The Lessons of Tiger Woods – by Larry Elder


“Tiger’s finished.”

“Define ‘finished,'” I said to a friend in response to her assessment. Will Tiger Woods lose endorsements? Yes. How many and for how long remain open questions. Has the carefully groomed image of the contented family man who “has it all” gone supernova? Absolutely. Will he lose his wife, given her public humiliation and her shattered trust in her husband? Strong possibility.

But the history books are full of Act Twos.

Woods is a golfer. He is neither politician nor pastor. As he struggles to deal with his apparent inner demons/self-loathing/shame/embarrassment/dishonor, he can still golf. The curiosity factor alone means stratospheric ratings for his next tournament, especially if he’s still contending on the final day. People unable to spell “golf” will tune in for his next event.

As bad as all of this is — especially for his wife — Woods hasn’t killed anybody, at least that we know of. The more bizarre things become — the growing number of alleged mistresses, his mother-in-law’s hospitalization, the recklessness of his behavior — new revelations may start producing diminishing returns in shock value. People will wonder whether he’s a really rotten guy with a phony stage-managed image or a really sick guy who “needs help.”

A friend and I recently watched a professional football game. The announcer mentioned a stellar player. My friend said, “I like him. He’s amazing.” I said, “Still standing, after being tried for murder.” She thought I was joking. “And,” I said, “he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for lying to the police.” We Googled it. He not only lied to the police but told others to do so, as well.

Former President Bill Clinton is the only elected president ever to be impeached. He pleaded guilty to contempt of court for lying under oath and temporarily lost his law license. Does Clinton draw down the window shades, only to venture out under cover of night to go to the ATM? Please. He blamed the Republicans, who wanted to “overturn elections.” Defenders said, “Everybody lies about sex.” Had the Constitution permitted it, Clinton could have won a third term.

When Clinton first ran for president, he admitted on “60 Minutes” having had “problems with his marriage.” People interpreted this to mean an acknowledgment of previous cheating with a promise to sin no more.

But he did. He lied to the country about it. He lied about it under oath. Today he strolls around the globe, an elder statesman whose opinions are sought out and somberly considered.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, in the midst of Clinton’s crisis, went to the White House to serve as a presidential “mentor.” Jackson brought his visibly pregnant mistress, and both later posed for a group photograph in the Oval Office. When Jackson’s scandal broke, he briefly closed shop. But he soon said, “The ground is no place for a champion. The ground is no place that I will wallow on.” Back in business.

As to former President Richard Nixon, few have fallen from so high to so low so quickly. He went from the most powerful person on earth to a guy ACORN wouldn’t hire. The only U.S. president to resign, Nixon did so just ahead of an impeachment posse, with a conviction in the Senate a near certainty. After leaving office, he got paid for an interview with David Frost, wrote a bunch of books and gave speeches on foreign policy. He sufficiently redeemed himself, to the point that by former President George W. Bush’s second term, many Democrats thought Bush’s “crimes” worthier of impeachment than those of Nixon.

As for Woods, he once had a favorable rating of nearly 85 percent. A recent poll still gave him a favorable rating of 60 percent. And Woods conceivably could even turn public opinion in his favor if he continues to excel on the golf course. “My, what an ability to focus!” etc.

There are many lessons here. There is the silliness of considering celebrities, about whom we really know very little, to be “role models.” There is the envy, sometimes, of the lives of others when very little is as it seems.

Fortunate is the person who can look back at his or her life and say, “I would do it all again, the same way.” My dad once said that to me. Most of us mortals have made mistakes, sometimes too many to count. Some mistakes have to do with career. Some have to do with money. Some have to do with other poor decisions and poor choices — reconsidered, of course, with the benefit of hindsight.

But the ones that cause the most regret and the most pain have to do with the treatment of other people — especially those who loved and trusted us. We finally discover the value and worth of what we once had and failed to appreciate. And now it’s too late. Good luck, Mr. Woods.

  • davidrgroesbeck

    Agree fully. All Tiger Woods owes his fans is a well played golf match. His personal life is his own and he owes the vampire media absolutely nothing. Regarding Clinton,I would've had at least a grudging respect for him if he'd told the media to go to h***. Instead he lied & groveled to the tabloid bloodsuckers. Woods is a fine man. I hope he maintains his dignity & privacy.

  • jacob mandelblum

    Well pointed this foolishness, almost a cult for “celebrities”…

    I still remember RUSH LIMBAUGH tirade about O.J SIMPSON right after his wife and her boyfriend`s murders discovery.
    People were refering to him as the HERO..
    Hero of what, asked Limbaugh ??
    Did people forgot to look at the meaning of the word HERO in a dictionary ??
    Hero is somebody that puts his life on the line for a cause, for his fellow man, even for an animal.
    Heroes were people like AUDIE MURPHY, ALVIN YORK and some many of our boys who put their lives on the line in the many wars we fought to free other peoples

    But getting paid millions to run with a ball, kick and push people in this cripples factory sport called “Football” ??

    Where is the heroism in it ??

    Oh ! Just because some journalist hit upon this word to mean the hero of the game and a bunch of morons misunderstood it ???
    Sorry then ..

    And now we have another “HERO” pushed off his pedestal by his own stupid deeds

    However, he is not to be blamed at all-
    It is a foolish media which, as Nixon once said, either makes you or breaks you..

    If you doubt it, look at the election of a parachutist like OBAMA for President or the demonization of ISRAEL…

  • AlgerHiss

    Were Wood's Dad still around, something tells me he would have taken the boy to the woodshed and asked him, rhetorically, “You just couldn't keep it in your pants, eh?”

  • BS77

    Tiger Woods will henceforth be known at Cheetah Woods.

  • USMCSniper

    My wife told me that the problem is… God didn't give us men enough blood to run both our peckers and our brains at the same time, so whenever our dicks get hard, our brains shut down, and therin lies the root of all our troubles. She might be right.

  • BS77

    Schadenfreud news for the trailer trash….strictly Jerry Springer tabloid rubbish…Tiger Woods is an illiterate multimillionaire golfer with a gold digging Swedish trophy wife and a series of affairs….. Why should anyone care? I do feel for their children, tho. What a mess. As the Peanuts T shirt says, “I love humanity, it's people I can't stand.”

  • jonnyfromspace

    Great Article, Celebrities are just loud speakers for any corporation willing to throw money at them to endors a product.

  • rthorne

    America is a nation of tramps! Both male and female. They can take golf and shove it were the sun doesn't shine. tiger is a has been in my book. I only hope he loses all his sponsors and the fans boo him when he steps onto the golf course in February. How this this HYPOCRITE can still be a role model for young children is beyond me? In the in G-d will have the last laugh…………

  • rthorne

    GOLF IS A GENTLEMEN'S GAME! woods is no gentleman……….

  • LucyQ

    Shame on him for not caring if he gave his wife and beautiful children AIDS, etc. I hope his wife and kids soon leave him, empty his bank accounts and move to someplace normal if such a place exists. If she doesn't leave this self-hating, woman-hating, human-hating disease carrier, she's as trashy as he is.

  • Ken Carter

    What both a tragedy and betrayal of the heart. Woods, perhaps the most gifted golfer of all time, succumbs to womanly temptation and a temporay disavowal of his marriage covenant. Curiously, not even a hint, thus far, of his betrayal of traditional Buddhist values–where are the PC Cops?

    It's important to remember that not only is he responsible for what has happened but also the white golddiggers who participated in the adulterous affairs–for those women, much like butterflies, it was about following the flames of money and power to vicariously enrich themselves no matter the banter of “it was not about sex but a relationship.” So much, indeed, for women's liberation leading to the betrayal of one by so many. Where's Gloria Steinum when you need her most.

    His recent withdrawal from the golfing scene was a wise decision and perhaps reflects a genuine remorse for what he has done. Only time will tell if his wife choses to remain and begin anew in their marriage covenant.

    As always, Elder was on the mark.


  • bushlikesdick12

    I don't blame Tiger at all. He obviously can get hot women anytime he wants.
    If his wife doesn't put out like he expects, then she needs to hit the road. Obviously, he is playing around because he isn't happy with what he has.

    Life is way too short for that nonsense when you have the money and fame that he has.

  • bushlikesdick12

    His Mother-in-law probably threw him over the edge and he popped her one in the mouth.

  • bushlikesdick12

    I think Clinton came as close as he could possibley go ln telling the press to go to hell without getting impeached.

    Woods 'personal life doesn't play into it on the greens like the office of presidency. The office of the presidency belongs to the American people.

    Mrs. Reagan said that well.

  • bushlikesdick12

    He doesn't play golf to be a role model for your runny nose brat. You sound like you're bitter about your golf score.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Who are you to judge him? I wonder how much life would go to your head if you had as much success and money?

    She's as trashy as he is? woman hating?

    I don't think so. I think your house next to his would want to make everyone want to bulldoz it down.

    As far as hating women, That doesn't appear to be true — he has his dick in everyone he meets. lol

    Lucy clueless thinking again

  • bushlikesdick12

    Kids can't even find their Dad in that huge mansion let alone caring who he's banging.

  • bushlikesdick12

    bite me

  • bushlikesdick12

    I don't see why it has to be a problem. I think having multiple wives is the way it should be.

    The world is much smaller now and it is very cheap to have a young beautiful wife in a third world country.

    When you had enough crap from your spoiled American hag of a wife, you can go play golf for a couple weeks if you know what I mean.

    That is why God made women have periods, so that we would have a good excuse to go see our mistress.

  • LucyQ

    To be such a liar while having unprotected sex is to be self-hating, woman-hating and human-hating. Just because he had money and success does not mean he should be irresponsible.

  • LucyQ

    Good, strong post, Ken, but guys like Woods who are obviously jaded will not change their stripes. Hopefully, his wife realizes that and she and her kids will leave him. You make a mistake by faulting feminism-because women don't listen to the message is not the fault of feminism anymore than it's the fault of doctors that people still smoke tobacco.

  • BS77

    Bushlikes….you are not funny. In fact, you are disgusting. Too bad you are obsessed with posting on this site….go back to Kos or the ACLU site.

  • Terry Gain

    Is that 1000 pound boulder a loose impediment? It is for you Tiger. Sixty million a year for endorsements. This was predictable. He's no Jack Nicklaus

  • bushlikesdick12

    says you.

    I don't know about the unprotected sex — I'm not a fly on the wall and don't exactly know the details but even if it's true so what. It isn't as if he can't afford to have as many kids as he wants.

    As far as your puritan standards, we all have our freedom to choose as we want.

    It takes two to tango.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Then who would tell the facts as they really are?

  • LucyQ

    The issue is marriage & fidelity and tiny children to boot. If he wants to be a john all his life, that's fine but don't get married…'s that simple.

  • davidrgroesbeck

    Let's remember the chronology of Lewinskigate. Clinton caved almost immediately & began lying his behind off about the affair. The American people don't like being lied to. Had he stood his ground & told the media to cram it,I doubt if his political opposition would have attempted to impeach him. Tiger Woods owes the leering media & the syncopants it panders to, nothing regarding his personal life. Sad that a fine young man like him should feel that his privacy & dignity are elements of his life that must be surrendered to the pimping tabloids.

  • bushlikesdick12

    I agree with you regarding Tiger Woods — I don't think any professional athlete should expect to be or should feel some sort of obligation to be an impecable role model to every whim a housewife that has a definition of what a good Father and husband is with or without information diseminated through our guiltless tabloid media.

    I rarely hear how a man deserves a woman that gives a man what he expects when it comes to sex while not attaching some monetary obligation like some sort of ethical whore.

    Regarding Clinton, I find his actions as about as stupid as Nixon's. I'm not sure what was more stupid: allowing some obvious nutcase leave his office with his semen all over his blouse or attempt to cover up for a bunch of boneheads that didn't effect that outcome of his re-elect regardless. He should have played dumb like Reagan did during the Iran/contra affair.

    With the cat out of the bag, he shouldn't have attempte to lie about it — that is for sure.

    But like Tiger Woods and Clinton, when you are a man with certain amount of wealth and/or power, he shouldn't feel obligated to live by the standards that everyday women expect from their everyday man.

    They just need to keep their private business as private as possible. Tiger made the right choice after the cat got out of the bag, Clinton didn't.

  • bushlikesdick12

    How do you know his wife turned semi -celebant?

    Another thing. What if he wants his cake and eat it too?

    Meaning, maybe she knew what she was getting into and excepted the terms in advance.

    A lot of people get married and still understand that they can have spice in their sexual life.

    Like I told you before, you have no idea what kind of person you would turn out to be if you had that sort of wealth and fame.

    You hear about rock stars like Michael Jackson, and athletes like Mike Tyson that have a difficult time dealing with fame.

    It isn't a rosy picture living by your standards as well as others while wanting to just live your life wishing the rest of us would just get a life or our own.

  • sweetsorrow

    bushlikesdick12: “Meaning, maybe she knew what she was getting into and excepted the terms in advance.” Wrong use of the word 'excepted' it should have been accepted but then reading your comentary it shows me that your IQ must be below 70!

  • bushlikesdick12

    It is “accepted”knowleged on the internet that when someone can only be a spell/grammer checker while attempting to insult with no substance to the arguement is a chickenshit.

    Sort of like a fat man on the sideline complaining about track star falling over hurdle.

  • sweetsorrow

    You obviously are in dire need of a logic lesson. The realms of discourse, which you cite are dichotomous and as such, do not validly authorize the conclusion that the person is a “chicken shit” and “Sort of like a fat man on the sideline complaining about track star falling over hurdle.”

    You are simply a worthless piece of human trash, who happens to be a malignant sociopathic narcissist in need of cowardly vituperative destructive rhetoric to raise their sagging self esteem evidenced by your degenerate remarks, which no one here supports nor which I highly believe, would Tiger support.

    Go crawl back under the rock from which you came.

  • wimp-with-attitude

    Some of the commenters here are real neanderthals.
    There is something sick, obsessive, and self-destructive about Tiger's behavior. And maybe disgusting.
    My own experience is that there still are a lot of folks out there who get disgusted by excessive or abnormal sexual (and narcissistic behavior).
    I was on the receiving end of all that disgust myself.

  • buzzzzzz

    Is the Mrs. brave enought to leave Tiger and all the perks? Many brave women leave with nothing but their freedom from abuse including domestic violence which includes verbal in its legal definition. Many other women stay and put up with it because they would have nothing and are scared. BUT HILLARY STAYED and put up the embarrassment, humiliation, and thoughts that Bill was having “sexual relations with that woman” IN THEIR HOUSE/WHITE HOUSE WHILE SHE AND CHELSEA WERE THERE!!! How sick is that!!!

    HILLARY STAYED ONLY FOR THE POWER AND THE PERKS! SHE IS SCUM compared to the other women in her catagory that leave like Mrs. Sanford. Her and Bill's FAKE happy appearances are only made to expand on both of their power! Their stage hugs and kisses are the only times they actually touch each other while she says “asshole” under her breath and he says “damn you're an ugly and fat bitch!”


    THIS “PRIVACY” excuse is BULLSHIT!

  • buzzzzzz

    “BITE ME?”


    Your past posts about any conservative person or thought proves that you will excuse any immorality as long as its a liberal or a minority! I guess you'll excuse some Congressman for making sexual advances in a bathroom stall because it's his “private life?”

  • buzzzzzz

    Well that didn't take long…

    New Tiger Woods Game. You knew it was coming.

    http://video1. dnet/media/ 2009/12/tiger- woods-wife- outrun-video- game.swf

  • bushlikesdick12

    Regarding Larry Craig: if you are a public figure in a public bathroom making unwanted perverted public advances you are asking for public attention. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    I previously brought to this threads attention that Clinton was stupid for spewing semen all over her blouse and letting her leave with it but I didn’t condemn the action of allowing a woman give him oral sex either.

    If Republican Craig wants to take the political risk of embarrassing himself as a toilet stall molester then that is his choice — it just gives Democrats ammunition in the polls of the popularity contest.

    Tiger Woods, I guess, is also a public figure but that isn't his overall intentions – to be a public figure in politics representing social classes and districts but rather a professional golfer. — He doesn’t represent anyone else but himself. Not a comparable example on your part.

    It is interesting how representatives for extremists such as Craig and Pastor Haggard and others for molesting children seem to be attracted to what the average citizen would consider perverted and dysfunctional.

    Those people are extreme conservatives.

    Even thou Michael Jackson never was proven guilty of being child molester there are cases of liberals pursuing unwanted perverted sexual advances on innocent victims such a children, elderly bed ridden, the dead, animals, comatose,… ( extremely sick and perverted people who should be drug out to the back yard and shot in the head Chinese style), there seems to be a lopsided ratio of these sort of perverts in the Republican party.

    The only answer I have for that is that the Puritan moral laws of sexuality appears to be abnormal and therefore dysfunctional and suppressive.

    It appears that it is quite normal for a male to yearn sex from many different attractive women.

    History suggests that even in the Bible — men had several wives.

    The Mormons are the most recent to practice this in our culture.

    we still have this going on in other cultures.

    Among Christians, the divorce rate hovers above 50% which implies that the Puritan morals of sexual monogamy have gone to the wayside for serial monogamy.

    I feel it is unnatural to pretend to have eyes only for your once beautiful young attractive bride turned fat ugly old American housewife that doesn't want sex like she use to. It isn’t natural to have some sort of loyalty to someone like that and to not want to yearn sex outside the marriage. — or even affection for that matter.

    Men’s self esteem towards their sexual identity has been greatly diminished due to Puritan mechanisms of social control.

    To be a golfer as good as Tiger Woods ( and the ability to stand up to having such a name as “Tiger”) you must behave and be like a Trojan on a horse.

    Nobody dare tells a Tiger when or who he can or can not mate with. — only the other female tigers can an influence.

    Yes!!! Men are animals when it comes to sex and women love that. We call it the master seduction in liberal circles of thought.

    Most women don’t prefer little pussy whipped wimps that only see sex and fatherhood through the lenses of the feminists — only the sexually dominate primates in our correction system seem to want those types for pets and or course the conservative right wing Christian feminists as well.

    Men are known in general to yearn sex outside the marriage but women seem to yearn affection and the words of assurance that they are attractive (which any jon will tell her for the sake of just getting in her pants).

    The reasons for betraying your mate for a woman seem to gain a little more sympathy — she can spout off about how he physically abuses her and/or doesn’t give her the affection she deserves or whatever while we as a society are taught through our puritan value system that mans innate priority of getting laid is on the lowest level of priorities.

    American women today on all spectrums of the feminist movement from the political left to the political right exploit that fact.

    By giving this grounding to all my other replies and comments of this thread, this is good enough reason alone for why men who can afford to have affairs should do so without feeling remorse.

    If your housewife wakes you up in the morning giving you oral pleasure, enjoys your sexual company for an afternoon delight, and expects to satisfy him with passionate pleasure in the evening, then she should expect the affection she yearns from her mate.

    But women in general don't have the inclination to want to please their mate that much.

    But they spend countless hours watching soaps and Jerry Springer for the purpose of feeling better about them selves when watching others behave so dysfunctional. It is ridiculous how often you see sexual affairs portrayed in their preferred theater of life.

    So your question — would I excuse some Congressman for trying to play footzy with me in the bathroom over Tiger's inate ability to fuck as many beautiful women as possible – not really but I feel for him being a victim of your priorities and agendas and for not having the esteem to fuck a beautiful woman instead. He may a little better about himself being a lover for some Bubba in prison then living under your standards.

    I find it ironic that at least your representative is mentally dysfunctional by your subjugated Puritan ideology of what is right and what is wrong.

    Surely, we don't even know a small fraction of what perversion is going on in your neighborhoods of the “self righteous” hypocrites of the conservative right wing Christian Coalition.

  • davidrgroesbeck

    Sorry,but I still respectfully disagree. For Woods,private matter completely. For Clinton,also a private matter-until he lied about it.


  • Swimming Pool Supplies

    I think when people come into the public's eye like Woods who became a celebrity, even though their private lives should be their own, they need to take extra special care to protect that.

  • Rose

    I figure Tiger will take care of his problems, he's got the money and time. Now, Drew Peterson and the worse ctiminal insane, get them off the streets, so they can do no more harm to our families everyday. Uran streets are in distress from killings of children and elderly. I don't want to hear another word about Tiger's cheating just as the past president and his SERIAL cheating with several women and no rehab?

  • harry a. hole

    tigger has knee problems too and if the pga starts testing for PEDs, numbnuts might get another standing 8 count. btw, larry elder is a twat. sage of south central lmfao!

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