Why Won’t the Media Identify the Five Young Men Who Stole the Auschwitz Sign?

BareNaked poses an interesting, if rhetorical, question.

Polish police found the vandals who stole the “Arbeit macht frei” sign from the entrance to Auchwitz. No names were released and I am not seeing any faces. Strange, no?

They look like “youths” to me, judging by the top of that one guy’s head.

Why are the police wearing executioner-style face masks? That’s quite the novel, if scary, twist.

Sky News reports:

1www.reuters.comThe 16ft-long Nazi relic was discovered sliced into three pieces in woods in northern Poland.

Five men aged between 20 and 39 have been arrested on suspicion of the theft, which caused outrage around the world.

Polish police have released video footage of the astonishing theft, but denied reports the men had political motives.

We can say that none of the five are members of a neo-Nazi group,” said deputy Krakow police commander Andrzej Rokita.

I am guessing that these young men are probably some sort of proto-Nazis, given what I am able to glean from that hard-hitting, in-depth coverage.  Just a hunch.   At least we know that they are not juveniles, so the media are not refusing to identify them for any legitimate reason.

Al-Reuters printed the rest of the police commander’s asinine, dhimmified, craven statement:

“Their motive was undoubtedly theft. We’ll be able to say later whether the crime was ordered or they acted on their own initiative,” he told a news conference.

Uh-huh. You just keep telling yourselves that, Poland, because appeasement and denial worked out really well before, right before you were run over by the Nazis and the Soviets.

“Their motive was undoubtedly theft.” And the motive for Kristallnacht was undoubtedly vandalism.


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