Iran’s growing desperation – The Economist

WHAT more can Iran’s ruthless rulers do to squash their opponents? Since nationwide protests broke out last June over the disputed results of presidential elections, the official winner, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has pulled few punches. His security apparatus has beaten and arrested thousands, tried scores of dissidents in kangaroo courts, hounded others into exile, throttled the press and jammed the airwaves. But the massive and violent demonstrations that engulfed the capital, Tehran, and other cities on December 26th and 27th suggested that repression only deepens and broadens the opposition.

via Iran’s increasing turmoil: Growing desperation | The Economist.

  • Alex Kovnat

    The possibility that Iran might use nuclear weapons against Israel is understandably the first concern of the Jewish people. But all people of goodwill, whatever their race or creed, should also be concerned about the possibility that the Iranian regime may use nuclear weapons against their own people, to deter massive riots against the Mullah regime. Desire for an ultimate anti-riot/anti-insurrection weapon may, for all we know, be the main reason why the mullahs want nuclear weapons.