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Joseph Massad is Assistant Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History in the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (MEALAC) at Columbia University. He is a self-described “Palestinian-Jordanian” who routinely condemns Israel as a “racist state” and has clamored for its destruction. In April 2002, for instance, he delivered a public lecture wherein he castigated Israel as “a Jewish supremacist and racist state,” adding that “[e]very racist state should be destroyed.” One month earlier, Massad had insisted that “the Jews are not a nation” and the “Jewish state is a racist state that does not have the right to exist.” “It is only by making the costs of Jewish supremacy too high that Israeli Jews will give it up,” Massad said on another occasion.

Declining to distinguish between civilian and military targets, Massad stresses that the “resistance of Palestinians” must extend to Israeli “civil institutions.” He hails as “anti-colonial resistors” those Palestinian terrorists who undertake to murder Jews inside the so-called Green Line demarcating Israel’s pre-1967 border. “Israel,” he told The New York Times in an April 2005 interview, “is the party most responsible for the oppression of the Palestinian people.”

Speaking no Hebrew, Professor Massad has a demonstrably weak grasp of Israeli history, and his books contain numerous errors prompted by his animus towards the Israeli state. In his 2001 book, Colonial Effects: The Making of National Identity in Jordan, for example, Massad makes reference to a November 1966 Israeli raid and “massacre” that took place in Samu, Jordan. Yet not even the Jordanians, who suffered the casualties to which Professor Massad is referring, depicted Israel’s action as a “massacre.” Samir Mutawi, who authored the semiofficial account of Jordan’s involvement in the 1967 war, wrote that “eighteen Jordanians” were killed in the raid. In fact, Massad himself provides an identical casualty figure later in his own text — thereby contradicting his prior claim that a “massacre” had occurred.

In the same book, Massad also writes that in the March 1968 battle of Karamah, the Israeli army “could not escape unscathed (as it had during the 1967 war and on many other occasions). For the first time in its history, it received heavy damages in personnel and material.” But in fact, while Israel lost 28 soldiers at Karamah, it had lost some 800 in June 1967. Moreover, in the 1948 war against its Arab attackers, Israel had lost a combined 6,000 of its soldiers and civilians.

According to the course catalog description of Massad’s class titled “Palestinian and Israeli Politics and Society”: “The purpose of this course is not to provide ‘balanced’ coverage of the views of both sides but rather to provide a thorough yet critical overview of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict.” According to one student review of this course: “Massad does not even pretend to give the entire picture, he states that on the first day…. The class is taught unethically, and should be renamed ‘Why Palestinians Hate Israel.’”

In Professor Massad’s view, Zionism — that is, the political and religious movement advocating the right of the Jewish people to an independent State — is inherently “anti-Semitic.”

In a December 2002 article for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Massad wrote: “Today we live in a world where anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hatred, derived from anti-Semitism, is everywhere in evidence. It is not Jews who are being murdered by the thousands by Arab anti-Semitism, but rather Arabs and Muslims who are being murdered by the tens of thousands by Euro-American Christian anti-Semitism and by Israeli Jewish anti-Semitism.”

Massad repeatedly equates Israel and its leaders with Nazis. There are “stark” similarities, he claims, between the plight of Jews in Nazi concentration camps and Israeli prisons’ treatment of Palestinian terrorists (or “the children and young men of the stones and Molotov cocktails,” as Massad dubs them).

Writing in Al-Ahram in January of 2003, Massad attacked “Israel’s racist nature” and alleged an “ideological and practical collusion between Zionism and anti- Semitism since the inception of the movement.” Massad concretized this “collusion” with a reference to “Zionism’s anti-Semitic project of destroying Jewish cultures and languages in the diaspora in the interest of an invented Hebrew that none of them spoke, and in the interest of evicting them from Europe and transporting them to an Asian land to which they had never been …”

In one representative passage of the same Al-Ahram article, Professor Massad, citing no evidence, derided “the racist curricula of Israeli Jewish schools, the racist Israeli Jewish media representations of Palestinians, the racist declarations of Israeli Jewish leaders on the right and on the left, and the Jewish supremacist rights and privileges guiding Zionism and Israeli state laws and policies.”

Also in January 2003, Massad sponsored a Palestinian film festival, which featured a host of anti-Israel productions, at Columbia University. According to the Columbia Daily Spectator, Massad, speaking on a panel during the proceedings, praised the films as “weapons” and “likened Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s cultural views to those of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels.”

Such is the rhetoric of Professor Joseph Massad, a prominent foot soldier in the campus war against Israel and the Jews.

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  • buzzzzzz

    I know Joseph as he was an undergrad at the UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO. He was a friend of Gerry Bradley of the NM Marxist Educators for Socialist Action and the head of the NM Peace Council which was a front for the U.S. PEACE COUNCIL RUN BY THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA! THE WORLD PEACE COUNCIL, STARTED IN 1949 BY THE SOVIET UNION, IS A NOT SO WELL-KNOWN FRONT OF THE KGB!!! GERRY WAS A DIRECT, AND WILLING, DUPE OF THE KGB AS HIS GROUP LOVED THE SOVIET UNION MORE THAN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! They took the Soviet position on EVERYTHING including in the 80's was the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF CENTRAL AMERICA!!!

    Massad would come to Peace Council meetings on CENTRAL AMERICA? WHY since his interest was the Middle East? HE WANTED TO LEARN HIS RADICALISM FROM ONE OF THE BEST!: THE SOVIET KGB!

    He sponsored a speaker on the topice “Arafat: Peacemaker or Terrorist.” I still have the flyer but I can't remember the guest speaker but I have it at home and can post it this weekend. I attended the speech and of course, Arafat was the Peacemaker.

    Massad's fellow students here at UNM continued his radicalism even after they graduated since now they are the defacto outside leaders of UNM student groups but all roads still lead to Massad!

    When 9-11 happened, I google him since I always had my suspicions about him and found him at Columbia University IN NEW YORK!!! DID HE CHEER AND DANCE TOO? I'M SURE HE DID!!!!

  • aspacia

    I read Massad's Ah-Ahram's rantings, ranted in reply stating it is the Muslims/Arabs who are the supremists and used a few Qu'ranic surah's and hadiths to support my claim. I WAS BANNED!

    This weekly Egyptian propaganda rag has zero balance. At least many Israeli media writers exhibit some balance.

  • Dan Livni

    There was an article in the main Egyptian state controlled paper on why the
    Kurds should not have a state.
    Here's the link to the article.

    I wrote a letter to the paper in response to what the writer said.
    I put my letter below.

    Here's my letter.

    My letter is in response to Who wants another Israel by Ayman El-Amir*

    Ayman El-Amir as usual tries to link the Kurds wanting their own state to
    Mr El-Amir gets his facts wrong.
    The reason the Kurds want independence is cause their treated like dogs in the
    countries they live in.
    Just take the Arab countries.
    More than 1 million Kurdish people in Syria are denied nationality and have no
    rights. They cant own land, vote or leave Syria. All the Kurdish land in Syrian Kurdistan was taken by Syria in 1962 and renamed in Arab names.
    I dont see Mr El-Amir complaining about Arab aparthied.

    In Iraq, 200,000 Kurds were murdered and gassed by the Baathist Arabs.
    This is why the Kurds want a state.

    There are far too many Arabs who denounce any hints of Kurdish independence
    because they view it as some sort of step back for Arab power in the region.
    The Arabs try to pin Kurdish desire for independence ridiculously on the
    Israelis, knowing that they can always get a reaction from the anti-Israeli
    crowd by pushing those buttons.
    Any fool can see what your doing.
    Ofcourse Ayman El-Amir wants a Palestinian state, but is against a Kurdish
    Ayman El-Amir shows his true Arab fascist nature again.

  • Postcolonial Colony

    All this 'balance' that is being advocated in classrooms is absolutely ridiculous. History is an argument and at the end of the day historians pick a side. If this class was taught by an Israeli Jew, who only gave the Israeli perspective, the calls for 'balance' would be muffled if not outright silenced. Dr Massad teaches his class with a bias against colonialism, against racism, and against anti-Semitism. He makes that clear from the outset. A class of German history will condemn Hitler and Nazism; a class of Soviet history will condemn Stalin. Where are the calls for 'balance' when a professor speaks of Hitler as a racist instead of 'giving both sides'? By that logic, a class of German history should be labelled: "why Jews hate Hitler".