Why He Shouted “Allahu Akbar” – by Jamie Glazov


Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is the author of nine books on Islam and Jihad, a weekly columnist for Human Events and Frontpagemag.com, and has led numerous seminars for the U.S. military and intelligence communities. He is the author of the new book, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.

FP: Robert Spencer, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

What do we now know about the Fort Hood shooting and what conclusions can we make?

Spencer: Jamie, we now know from the testimony of various eyewitnesses that this act was carefully planned. Nidal Malik Hasan some time ago told his landlord he would not be renewing the lease on his apartment. He gave away his furniture along with copies of the Qur’an on the morning of the day he committed mass murder. This indicates that he thought he was going to die – in other words, that he was planning a suicide attack. As he began firing, he shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

We also know that he was disciplined for proselytizing for Islam during his stint at the Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences. Law enforcement officials flagged Internet postings written by a man named “Nidal Hasan” and he was praising suicide attacks, but they couldn’t be sure that he was the man who had written them. Still, it was in character: one of his colleagues recalled that he had said that Muslims must rise up against the U.S. military, and had spoken approvingly of Sgt. Hasan Akbar, a Muslim soldier in the U.S. military who lobbed a grenade at American troops, killing two, several years ago.

And we know that during a lecture he was supposed to be giving on a medical topic, he instead preached Islam, warning the assembled unbelievers of hellfire in such lurid Koranic terms that some left the hall wondering if he might end up shooting someone someday.

FP: Why does the media and liberal-Left so reflexively deny and ignore these conclusions?

Spencer: They reflexively deny and ignore these conclusions because they are completely sold out to the idea that Muslims, as non-white, non-Christian, non-Westerners, cannot possibly be anything but victims. (The facts that there are white Muslims, and that the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism are not racial issues, but constitute an ideological and societal challenge, are completely lost on them. Likewise the non-white victims of the jihad matter nothing to them.) We can see from the avalanche of “backlash” stories in the mainstream media – even in the absence of any actual backlash – that it is simply impossible for these people to conceive of a paradigm in which Muslims can perpetrate any kind of evil at all. In the lenses through which they view the world, only white Judeo-Christian Westerners can do anything wrong.

FP: What does this massacre, and the media response, indicate about what is coming down the line for our country?

Spencer: The more we remain in denial about how these things happen, and from what wellsprings they come, the more we will see of attacks like this. Why? Because nothing is being done to prevent them. Instead of the endless stories about backlash that we are seeing, we should be seeing stories about authorities calling the American Muslim community to account. We should be seeing stories about authorities demanding transparent, inspectable programs in American mosques and Islamic schools, teaching against the Islamic doctrines that inspired Nidal Hasan. This is not a religious freedom issue – these are political doctrines with a lethal edge, as Nidal Hasan illustrated. It is an entirely Constitutional matter of self-protection to move to restrict it.

But that won’t happen. Political correctness has the media and government in a stranglehold. That will only ensure that nothing will be done to address this problem at its root, and we will see many more Nidal Hasans.

FP: Robert Spencer, thank you for joining us.


[To get the whole story on why the liberal media and the Left deny the true nature of Islamic jihad, read Jamie Glazov’s new book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.]

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  • http://bmartin01.blogspot.com Bob Martin

    Please take note of this essay by Stuart A. Green:

    Also, Richard Landes provides ongoing analysis of distorted MSNM reporting:

    From Sderot, Israel
    Chazak v'Amatz

  • 301

    Here is a report where our Homeland Security Horseass is on the job:
    “Janet Napolitano says her agency is working with groups across the United States to try to deflect any backlash against American Muslims following Thursday's rampage by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim who reportedly expressed growing dismay over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Backlash? What a bunch of garbage. Looks like the Obama regime is looking to use this as another attempt to label folks as 'right-wing extremists'. Backlash is what goes on in Egypt and Iraq and Pakistan and Denmark when a rumor gets started in the Muslim community and they go berserk. This does not happen in the USA and Napolitano and Obama know this but, like any perceived crisis they will not let it go waste.

  • georgealbert

    ABC News reports this morning that US intelligence agencies have known that Hasan was trying to connect up with al-qaeda for several months now.

    So the idea that this is anything but a Jihadist is just wishful thinking by the leftist press and unfortunately, some in the Army, the Whitehouse and the Congress


  • suegafford

    Why isn't this considered hate speech, & a hate crime?

  • riverfred

    Somebody tell these nut cases they ran out of virgins in paradise. How anyone can believe that Mohammed, a moral degenerate and whose many so called revelations as God's messenger were strictly self serving was a prophet is hard to understand.
    Just read any of the books on Mohammed's life and any sane person would agree that this guy was an impostar. An easy book to read and one of my favorites is:
    The Life and Religion of Mohammed by J. L. Menezes. In the last chapter this book takes all the reasons believers give as to why Mohammed was a prophet and debunks each reason intelligently.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    What is the connection between the release of the Torture Memos in April, the Virginia Tech massacre of two years ago and Nidal Hasan's jihadist rampage?

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read my piece: “The Torture Memos, Virginia Tech and the Ft. Hood Massacre” for the answer.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    What is the connection between the release of the Torture Memos in April, the Virginia Tech massacre of two years ago and Nidal Hasan's jihadist rampage?

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read my piece: “The Torture Memos, Virginia Tech and the Ft. Hood Massacre” for the answer..

  • Teleologicus

    Political correctness is a cultural neurosis widespread in the bien-pensant, who believe it their duty to impose their illness on everyone else. Guilt and shame over one's political and socio-cultural feelings have been substituted for sexual inhibitions. One is now free of sexual inhibitions but burdened by incorrect, i.e. guilty thinking and feeling in regard to sociocultural affairs. Political correctness is much more than a speech code or censorship of free expression, though it is certainly that. Political correctness is a true neurosis of the self, an interior conflict that causes one to condemn himself as well as others for certain “incorrect” thoughts and feelings. The Establishment constantly reinforces such self-criticism with its guilt and shame. This of course amounts to telling people how they should think and feel, what they should say, how they should act. Since the academy itself is stultified by political correctness there is little chance we will learn about its roots, nature and remedies from that direction. All sorts of things go into PC, which could even be regarded as a religious movement having much in common with Christianity. Compassion, sympathy for the underdog, non-judgmentalism, willingness to go the extra mile and turn the other cheek, love for others and many such strands seem to be present – along, of course, with the obvious demagoguery and will to power as well as sheer rascality and moral obtuseness regularly found. It is telling that the Establishment immediately preaches the diversity and no backlash mantras of PC in response to the Fort Hood murders. Those who preach PC experience guilt over their feelings and thoughts, seek to hide their own impulses and do so in part by lording it over others and attempting to make them feel guilty and ashamed of themselves for any feelings or thoughts of suspicion, fear, doubt or vengeance they could have towards Muslims. PC is actually more for the benefit of the preachers of PC than those they preach to, for it is by preaching and denouncing sin in others that they manage to keep the devil at bay within themselves. The remarkable obsession of liberals with racism, for example, shows that they are struggling with their own feelings and thoughts that are unacceptable to them, hence disowned and projected onto others where they can be more comfortably and conveniently combated than in their own hearts.

  • USMCSniper

    I bet he doesn't get the death penalty because the “psychiatrists” and “psychologists” will want to study him, so they will say.

    I would court-martial him and place him before a firing squad and shoot him at dawn(believe me you would have a mob scene for volunteers) and send a bill to his mosque for the bullet. Oh we are tolerant though,… he should get one last prayer to Allah to request his 72 virgins be waiting for him after his death.

  • Carterthewriter

    Jamie, to answer the question heading your article; “He called upon the virgins to await his arrival not knowing they are part of a fairytale similar to the one about Jack & Jill going up a hill to fetch a pail of water. A slight variation to that one could bring forth a lot of mountain climbers.

  • LindaRivera

    The Administration may seize this as their opportunity to take away civil rights from law-abiding citizens, instead of going after Muslim terrorists. As we found out recently, the Administration does not consider Muslim terrorists as being the enemy. The ones considered enemies are loyal, law abiding Americans – returning military, tea party attendees, pro-lifers, etc. These twisted beliefs make it a piece of cake for Muslim terror attacks to be carried out in this country.

  • LindaRivera

    Historian Will Durant:
    “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”

    In the the last 1400 years, Islam killed 270 million people: 120 million Africans, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus and 10 million Buddhists.

    And G-D said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground.” Genesis 4:10

    Palestinian Authority Muslims Celebrate Murder of 3,000 Innocents 9/11

    Flash Video-What the West needs to know about jihad: Jihad's Goal is “Death to America”

  • LindaRivera

    U.S. Airport Security DELIBERATELY and Shockingly Destroyed for Islam:

    Controversial Muslim group
    gets VIP airport security tour
    Feds show CAIR latest screening steps,
    sensitive counterterrorism procedures
    August 18, 2006

    The Department of Homeland Security
    took a Muslim group with known past ties to terror organizations on a VIP tour of security operations at the nation's busiest airport at the same time British authorities were working to break up a plot to blow up U.S. airlines.

    On June 21, a senior DHS official from Washington personally guided Muslim officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations on a behind-the-scenes tour of Customs screening operations at O'Hare International Airport in response to CAIR complaints that Muslim travelers were being unfairly delayed as they entered the U.S. from abroad.

    CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counterterrorism chiefs as a “front group” for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

    Several CAIR leaders have been convicted on terror-related charges.

    During the airport tour, CAIR was taken on a walk through the point-of-entry, Customs stations, secondary screening and interview rooms. In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were asked to describe for CAIR representatives various features of the high-risk passenger lookout system.

  • daviddastych

    A PROPER WATCH AND SCREENING BADLY NEEDED. The case of Major Nidal Malik Hasan shows that abnormal behavior of military officers, like him, call no attention or very little attention of the superiors and security personnel. WE might have an example of a “deeply embedded” hatred of a Muslim U.S. officer to his country and people. Whatever were the true motivations of this man, the outcome of his hidden hatred was terrible and morally disgusting.
    It's true that in every army there might be “nuts” and other people, who might nourish an urge to kill. But while we are in a war against jihadism and Islamist terrorism, recruiting of Moslems, especially non-citizens, motivated by lack of able linguists or people with knowledge of other cultures, should be made very carefully. There have been some devastating results of such recruiting in the U.S. intelligence and th FBI. But the Army is a much larger structure and it should pay more attention to whom the military accept into its ranks and file.

  • GratefulAl

    Mr. Spenser states Jamie, we now know from the testimony of various eyewitnesses that this act was carefully planned. . .

    We also know from surveillance video (obtained by CNN) in a local 7-11 – owned by a Muslim – and visited quite often by the major that he usually showed up for his morning coffee and a chat in 'fatigues or casual wear.'

    The morning of the terrorist attack, he is seen in full formal white Muslim garb.

    Israeli's have for years profiled terrorists because of their preparations for suicide attacks. For example, their hair is trimmed neatly, they have had ritualistic bathing, and are 'perfumed'.

    At about 6 AM or so, this was not an Army major, he was a 'sacrificial' Muslim on a mission and this is video proof!

  • nene790

    According to neighbors, Hasan handed round Qurans and his furniture that morning and had taken to wearing "Arab clothing" in recent weeks.Retired Army Col. Terry Lee, who had worked with the major, told reporters that Hasan had hoped President Barack Obama would pull the army out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Lee said he often got into arguments with soldiers who supported the wars and had tried hard to get his pending deployment cancelled. cheap meds online

  • Dazey

    Well I see the morons are out in force. The haters like ol' bob are having a field day. Big gun. Not sure how you all get away with the lies, but whatever, the only people who believe you are of that same personality disorder.

  • EPatrickMosman

    Our PC leaders hide Islamic terrorism while dithering and offering excuses for the perpetrator. Had Major Hasan walked into the hall with a suicide explosive filled vest on and committed suicide while taking 13 lives and injuring 30 while hollering 'Allah Akbar', or similar, some would still be searching for motives.
    Political correctness when it comes to Muslims or Islam is the order of the day. Another prior example among many:
    On October 31, 1999 the reserve pilot of Egypt Air Flight 990 from Los Angeles to Cairo via New York saying “Tawakkalt ala Allah,” translated as “I rely on God.” more than 10 times as he deliberately put the plane into a vertical dive, fighting the Captain who had returned to the cockpit for control and shut off the engines to insure that the plane could not be brought out of its death dive. More than 200 people , including many Americans died. A political correct investigation and the official report by the NTSB called it a suicide but did not call it an Islamic terrorist act. The Egyptian official report blamed the plane not the pilot.
    The Crash of Egypt Air 990
    Any Islamic mullah can issue a Fatwa, an Islamic license to kill, on anyone for any perceived slight of Islam, the Prophet or whatever reason he thinks justifies a death sentence. In the real world, issuing an order to or soliciting for someone to kill another person is a criminal offense and subject to arrest and trial but political correctness allows Muslim clerics to order killings without fear of punishment and the Western world cringes at the idea that a fatwa might be issued for an author, publisher, movie director, actor, historian, or even a University, Yale is the most recent example, et al, and so practices self-censorship and political correctness.
    Until the first arrest order is issued for a mullah who declares a fatwa against anyone for any reason, the rest of the world is under the control of radical Islam.

  • tarleton

    Hasan expexted to wake up in heaven with 72 virgins….he's in for a rude awakening.
    Anymoment now he's going to be painfuly aware that he's not in heaven but hell….he must have a helluva headace and be facing murder charges

  • tarleton

    Linda ..I've been reading your comments recently and it's clear to me that you are a Serb and have therefore convinced yourself of the correctness of the Serb rampages thro Bosnia in the 90's and are using these latest moslem outrages to confirm your position
    Ironically ..the moslems in Bosnia were probably the best example of a kind of westernized , tolerant version of Islam…it's a pity the so called Christians of Serbia were not quite as tolerant…..those murderous Serbs went on a gruesome rampage in kosovo too….what happened in the 90's in Yugoslavia is typical of the Eurotrash mentality……the fascists are never far below the surface

  • tarleton

    It seems pointless to wait for an Islamic Martin Luther to reform Islam, as it seems that the only hope for Islam will be for another secular Kemal Ataturk to try and drag this medievel religion into the modern world
    If Islam has a future , then modern Turkey must be the blueprint and historical template…while been no shining example of democracy it's the best example we have yet
    We seem to be in a race between reformed Islam and nuclear armed Islam…the ulimate suicide bomb will be a nuclear weapon …if they go that route and destroy a western city , then unfortunatley, Islam will be reformed in a very bloody way

  • arishsahani

    ISlam 1400 yrs of history is so clear to human race what it has done to distroy cultures languages and way of life. When our intellectuals ,historian will wake up to stop this. Before this era no one knew what is happening in next door .But today technology is telling us all the truth about islam.Islam don't accept you ,isalm hate us and will like to be kiilled. Why we are training them why we are aiding them with food why we are bringing them in our society they want to distroy. Can't our politican see this what I see as a common man. I have suffered and my forfathers when we were thrown out of pakistan so were other millions. When population of Hindus reduced to 1 % from 25 % in pakistan inlast 60 yrs don;'t wake up west and UNited nation looks like we are dealing with blind and dumb leaders.

  • tarleton

    Prof TELEOLOGICUS ……I presume ?… we meet again, but this time without the overbaring moderators of A T ….this is a truly free forum for adults…THANK YOU ,DAVID HOROWITZ
    You may perhaps remember your history of the Revolutionry War and a certain Banastre Tarleton , who , with Lord Kitchener are my two favorite swashbuckling Englishmen.!!
    I always take time to carefully read your postings at AT , but it's sometimes difficult to reply honestly , due to the sometimes petty and juvenile moderators….oh well ,this is like a breath of fresh air here ….true freedom of speech
    I enjoy the cut and thrust of intellectual debate , no holds barred and enjoy rampaging across this forum like Benny Tarleton in the waxsaws of South Carolina ….tally ho !!!

  • kansas

    “Janet Napolitano says her agency is working with groups across the United States to try to deflect any backlash against American Muslims following Thursday's rampage by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim

    Since there never has been a backlash that's one thing that will be successful. How about deflecting more murders by Muslims? That too much to ask?

  • http://twitter.com/HereticsCrusade Heretic Crusader

    The stunning extent of this insanity is shown by Robert Spencer over at http://www.JihadWatch.org :
    He posted a video from 2007 spoofing the PC attitude toward Muslim terroists. The scary part is how little needed to be made up!!!

    PC seemed stupid in the 80's, why didn't it go the way of disco? Probably because disco was not sponsored by whining Marxists.

  • WFB2

    My own view is that the political left is 80% neurotics (guilt complexes, Oedipal rage, misandrists), messianists, and narcissists in varying combinations. The psychiatric profession should undertake a massive study into this sick world. It won't because 95% of that profession are lefties. Soros, Obama and Pelosi should be on meds in a padded room.

  • coyote3

    Wow, you certainly don't think much of yourself, do you, boy? Personally, my favorite was the partriot, Juan Seguin.

  • CardioKid


    Can you believe that this guy is loved by half the IDIOT'S of this country as our President/Great Leader. 52% in the polls still believe that his policies are OK.

    It will not be necessary to check if this is valid. These are Obama's own words on video!

    If this doesn't frost your butt, nothing will. No wonder he has never chosen a church to attend in Washington D.C. He probably goes in secret, or has a mosque in the white house.

    Please click on the blue strip below to hear these shocking words by the president.

    If you have doubts this may change your mind.


  • LenPowder

    “The Life and Religion of Mohammed” by J.L. Menezes is a book that pulls the burka from the 'Prophet' and exposes him to the light of day. Anyone who reads it will never call this imposter a Prophet again. Here is a quote from the book: “In all these atrociously impious actions one can judge whether Mahommed was subject to God, OR, whether Mahommed made God subject to His prophet's desires, allowing him to do anything he liked and granting to everything His approbation.” GOD WAS MOHAMMED'S SERVANT, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Read the book!

  • lee berkson

    News Flash: From WLS, 890 AM, @8:48 a.m.–11/09/09

    Janet Napolitano, another dubious obama Cabinet choice as secy of Homeland Security, is in saudi arabia. And despite islamic fundamentalist murderer nidal malik hasan's Fort Hood massacre last Thursday, already napolitano has apologized to the saudi's for any American anti-muslim sentiment stemming from hasan's rampage–murdering 13 and wounding at least 30 more.

    Hasan: Terrorist, or not? Fort Hood massacre: terrorist attack, or not? obama's answer? Surely “NOT” to both questions, reflected in his press conference nearly 24 hours later when he again cautioned “against jumping to conclusions before discovery of all the facts.”
    Perhaps you recall during the early stages of obama's presidential campaign, revelation of obama's 20+year relationship as church member in reverend jeremiah wright's church. The very same wright who celebrated the 9/11/01 islamic fundamentalist hijacking of four planes and murdering more than 3,000 innocent men, women and children; and the very same wright from whose pulpit spewed ongoing sermons of hate. Despite these incontrovertible facts, the following are also facts:

    1. obama declared reverend jeremiah wright his “spiritual mentor;” and his “moral compass,” as noted by the Chicago Tribune.

    2. obama credited wright for getting him into politics;

    3. obama credited wright with coining the phrase “audacity of hope,” which obama used for the title of his book.

    4. And from his book, The Audacity of Hope, obama declared: “I will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    Any dots to connect above regarding obama and hasan; and, of course, napolitano's apology to the saudi's?

  • http://www.compellingconversations.com Eric the sceptic

    Painfully plausible account of the mainstream media's coverage – and the Obama administration's refusal to acknowledge the ideological roots of our conflict with Islamic jihadists.

    Naturally, I hope that Spencer is wrong about the depth of blindness among the ruling American elite. We place ourselves at a tremedous disadvantage if we are unwilling to even be honest about who is attacking us and why. It's time for some candid discussions about our hopes for a better, saner, and more tolerant world – and why Sharia has no place in the 21st century western democracies.

    Or so it seems to me.

  • Dee

    Thank you Janie and Robert- when are you going to be on television again ? It is just at a time like this that the public needs to hear someone like either of you help them sort out what to believe and understand what to think .
    Some people habitualy watch leftist channels and those news and talk show figures always act like they have just GOT to protect Muslims. As far as they are concerned there is no such thing as a really bad Muslim–only those who are misunderstood .

  • LindaRivera

    One and a Half Million Armenian Christians Died from Turkey's Genocide 1915-1923.

    There were an estimated two million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire on the eve of W.W.I. Well over a million were deported in 1915. Hundreds of thousands were butchered outright. Many others died of starvation, exhaustion, and epidemics which ravaged the concentration camps

  • stefcho

    For an administration so concerned with not offending anyone, perhaps our leftard politicians and media could explain why organizations like 'Revolution Islam' are allowed to openly celebrate the religious murder (by a craven Islamic coward) of 13 brave American soldiers – surely even Obama should find THIS offensive; for it is surely offensive to the families of those injured and killed.

    The Obama administrtion constantly chastizes us for 'jumping to conclusions' about Islamic jihadists or inadvertantly insulting Muslims. What about American citizens who are forced to listen to Muslims openly praising a terrorist attack on their own soil as an 'act of god's will' ? This is what is offensive and divisive – not to Muslims, but to their victims and to real (meaning loyal to America first) American citizens.

    Isn't Obama worried that open celebration of terrorist attacks in American cities “might cause offence”? Isn't allowing Muslims and Muslim organizations to celebrate this act of terrorist cowardice more likely to incite the 'Muslim backlash' the left-stream media is so keen on drawing our attention to.

    Americans, not Muslims, are should be (and are) offended – by Islam, by the leftard media and by the minority obsessed Obama administration.

  • Caravaggio

    We could only package all the garbage that proceeds from the mouths of idiots regarding “the religion of peace”, we could produce enough energy to free us from oil dependency forever.Just remember, Allah's Apostle said, ” I have been made victorious with terror.” See Hadith, V4B52N220, by al-Bukhari. Then we have verse 33:21 from the noble, glorious, holy Koran which says,”You have in Muhammad, the messenger of Allah A BEAUTIFUL PATTERN OF CONDUCT FOR ANYONE TO FOLLOW.” Put these two together, and you have massacres, death and destruction. Welcomer to the cult of death.

  • tarleton

    Sorry …but your numbers are exagerated , half a million sounds about right..a horrible ,medievel-like crime none the less and the movie ARRARAT details these events well
    On a much smaller scale , but evil, non the less , was the gruesome killing of defenseless moslem CITIZENS at SEBRINICA….any musings about that Linda

  • http://www.facebook.com/leon.pannkuk Leon Pannkuk

    Brilliant analysis by Robert Spencer. According to the Politically Correct myth, all evil eminates from Western White Christians and Jews. All other human beings are only responding in self defense. Spencer cuts to the heart of the problem in two paragraphs.

    Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Matthew 5: 11.

  • Steven Goldstein

    I think Spencer is wrong about the motivations of the Left: We on the left are concerned about the following:

    1. We don't want to see a backlash of hate crimes against innocent people with arabic names or Islamic beliefs, or who just happen to look arabic. (Like me: 1/2 black, 1/2 jewish, Agnostic, I look like I just walked out of Kandehar and there is nothing I can do about it.)

    2. We don't believe that anyone should be treated differently because of their religion, rather because of their actions.

    3. If you look in the news, there were a bunch of Caucasian American muslims who were arrested for a Jihadist plot in Virgina a while back. If the focus is on people who look like they might be Muslims, then this creates a great opportunity for Caucasian American Muslims with Jihadist ideology to commit terrorist acts because they will be overlooked.

    The real issue here is that the creation of DHS seems to have not fixed the problem of the various security agencies (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA) failing to share information. That is why this Fort Hood attack was allowed to happen.

  • Jake in Jerusalem

    Allahu Akbar does NOT mean god is great. Correctly translated it means “Allah is Supreme” or Allah is the greatest or Allah is greater. The idea of Allahu Akbar is that Allah is stronger than any other god. This is why it is commonly cried out when slaughtering infidels. By killing the infidel, they demonstrate that other gods cannot save the poor infidel victim whose throat is being slit, other gods cannot stand before the power of Allah because Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest of gods. This is the correct understanding of Allahu Akbar, as Islam and Muslims use it.

    In a simple Google search for Allahu Akbar, the first two pages show a bunch of CORRECT definitions for this phrase. When the MSM ignores the true translation and imparts their own misleading definition, they try to lull everyone into complacency. This is not some innocent relgious chant – it is a war cry, the call of the supremacists of Islam. Wake up…

  • OneTooMuch

    Jake you are wrong about Alahhu Akbar

    It does mean God is Greater, as in greater than me who is about to kill someone for a righteous cause (and may He forgive me for doing this), to kill this animal that has been given by God for me, to kill this mosquito that is bothering me despite the fact that God gave it its existence, or for that person over there in extreme danger (ie God help him). This expression is like the American Indians who invoked the Great Spriit in everything they did because the Great Spirit was the ultimate Cause, Possessor and Judge of all that we would do. Muslims do the same thing, in order to recognize utter lowliness before God even as they have to do terrible things from time to time, like kill to defend themselves.

    What extremists do in the name of whoever is up to their own crazy minds (which is why they kill duhh), but the fact that they use Islamic verbage while committing crimes does not mean anything for that religion, neither does Paul Tibbet's weating of the cross around his neck blame Christianity for the Hiroshima Act of Insanity.

    To say it means that your lesser god is not as great as my Greater God and therefore you cannot be protected and therefore you must die at my hand is outright false.

  • Jake in Jerusalem

    That's OK. You can go ahead and believe that Allahu Akbar merely means that the Muslim terrorist screaming it is the slave of Allah and wouldn't kill a fly… even if they are beheading some infidel for the Greater Glory of Allah the Merciful. The rest of us, though, have to face realities.

    Allahu Akbar is a war-cry by supremacist Muslims, who are deeply intolerant of all other religions, because, well, Allah is superior (in their view).

    Until Islam becomes tolerant of others, there will be no peace in the Middle East. Increasingly, it looks like there might not be peace anywhere else, either.