Would Larry David Urinate on the Koran? – by Jamie Glazov


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In a recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Larry David accidentally urinates on a picture of Jesus while he is a guest in someone else’s home. This, in turn, leads to a misunderstanding in which the homeowners think they have a miraculously weeping Jesus.

Some Christians are understandably upset.

Just some thoughts on what this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has revealed:

Are producers of this show, or Larry David, or anyone else connected to it fearing for their lives right now? Are there Christian groups calling for the death of anyone in connection to this episode?

In comparison, let us say, to the Muhammad cartoons riots and death threats, what does this say about Islam and Christianity? Which faith is a Religion of Peace and which one is not?

Would the producers of this show have just as easily allowed a scene in which Larry David urinates on a Koran? He couldn’t urinate on a picture of Muhammad because we all know that making a representation of Muhammad gets you an immediate death sentence. So we have to settle for the Holy Book. But how much does anyone want to bet that this would never be allowed?

Question: Why in our culture is urinating on Jesus easily permitted but urinating on the Koran is simply unthinkable? What does this signify?

And why is it that the people who right now are rolling their eyes and saying that Christians should get a life because this is freedom of expression, the same ones who would be up in arms if Larry David had done the same thing to the Koran? They are the ones who blamed the artists of the Muhammad cartoons for provoking and upsetting Muslims. They are the ones who argue that, when it comes to the sensibilities of Muslims, free speech has limits. If Curb Your Enthusiasm had an episode in which Larry David urinated on a Koran, they would be on the front lines saying that this is Islamophobia and that we must be sensitive to the feelings of Muslims, etc. It would be deemed as hate speech. There would be lawsuits and the show would be cancelled and David’s career would be over.

HBO has come to the defense of the episode, saying that it is all about parody. Everyone needs to lighten up. So, if Larry David urinated on the Koran, would HBO tell everyone they need to lighten up because it is parody? What does it say that we know for a fact that the latter would simply never happen?

What meaning and lesson do we draw from this?

Editor’s note: For the whole story on why liberals refuse to criticize  adversarial cultures and religions,  read Jamie Glazov’s new book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

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  • bubba4

    In what circumstance would Larry David's character come in contact with a Koran? And with what comedic consequences?

  • ejdm

    The answer is “no”: Larry David would not urinate on a picture of Mohammed or on the Koran. Our culture – and many others – is afraid of Islam/Muslims. Our culture – and many others – is not afraid of Christianity/Christians. I wonder why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeanne-Patterson/1557095836 Jeanne Patterson

    Spot on! Excellent, can't wait too share with a friend of mine who I know will appreciate it. Thanks.

  • therealend

    Comedic urination? Pee-ing on a depiction of Jesus Christ was what the 'creative' types found as a humorous gesture?

    For an earlier commentor, suppose Larry David were downtown and had to go really bad. So bad that he blots his pants and has to cover it with something to avoid revealing his incontinence and the first thing he grabs off the shelf at a nearby bookstand happens to be a Quran which he holds in front of the urinary stain as he makes his way to a men's store in a predominantly Muslin neighborhood. Hilarity ensues.

  • janaagejeppesen

    “What meaning and lesson do we draw from this?”

    The short answer is that the main stream cultural paradigm is shifting from a Christian and post Christian to an Islamic one.

    A cultural paradigm is a set of coherent assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them. The paradigm defines the moral borders and therefore also who is a deviant.

  • thinker1

    If it was Koran, not a Christan symbol, he might be “walking around” without his head….That coward would not dare to use Koran….
    What is next? Larry beats up a 5 year old kid?
    What an arrogant imbecile.

  • aliciacashman

    we will wait for their evolvement. when they evolve as a religion we can make fun of them.

  • fingerroll

    Maybe it's time for Christians to quit allowing this type of action to go on, stop turning th eother cheek, and start doing what the Muslims do…kicking a little ass

  • Chezwick

    “What meaning and lesson do we draw from this?”

    That the threat of violence from Muslims is an effective deterrent against comedic “parody”.

  • CowboyUp

    No, he might well get his silly head cut off for p*ssing on a koran, and he knows it. All he has to worry about with offended Christians is having one of them do their immitation of “The First Art Critic,” on him if they are ever unfortunate enough to find themselves in his presence.

    HBO gets none of my time or money anyway. There are series of theirs I'd like to see on the shelf at stores, but I won't.

  • kenberwitz

    Tell you what: The day that there is a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode with Larry David pissing on a copy of the Koran and having two devout Muslims believing it is a sign from Allah, let me know.

    Until then, pardon me if I assume that this is the latest in an ongoing series of sickening, vile attacks on Christianity by people who think it's a laugh riot to insult people they arrogantly think to be their inferiors.

    You will never see anything like this directed at Muslims, because the Larry Davids and HBO executives of the world are scared out of their minds by what might happen to them if they did it. But since they have no fear at all of Christians, it's open season all year long.

    That isn't acting playful. That is acting like a bunch of malicious, hate-filled, elitist cowards.

    I am not a Christian. But I know cheap-shot, elitist garbage when I see it. And this is it.

  • peanto

    Urinating on the Koran is an example of environmental misconduct. The Koran should bed deposited in a waste paper container to be recycled into toilet paper.

  • rayrieber

    Of course he wouldn't urinate on the Koran. He would be put on a Muslim hit list and he would be in hiding. The double standard is putrifying but all too common. They feel the are speaking truth to power when in fact they are taking the easy road. They know they will hear murmurings from the Christian community but that is nothing they fear and in their confused minds they think they are being brave. If they did it to the Koran they would be in fear of getting beheaded.

  • fredjharris

    Our post WWII sofisticates will feast on the results of their evil foolishness.
    It has taken our Islamist countrymen a few weeks to twist the system to their nasty ways. The Mexican activists the same.
    The Rev. Sharpton and Jackson have been little heard in the mass of copy cats.
    I suspect those old fat white Christian conservatives will be missed when they are gone.

  • stevegolay

    Guess i should back down! Better yet head for the high grass.

    Hope its not been a waste. Am doing the prep work for a major painting titled “The Genesis of 9/11: the massacre of the Jews of Medina”. A memorial painting on the foundational cause of 9/11. The truth of it. That 9/11 was a missionary act of Islam.

    Should not do it, I suppose. Should not not. Truth be told – for that must be done – I will.

  • Patti

    I enjoy “Curb Your Enthusiansm” and as a Christian conservative I took it in the spirit it was intended. It is probably over-reaching to give these folks the benefit of doubt that they don't have contempt for non-fellow travelers, but the Larry David persona is well ott on screen and in real life, so what the hey.

    Nevertheless, the question asked has been answered. They couldn't even contemplate it and they know this just as we all do.Isn't the entire premise of the program about the ridiculousness of the far too pc anyway ?

  • jans

    This “comedian” like all bullies in schools is a typical coward who attack because he believe a victim will not fight back. He knows that muslims would cut his stupid head if he did it to Koran, f…g cowards from HBO and others like, politically correct, democratic liberals. When I came to USA 25 years ago I was a democrat, despite coming from a communist country, but now I know what a “democratiks apparatchiks” in the USA are, the same who glorified Stalin in France etc.

  • Tom Anderson

    One of the posters asked what would be the comedic circumstances around this happening with the Koran–asserting that there is no way to do that, somehow, and be humorous.

    I got one. David is invited over to a Muslim friend's home for the Ramadan feast. He has to go to the bathroom, but there is no toilet paper, because, of course, all “those people” use their hands to wipe. He can't do it, but there is an old book there–a Koran–so he tears pages out and uses that.

    The toilet of course backs up when he tries to flush it, sending all the pages down the stairs and into the area where they are eating. Everyone starts carrying on, declare a fatwa jihad and start chasing David around the house.

    Big laughs had by all.

    See, you can do it Larry!

  • rih

    Just wondering why this liberal Jew is so revolting and so cowardly that he dares to defame the religion that does not threaten him and bows to religion that is going to eliminate him. Probably because he does not respect his own faith.

  • jerseyjoe1

    Typical Hollywood sicko. Scared of Muslims but attacks forgiving christians. Larry should man-up and apologize. He can't apologize he's not a man. He's an A..Hole

  • tommyrot

    This jerk is a coward who will do anything to bolster the number of idiots who watch his wretched show. I am offended, not necessarily as a Christian, but as a human being that this sort of trash is played out on TV. Be assured, I will watch HBO tonight to pick out some sponsors to boycott.

  • rayxchui

    “What meaning and lesson do we draw from this?”
    Threat of violent is the best method to get people in line.

  • aliciacashman

    im kind of glad we dont get upset…… it doesnt bother me one bit that larry david did that. come on.. the unfortunate thing with larry is he's a self depricating jew. thats too bad. the jews have brought so much to civilization and yet they are a small group of people.

    my kids always ask why dont you get offended mom? I am half mexican if thats a description, but I dont get bogged down with minority politics. The minute I do is the beginning of my downfall. Getting offended is minority politics.
    and true he would have never done that to the Koran. he's not flippin crazy. I wouldnt either. those people have to evolve from being offended.

  • Robert Wargas

    Political correctness is why Larry David isn't begging for forgiveness right now.

    In the land of political correctness, everyone is divided into groups. Some of those groups are ALWAYS wrong and evil (whites, males, etc.) and therefore are allowed to be ridiculed regardless of circumstances. Other groups (blacks, women, Muslims, etc.) are ALWAYS right and virtuous and so are allowed to do the ridiculing. As a corollary, the “right” groups are never to be offended.

  • Timmy

    There are a few wonderful ideas in prior comments about how one might use the Koran and urine in a comedy sketch. Another very popular form of entertainment in recent years is the “reality” show concept or even the hidden camera. Perhaps one could do something – which could be approached from a serious angle if desired – and put groups of people from various religions in a room and have their holy book urinated upon – the circumstances leading to this happening is a detail that would have to be worked out, there could even be several different scenarios, but each scenario would be played out with each group, and then the reactions of the various groups could be commented upon as the wrap up. Some might just rush to help clean it up, others would react with murderous rage requiring instant reaction from the show's crack security team – gee wonder which group that would be? But the bottom line is that clearly, whether it is comedy, drama, reality, or even straight news coverage, there are countless avenues that people in the West should be exploring related to Islam that even though we still only have a minute percentage of Muslims in the population clearly there is already a “fear factor” to quote a phrase that inhibits free speech and discussion unlike even direct laws could ever do. Even this fact, that the media is afraid to deal with these issues, should be dealt with, and the comparison to countries with over 90% Muslim population compared with the point being that we shouldn't expect any “reformers” or “straight talkers” about Islam to occur where there are vastly more Muslims ready to act to defend their faith than in the West where Islam didn't even begin to spread until the last 40 years.

  • Warpublican

    So what is Glazov saying? That in America we have a long traiditon of allowing secular ridicule of our predominant religions? Is he suggesting that Christians should rise up and attack Larry david? Is he unaware that in some countres, Christians in fact do riot at perceived insult? is he aware that in Europe, Christians murdered 6 million jews – and scores of others? And that was just the nazis? Europeans had a long long history of killing in the name of God…

  • Raymond in DC

    Western comics love to push the limits, to challenge propriety. But they're quick to draw the line when it comes to Muslims and Islam. Even “The Simpsons”, who mock, spoof and parody almost everything and anyone, won't touch them except in the most politically correct fashion possible. Folks behind the series admitted in a Moment magazine feature “Are the Simpsons Jewish?” that they're afraid of Muslims.

    So when they *did* finally bring a Muslim character into an episode – wherein Homer discovers explosive material and plans for a destructive event and tries to raise an alarm – they're later revealed to be just the tools of an engineer who professionally blows things up. Homer is depicted as an “Islamaphobe” and of course ends up doing wanton damage as is his wont.

  • http://twitter.com/dimitrithelover Repressed Catholic

    What's worse: Larry David pissing on Jesus or vile misogynistic pick-up guru “Dimitri The Lover” creating Banned Animations of himself being crucified by feminazis and his time-travelling penis impregnating the Virgin Mary?



  • traeh

    In Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical of Muslim traditions about the sayings of Muhammad, Muhammad says “If someone changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

  • trickyblain

    You'll be watching quite a long time considering it's a commercial-free paid channel.

  • DemocracyFirst

    True, but not in rooted democracies. Germany's was fragile and collapsed altogether commensurately with Hitler assuming real control.

    In contrast, even some Muslims living in western democracies preach violence towards those who “defame Islam.” Imams are taped regularly implying as much, sometimes directly, and incessantly running down the west, infidels, Jews and Christians.

    The answer is this: When Islamic civilization becomes liberal-democratic, it will bear the same tolerance towards religious challenge as does the west. Only then will the clear Muslim majority of those living amongst us truly assimilate into our tolerant societies, and cease wishing, in their heart of hearts, to see us Islamicized.

  • Timmy

    Bzzzzzzzzz. Wrong answer. The Nazi movement was occultist and anti-Christianity. There were plenty of Christians killed by the Nazis. And where have Christians ever rioted at some insult directed at Christianity? Muslims in Bosnia are burning churches to the ground – something that anyone would have to perceive as an insult, and even in the face of that they are not rioting.

  • Emerson

    Michael Medved explains why Jews piss on Christ and not on Allah:

    “For many Americans [Jews], the last remaining scrap of Jewish distinctiveness involves our denial of New Testament claims, so any support for those claims becomes a threat to the very essence of our Jewish identity. Many Jews therefore view enthusiastic Christian believers—no matter how reliably they support Israel and American Jews—as enemies by definition.”

    “I hope the Jews did kill Christ…I'd f***King do it again in a second.” –Sarah Silverman
    A lot of people say to me, “Why did you kill Christ?” “I dunno… it was one of those parties, got out of hand, you know.” –Lenny Bruce
    HaHaHa. Piss on Christ. HaHaHa. Kill f***king Christ. HaHaHa

    Glazov asks, “What meaning and lesson do we draw from this?”
    After being expelled from 80 countries, Jews never learn lessons.

  • thinker1

    I hope his snout will hit a fist of an angry catholic….. :—-[

  • Arius

    “… the main stream cultural paradigm is shifting from a Christian and post Christian to an Islamic one”.

    Spot on! You see behind the mask of our time.The West has already unconsciously submitted to Islam and consciously deconstructs what is left of its inheritance. The West is the walking dead.

  • Joe

    I have an idea with a bit of a different twist…how about Larry David's character urinate on both a picture of Jesus and the Koran all at the same time. Then wait and see how the Muslim community reacts!! Anyone want to take a guess?

  • lenna darling

    kenberwitz is spot on; however, I am such a fan that I think I'll have to put myself in the closet and keep watching.

  • Joe

    I was thinking of a totally different twist…how about Larry David's character urinate on both a picture of Jesus and the Koran all at the same time. What would be the reaction of the Muslim community then?

  • CowboyUp

    Where today? What some Christians did hundreds of years ago excuses nothing done today. A jerk's a jerk.
    Nazis were occult, the German Christians who followed them paid dearly, and died when they didn't. Did you sleep through history or learn it from hollywood?

    Glazov's point is the obvious one, larry isn't some courageous artist, or even being humorous, he's a cowardly bully picking the safe target.

  • trodaball

    The Hollywood Left are pure gutless cowards with zero decency. They'd urinate on themselves if they were met with a physical threat, which they deserve. The modern entertainment industry has done so much harm to the last two generations. These low-life maggots are gonna have funny looks on their faces when they meet Christ face to face. The temperature will be turned up a few extra notches come judgement day. They can burn together with the death-cult Muslims.

  • reb

    Larry David urinate on the quran? In the interest of equal opportunity I think it's only fair he do that. Let me know when the episode airs, OK?

  • http://liftupamerica.blogspot.com/ Art Telles

    What does it signify…? What lesson do we draw…?

    The popular culture is rotting…

    HBO is a rotten apple in the society barrel of good apples, and it is a corrupting influence (… the Las Vegas taxi series with sex in the back seat was/is definitely corrupting and morally debasing, but hey, it makes money by feeding the carnal spirit of the morally debased)

    Which is corrupting and disrespectful and threatening and coerces respect… hate or kindness?
    Which is helpful and respectful and pacifying and commands respect… hate or kindness?

    Hate does not pacify, it intimidates and corrupts… so no parody splashing on the Qur'an would be tolerated.

    Allah hates ALL kafirs, especially Jewish and Christian kafirs – Qur'an, Hadith, Sunna – Muhammad
    Kill young or old apostates from Islam – Qur'an, Hadith, Sunna – Muhammad
    Kill kafirs who do not accept dhimmitude status or do not convert to Islam – Qur'an, Hadith, Sunna – Muhammad

    Kindness does not intimidate, it pacifies and tries to be helpful… so, a parody splash or even a crucifix in a jar of urine is defended as art worthy of respect by the true believer victim of the disrespectful art.

    Do unto others as you want them to do to you – New Testament – Jesus
    Love your enemies, do good to those who spitefully abuse you – New Testament – Jesus
    Blessed are the peacemakers – New Testament – Jesus

    Who on earth or in heaven will protect the kind of heart peacemakers when the culture is in the rotten apple corrupts the whole barrel process of being corrupted by the morally debased on one hand and the hateful for Allah on the other hand?

    … it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord – New Testament – Paul

    The lover of moral purity, the lover of our souls, the eternal law court Arbiter, the Judge of all the earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is NOT the Allah of Muhammad… as will be revealed at the last day by the resurrected Jesus, not by Muhammad who is still dust.

    'Nough said?

  • stout77

    “And why is it that the people who right now are rolling their eyes and saying that Christians should get a life because this is freedom of expression, the same ones who would be up in arms if Larry David had done the same thing to the Koran?”

    A most excellent question. You should ask Sean Penn, a devout agnostic who traveled half way around the world to attend Friday prayer in Tehran. I suspect it is a way to appear (appearances are all that matter in Hollywood) to push the envelope without actually having any balls at all. Just my theory.

  • stout77

    Fat chance. Islam is not exactly a factory of great comedians with self-deprecating senses of humor. Although the Koran can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys in many of its passages.

    • truevoice

      Well, there is a Pakistani version of Seinfeld. Wow, those Muslims must really hate Jews, huh? Wake up — you are being manipulated by a handful of neo-cons that are trying to start a holy war between Judeo-Christians and Islam. Once they get rid of Islam, the Jews are next. Those Danes who you support so much don't like Jews or other minorities either:

      Member of the Danish Parliament, Jesper Langballe:
      »The Old Testament is an altogether Christian book which the Jewish religion has misused, with no actual right to do so«

      Ohhhh! Dissed! Danes, who have 3% church attendence, are schooling you Jews on the Old Testament.

      We have to do something about the DF — they need to be exposed for what they are and we need economic sanctions against Denmark until they reverse some of their hateful laws.

  • brimp

    It is strange that I see this issue in a totally different light. This shows the strengths of Christianity and the West. To be able to ridicule Christians without fear of any repercussions says that Christians are emotionally mature enough to take a joke. My only objection to the sketch was that it isn't funny. Perhaps this is why I never got into this program. The reaction of the Muslims to the Danish Cartoons shows that they are emotional children. Treating Muslims like children, and laughing at their immaturity, will produce better results than reducing the emotional maturity level of Christians.

  • libral

    i think once the muslims tries to impost thier sharia on the west the christains and jews and also the hindo and buddhist do the same . so at the end the secular law will remain and last.

  • David

    First of all,get one thing straight..He DID NOT urinate directly on the picture of a representation of Jesus..He splashed it with a mix of toilet water,and his urine going INTO the toilet bowl..If you watched the episode,you know this..If you watch the show you know that all the Hollywood people he comes into contact with are nothing but a bunch of PC pussies,and the least masculine of men on the face of the Earth..David gets himself into trouble by NOT being to PC..He doesn't make a habit of ripping Catholics..As a matter of fact he's the only guy on tv that actually parodies ethnic stereotypes,especially Jews..I agree he'd never rip any Muslim holy book,but if anyone would do it on tv,it would be him..But then his friends would never speak to him again..Bill Donahoe is making it seem like he pissed on Jesus himself..I'd love to see someone show the balls and parody something Islamic.

  • bubba4

    Do we have to name our “times” by religions. You guys that anxious to keep the backward conflicts between men alive and well? Hopefully, if anything we are shifting to a real age of reason, away from superstition and myth.

    The “West” is the walking dead? You are seriously disturbed anyway.

  • bubba4

    How Christian of you.

  • bubba4


  • bubba4

    FPM loves these type of articles. A jesus joke? What about Islam…he's giving Islam a free pass! By the time the posters come in Larry David is bowing to Islam…it's crazy. ISLAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

    It's just another…”be outraged about nothing” article.

  • undertakerme

    How about he comes across a few Danish cartoons and has to relieve himself? That would be hilarious, I'm sure.

  • Timmy

    God-haters love to lump all religions in together, smearing “all” religion even in those cases where Islam is the bad actor and Christianity had nothing to do with it. But now all of a sudden when Christianity is attacked and the clear obvious fact of the matter is that the artist would never in a million years do anything even remotely similar to Islam, then all of a sudden “all” religion isn't the issue it is just Christianity that for very specific reasons is the legitimate target for the artist and any talk of other religions or in this case, Islam, is way off target for some reason. Talk about wanting to have it both ways. Given what the world has learned about Islam since 9/11, that their sensibilities are just “precious” when it comes to their precious Muhammad and their precious Koran and even the rumor of an infidel looking wrong at either of those results in literal riots and deaths, Islam ALWAYS HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT, WHATEVER IT IS, and anyone who pretends otherwise merely proves they are a coward, afraid of Islam, not ready to die, which is fine, but they should not pretend otherwise when challenged on it.

  • AlFranken1

    I find it ironic that a website such as FPM that is sponsored primarily by conservative Jews would publish an article about the extremities of Islam verses Christianity when you take into context of the persecution of Christ.

    After all, heresy was the excuse for the brutal torture and murder of an innocent man. It was the persistent demands of the Jewish Pharisees in the Synagogues that forced Pontius Pilate to condemn Jesus to the cross.

    I guess the excuse that Jews would give me today is that many people were persecuted in that manner for various reasons.

    My answer to that is ” well of course, that was primitive and barbaric”

    So, how primitive and barbaric are these Muslims that are so offended by the desecration of Koran?

    In their culture, is the right of speech or expression a priority?

    What about our own roots? How about the purist of our history? Just having a seizure could condemn you to the burning at the stake!

    Or how about being caught dancing? Hang it up — your life is over.

    I can give you examples of Christian neighborhoods today in small midwest towns that would act in similar ways to how most Muslims would react to such disrespect.

    Our culture is overreaching into Muslim life. Our country is designed to tolerate religious freedom and we should open up ourselves for Muslims to express that anger towards this disrespect. We express outrage of disrespect towards Christianity all the time.

    • truevoice

      Well said! I think the main enemy is the notion that extremists are "all like that". In fact, in Denmark, anyone who is non-white is just assumed to be an Islamic extremist. When I research the DF and what's happening in Denmark (and as a half Dane and someone who has been there many times), it's appalling what is happening there, and in most of Europe. Thank God we live in America!

  • gaylesollenberger

    This article hits the nail directly on the head. Muslims and Islam are now protected classes. Christians are not. As stated in his article, it's perfectly okay to urinate on Christ or place a crucifix upset down in jar of urine. We Christians should just get over it. Reminds of a PBS special several years ago when the late Christopher Reeve (a known non-believer) was asked if he thought the “Piss Christ” was offensive. He replied that it was not offensive and that it was simply art. Within a year, I believe, he was paralized from the neck down. Do I believe in divine retribution? Maybe. But when I heard that he had been severely injured and would never walk again I remembered back to that PBS interview.

    Do I think that Mr. David and HBO are destined for divine retribution? Maybe. But I believe that people like Mr. David and perhaps even the late Christopher Reeve would never have put the two together.

    It is well past time for Christians in this country to stand up and scream at the top of their lungs that while it may be parody to HBO and Mr. David, it is not to the millions of believing Christians in this country and that if it is offensive to damage the Koran it is also equally offensive to urinate on a picture of Christ or our Holy Bible.

    • truevoice

      So true! An the Haitians got what they deserve… Yes, a devout 700 club viewer. Heck, I am in the VIP section of the 700 club, so when judgement day arrives, you will be dust and I will be in heaven! Ha ha ha! I am holier than thou!

  • brenanc

    If I was skilled in manipulation of video and the like, I would make a YouTube video showing Larry David pissing on a Koran. I would subsequently send the “video” to Al Jazera and every prominent Muslim website.

    I imagine HBO would find a way to plug the ensuing hole in their schedule.

  • brenanc

    And he will deftly block a finger stab with his eye…

  • zemapia

    As I understand the Bible, God does not deal out punishments in the after life, according to Paul you “Call down punishment on your own head”. In other words you create your own punishment and Lucifer will gladly carry it out. I can imagine Larry David in the Hell that he is creating for himself, having a steady stream of urine poured out on his head from the little demons assigned to him. This of course will last for an eternity.

  • Timmy

    Not sure what your point is there but the Koran is what promotes persecution – OF JEWS and Christians! It was Muhammad who massacred the men of the Jewish tribes of Arabia and then raped the women and enslaved the Children. The Muslims of the world continue to this day to persecute Christians and Jews. There is no comparison to anything in America through its entire history. Even slavery continues in Islam to this day. The fact is we don't give enough attention and spotlight to the evils of Islam. Islam should not be allowed in America, it should not be tolerated, or it will destroy American freedoms and democracy. Look at what is happening in Europe, they are going to end up having a war of survival with the Muslims there and it is not guaranteed that the infidels will win.

  • Jay Mouton

    Again, Jamie, right on spot.

    If I had not read, listened to, and witnessed the flack that occurred concerning the cartoon wars several years ago, I would have suspected the whole thing was simply “Hollywood” and served up for entertainment. Sadly, truth is often stranger (and even more horrifying) than fiction–the cartoon wars were true.

    There is not one molecule of doubt, within me, that had David did his deed on even an English translation of the Koran that a fatwa would exist, or be forthcoming, on his little, bitty head.

    This one is a no brainer for any Individuals that are capable of thinking outside their little, bitty ideological mindset.

    We shall see just how much creative courage Mr David, and his people, possess–will they now desecrate the religion of peace's holy book?

    Hmm, let me suggest that nobody hold their breath . . . .

  • Timmy

    Wonder how many Muslim terrorist Halloween costumes there were this year? Right after 9/11 there were some Osama costumes but at this point political correctness has probably limited the number of people that do Muslim terrorist costumes.

  • etyetydfghfghdfg

    …missing a kick to the groin ;)

  • RHG

    These Hollywood yahoo's like to pat themselves on the back for their “courage” in doing this kind of stuff. But, what it really shows is their cowardice, they pick an easy target like Christianity precisely because they won't have to fear for their lives for their hateful behaviour. And, if Christians get up in arms about this hate these Hollywood cretins would be the first to scream about this “intolerance”. Of course, none of this stuff is directed at the “religion of peace”, that will actually result in violence if the Hollywood creeps dared to mock it.

  • Timmy

    Don't try to turn any exposure of Islam into a treatise on the entire history of the world. That is just throwing dirt around to cloud the issue. Why are you defending Islam? If you are not a Muslim it hates you. And for the 1,000th time for all the morons out there, THE CRUSADES WERE A RESPONSE TO ISLAM, THE CRUSADES WERE A RESPONSE TO THE ISLAMIC JIHAD. TIMELINE:JUDAISM – 2000BC, IN JERUSALEM AND SURROUNDING AREACHRISTIANITY – 1AD, CHRISTIANS SPREAD THROUGHOUT MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA600 YEARS LATER – THAT IS A LONG TIME, AMERICA HAS NOT BEEN AROUND THAT LONGISLAM – 635 AD, CONQUERS AND SUBJUGATES – TAKE A LOOK AT A MAP, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WERE KILLED. ISLAM WREAKED HAVOC.1095 AD – The Christians waited WAY TOO LONG to FIGHT BACK against the Muslim invaders, the Crusades were TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.Spain was the only country that successfully eradicated the Muslims and survived into modern times as a normal country. Interestingly this was about the same time that Columbus sailed in 1492. They need another way to the East since the Muslims continued to block the Mediterranean.

  • clark81

    The show is aimed at an American audience. The cultural resonance of pissing on a Bible far outweighs the impact of pissing on a Koran among the show's viewers. This isn't rocket surgery, you retards.

  • Timmy

    What a pathetic attempt at rationalization. Cultural resonance – yeah right, and people have forgotten all about the WTC already too. Maybe they should piss on a copy of Darwin's Origin of Species just to see all those whose religion is evolution freak out and riot.

    But are you saying that if the show was aimed at an Islamic audience they would have chosen a Koran? You are really living in fantasy land.

  • AlFranken1

    Just as you are indulging into the past so am I. Let us not forget the Crusades in which Christians cannibalized Muslims.

    Of course Jews participated in killing Christians just as the Bible describes Saul ( later Paul) as going from one tribe to the next taking enjoyment in torturing and killing as many Christians as he could get his hands on. Let us not forget the Romans as well

    Let us also not forget the Manifest Destiny in which millions of natives lost their lives to us due to the belief that God gave us this right.

    Also, let us not forget the Manifesto in which the Spaniards subjugated all Carri bean and and central Americans — they either accepted Christianity or they were slaughtered — sound familiar?

    I'm not going into slavery sense you brought it up already but we did just busted a blueberry company in the U.S. for using child labor — that is just one example of many.

    There is a small percentage of fanatical Muslims that have grown into a significant size during the development of the British Mandate and have grown ever sense as we have been bartering their resources. None of the populace have gained but rather a few and the poorest of the poorest are raising their arms against us and Israel for expelling them.

    After us and Europe have given trillions upon trillions of dollars to the Saudi's and other M.E. developing countries for their foreign oil, how much of that has gone to the average Muslim?

    How about about 98% has gone to the upper 3%? Does that sound right?

    Of course much of our gas dollars goes to our highways and bridges through taxes at the protest of big oil but that is life in the U.S.A — darn it! we tax and spend on our average American so that our children don't crash our donkeys into each other on rocky and muddy roads on the way to the village to sell shit instead of going to school — Dang!

    On the other hand, they are not invading our land with their armies. I'm sure they would if they could and 9/11 was their valiant effort in their process of protest. ( well at least it was a deranged spoiled man from a rich oil monger in Saudi Arabia in which George W. like to hold hands with — that's right Bin Laden) well shit — so much for the average Muslim planning that one.

    I'm not sure what you are so upset about Europe for — Europe is much more accessible to terrorists and therefore more vulnerable. Maybe they are still pissed off at England for their creation of Israel through the British Mandate and for standing behind us through and through.

    If you took the sum of all Muslims and put a ratio on the ones participating in terrorists plots and then compare that to all the skin heads, Timothy McVieghs,
    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Jim Jones, and all the other religious freaks while taking into consideration that our FBI pretty much has them under control — is there that much difference between Muslims and Jews/Christians?

    Oh let us not forget the Nazi's in our country as well the sum of gangs.

    American Muslims are starting to look like sweethearts now!

    I would think that if we had the level of security that Afghanistan has we would be seeing abortion clinics being bombed on a weekly average. We would see Mormon's raping 12 years olds on a regular basis, preachers would be molesting little boys ten times as much as our recent Catholic epidemic as we see in the Middle East, and of course, if the conservatives didn't have the socialists as watchdogs, we would all be slaves to the corporate world.

    So your infidel language doesn't concern me.

    I would agree that much of the Muslim population is primitive and barbaric.

    But just as I described, we too had a history of barbaric behavior.

    The difference between then and now is that we have the capability to elevate Muslims to our level and therefore reduce their barbaric behavior to a small minority of criminals such as we have done.

    But here is the real problem discussing this with you. I suspect you will never be objective to anything I say because you may be a racist

    ( Oh yea, they are not race according to many of you— they don't have or deserve any sort of identity as a class like Jews of course who have painstakingly kept track of their lineage )

    They don't deserve to be recognized as humans right?

    Pretty hypocritical for a website with members that constantly reminds me of the Holocaust and would not dare let me forget how Hitler did the same as many of you are doing to the Muslims— If I was Muslim, I think I would feel the same as they do.

  • AlFranken1

    It goes like this Timmy — if you want to piss on your own dog then go for it but if you hop over my fence and piss on my dog, I will train him to bit your little wiener off.

    clark81's point is — it is our action against religions that is offensive in this story not theirs.

    It is called being accountable.

  • Timmy

    The problem that Islam pisses on everyone else's dog, they kill dogs. The non-Muslims who existed for hundreds or thousands of years before Islam was invented suffer terribly on a daily basis and fools in the West – even after 9/11 – couldn't give a rats ass about it. But if a Christian so much as looks the wrong way at a dog or whatever the heck this analogy is supposed to be, all Hell breaks loose. So in your analogy I am outraged that Islam has destroyed the historic Christian and Jewish lands of the bible – I can't do much about it but I refuse to ignore it, and if some twit comedian thinks he is being smart joking about Christianity while remaining cowardly silent about Islam then he needs to be called out on that. Islam needs to be held accountable. Maybe merely joking about it would be a good first step.

  • jcdkane

    The devil knows that there is only power in Jesus. That is why you don't see anyone making fun of Buddah, Mohammed, or any other religion, it is a waste of time. But never fear someday every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord Of Lords.

  • AlFranken1

    Okay Timmy,

    Thank you for that textual documentary and timeline of Muslim/Christian rifts past and present.

    you are the winner

    Let me know when you put it all together — hopefully soon.

  • Reneeca

    I am tired of only Christians being made fun of in a sacriligious way! If it were any other religion, all hell would brak lose and apologies and firings would be demanded!
    These pathetic programs and thier excuses don't cut it with me and people should stop watching this trash in protest. It's about time we collectively put our Christian ffeet down! Enough already!! Larry David is a first class jerk and his program stinks!

  • AlFranken1

    I've heard your claims over and over by others that share your viewpoint and not once have I seen real substance to these claims.

    What I do see is a lot of rhetoric

  • Elle

    JESUS CHRIST represents peace; loving your enemy and serving your fellowmen. In some churches, they teach their members to be like Christ, be chaste on the outside and inside so that they can all return and be with Him one day. The body is the temple of God and God will not dwell in unholy places. The relationship that a man makes with God is between him and God only. If he doesn't fear God; then that's about it. He doesn't receive 200 lashes or get stoned to death. God also allows us to make a choice again and again.
    I'll never know how Larry David will get punished for this; but I believe he will one day.

    THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD- I don't believe the relationship is between him and the follower only. If the follower doesn't fear Muhammad; then he'd better fear the intolerant people around him! I think that Muhammad's teachings are basically good, but the interpretations of his scriptures are different from how he intended them to be. For example is the treatment of women. Why would a woman who was gang-raped receive 200 lashes? As much as I want to understand Islam, I get turned off with stories like this. Why would Karzai sign a law that permits a man to rape his wife?

    It's not that we permit Christ's picture to be uninated on; it's offensive and immoral. But we are taught that we are responsible for our own actions. We're taught to be tolerant, to fear God and not people when it comes to committing sins. Sure, we can show intolerance for such an act, peacefully, but not by rioting or killing the offender.

    Question: Do they love Muhammad more or do we love Christ less? I can argue, but I need to be in bed.

  • Cunamarra

    He quotes a Christian teaching and then advised to turn away from it. He then says to adopt the practice that Muslims always fall back on according to Islamic teachings. That Islamic doctrine is force and violence.

    Do you really think your comment is clever?

  • Timmy

    Check each day http://www.thereligionofpeace.com, in addition to current news items there are historical sections and ways to get educated about Islam. They also keep a tally of jihad attacks, over 14000 since 9/11. If that website doesn't have enough to back up the claims that you continue to deny then perhaps you need to examine your own motives in why you continue to refuse to accept reality.

  • Timmy

    What is so tragic is that the entire academic structure of the West has become so perverted that it is failing to even teach people enough pride in their own civilization and also whitewashing the history of Islam such that people are clueless to the threat of Islam. If Islam spreads in America it will destroy our democracy and freedoms. With so many people brainwashed and worshiping the religion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance there just doesn't seem to be much hope for the West and America at this point. We will continue to allow Islam to spread and chip away at our freedoms and people will refuse to act until it is too late. As the old saying goes, you don't know what you've lost till its gone.

  • Timmy

    A grave error is made by Christians who approach the war with Islam purely from a spiritual point of view. Islam is not just a spiritual problem but a political one. One reason that so many Christian nations were able to be subjugated in the early days of Islam was that they did not fight back choosing instead to see Islam as just a spiritual war. But lucky for us some Christians did fight back literally. If Christians had not fought actual battles to keep Islam out of Europe then Europe would have been Islamized and there would be NO America. If Christians throughout history had uniformly just bowed their necks to be slaughtered, accepting their fate at the hands of Islam, then the church would have been wiped out. The bottom line is that Christians cannot be tolerant of Islam. They must fight against the spread of Islam beyond merely praying for Muslims that they might find Christ. Islam is a system that is set up to be expansionary and to never give back any ground taken. At this point, with Islam nearly taking Europe and beginning to make headway in America, it very likely will take a literal miracle from God to save Western civilization. But Christians can not just sit on their hands and pray for a miracle. They must engage politically and fight the liberal multicultural tolerance brainwashing that has destroyed the ability of most in the West to even want to save their own civilization. They don't even grasp the threat that Islam is to freedom and democracy.

  • AlFranken1

    Majority of Muslims and Christians are too busy taking care of their families and earning a living — that's on the mind of most not what this idiot pisses on. The fanatics are going to react to anything and everything regardless what he does.

  • myx0mop

    The premise of this article is absurd. In my opinion, Larry should be allowed to piss on anything he wants. But asking if he'd piss on a Koran as well as he'd done with a picture of Jesus assumes that Christianity and Islam are comparable. I'm sure he'd piss on a Koran if Islam was a “normal” religion, but we all know it's a cult of violent thugs, and making fun of them or their stupid “theology” is dangerous. So, lighten up, people, give Larry a break. He's just a comedian, and the show is funny. That's all there is to that.

  • Timmy

    Theoretically you could be said to be correct but we are living in the so-called real world and reality has a way of bashing us over the head sometimes when we least expect it. IF Islam is not confronted NOW in the West there will come a time when it won't just be a choice to either piss on or not piss on this or that book, you will be forced to bow down to that book whether you like it or not. While we still have freedom of speech anyone “choosing” to take on an issue such as pissing on a Bible is BY THEIR VERY SILENCE or inaction as to the Koran, prematurely submitting and surrendering to the demands from Islam that their book be given special respect and deference. After 9/11, just looking the other way, just pretending that there is no elephant in the room, is no longer an option. Europe is on the verge of passing legislation that would make any criticism of Islam (and homosexuality) illegal and subject to unlimited fines. That is coming to the U.S. eventually if people don't stand up and expose Islam now before it is too late. Continuing the old ways of mocking Christianity and everyone getting a big laugh out of it are just over. Islam is the issue whether we like it or not. And if this comedian thinks that he would be able to air even one tenth of his programming once Islam starts stomping its feet he is really living in a fantasy land.

  • myx0mop

    Fine. I'm all for confronting Islam. But, you're right! We live in a “real world” where you cannot expect someone like Larry David to lead that confrontation.

    And, in my book of rules, anyone should be able to mock anything he/she wants. If you watch “Curb”, you'll see that Larry does pretty much that. He has mocked the Jews in the past also. So, he doesn't feel like sticking his neck (literally perhaps) out in going out of his way to taunt the killers. Most normal people wouldn't. Look at what happened to Theo Van Gogh? Geert, Hirsi Ali and the Dutch cartoonist are under the police protection. If Larry feels he doesn't need this type of aggravation, it's understandable. Give the guy a break.

  • Timmy

    Sorry but it just isn't that easy. The first thing most liberals will do when any problem with a religion crops up is condemn “all” religion, even when it is Islam and no one else that is the issue. But then they want to have it both ways and when it is time for comedy mark Islam off limits while keeping up the attacks on Christianity full speed ahead. 9/11 changed that. If they don't want to attack Islam because they are not ready to die then they need to just shut the #$^$#% up about Christianity as well. Or if they don't, then they are fair game for being called out on their cowardly actions. The U.S. has a limited amount of time before any discussion of Islam other than praising it will be illegal. Wasting that time mocking Christianity is selling out future generations who will live without any freedom at all and under the jack boot of Islam.

  • dick

    If in another show, Larry David tinkles on the Koran and is killed by Muslims who don't think it is funny, will Jesus laugh or cry?
    And will South Park do a show about it?
    Just askin'….

  • Timmy

    I believe that Jesus has more of straight judge-like expression as judgment is passed on various people. He most certainly does not laugh whether someone goes to heaven or hell, and he wouldn't cry either. What is going to be so interesting about judgment day for people is that the judgment will be correct and righteous and even those cast into hell will realize that the judgment was correct. Perhaps if Larry was going to heaven he might get a bit of a high five from those in attendance for his courage in taking on Islam and for having ultimately met his maker for it.

    South Park has done something on Muhammad, it was all the religions fighting one another. They could probably do more.

    The real question is if the mainstream media would cover it, would they acknowledge that he was killed by Muslims for Islam on account of the program that he did, or would they spend most of their time saying that obviously Islam condemns this sort of killing and that it was just one crazed individual acting on his own that killed Larry, NO different AT ALL from any crazed Christian that kills someone.

  • Timmy

    Issues such as this should make it easier for doubters to understand the need to prohibit the spread of Islam in America. If there is no place in the world that people can speak freely about, even mock, Islam, without fearing death at the hands of Muslims, then surely there will never be the much anticipated “reform” of Islam that so many cling to the remote hope of that happening in time to avoid Islam destroying the West. Keep Islam out of the West and that solves both problems. It will no longer be able to destroy the West and there will still remain at least one place on earth that Islam can be freely debated even mocked and that includes being a safe place for apostates from Islam the group most threated by Islam whether they joke about it or not. So those who think they are being so generous and tolerant to fight for the right of Islam to spread in the West need to recognize that you are actually making it worse for even Muslims.

  • GJTryon

    '… Christians murdered 6 million jews – and scores of others? And that was just the nazis?” So make up your mind, were they Christians or Nazis? And spare me the old canard that they were both. The Nazis were in fact worshipping Wotan by the time the first crematoriums were going up.

  • scottyga

    I used to get upset about this stuff going all the way back to Maplethorpe, but as time has passed I have decided that if the point is to upset Christians, than the best thing is to ignore it. I don't know how God sorts it all out in the end, but I would like to think that he is more concerned in how I exercise his word, rather than how I turn it into something that it in fact isnt.

  • AlFranken1

    I went to your link and found no citation for these Jihad attacks.

    How do you suppose they get these statistics so readily available.

    I would be surprised to see that the State Department/CIA would have this information so readily available even after 9/11

    I would think you would have to be pretty naive to accept this list without a source.

    I wouldn't doubt that there is some truth to that but we still and under that assumption we still haven't addressed why they are declaring a Jihad.

    Something tells me that all you know is that they want to destroy the Western world and Israel and nothing else matters.

    You really don't know do you. You think all that energy really goes to hatred with no substance?

  • upscale

    Jews have always been trying to promote conflicts between different religions .. Elly particular religions are considered criminals and rogue … Christianity and Islam, for example

    But the American people, unfortunately, did relize this fact. they are controlled by Jewish groups seeking to serve Israel only..

  • Timmy

    You really are grabbing at straws now. They list every attack, on days the attacks occur they have a article about it in some cases. The list is an accumulation that they have been accumulating since 9/11, they didn't just get the list from the State Department!

    And check the other historical links on the site about Islam.

    You need to quit questioning my motives and accusing people of hate, it is Islam that hates. Are you saying in the last two sentences that they have some valid reason to destroy the West other than Islam?

    You are all over the place. Try to focus. Islam is the problem not those who expose it.

  • Timmy

    Not true, in fact all non-Muslim religions need to join together to resist the encroachment of Islam and the elimination of freedom of religion wherever Islam gains power. There are no examples of Jews promoting conflicts among other religions – or do you have any examples of that?

  • Dannyboy56

    I like Larry David's comedy, but this was a dumb ass mistake. Not funny and pretty offensive.

  • http://twitter.com/JIDF David

    these are absolutely baseless comparisons.

    Please see:

    Jesus and Urinating Don't Mix: Christians Curb Their Enthusiasm for Larry David

    And it appears you are now joining CAIR in your disdain for Curb…a show that mocks everything….:

    Hamas-tied CAIR Joins Christians in Wrath Against Larry David and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

  • maraam

    I think it's funny how u bring Islam into every issue. I'm sorry! the one who urinated is a Jew. The one whose pic was urinated at is a Christian figure. So I dont know what to call it but Islam-phobia? lol

    Religious jokes are not funny (I'm a Muslim and I didnt find this funny! In fact I found it deeply offensive!!!). What we did when the cartoons of Muhammad (pbuh) were published is that we boycotted the Danish products in an attempt to make the Danish government and business men opoligize and make the ppl who draw these cartoons opoligize too, we also got out in the streets and expressed our anger at the offensive cartoons but no one was ever killed!!! and I dare u to prove that anyone was ever killed!! In fact the people who drew these cartoons are still alive! I think u lied expecting that u wud get away with it!

    U think that Jesus (pbuh) died for ur sins? but u cant take a reaction for what Larry did to his pic and u think u're better ppl than us bcuz of this? Is this how u shud repay ur savior????? let people mock him and just set back to watch it happen?? I think u shud do sth as long as it's harmless (e.g. boycotting HBO) I'm sure no real Christian wud pay a penny to some network that insulted his religion and didnt opoligize abt it.

    The answer of the question is no. Larry wudnt do that to a quran cuz unlike u, we defend our religion, and because we do defend our religion we did defend Jesus as one of God's greatest prophets. “The Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is now calling on HBO to apologize for the episode, in which Larry David’s character accidentally splattered urine on a painting of Jesus. CAIR’s national executive director Nihad Awad sent a letter to HBO chairman and CEO Bill Nelson, which read in part: “It is beyond tasteless to insult the religious sensibilities of billions of people in America and around the world with such a cheap and vulgar publicity stunt. Jesus, peace be upon him, is loved and revered by both Christians and Muslims. Muslims view him as one of God’s greatest messengers to mankind.””

    You can set back and watch it happen but we wont we'll make sure that Jesus wont ever be offended like that again!!!

    • truevoice

      As for the infamous "cartoon" incident — some of them were innocuous, but some were racist caricatures that if printed in U.S. magazines and targeted at other groups, would cause protests, law suits and riots. Suppose you printed an 1850's "coon-toon" in the LA Times — something depicting African Americans with big lips, kinky hair, bugged out eyes, and eating watermelon and fried chicken? What if you printed a cartoon in the NY Times of Jewish caricatures — hook noses, "Jew-fros" and clutching a handful of cash? The JADL would freak out about it.

      I'm just glad to be an American. I think, for the most part, our leaders (even Bush) are not buying into the crytpo-fascist, Likudnik, and Zionist notion that we must go to war with the Muslim world. Thanks to Goldman Sachs, we don't have the money to do that! OK, we can sell more t-bills to the Chinese. Great idea!

      But at least I don't live in Denmark, where they have passed laws against religious freedom. They were naive and got a few really bad apples that were kicked out of their own Islamic nations (some very militant Somalis, in particular). If anything this shows how the Muslim world doesn't like these extremists either. Why doesn't Bin Laden live in Saudi Arabia? Because he's an extremist and not wanted there. Now the Danes and their "People's Party" of fascists consider anyone non-white to be a threat — Jews, Sri Lankans, and Chinese, included. They openly talk about this in parliament. I urge you to read up on the DF (Danish People's Party) and read their own literature — it's just like the 1930s propaganda against Jews. But they don't like Jews either… They define being Danish as being a white protestant of Scandinavian heritage, so assimilation can never be possible. Not everyone can afford to do a Michael Jackson transformation from brown or black to white… Perhaps as part of their socialized medical system, they can introduce cosmetic surgery to de-ethnicize their immigrants, because it seems that white people are the only ones the DF tolerates. They are quite open about this bigotry and they're institutionalizing it, and it hurts everyone – Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists. It hurts the Danes themselves, as their extremism is becoming an international relations nightmare. Their PM even said the cartoon incident was the worst thing since WW II.

    • truevoice

      The irony is, it was corrupt academics with far-right agendas, like Daniel Pipes, who poured gasoline on the fire in Denmark. He is Jewish, and now the backlash he created is hurting his own people. The Danes are blaming the acts of a handful of extremists world wide on anyone who is non-white. Daniel Pipes tried to fart, but ended up pooping his pants. I can only hope he gets a dose of his own medicine when he visits Europe. His academic dishonesty (as well as a true handful of others — we're talking 4-5 academics) could lead us to WW III, if we're not careful.

      The vast majority of Americans (who know him) find Daniel Pipes to be a crypto-fascist. In fact, Alec Baldwin (on Politically Incorrect) said that Daniel Pipes seems to buy into every crypto-fascist idea. But it's not just an actor or a whole audience that finds him despicable. The vast majority of the academic community is opposed to his shoddy "intellectualism" and he need police protection — not from militant Muslims, but from angry left-wing liberals. Even hippies want to rough him up, which says a lot. Gandhi would probably kick him in the nuts.

      That said, I absolutely LOVE "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and it will offend a lot of people, but it's brilliant. Larry David also pokes quite a bit of fun at his own kind, and reveals that he is not so knowledgeable about Judaism, because he thinks he needs to have sex in a hole in a sheet, for his 10 year anniversary present. Of course, he muddled it all up and didn't get some… That said, it's not surprising for religious folk to be offended by CYE. Don't watch it. Go read your Bible. I don't listen to neo-Nazi bands like Screwdriver — I find them offensive, but they have a right to produce their trashy, tasteless, and derivative music.

    • truevoice

      Larry David doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but it would be nice if he had some Muslims on his show — to reveal that most Muslims are moderates. Every Muslim I know is a moderate and they denounced 9-11, Daniel Pearl, and every act of extremism. You gotta figure, in 1 billion people, there are some nuts. There are Christian nuts that molest children on their compounds, but Christians would say David Koresh is not one of the flock. What about Pat Robertson? Haiti got what they deserved? That guy is a mainstream Christian who ran for president and has a huge following. What about the ones who kill "abortion doctors" (in educated urban areas, we call them gynecologists). What about the IRA? The KKK? They're CHRISTIANS! However, I know that most Christians are not like that. People have to realize most Muslims are not extremists and the data created by Daniel Pipes is admittedly based on anecdotal evidence (he claims that 85% of Muslims are "Islamists" but when people at the State Department asked how he got that number, he said it was anecdotal evidence. If you read up on Danny boy, you will find his math skills amount to pulling numbers out of his ass).

      It's funny to see people being OK with the Catholic Church's response, but criticizing CAIR, and I believe they are genuine. If you really want to go to war with 1 billion Muslims, which seems to be the root cause of this sentiment, then please enlist your own children to fight it, and finance it with your own money. I think a $1.6T deficit is more than enough. Maybe 5 million Danes can fight the Muslims, but they'll get dust and sand in their eyes because they're too bigoted to use a keffiyeh as part of their combat uniform. My point is — let's not get in another war we can't finish, just because we are misled by a handful of dishonest people who claim that all Muslims are extremists.

      The Catholic Church has opened a church in Qatar, and even the Saudi Kindom, which is a Islamic kingdom and as that, don't support freedom of religion, will allow a Catholic church if the Catholics admit that Mohammed was a profit. Islam accepts Christ as a profit. What's the likelihood of a mosque opening up in Vatican City?

    • truevoice

      He would fit in great in Denmark with the Danish People's Party — they can accuse Muslims of the same stereotypes Americans used to criticize *every* immigrant group of: breeding like rats, trying to take over the world, not assimilating, being ignorant, etc.

      In fact, I distinctly remember in the 80's how much the Japanese and their high quality, yet inexpensive cars and electronics were despised and they were taking over the world (while the truth was that the British had "bought out" far more of America than the Japanese, but the British are white, so it's OK). They weren't treated so well in the 1940s either. So who is really not sleeping at night because of the Japanese nowadays? Maybe a handful of misanthropic crypto-fascists. There are people who can be easily manipulated because they do not know history. I also know that even moderate Christians are taught a lot of weird "Revelations" stuff that implicates Jews and Muslims in the apocalypse… How about learning something in, say, a university?

      In the 90s, it was the Latinos. Prop 187 (which I voted against — I literally ran to the polls after working 12 hours so I could vote against that piece of crap). It was the same thing — they're rapists, parasites, gang members, and they will take over the U.S. and force Caucasians to pick crops. Well, so far the only group who has done that have been Caucasians themselves — ever read Grapes of Wrath? Talk about white against white, that's disgusting what happened to Oakies in the 1930s.

      The great thing about America is even though prop 187 passed by 60%, it was repealed by the federal courts. We have some very good protections against tyranny of the majority. Many European nations do not, so you see them banning mosques and clothing, while the U.S. army has adopted the keffiyeh as part of their uniform (see, cuz dirt in your mouth is unpleasant). The Danes wouldn't let a Muslim woman serving in their military wear a keffiyeh. What the Danes are doing is just institutionalized bigotry.

      Now we are scapegoating Muslims — trying to blame 1 billion people for the actions of a handful of extremists. If you look at the Danish People's Party (DF) in particular, you will see, from their own mouths, blatant propaganda. They use lies from discredited academics (Daniel Pipes) to claim that Muslims are rapists and believe in rape as part of their religion. They claim Muslims are parasites. The DF also engages in their own propaganda, like PhotoShopping swords on top of the dome of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul — part of their "advertising" (uh, propaganda) campaign to stop mosques from being built in Denmark, a nation that is supposedly proud of their religious freedom. You are free to be a Lutheran that doesn't go to church! Only 3% of Danes attend church services. I am half Danish, but all American, and not a Muslim — I denounce Denmark and their simple minded bigotry which has been institutionalized.

    • truevoice

      Larry David doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but it would be nice if he had some Muslims on his show — to reveal that most Muslims are moderates. Every Muslim I know is a moderate and they denounced 9-11, Daniel Pearl, and every act of extremism. You gotta figure, in 1 billion people, there are some nuts. There are Christian nuts that molest children on their compounds, but Christians would say David Koresh is not one of the flock. What about Pat Robertson? Haiti got what they deserved? That guy is a mainstream Christian who ran for president and has a huge following. What about the ones who kill "abortion doctors" (in educated urban areas, we call them gynecologists). What about the IRA? The KKK? They're CHRISTIANS! However, I know that most Christians are not like that. People have to realize most Muslims are not extremists and the data created by Daniel Pipes is admittedly based on anecdotal evidence (he claims that 85% of Muslims are "Islamists" but when people at the State Department asked how he got that number, he said it was anecdotal evidence. If you read up on Danny boy, you will find his math skills amount to pulling numbers out of his ass).

      It's funny to see people being OK with the Catholic Church's response, but criticizing CAIR, and I believe they are genuine. If you really want to go to war with 1 billion Muslims, which seems to be the root cause of this sentiment, then please enlist your own children to fight it, and finance it with your own money. I think a $1.6T deficit is more than enough. Maybe 5 million Danes can fight the Muslims, but they'll get dust and sand in their eyes because they're too bigoted to use a keffiyeh as part of their combat uniform. My point is — let's not get in another war we can't finish, just because we are misled by a handful of dishonest people who claim that all Muslims are extremists.

      The Catholic Church has opened a church in Qatar, and even the Saudi Kindom, which is a Islamic kingdom and as that, don't support freedom of religion, will allow a Catholic church if the Catholics admit that Mohammed was a profit. Islam accepts Christ as a profit. What's the likelihood of a mosque opening up in Vatican City?

  • Timmy

    The fact is that Islam, the Koran, Muhammad and all of those who follow Islam are a bigger insult to Jesus and Christianity than even 1,000 people, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, whomever, pissing on a Bible all at once in a big party singing and dancing included. Islam denies Christ and has done more damage to Jews and to Christians and the peaceful message of Christ than any other ideology. CAIR can keep their help, it is hypocritical and not done out of any concern for Christians or Christ, ALL of the actions of Muslims is purely out of their concern for how it will affect Islam. Their only real concern is putting on a show in this case so that when the Koran is mocked they can claim to have once stood up for the Bible. The truth is in the Koran and it stands against Christ and the Bible. May God (not Allah) help the West if they allow Islam to spread here. My personal belief is that Islam and Muhammad and the Koran should be mocked like no other belief system, man or book have ever been mocked in the entire history of the world. The problem isn't people bringing up Islam in a situation such as this, the problem is Islam insinuating itself into the lives of people worldwide and squelching whatever hope they ever had of having a happy and free life. Islam is the problem and after 9/11, and after the evil done in “Palestine” and Israel by Muslims, and after all of the atrocities committed in the name of Islam by Muslims throughout the last fourteen centuries, it deserves no respect from anyone with any decency least of all a comedian on HBO in free America.

    • truevoice


      It’s not just Catholics who are causing a stir about the recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode that featured Larry David’s character accidentally splattering urine on a painting of Jesus. The Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is now calling on HBO to apologize for the episode, in which Larry David’s character accidentally splattered urine on a painting of Jesus. CAIR’s national executive director Nihad Awad sent a letter to HBO chairman and CEO Bill Nelson, which read in part: “It is beyond tasteless to insult the religious sensibilities of billions of people in America and around the world with such a cheap and vulgar publicity stunt. Jesus, peace be upon him, is loved and revered by both Christians and Muslims. Muslims view him as one of God’s greatest messengers to mankind.”
      The letter ended, “We understand the drive for ratings, but no one benefits from such a crude attempt to boost the network’s bottom line by manufacturing a religious controversy. HBO should apologize.”
      Awad noted that Muslim American TV viewers had called CAIR to express their concerns about the show. CAIR is the largest Muslim advocacy and civil rights group in the U.S.
      HBO’s statement in response to complaints yesterday was: “Anyone who follows Curb Your Enthusiasm knows that the show is full of parody and satire. Larry David makes fun of everyone, most especially himself. The humor is always playful and certainly never malicious.”

      • truevoice

        The sad thing about a lot of Danes, even my family, is that Danish nationalism is thicker than blood. I am half South Asian (Hindu) and half Danish (white as can be Scandinavian Dane). My own grandfather made a joke about how I looked like a Sri Lankan refugee. They're not Muslims, but they get a lot of crap in Denmark and are also a target of the DF. My father, the Hindu academic who spoke fluent Danish, was not allowed to stay with in-law relatives in Denmark, because they didn't want to be seen with a brown man.

        Let's face it — Hindus and Muslims have not been pals and have their differences. I am secular. But I have far more solidarity with brown Muslims than Danes, because the Danes have created an environment where they fell no minority is welcome, not just Muslims. And if it was just Muslims they hated, that would be wrong too.

        I urge people to read up on the Danish People's Party (DF) and Dainel Pipes. You may think this is just Denmark, but this could be the beginning of WW III if we're not careful. When you research it, you will find that they openly admit that they want to defeat Islam. It's kind of like my Chihuahua thinking it can take on a Pit Bull… But a lot of Danes have been so doped up on nationalism, they can't think straight.


        If you think this is just a fringe movement, I can tell you, I hear Danes, even my own Mother, who say things like this — they're breeding like bunnies!

        If one really wants to defeat the Taliban, you must defeat heroin addiction — the demand for heroin in the West is what gives them the money to fight wars. I also think becoming energy independent would eliminate the funding for Al Qaeda. It's not an original idea, lots of people in International Relations have mentioned this… they're just drowned out by uneducated bigots. There's far more uneducated people in the world than educated. Even college grads just want a business degree, and don't want to learn about the world (or engineering, for that matter — lots of people to sell stuff, but not a lot to engineer/develop stuff, so we have H1B immigration and then send them all home went the Goldman Sachs bubble bursts again. It breaks my heart how some really great engineers are going back to India and the U.S. does not benefit from their knowledge, which creates jobs! Yes, immigrants create jobs!)

  • truevoice

    Forget about Larry David. He's a funny guy and totally harmless. I love CYE!

    The ones to be worried about are the Danish People's Party. Here's a nice quote from an elected official (Jesper Marquard Langballe):

    "It is not that Muslim fathers rape their daughters, rather that they kill their daughters …and turn a blind eye to their uncles raping them"

    Paradoxically, it is alleged that Muslims are breeding like rabbits. How do they do that? They kill their daughters and manage to breed like rabbits? Oh, it must be all the white Scandinavian women they rape… Yeah, that's it…

    Also, the DF have allowed Nazi's into their ranks, so long as they keep their views private:

    "In August 2006 undercover journalists of the tabloid Ekstra Bladet contacted 18 local districts of the DPP, saying that they were members of Dansk Front and wanted to join the DPP. Dansk Front, or "Danish Front", is a now-defunct extreme-right network which among other things advocated the banning of Islam, and was accused by the Danish secret police of close cooperation with neo-Nazi groups such as Blood & Honour and Combat 18. Half of the Dansk Folkeparti district chairmen turned the request down, whereas the other half said party membership was OK, provided any extreme-right views were kept private. When the tabloid published the story, this caused a scandal, following which the latter nine district chairmen were excluded from the party."

    So all of you conservative Jews — are you still keen on the Danish People's Party? Because they don't like you either, but they're willing to use your hate to smite their enemy — "an enemy of my enemy is my friend (for now…)". They don't like Jews, Sri Lankans, and Chinese too. Some of you helped create this monster because you hate Muslims so much, but you tried to fart and you pooped your pants!

    Check out the DF's own material. It's frightening. As much as I am told most Danes don't buy it — their policy tells a different story. You can't build mosques. You can't have arranged marriages (we tolerate that — 90% of the Hindus I work with have arranged marriages). You can't wear certain clothing. God I love America and I hate Denmark so much. I know Denmark quite well and have visited there, but never again. I boycott their products and will not spend 1 dime on anything Danish. I'm going to throw my B&O in the SF bay — it's an overpriced piece of crap stereo anyway…

    • truevoice

      Member of the Danish Parliament, Jesper Langballe:

      »The Old Testament is an altogether Christian book which the Jewish religion has misused, with no actual right to do so«

      You're next, Jews… Thank God the Danes are only 5 million people, but they sure do stürm up a lot of crap! You will find a larger percentage of extremists in Denmark than in the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish "worlds".

      So the conserva-Jews who tried to get Whitey to kill Browny? Guess what — you're next. They don't like you. They don't like anyone who is not a white Scandinavian:

      Member of the Danish Parliament, Soeren Krarup:
      »It is absolutely grotesque that people from Somalia, Sri Lanka and the Far East should be able to call themselves refugees in Denmark«


      "I myself am a Jew. My mother is Danish, Jewish of origin, 4th generation immigrant from Russia/Poland. My father is an Israeli, Yemenite Jew of origin. I'm quite dark skinned, and as so could go for being an Arab (Muslim).

      The last couple of years I personally have felt how racism can strike you like a sledgehammer. I am constantly reminded that I'm different, by comments from people. Few days ago a lady looked at me in the street a said to me "you are all the same", not knowing that I was Jewish.

      So I quite understand the frustration of Muslims in Denmark. It is obvious that they are not welcome. Or you may say that many Danes judge people by their color, as seen in my example. It is becoming more and more acceptable both among Danish politicians and by the public, to make statements that are thoroughly encompassed by racistic means.

      I believe that if this will continue and racism towards Muslims or for that sake any dark skinned groups in this country, it could create such radicalism, both among Danes but also among Muslims, that could lead to heavy violence. This is surely not the way to integrate people, but a way to create segregation, and undermine the present welfare state. The Danish politicians should think about that. As a Jew and in my case dark skinned person, I therefore truly understand what it means to be stigmatized, and considered to be "like all of them", and can understand why deep hate are created among different cultural groups, and what this can do to a society, Danes should think about that."

  • truevoice

    The most ironic thing about Danish nationalism is that they claim Muslims are draining their welfare system. However, in Copenhagen, there is a neighborhood called Christiania that is a legalized drug zone. It's full of white Danes who are junkies and leech off the welfare state. DANISH WELFARE MONEY GOES RIGHT INTO THE POCKETS OF THE TALIBAN BECAUSE OF WHITE DANISH JUNKIES.

    The Danes tolerate gay marriage (first nation to legalize it) and junkies, but Moooslams? Heck no. They're all evil!

    Yeah, Denmark is a warped place with weird values. You can get away with anything if you are White, but subject to harassment, ridicule and political repression if you are non-white.

    Yes, Danes are subsidizing the Taliban by their junkies on welfare.

  • truevoice

    I like the title of your book — the left's romance with tyranny and terror, indeed. So now you even consider Bush a leftist because he would never say Muslims are all evil extremists. I never thought I would defend Bush, but as an oil monger, he has done business with plenty of Muslims, and knows that they are not all extremists. Many people will put ideology aside to make a buck (ahem, Daniel Pipes helping out Danish Nazis). The only people I know who hate Muslims have never ever met one. Then there's Daniel Pipes, who seems to have been molested by an Imam or something, but who knows — it could have even been a Catholic priest in Muslim clothing? I kid — his motivation is purely financial. When you are so extreme that you cannot get a job as a professor, you have to make a career out of being polemical and whining about the liberal bias in education.

    I went to UCLA and took classes from Wolfenstein and worked with Peter McLaren and Kent Wong. As a newbie liberal, I was into Noam Chomsky, and was warned of his polemical nature. Most leftist professors are trying to find the truth and are academically honest. In fact, some of them I didn't even know were leftists! I did AV for Peter McLaren's teaching credential class, and I had no idea as to his political orientation. On the flip side, as an IR major, I had paranoid neo-realism jammed down my throat as fact — the same foreign policy that has bankrupted America. The only guy who was reasonable in that department was Arthur Stein. His book "Why Nations Cooperate" should be required reading — he is a truly brilliant academic. He puts the science in political scientist.

    I realize what I say about, say Denmark, comes off as angry and polemical, but I am not an academic. I am just a pissed off mixed race Dane who has noticed for some time that their nationalism is a problem. When your own Danish relatives take nationalism over flesh and blood, there's truly something rotten in Denmark — it smells like Gamel Ole.

  • Allahisgay

    he should sh1t all over the koran

  • good guy

    Muslims will never make fun about the Kur'an or Muhammad but some Christians are willing to make fun of Christ, if we really think we are civilized, then we would respect all religions, but i can't expect from a guy who is a christian to respect Islam if he himself is making fun of his religion, making fun of religion does sometime plant some wrong ideas about that religion whether it's Islam or Christianity, and defending Ur religion and being Violent are two complete separate things……i call to respect all religions.

    • Eric

      Larry david is a jew

  • freebob

    I call to disrespect all religions the same. They are myths.

  • Irv Spielberg

    Congrats to Larry David who has been accepted into the “Filthy Still”
    Club (Rev. 22:11) but who has also won a “Get Out Free” ticket offered
    24/7 by Big J that’s good during only one lifetime (length of lifetime
    not guaranteed)! If you know of any other potty mouths or evil doers who would be good
    Hell-minded members of the Club, please send us their names. Google “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans” for more info.