only enough to take out a city or two. On the other hand, it's likely that all Muslims will unite behind Iran for throwing the Jews into the sea, if only temporarily, and forget the Sunni-Shiite thing for awhile in their joy, and if the U.S. does something stupid like kill Russian advisers, they might provoke a U.S.-Russia nuclear war, with Iran cheering on the sidelines. So Iran has little to lose and much to gain by doing it, not to mention the Mahdi thing which they think will cause their savior to appear under the right conditions, say an invasion by the Yankees, and finish off all enemies of Islam. So yes, Israel should attack Iran if it feels threatened, because that might be their only chance, they shouldn't rely on U.S. diplomacy or military power, sorry.

    Still, the game set and match is to keep Iran from getting its hands on nukes.


  • Jay Bryant

    Chuck Hagel … a hardline hater of Israel … No Pamela I don't think so!
    Atlas Shrugged bookmarked, good coverage on Rifqa Bary, but when you stray this far over the line, impacts your credibility on other issues where you are so cogent.
    Stop, think about what you just said: that Chuck Hagel not merely a hater of Israel but is hard-line. Wow! You better back this up with some serious facts and not just that he doesn't sign Aipac petitions, or else you need to apologize. You can't go spouting about this or that person being outrageous and then make outrageous comments yourself! Well, I mean I guess you can, but it undermines everything you stand for; sorry. Or, if you can address this over on your AS website, I can read your theory over there, and then perhaps register and comment…
    Anyway, have enjoyed Frontpage stuff for years, altho JG could have pressed more in this interview.

  • Joe Y

    Amusing; “anti-semitism” is pseudo-racist terminology invented by rabid German proto-nazis. In the minds of their intellectual descendents, it becomes “Jews have their own special little word to use as they see fit.”

    Also, as long as we're clarifying matters for contributors, your Jewish teacher was quite right; AD is not an abbreviation of “After Death,” but of “Anno Domini,” which means “Year of out Lord (or “the Lord”).

    Finally, there is more proof of the existence of an historical Jesus than there is for almost any other person from 2,000 years ago, except for perhaps a few of the Roman emperors.

  • leeberkson

    Hello Mr. Glazov — I just bought 3 copies of Tyranny and Hate, one for me and one for each of my sons. After reading most of it, i'd like to buy 25 or 30 more to give to friends, many of whom are not only mis-informed, but haven't a clue as to what's happening to our country by virtue (or should i say by “unvirtuous”) of the insidious mainstream medias omissions and outright lies. due to my somewhat limited budget, perhaps you could have someone contact me regarding a very reasonable bulk price, if available.

  • solemnman

    Israel has an estimated 200 nuclear weapons which are ,according to Jane's Fighting Ships, more than enough to reduce Iran to dust.Israel is ,may I remind you, little satan .It's the influence of America(big satan) that has to be overcome for shiite islam to dominate the world.

  • tlwinslow

    How many they have and how many they can deliver while they are being sneak-attacked with nukes are two different things. And it's Islam that is the big, little, and one-size-fits all Satan, not the U.S. or Israel. Go back to your Dark Cave and get some more instructions :)

  • solemnman

    i think israels radar will see them launched.-enough time for armed f-15s to
    get airborne.little and great satan are their deranged definitions -not

  • chrissymann

    How in the world did Obama ever get elected? What a type of antichrist!!! Shame on Christian believers and Jewish voters who cast their vote for this 'infidel' of immense proportions. God Bless You all and for conservative talk radio hosts & Fox news for getting the truth out there.

  • waynelogue

    Dear FPM Readers,

    Mr. Likes-dick is a seminar troll, likely mined from the bowels of DailyKooks. The sooner we all ignore his reliably hammer and sickle oriented comments, the sooner he will go away.

  • jonnyfromspace

    I know both you guys probably don't see this message. But god bless you for exposing the truth. Ever since Hussein Obama ran for presidency I've been blowing my whistle loud and clear about his blatant anti-Israeli anti-jewish sentiment ..

    I am an Israeli and I lose sleep over the thought of a second holocaust which the Iranian president has vowed to fulfill.

    I feel so impotent .. I cannot do anything

    Please America get rid of your president, he is allowing evil to completely walk all over the free world, a world that was fought hard and tirelessly for ..

    We are in a dark time, I know my country will have to attack Iran .. but because of your president it is even more difficult for us to even defend ourselves against existential threats of existence

  • tlwinslow

    Israel's radar will see them launched? Obviously Iran would know that and instead try sneaking nukes in with suicide squads and setting them off as they are closed in on. Maybe they will make it to the target points maybe not, but if they can send in enough squads, say a couple dozen, they will do more damage to Israel than it can handle, and mess up their command-control links, after which it doesn't matter what its military does, like a chicken with no head. Besides, Israel is surrounded by Sunnis and maybe they will get lucky :) If I were them, I'd simultaneously nuke the Sunnis and hope the Mahdi returns and gives the whole V to Iran :)

  • scythe

    Yes. All of this is fact. But the larger question is why would the Jewish population support him? Why would there have been an outcry had a president who was white, a man, and a conservative (had they even the lack of morality to support these posiitions) supported the same policies and surrounded himself with the same scum. There would have been charges of anti-semitism flying back and forth and a firestorm of protest. Anit-semitism is really not about anti-semitism to the red wing. It's like calling someone a racist. Just another tactic to destroy. Many of us thought Jews would not support Obama because of everything you have pointed out. How wrong we were. It is becoming more and more obvious every day that Marxism trumps Judaism and the anit-semitic canard is the cudgel. By every standard Obama is the anti-Semite. But you would never hear a peep about it. Like FDR another anti-Semite with a few hundred “kills” under his belt from the St. Louis treachery, Obama is a hard line socialist and like FDR, as long as the political ideology is acceptable, he can do whatever he wants to those is Isreal. What frauds these people are.

    • Jim D

      I agree with you on FDR. I am looking for examples of his anti-Semite attitude to include in a book I am writing.Can you help me?

    • Jim D

      Anyone with examples can reach me at jp@duffy.net

  • jamieglazov

    Thank you sir, I appreciate your interest and support.

    Contact Stephanie at the Center and maybe you might work something out about bulk prices.


  • DemocracyFirst

    While these people oppose a Jewish homeland – even on their historic land on which they are the indigenous people -, they do not oppose a homeland for any other people. That's anti-Semitism.

    While they bend over backwards to be fair to others, they reflexively jump to the worst intepretations of Israeli behaviour.

    While they practise their moral equivalence doctrine for all others, they hold Israel to black and white morality.

    One standard for the world, another for the one and only Jewish state.
    This is anti-Semitism.

  • DemocracyFirst

    It is not possible to know their intentions. What we do know is their behaviour. They undermine democracy at home, in lebanon, in gaza and wherever else. They rape women protesting the regime before executing them, so that they will not enter heaven. They hang gays. They stone to death presumed adulterers. Their president tells world media that they must have witnessed, as did UN reps, the Allah conferred halo surrounding him as he spoke.

    In such people one cannot ascribe rational intent and motivations or predict rational behaviour of them.

  • jonnyfromspace

    I just bought your book as well. I hope you don't mind that I recommend the hell out of it. I also saw the speech you gave in Los Angeles discussing your motivations and the main points that you assert in it. I thought it was brilliant and touching.

    Thank you for doing what you do..

    I just started my university education in Canada and deal with daily examples of political correctness that rationalize tyrannies in all their manifestations.

    God bless you and all those who share the same sentiments as you do.

  • jamieglazov

    where are you in Canada?

  • solemnman

    I agree that it is not possible to know but- we have to deduce what is most likely.Khamenei swallowed the “bitter pill” and agreed, with Iraq,to stop their war.If Israel decides again to do the West's dirty work -what would the result be?A deluge of missiles from Lebanon, Gaza and Iran.How successful could an Israeli attack be?Is the price in israeli lives, israel will have to pay, be worth a mere delay?Will Israel's purported allies help or hinder?How many planes will be lost if Iran has already received Russia's advanced missiles system?For many in the West and the Sunni Arab world an attack by Israel would be like killing two birds with one stone.America, which has the means and is more secure from retaliation ,should do the job.

  • DemocracyFirst

    Given the mindset of the ayatollahs, and their increasing desperation to
    stay in power or, perhaps, to leave with a bang, one cannot assume
    rationality. Certainly not rationality as we understand it. Therefore even
    predicting what is most likely is difficult. Israeli intel, on the other
    hand, may have insider info. Regardless, Israel will know more than others
    and be able to best predict what is most likely.

    But *most* likely won't decide for Israel. Preventing a second holocaust
    will not be left to chance. If Israel deems that Iran might attack – not
    most likely will attack – and just might do so successfully, then it will be
    rational for Israel to attack pre-emptively. Sure, there would be an
    assessment of Iran's defensive capabilities, including of Russia
    anti-missile system effectiveness and even whether it's been delivered and
    installed. That missiles will rain on Israel from lebanon and Gaza will not
    be in any way be a deterrent: they'd be child's play compared to a nuclear

    Others will attempt to dissuade Israel, the Obama admin not least of all, as
    they worry about oil price and supply and other geopoltiical factors. Not
    that Israel will much care when its survival and not theirs is at stake.
    Besides, everyone condemned Israel for taking out Hussein's nuclear
    facilities, while privately being relieved. And so it would be again.

  • agb100

    If there is proof for the existence of Jesus it is not in Israel. There is no proof physical or otherwise of Jesus' existence according to Vatican scholars. Nevertheless, Jews respect those who worship Jesus and support their right to such worship. The existence of Jesus is not the subject ot the Pamela Geller interview. It is the chip on the shoulders of commentators such as you.

    For those who do not understand antisemitism, let me clarify it:

    AntiZionism is antiSemitism and vica versa because it posits that every people on the planet have a right to their own homeland, territory of their origins and the land of their birth, self-determination, secure borders and the right to their own immigration laws…


    The Jewish People.

    In other words, antiZionism is exclusionary not to people who are not Jews…but ONLY for Jews.

    ant-Zionism is RACISM and it is anti-Semitism in the context of what WIKI defines…Semite applies to Jews only.

  • alanleventhal

    Reading this article and going through the comments is like a trip to a very strange looney bin. We Jews have allowed ourselves to be traumatized by the Holocaust and caused many people to think the unthinkable, i.e. kill more innocent people. To even contemplate bombing Iran indicates a total loss of any moral standards. If you can't separate the ravings of the nut-case who runs Iran from the reality that he's not quite as crazy as our own nut cases, namely Bush & Co, who actually did destroy a country (Iraq). There's no way that the world is going to allow Iran to nuke Israel and that if we continue to 'talk' and sensibly apply pressure, Iran will eventually fall in line and probably get rid of Mr A. I really hope and pray that some of you currently drinking the Kool-Aid will start behaving like normal human beings.

  • jonnyfromspace

    Im in Toronto Ontario .. At the University of Toronto .. specializing in Philosophy

  • sarah

    Rahm Emanuel anyone? unless he's the polar opposite of his father…
    Joe Biden anyone? (look up his wife)

  • saildog

    This is so one sided it is a joke. Israel must be reined in and brought under control. Anti-Israel is not the same as anti-semitic and conflating the two concepts is dishonest. Anyway Arabs are also semitic so the sentence makes no sense. I presume the author meant anti-Jewish.

    Personally I would like to see a single sate covering the entire biblical land of Israel (same policy objective as the most fundamentalist Israeli!), but with the single key change from the current Israeli agenda: Universal suffrage and free association. We expect nothing less of every other country. Why must Israel be allowed to maintain Apartheid?

  • quranist

    The Quran confirms the Torah and Gospel but attacks the Talmud and Trinity:


  • patrick

    What is this a Zionist orgy?
    How odd that on an Objectivist website there is unconditional support for a 'religious apartheid' state. Calling someone an anti-semite who disagrees with the policies of the state of Israel is brazen ad hominem. Israel has over 230 UN resolutions condemning them- what about the rule of law? Iran getting nuclear weapons…..? What about the hundreds of illegally held nukes that Israel has? At least Iran has sign the NPT.
    Is Pamela Geller a Jew? What about the war crimes, the ethnic cleansing, the institutional racism, the socialist policies so reviled about America but overlooked when discussing Israel? What about the theft of land? What about the Palestinian people who are languishing in an open air prison?

    Do any of you realize that it is the treatment of the Palestinians that is the number one reason why radical Islamists want to attack us-and they should. Wake up people, Objectivism has been hijacked by Zionists, the article above could have been written by the IDF. If you would like some sources to verify my assertions, Id be happy to share them with you. jrswhite7751@gmail.com

  • Mugg

    If you think the way to get rid of Obama is to vote for RINOs, get a clue. The GOP just took a long vacation in HAWAII – the state that is covering up Obama's ineligibility to be president. If you want to change this country, go back to the Founding Fathers, who envisioned regular people serving in office and then going back to their lives… Nominate PATRIOTS who commit to God and Country. Throw out every bum in office and wipe the slate clean!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/CHRISTIAN999 CHRISTIAN999

    I will never understand how ayatollah Obomber was elected in the once great nation of the world. They say we are nuts in the UK, you lot take the biscuit. To keep the oil flowing, US could sacrifice Israel, the way we in the UK are being turned into an islamic paedophile state, by our own government. We have our famous SAS training the paedophiles in Libya. So they can kill us more quickly. Israel has one major fault, NO OIL. Israel needs to give the US a deadline to sort the nuclear shit ut in iran. Failure, Israel should nuke the fkrs.




    hitler holocost,arafat holocost,hamas,plo.hizbolla,muslim brotherhood,all of them main goal the destruction of israel,and jewish people, the middle east hate indoctrination against jews is the biggest crime since hitler wich was helped by muslims from the balkans who commited the most horrendous crimes against jews in world war two,these monster are not looking for peace with israel,israel already gave 99%of land won in her war with arabs muslim, but they keep using terror against the only democracy in hell,and this president keep on betraying our only ally that would do anything for us if need it how on earth we have a president that would side with the muslims if things get to that point,tell me who you hang around with,and i will tell you who you are,and obama is antichristian,antiamerican,antiwhite,and israel worst nightmare,and remember,I am black ,and puertorican they cant use the race card with me;god bless the best country in the world united state of america.