The Palin Wonder – by Jamie Glazov


Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist and historian at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

FP: Victor Hanson, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Hanson: Glad to be here again.

FP: Sarah Palin is, clearly, carving out a national presence right now. It’s not just the appeal of her book, but also her outspokenness on the Copenhagen conference and other issues.  What do you think she might be up to? And what is she tapping into? What are her possibilities?

Hanson: I think she taps into a current of populist unhappiness in the country with Washington insiders, Big Money, and condescending elites in the media and popular culture. The Wasilla mom of five, married to the snow-mobile champ, is simply the antithesis of all that. She senses the general disgust with an insider class that has nearly bankrupted the country through insane federal spending and equally insane financial speculation. She resonates in this regard mostly through an authentic middle-class upbringing, the real-world living of Alaska, natural intelligence, spunk and drive that sent one from the Wasilla city-council to the governorship of Alaska—and common sense answers like less government, lower taxes, more self-reliance, and national confidence.

Her can-do “let’s develop our own energy and spend no more than we earn” creed has a reassurance in these days. People root for her. The Ivy-Leaguers in government, whether the lawyer Obama or the economist Summers, haven’t exactly wowed the public with their studied brilliance so far.

Palin feels at ease with Middle America, and in a strange way is the antithesis to Barack Obama. Both are young, and charismatic, and appeal to populist constituencies. But whereas Obama came out of a Honolulu prep school and  elite Ivy League hot-house, and had to acquire, quite artificially, his street credentials at the foot of Rev. Wright and in the Chicago scratch-back world of Valerie Jarrett and Mayor Daley, Palin was a true product of the working class and took on rather than swam into the status quo political structure.

That fact was sadly lost in 2008, but it is starting to ring true as her popularity rises and Obama’s declines. Remember, though, these are mostly perceptions still, and Palin will have to give long interviews, do debates, lecture, write, and show a public grasp of the issues in the way that earlier charismatic, non-career politicians like Eisenhower and Reagan could—in contrast to flash in the pans like a Wesley Clark. For 2008 and much of 2009 the left and the media successfully caricatured her as a creationist, white-supremacist, Christianist nut, but that demonization is wearing off. Quite simply, the more the public sees her, the more it likes her—and that’s not true of most politicians like a Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid—or Barack Obama.

FP: Can you expand a bit on what is it that the liberal-Left hates so much about Palin?

Hanson: Well, well, let us count the ways:

1) Feminists resent her stance on abortion, not just her pro-life views, but the fact she delivered a challenged child in her 40s and her teen-daughter delivered an out of wedlock boy; for many professional women on the up and up, those decisions are not just absurd but scary.

2) The elite Left was furious over her populist appeal, particularly her charm, good looks, accent, and appearance. In sum, their view was “don’t hoi polloi know, as we do, that this glitzy thing is a moose-hunting mom with an Idaho BA? To a Maureen Dowd or Sally Qunin, a Christian mom, who hunts, lives in Alaska, and is married to Todd is OK—but not OK if she thinks she can come east and run their US.

3) She’s an interloper outside the normal cursus honorum. Almost all our female columnists, many of our politicians, and several of our TV personalities either married into, or were born into, influence and can trace some of their careers to the wealth or influence of powerful husbands, fathers, and mentors. Not Palin—she had no family or marital connections, no money, no powerful fixer, she’s a genuine up-from-the-bootstraps sort of feminist that, oddly, feminists don’t define as feminist.

4) Conservative, attractive women, with traditional marriages and child-raising, for a variety of reasons, earn media scorn;

4) She scares the Left by her star power; few in America can fill stadia like she can—and that worries the powers that be. Populism is supposed to be a leftist phenomenon, but when a conservative resonates with the folks, that raises concern.

5) Finally, her accent, her demeanor, her poorly prepared interviews with Couric and Gibson all cemented for many intellectuals and cultural grandeess, both left and right, the idea that she was hickish. Many tsk-tsked her in snobbish disdain.

FP: What do you think of Palin?

Hanson: I both admire and worry about her. She has exuberance and natural intelligence, coupled with energy and toughness and a certain fearlessness, and doesn’t seem to be a trimmer, but consistently articulates a common-sense position on the issues. On the other hand, she has so many obstacles in a strictly political sense to overcome. She is based thousands of miles away from New York and Washington. She is the mother of 5 and has little money, or powerful friends. The East-Coast Right dislikes her as much as the liberal elite. With young children, the Levi Johnston mess, the resignation from the governorship, the constant traveling to earn an income for her large dependencies, she is burning the candle at both ends. So I admire her pluck, but again worry that her present frenzied pace is unsustainable.

FP: What advice would you give to Palin?

Hanson: After her book tour ends and she has earned some money, I wish she would hunker down somewhere to write, recharge and contemplate things. A month at Hillsdale College, for example, where, in friendly and supportive surroundings, she could debate, talk to faculty, read and write would be wonderful, or in fact a month almost anywhere she could review issues, have her views tested and debated, and do some in depth reading and discussion would be great.

If she wrote a weekly column or did a bi-weekly radio address, in the fashion of Reagan, that too would allow her to both support her family and at the same time master the intricacies of modern national politics. She has so many gunning for her, that she needs to be proactive. Joe Biden did not know that FDR was not President in 1929 or that TV was still experimental—but given his status, the media shucked “Oh, that’s just Joe!” Obama can be clueless about state geography, a 50-state union, or the basics of US history, but that’s because “he’s tired and has so much on his mind.” Wasilla moms has no such margin of error.

The good news is that she is so energetic, naturally talented, and charismatic, that, with a few weeks prep, she could redo the Couric interview and sparkle. What happened in 2008, was that she went from a supportive populace in Alaska to a hostile prime-time lion’s den, without proper appreciation that she was the antithesis of most of the values and lifestyles of those who would write and comment on her—and they were waiting for her in a way I think she did not anticipate. That said, I think we can already see that she is becoming media-savvy and picking her venues carefully.

FP: Victor Hanson, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

  • goddad

    After Obama, and all of his aids of high intellect, causing the downfall of this great country, how could you put any stock in that statement? The communist revolution in Russia began with a bunch of Intellectuals. They are not what they are cracked up to be.
    I just would rather have someone in the white house with intelligence, but common sense. It may not be Sarah Palin, but at least she speaks for regular people.

  • goddad

    The one thing I don't get is why would she even waste her time putting herself out there for idiots like the olberman's and mathews to make fun of her.

  • goddad

    The only reason she was on the offensive is because of all the cheap and unfounded comments about her came out. A person would be a fool to just sit back and take it.
    Yes, huckabee would be a good candidate. Frankly, I would pick either one over the socialist that we have now.

  • goddad

    She has american values, american spirit. At least she doesn't put down america. I'll take her over Obama birth cert or no.

  • Westwright

    VDH offers terrific advice: ' A month at Hillsdale College, for example, where, in friendly and supportive surroundings, she could debate, talk to faculty, read and write would be wonderful, or in fact a month almost anywhere she could review issues, have her views tested and debated, and do some in depth reading and discussion would be great.'
    I also would say the same thing to all tthe idiot anti-Palin posters that swarm in to post their little snarks….check out a real university, Hillsdale is the real deal, not the failed affirmative action Harvard U.

  • Braise Cendrars

    In one side you have a governor of a state with a son in irak and in the other side you have a president ( former senateur ) apologizing for the United States…

  • kaytoo2

    Sarah Palin was raised by her dad to be a hunter…that’s what she is, a hunter. She has carried the energy of the ‘hunt’ deep in her belly since childhood.
    She has to be fearless as she sniffs out, stalks, kills, ‘dresses’ her prey. She takes the kill back to her family and nourishes them(us)…she uses all the ‘meat’, the skins….everything ;she doesn’t waste . She is able to both hunt, gather and nourish. This is a good energy to have in life…a good energy for someone in charge.
    Those of us who live in our inflated heads can’t grasp this ability to live in the real , to live in the tough world.
    Sarah Palin will use this instinctual approach to living in the real world, and to living in an academic world , and a political world. I don’t believe anything can knock down someone who has this basic skill of survival in her medicine bag.
    I would feel comfortable if a great hunter was able to be elected the first woman president of this beautiful wild country.

  • albest399

    Has the USA sunk so low to even consider a blank-blank like Pitiful Palin for
    anything after her vocalizing in her “campaign”?

  • johncarens

    The most important ingredient in the left's revulsion of Sarah Palin is that she doesn't believe in a man-created utopia here on earth. She knows heaven only exists, and can only exist, in another un-earthly realm. Further, she looks into the face of every human being and sees the image of God, not some cell in the oozing protoplasm of the “masses” that needs to be controlled by self-appointed elites. This, really, is all that's required to be a good, if not outstanding, American leader.

    Months of cloistering (with all due respect to Hillsdale College, the greatest institution of higher learning in America) in some Conservative Abbey might sharpen her rhetorical skills, and might give some intellectual heft to why she thinks what she thinks. But, knowing Edmund Burke quotes won't curry favor with the intellectual elites, who will continue to despise her until they are asked to give eulogies to her under the dome of the Capitol, when she has died, old and full of years, and is lionized as not only the first Woman President, but also one of our greatest. Then, and only then, will they find something nice to say. Maybe.

    Remember: Conservative candidates are always stupid, boring, boorish, vain, trigger-happy bumbling fools (Eisenhower, Nixon, Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, Quayle, W), and Statist-Leftist candidates are always brilliant, handsome, intelligent, proud, reflective, introspective, and historic (Stevenson, JFK, Johnson, McGovern, Carter, Dukakis, Gore, Obama). Pigeon-holing candidates is a classic seek-and-destroy tactic of the left, and it is in full evidence with Mrs. Palin.

    If Mrs. Palin decides to run for the Presidency (and I hope she does), we are hardly ones to offer advice to someone who single-handedly ash-canned the entrenched political elites in her own state, and did so without a mountain of cash, and a crammed Rolodex of connections.

    She will do just fine, without regard to what her choices are, or from whom she takes advice; she won't need an Extreme Makeover Political Edition. If she runs for president, I will vote for her. There will be cringe-inducing rhetorical gaffes delivered with her yooper accent– but, so what. A Ronald Reagan press conference wasn't exactly a Winston Churchill address from the front bench of Parliament, either. And don't forget: Barack Obama delivers elegant, eloquent, flights-of-fancy billowing uplift oratory– all of which say extremely dangerous, ignorant and willfully stupid things.

    The American people can generally make a distinction between the two.

  • coyote3

    You equated what Palin was doing with what your brother claimed he was doing, which, if true, “is” illegal. You said they were in the same “sleazy boat”.

  • Rcf

    Her vocalizing may not be on par with Obama's, but her desire to represent the people far excceds his. It is sad that Obama has the credentials to be a great leader and he pisses it away in an unprecedented effort to destroy the country.

    The greatest difference between Ms. Palin and Mr. Obama is that she will lead and he panders.

  • glennd1

    I agree that many people who consider themselves intellectual, particularly in 'Progressive' circles are actually quite closed minded and poorly informed, but their stupidity does nothing to improve Sarah Palin's intellect, or lack of thereof.

  • chetweld

    Good point, GMa. There are many hidden agendas with some of these commentators. Now wonder I don't get on these threads often. Hope you do, though!

  • chetweld

    Yes, BS77, I am also grateful for people with common sense such as your awesome self! I think that most Americans are catching on to the Marxist agenda, as indicated by the polls. But still there are many who are blind. I don't know about you, but I'm a Christian, and my wife and I pray a lot for America and its leaders. We also pray that new leaders will come in, or get voted in, who believe in the constitution and can truly be called Americans. It seems that the present administration is hardly, barely, or not at all an American. He's a buddy with William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorists, his Marxisit czars, etc. Much to pray about! God allowed this man to be elected so we also pray for him – while he's still in there. Hopefully, if he's not empeached and thrown out, we'll simply vote in a true American in 2012.

  • LucyQ

    She does it because she's a politician running for prez in 2010, period. She's no different from all the other politicians.

  • LucyQ

    Coyote3, the issue is not whether it's legal. I put my brother and Palin in the same sleazy boat because they both like to slaughter animals, not hunt them. Comprendo?

    I find that the behavior of humans toward animals, both wild and pets, is a good indication of what kind of human being they are.

  • goddad

    No offense, but what makes you such an expert on Sarah Palin. It seems to me that even the commentators in the media don't even know much about her.

  • LucyQ

    No offense but where did I say I'm an expert?

  • coyote3

    Yo entiendo, pero no comprendo. You used the wrong tense. My understanding has nothing to do with it. You lied pure and simple. Now you try and explain that you meant something deeper. You compared a legal act to an illegal act, and if you knew anything about “hunting” you would know that. I don't know why you even try to justify it to me. If the State of Alaska wants to permit predator control in this way, and they say it is “hunting” then it is hunting. As opposed to poaching deer out of season, which could still be called “hunting” albeit illegal hunting

  • coyote3

    As far as Eisenhower, Nixon, Goldwater, Ford, Reagan, Quayle, W, go whatever gave you the idea to include them together as “conservatives”?

  • johncarens

    You are right, of course. My bad. Clearly, I meant to say that “all the prominent Republican or conservative candidates are always stupid, boring, boorish, vain, trigger-happy bumbling fools according to the prevailing wisdom of the mainstream entertainments”. But, you get the general gist. Goldwater, Reagan and Quayle were the only movement-style conservatives on the list.

    The fact remains that Barack Obama can continually give tennis-match-image rambling recitations from the TelePrompTer, accredit the US for having 57 states and campaigning is 56, mistake an inhalator for a breathalyzer, praise the “Nitally Lions”, refer to his bowling prowess as having a “Special Olympics” quality, write books that read like college-dorm rants and on and on, and yet they continue to praise this immature and unctuous pedant as a towering intellectual.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Palin steps from relative obscurity with only her first principles and conservative world-view as a guide, and shows incredible poise when the world's media descends on her– and stays for a year without going away– and she's labeled a Barbie doll, a twerp, an empty suit and worse. Katie Couric has spent decades in front of network television cameras, and she still sounds like a trained chipmunk. Mrs. Palin sounds absolutely Aristotelian by contrast.

    In fact, remember that Palin's teleprompter malfunctioned during her RNC acceptance speech– and she didn't ask for the video feed to be restarted. President Obama, call your office.

  • johncarens

    Mike Huckabee is an accomplished and trained orator, and he IS mentioned as a possible candidate. (In fact, the left rather finds him cute and cuddley.) He is a fine man. But, he doesn't resonate with solid conservatives not by virtue of his deferential manner, but because he is more muddled in his world-view than Mrs. Palin. One need look no further than his squishiness on citizenship for foreign criminals here in the US illegally, or the November 10th shootings in Portland (and Mr. Huckabee's clemency of the murderer there) to understand some of the misgivings.

    Mrs. Palin comes off as “insulting” only if one sees the candidacy of Barack Obama as above reproach, or even above humor. Surely the left has become exceedingly thin-skinned if they can't take a little rib-poking.

    John McCain was the archetype candidate of the right for folks like yourself, trickyblain. He went out of his way to not appear to be “clownish” (according to leftist definitions of the term), or disrespectful, and was the consummate Washington insider. Of course, he was clobbered politically. Once the political right becomes culturally confident again (and thus stops nominating klutzes like McCain), and refuses to buckle to people like you that are embarrassed by simple, straightforward thoroughgoing conservatism, we will win elections again.

    Brace yourself: It might be Mrs. Palin.

  • goddad

    You might want to consider. She wouldn't be running for prez in 2010 because the prez doesn't get elected until 2012. But you make it sound like a running for something is a negative, and if you speak up at any time, that is wrong. Sorry, but that is politics.
    Look at Obama. He lied all the way through his candidacy to become president. Do you want to compare him to her? That is politics. The question is whether you can be fooled or not. I haven't anything about Palin to believe that she is who she is. She is intelligent, and maybe she is motivated. But I think her motivation is right out in the open. She wants to serve the people of this country.

  • MaileO

    Actually the media know everything about her from the day she was born, compliments of teamObama and the MSM camping out in AK. It's Obama that the media forgot to vet or chose not to considering how he has mastered walking on water, parting the sea…and now the nation. With his records being sealed upon entering the Oval Office, his fantasy “figment of my imagination” screenplay books seem to be the resume that got him elected…oops, almost forgot his corrupt connections.

  • MaileO

    Mr. Estes lives in Hawaii Kai, outstanding great American. This article was posted in one of our local papers, but unfortunately you had to dig for it. It is so difficult for our military, retired and active, to witness a candidate for president, now a sitting president, that totally ignores their presence on his visits…unless it is for a photo-op. We are the military hub of the pacific…let's see what he does on this vacation in honor of the military men and woman here in the islands.

    Here is another outstanding article to Obama from a Punahou Grad. DEAR BARRY-OPEN LETTER OBAMA. Really an eye opener.

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:

    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • MaileO

    Consider his genes. Between his three parents and grandparents, his direction was tainted at birth..where ever that may have been.

    Article from Investors Business Daily..

    Election '08: Barack Obama's economic blueprint sounds like one his communist father tried to foist on Kenya 40 years ago, with massive taxes and succor shrouded as “investments.”

  • MaileO

    Here's another interesting video..The following is a compilation….difficult to determine the entire message in most cases, but the main message is obvious.

  • George Albert

    Well, first it is clear that she has more intellectual horsepower than the guy we just elected as president; you know, the guy that thought we had 57 states, that guy that still says that for markets to be competitive they need a government funded entity as a player in the market (the idiocy of this still overwhelms me), the guy that took over 3 months to make a decision on the military plan for Afghanistan and when he spoke about it sounded as if he had given it maybe 2 minutes of thought. I could go on. Really, Sarah Palin is the real deal and when she is sworn is as president in Jan 2013 more people will get it.

  • texasgalt

    >>If the economy comes back . . .<<

    Lucy, let's think about it for a moment. On the Bama's watch we've added TRILLIONS of dollars to our national debt, the Bush tax cuts will expire, we have no clue what is in store for estate taxes, there is about to be a new unfunded mandate for health care, a new tax of some sort is proposed almost daily on productive people, AND ZERO INTEREST RATES have been unable to stave off double digit unemployment.

    Let me tell you something. I own a small business (for 29 years). There is NO Freaking way I or virtually any other small business person is looking to expand or hire people while this trainwreck of an administration has us in the crosshairs. Get it??

  • goddad

    We are in complete agreement. It just amazes me about how the media did nothing to uncover Obama's past, even when it was right in front of them. Even now after seeing his advisors (czars), not even questioning the obvious Ayers, Reverend Wright, connections. You have got to believe that its more than just coincidence. What about his ACORN connections and how they tie into SEIU and all of those connections to Obama?

  • jackbelias

    She has proven to be very different than the rest so far. She doesnt seem interested in becomming a pop star for Americas progressive youth culture, in fact she seems to be defining herself with the hate filled scorn she recieves from that vile segment.

    She gets kicked in the teeth 500 times a day every day, yet she presses on as if not one blow had landed. I have nothing but respect for someone that strong, she is almost superhuman for it. No politician in American history has dealt with as much hatred.

    I would vote for her in a heartbeat simply because I can respect her as a fighter and know that she comes from a socio economic background somewhat similar to my own family. It would be a great day in America if a bunch of working class Americans got to go out and vote for one of our own people for the very first time.

    I dont agree with many of her viewpoints, I think abortion should be kept legal to keep the progressive population in check. There are too many progressives now and an end to allowing progressive females to abort will only explode their metropolitan population and culture. She is also more religious than I would like, but at least she doesnt want to cram the koran into our public schools.

    Despite my disagreements I would celebrate with joy if she won. It would be such a sharp slap in the face for every leftist in America. A president with a working class background who dared to claw her way up without become a member of a leftist victim class mob? I can see the resulting political violence now, the left would boil right over. The violence brought on by someone like her winning just might force Americans to wake up and fight for our republic. I imagine an America where we finally have a good excuse to deal with the left the same way they deal with indys and conservatives. No more talking or debate, just hands on king of the hill politics.

    I had to vote for Stewey Griffen in 2008, I plead for a living human worth voting for in 2012.

  • jackbelias

    Since when has the left supported candidates that were respectful to opposition? You think Obama, Pelosi, and Holder arent divisive? Holder obstructed justice by having the charges droped against the New Black Panthers after they armed themselves and blocked off polling centers. Now that several voters who were turned away with threats of violent death are sueing, Holder has once again steppd in and told the paramilitary democratic thugs that they can ignore the suit, he will ensure that the suit goes nowhere. Alowing armed paramilitary thugs to turn voters away if they look like they arent voting democrat is a pretty divisive thing to do.

    I dont want to vote for a limp wristed wimp who doesnt offend such scum. I want someone who makes them boil over with hatred so they will do something stupid that invokes reactionary violence. The left has to be made to learn that political violence can be returned to them, they will tone it down as soon as counterblows are made.

    Palin winning would ensure a very nasty boil over, which would be a great excuse to deal out counterattacks that would be seen as defensive. I dream of the day when the public finally deals with democratic youth movements rioting in the streets. I imagine the pure joy of reactionary political warfare against every leftist extremist paramilitary fringe. Dealing a few blows back would make the left wing militant extremists cringe and settle down, thus returning debate and reason to the process eventually.

  • jackbelias

    The death penalty works for me. Not far from my home station 10 teenagers commited a home invasion robbery simply because they had nothing to do. They found a single mother and 9 year old son in the apartment they chose. They took turns raping the mother while forcing the son to watch, then when they couldnt get it up anymore they forced the 9 year old to do sexual things with the mother while licking their sperm off of her at gunpoint. They bragged “Dont worry the most we can get is probation” when the mother started calling 911 as they were leaving. It had been claimed that one of them may have dialed for her while laughing about the legal consequences.

    Acts that evil should be instant death sentences via firing squads staffed by the victims and families. Not everything with 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth is a human being. The sociopath is born among us looking human while having no human traits at all. They exist only to force us into a nightmarish world filled with the horrors of their imaginations. The one and only thing to do with them is wipe them from the earth.

    The average home invasion is about rape, torture, and murder rather than theft. This crime is on the rise in America and is favored by street gangs and anarchist factions. Add that to carjackings, store robberies that leave clerks dead after cooperating, drive bys, and gang rapes in our public schools. Our society almost considers those actions equal to jaywalking and those who commit such vile acts know this.

    The death penalty should be made more economic and efficient. Firing squads staffed by state employees (or family of victims) wouldnt cost anywhere near as much as lethal injection. One machinegunner could even do it by himself. Hanging is also an economic approach, we might even be able to the rope more than once. Appeals should be limited to one and only one and within six months. The process should not be stopped unless for that single appeal.

    Your anti war position doesnt work. We dont mind being deployed, a few cowards ran to Canada, but the majority of us have no issue with riding the C 130. We exist for wars after all.

    The joy and glee you witnessed Palin indulging in is a very human condition. I am a hunter as well and I rarely enjoy killing a deer. I often feel very badly afterward. I discovered that killing stuff can be fun when I was tasked to shoot varments for a rancher in Montana a few years ago. They had dug a tunnel network vast enough to divert $9000.00 worth of trucked in irrigation water a full quarter mile away onto another ranchers property. His cows were stepping in their holes and breaking their legs as well, they had turned the place into the surface of the moon. I used 3 bricks of .22 that day and I admit I had a blast, even though I would like to say I didnt enjoy it.

  • jackbelias

    She did a good job with Alaskas economy, stood up to oil companies, and took a beating when the Alaska democrats took money from those oil companies. They didnt want to pay a usage fee for damage done to real property. Her deal with them was perfectly fair, but they didnt want fair, they wanted more money.

    Her track record is better than anyone elses out there so far. Compare her record to Obummer who surrounds himself with domestic terrorists, extreme racists, divisive special interests, and an AG who obstructs justice whenever he feels like it.

    The current retard in office thinks we have 57 states and bumbles when the teleprompter goes down. How well read can he be?

  • jackbelias

    I trust her alot more than I do Obama. If America knew what goes on with these contractors in Iraq under his watch you would probably have mass rioting in the streets.

    Bush used contractors when we needed them. Contractors were called in to run the chow halls, and KBR drivers were used when we didnt have enough motor vehicle operators to sustain our lines of supply.

    Now under Obama there is a strange entitlement to be an overpaid contractor in Iraq even when we dont need them. KBR sends their people over here for just under 8000.00 per month. When there isnt any work for overpaid drivers they fall into supervisor roles watching third country nationals download the trucks. We dont have enough work for all of them but yet still more and more come here. This while constantly mobilizing enough military operators to do all of the work. Military personel are now many times taken out of their trucks and told to help KBR watch the third country nationals download. This so we can make more work for more contractors. We do that same job for under 3000.00 per month, yet we are the first ones to be kicked out of our trucks.

    I spend most of my work shift playing computer games and watching movies. Your tax dollars pay civilians more than me to do my job. I just sit here and make ok money.

    Most of us want to go to Afghanistan, there is still a war on over there. So far our FOBs remain full of bored troops hoping and preying for a change of adress. Obumble paid lip service to the idea, then decided on mobilizing more troops from home. This was the most expensive option, and will leave the military with the most inexperienced personel. Most of those headed there now are fresh out of school and honestly think what they did in training goes in a warzone. We dont do anything like we do in training when we leave the wire.

  • truthteller

    Actually it would be hilarious to have Sarah Palin for President. Probably most of you hadn't even HEARD of Palin before McCain gave her the call. As president she could spend all her time whining about the media, a hostile Congress, and continue her ungrateful diatribes against McCain. At least her advisors could spend a week teaching her that Africa is not a country. Snap!

  • glennd1

    So your approach to sound argumentation is to call Obama a retard? I hope you know that anything else you say is ignored once you resort to such schoolyard nonsense. It's exactly the kind of thing I expect from a rabid Palin supporter though.

    As for your point that her governorship of Alaska qualifies her for president, I'm sure she did a fine job up there, but Alaska of all states is quite anomalous. Residents of Alaska receive checks from their government every year, which fundamentally alters the relationship between govt and it's citizenry. As well, you seem to assume that our choices are Obama or Palin – she hasn't won the primary yet, and I don't think she will when it comes down to it. There are plenty of conservatives with strong intellect and an interest in foreign policy that could run against Obama very well. I also don't think you are taking into account Palin's high negatives. In this regard, she's quite like Hilary Clinton actually, with a small but very strong base of supporters, opposed by a large base of people who hate her. I'm not a hater, but based on what she's shown me to date there is no way I could vote for her for president.

  • Stuart_from_Austin

    The GOP has a charisma deficit, and Sarah Palin has charisma, undeniably. It's not enough, though. When is Thomas Sowell going to run for president?

  • joe

    “But puhlease! She has nowhere near the intellectual horsepower I want to see in a presidential candidate.”

    Yeah, where were you when we got the crypto-muslim>maoist with no college transcript, and no job history except doling out annenbergs' millions with Ayers to “teacher” groups / marxist fronts.

    Anything you don't understand when Sara Palin speaks is more due to your tin ear and your partiality to elitist jerks from both parties who have destroyed our country.

    Excuse my while I line my bird cage with your “seminar caller” comments. You can go back and pick up your check from HuffHo or Soros or McPain, or whatever hole you climbed out of.

  • joe

    “He has a law degree and specialized in conlaw.”

    And published NOTHING on the law review. His take on the Constitution is that is flawed because it doesn't redistribute wealth.

    His “expertise:” in conlaw should be called “CONNING THE LAW” – Obummuh was one of the attorneys pushing legal action and boycotts on banks to force then into NINJA AND LIAR loans that helped to precipitate the mortgage crises- the fact that his FRIENDS at Goldman et al made billions of the CDS and helped bankrupt the country should show us all what a wizard he is.

    Either YOU are too stupid to have missed the above and how it led to what he was saying all those years, or you are part of his game to con the public.

    Like him, are you a moron, or a traitor?

    “He was a US Senator. ” He got in because some “rat judge opened a confidential divorce decree. Love to see yours.

    “He served on the state level before that.”

    Community organizer who got on the Rezko payroll.

    ” He wrote his own books” REALLY? DID YOU READ THEM? They are a plan for destroying America.

    Palin's not perfect but she makes obama look like 4 years of diarrhea.

    Give us a break man, the guy CAN'T EVEN GIVE A SPEECH WITHOUT HIS TELEPROMPTER, and you complain about her folksy speech patterns?

    Do you get paid to kiss Ø's ass on these blogs or do you do it to while away the hours while colelcting unemployment checks from the company driven out of business by Geithner Bernanke and Company?

  • trickyblain

    Yes, I'm banking unemployment and Obama is a communist and the Constitution
    is your bible although you can hardly compose a sentence, let alone read the
    Federalist. Save it. I've come across enough uncreative, unthinking ravers
    on this site — your blathering is so incredibly stale.

    I do love the “teleprompter” rantings, though. You're too dense to realize
    that Hannity is reading a teleprompter script while telling you about Obama
    using one. And, of course, every president since Truman has used them in
    just about every speech. Even Palin, the Retardican Messiah, doesn't leave
    home without one.

  • glennd1

    Wow, so off the mark, it's stunning. I'm a libertarian and no fan of Obama, although I will readily admit that he is intelligent. As for being a “seminar caller” perhaps it's you who is a bit brainwashed. Why don't you turn off Rush, Beck and Hannity for a few days and see if an original thought actually occurs to you? If so, let's hope it doesn't die of loneliness.

  • xyz

    What Sarah Palin has got you can't learn in any college and that is common sense which turns out to be rather rare these days. What she did for Alaska in her short tenure would be a cure for America's ills if she were allowed to do it. She studies the issues in depth as they come before her. No one can be expected to know all the answers ahead of time and I believe the best way to tackle issues is exactly what she does. Anyone who struts in and wants you to believe they don't have to study anything because they already know it is a dangerous person with an agenda. Palin's agenda is America's best interests. She has basic decency which I can't say I've seen in any of the people who are running things now. Obama 's credentials will never make up for a completely corrupt sense of what human beings are or need. For all these people who think it is the government's job to take care of them, grow up. Mommy and Daddy should have raised you to know how to take care of yourself, manage your money wisely, plan for your future, know how to put off the desire for immediate satisfaction for a better life tomorrow. That so many people would vote for this type of government really concerns me. It tells me that the American people have lost their way. I see people having children who have no clue how they are going to provide for them and so then turn to the government because they are so needy and they believe it is everyone else's obligation to provide for their children. I see people who think they have a right to go to college and that everyone else should pay for them to go to college. In other words they feel no sense of self empowerment or self responsibility.
    I am behind Sarah Palin because she is self empowered, self educated, decent, unselfish, moral, and has common sense.
    We have clueless parents raising clueless children who have elected a clueless government whose best interest is in keeping everyone clueless. You think our government cares about you? They care about votes that keep them in power. For all of the people who have their hand out wanting everyone else to get them where they want to go this government is a dream come true except it will never come true. The old saying; if it looks to good to be true then guess what. Socialism brings everyone down so that everyone is miserable. The automobile companies in America are not failing because they built such lousy cars. They are failing because they have been turned into socialist companies by the unions. They give their workers pensions and medical for life not to mention pretty good pay for just out of high school get a job types. We are competing against foreign companies whose workers don't have it so good. Socialism destroys everything in its path. It takes initiative away from people. For example, why should I work so hard if all of the people around me are living as well as I do but off my dollar. I might as well sit back and join the takers. Pretty soon everyone will start to think and feel that way because it doesn't make sense to work so hard so the do nothings can have my living standard.
    Sarah Palin will inject some badly needed reality back into this nation.

  • don Carlson

    It is important to note that Ms. Palin has been dismissed and belittled by some of the lady columnists of the right, also, and for similar reasons of pseudo-intellectual arrogance.

  • jackbelias

    I call him a retard because any rural working class kid in the second grade could have correctly asserted that the US has 50 states, not 57. The media took it easy on Obumble because they knew he was a bit slow, the republicans on the other hand were treated to tough questions and held to high standards.

    Thinking we have 57 states doesnt make the gutless wonder smart, if Palin had gotten that question wrong you would be using it as proof that she might be stupid.

    Palin is hated because she comes from a rural working class background. Most Americans think such people inbred, dumb, and overall inferior. I too come from her sort of background and would be happy to vote for one of my own people regardless of my disagreements with many of her policies. Obumbles “smart” and clearly “superior” supporters thought Palin was his VPa month after the election and only voted for him because they wanted to be part of history in making the first black president. America didnt care about any issues or foreign policy. My wanting one of my own people in office is no worse than than the rest of America wanting to reserve the office for their own.

    I think the result of her election would be widespread political violence, mostly from the democratic youth movement. Such political violence might force the rest of America to learn to fight back. Lets face it, political violence and hate filled rhetoric gets more done than debating and rationalizing. The democratic party came into power by sowing the seeds of division and hatred. It is clear that anyone else seeking power must do the same in order to stand a chance. Palin doesnt intend for this of course, but it would be the end result regardless.

    My only interest is getting the republic back, unlike you I dont belong to parties. My agenda is nationalist and I would only vote for someone who could serve that agenda, willingly or not.

  • glennd1

    Let me summarize your argument and hopefully you will see how whacked it is.
    1. Obama is “retarded” because of a misstatement – All politicians have gaffes. My assessment that Obama is intelligent is based on lots of examples, not just one. I've never said he was “clearly superior”, and I don't think he is. I didn't vote for him. However, once McCain picked Palin, I felt I couldn't vote for him either.
    2. Palin is “hated” because of her working class background – First off, I don't hate her, I actually like her, but I don't think she has what it takes to be POTUS. You argue with me as though I'm a Progressive, hate filled leftie, and I am not. Also, I come from the same background so you are wrong on all fronts.
    3.You want Palin because she's 'one of your own' just like blacks voted for Obama based on wanting one of their own. – Well, you have completely invalidated any rational argument you try to make because you make your decisions based on identity versus principle. When you do this, you are no better than Obama's rabid cultists, who worship him based on his identity.
    4. You call for “political violence” – You think that this is the best path forward? Sinking to that ignorant level, appealing to people's basest instincts and dumbing down everything is the way to go? Well, you are the poster boy for right-wing fundamentalists then.
    5. Your interest is “getting the republic back” – For what? Do you really think that the conservatives have good policies? Would you really like a replay of GW Bush? They were killing our country too, just in different ways.
    6. You are a nationalist – The founders of our country would find you repugnant. They cast aside their nationalist loyalties, and relied on principle, not jingoism. I'm a Libertarian, the only party that actually relies on principle and our constitution to form our policies. I won't stay in a party and root for it like a baseball team – our freedom is far too important for that.

    You seem like a well intentioned person who would actually agree with many of the principles the Libertarians stand for, but you are giving your support to folks who will destroy this country. So many good conservatives have been hoodwinked by the politics of Conservatives/Republicans, I hope you aren't one of them.

  • Kryteon

    The fact this topic is getting so many comments should tell you something.

    After reading her book, I find her a breath of fresh air.

    Whatever happened to the concept of a “citizen legislator”? The Ivy League lawyers now running the country have served us poorly.


  • TalkinHorse

    As a conservative, I can't dismiss glennd1's negative comments about Palin. Sure, I'd vote for her over Obama. Her heart's in the right place, and I'd trust her general instincts over Obama's well-reasoned arguments that lead to destructive and even suicidal results. So Palin is “better”…but that's not saying much. Does she have the gravitas to be “good”? Yeah, I'd like to hear a bit of that wonk-iness from either her or (if/when she assembles a team) her close advisers. Remember how Obama got some confidence by bringing supposedly-mainstream people onto his team — although after he got elected, his czars ended up looking more like Communist ideologues than commonsense Americans. So I like the image of Palin, but I really want to know there's depth beyond the platitudes.

    Also, Palin has the serious problem that, rightly or wrongly, a substantial portion of the voting public strongly dislikes her. It's hard to get to office with that kind of a negative factor, no matter how right you are.

    Okay, if not Palin, then who? I don't know!

  • Nash

    She comes from the very fabric of America. These are the people that hold America together and make it uniquely American. When I went to Europe with my white tennis shoes to admire the Eiffel Tower, I went with those same white tennis shoe wearing Americans who got there by working hard, saving for years and made no apologies for wanting to see the world in white tennies. I didn't go there on a gap year break to find myself. I didn't get to go there on scholarship. I wasn't an exchange student. It wasn't a honeymoon trip. I went there after working for years and saving my own money just because I wanted to see Europe. I knew they were hostile to me, my values, my white tennis shoes, my lack of sophistication (they weren't so hostile to my tourist dollars). But I paid for that trip with hard work and deferred dreams. I got there later than I would have liked, but there I was. So, I don't apologize for being a populist, white tennis shoe wearing, loud (enthusiastic) American just wanting to see the storied places I had so long read about my entire life. I went there as an average American, representing the dream of America – work hard, save well, see the world on your own terms. That is pretty much a populist. We work hard, save our money, pay our way, and hope to see you at the Eiffel Tower as well!