Jimmy Carter and the Politics of Apology – by Jacob Laksin


When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jimmy Carter is no stranger to apologies. The former president has spent years making excuses for Hamas, championing the Palestinian jihadists as the embattled victims of Israeli aggression – the group’s exterminationist founding charter and record of terrorism notwithstanding. Now it’s Israel’s turn to profit from Carter’s dubious public relations tactics.

After years of demonizing the Jewish state on the world stage, Carter at last has seen the error of his ways. Or so he says: Last week, Carter issued a statement to the Jewish community in which he apologized for his role in tarnishing Israel’s image and, invoking a traditional Jewish prayer, asked for forgiveness.

“I never intended or wanted to stigmatize the nation of Israel, even though I have disagreed with the settlement policy all the way back to the White House,” Carter reportedly said. He also urged that “[w]e must recognize Israel’s achievements under difficult circumstances,” and that “we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel.”

In completely unrelated news, Carter’s grandson, 34-year old Atlanta attorney Jason Carter, is running for a state senate seat in a suburban Georgia community that just happens to be home to a proportionally small but politically significant Jewish population.

If Carter’s conversion to nuance on the issue he has long viewed through a thoroughly anti-Israel lens seems more than a trifle expedient, it is. This after all is the man whose 2007 book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, notoriously equated democratic Israel with South Africa’s regime of racist discrimination. The author now suggests that he overstated his case, and that he regrets the book’s inflammatory title. Carter remains critical of Israeli settlements, but he now allows that Palestinians aren’t actually suffering under the yoke of racist apartheid. His mistake

For Israel’s supporters, that concession, however self-evident, could still be welcome. Yet it’s difficult to see Carter’s mea culpa as a genuinely good-faith effort to undo the damage his campaigning has done to Israel’s reputation. Most conspicuously, there is the convenient timing of his contrition, which comes as his grandson aims to fill a post vacated by Jewish politician – David Adelman, now the Obama administration’s nominee for ambassador to Singapore – in a district with an influential Jewish community. In such circumstances, having one of the world’s preeminent detractors of the Jewish state as a direct relative is not exactly a selling point.

Even if opportunism doesn’t fully explain Carter’s apology, his second thoughts remain deeply suspect. Just days before airing his regrets, Carter published an op-ed in London’s Guardian that rehearsed many of the anti-Israel tropes for which he now purports to be sorry.

In making a case for a renewed Middle Eastern peace process, Carter excused Arab intransigence (“no Arab or Islamic nation will accept any comprehensive agreement while Israel retains control of East Jerusalem”); whitewashed Palestinian terrorism (Carter made only an oblique reference “Palestinian recalcitrance”); and blamed Israel and Israeli leaders for the failure of past negotiations even as he exempted Palestinians from comparable scrutiny.

Equally deplorable, if typical, was Carter’s one-sided and selective account of the background of the conflict. Though lamenting the “intense personal suffering” of Palestinians living “under siege in Gaza” in the aftermath of last year’s war, Carter never mentioned the relentless eight-year rocket bombardment of Israeli cities and villages that forced the Israeli offensive. Similarly, Carter denounced Israel’s reluctance to allow the shipment of construction materials like cement into Gaza, but failed to note both that Israel has indeed allowed some limited shipment of materials and the reason why it has to screen such shipments in the first place: Construction materials are routinely used by Palestinian terrorists to build rockets and fortifications. In yet another revisionist flourish, Carter accused Israel of destroying Palestinian schools and hospitals with “precision bombs missiles” during the Gaza war, while omitting the critical fact that they often served as havens for Hamas gunmen who tried to exploit the Israeli military’s restraint and its reluctance to strike civilian targets.

But nothing betrayed Carter’s biases as plainly as the one concrete proposal he offered to begin the peace process: urging the United Nations Security Council to pass even more resolutions condemning Israel. It was precisely the kind of stigmatization of Israel for which Carter would reject within days. Apologizing for such attacks apparently did not mean abandoning them.

Unfairly singling out Israel for criticism is not the worst of Carter’s sins. After all, the United Nations, whose Goldstone report is only the most recent example of the agency’s anti-Israel animus, has long made a habit of doing just that. Far more harmful to the interests of enduring peace in the Middle East is the ex-president’s longtime courtship of Hamas terrorists.

Carter has made no secret of that sinister partnership. On his travels to the Palestinian territories, Carter routinely sings the terrorist group’s praises, assuring all who will listen that, were it not for Israel’s belligerence, Hamas long ago would have accepted a ceasefire and laid down its arms. At times, Carter’s apologetics have gone from the merely credulous to the pernicious, as when he claimed that the tunnel networks that Hamas used to attack and kidnap Israeli soldiers were really “defensive” structures.

That the United States and Europe consider Hamas a terrorist group has not dampened Carter’s enthusiasm for the jihadists. In January 2006, he called on the international community to defy laws on terrorism financing and launder money to Hamas in the form of relief aid. Not even Hamas leaders themselves can convince Carter that peace is the furthest thing from their intentions. Hamas leader-in-exile Khaled Meshal has never hidden his support for suicide terrorism and has called destroying Israel the “destiny” of the Palestinian people. That didn’t keep Carter from seeking out Meshal for a friendly chat about peace negotiations in the spring of 2008.

If Carter truly feels that an apology is in order, he might consider atoning for his role in promoting a terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of Israelis, brutalized its fellow Palestinians, poisoned the political climate in the region, and destroyed any hope for a present-day peace settlement. But that sorry contribution to the peacemaking that Carter still claims as his life’s work would require something more substantial than a bankrupt and cynically proffered apology.

  • Underzog

    When Jimmuh was running for President, someone mentioned that “Jimmuh” was one of the three or four phoniest people he ever saw in his life.

    This is still true today. Carter's apology is phony as he puts the conditional if in his so-called apology. The conditional if included in the apology implies that stoopid people interpreted his antisemitic attacks on Israel as antisemitic attacks on Israel.

    He is not the only Democrat to pull this garbage. James Webb ran an anti-Semitic campaign against George Allen, presenting him as a Jew exploiter of the workers and slyly implying that he was a Christkiller to boot (see Ann Coulter). Sen. Webb made such a phony apology, too.

    “Jimmuh” Carter makes this apology because some Jews have questioned his anti-Semitic views to his grandson and Carter wanted to help him. Jews in “Jimmuh's” grandson's district should vote en masse against the anti-Semite's grandson, at least, for his grandfather trying to deceive them on the grandson's behalf.

  • keithrage

    Your a disgrace Mr Carter, with typical guile, you try to sell a different tune for personal gain, I would not even buy a peanut from you.

  • bearone7777

    This man is not to be trtusted. He is one of the biggest phonies–THAT CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIAN IN THIS NATION. In the end of times he will pay. He is most likely doing this because he wants to go down in history as more of a statesmen than before, and I will tell you for whatever reason he is doing it I Pray that the nation of Israel will nnot accept this mans apology. He is a man that does not deserve to be listened to anymore.

    Larry D. Crumbley

  • Bill Ford

    He once wrote too many Jews relative to a candudate while President. He has not changed. His relative is running for office in conservative Georgia hence the need tom apepar pro israel and contrite. A miserable liar and coward.God will deal withnhim one day forever.

  • antifascist18

    The Democrats -

    Always giving America cowardly, lying, anti-semite, reverse racist bigots and a few perverts like B. Clinton and Brenda aka Barney Frank.

    First Carter, now the little pew sitter who is crapping up the White House with banana sh*t.

    The Democraps, courtesy of Soros and MoveOn.Org should really label themselves as the New American NAZI party. David Duke, kindly step aside. Jimmuh and BonZo are here.

  • jacob

    Whoever wants to believe in Carter's repentance, does it at its own peril.

    The man has no morals and his “position”, has been for sale to highest bidder since
    he left the White House. His tirades and book against Israel are paid by the SAUDIS..

    People do not remember or were not informed that,for a “donation” to his Carter Center, he endorsed Peru's FUJIMORI's “reelection” in what was known then and proven after as a blatant fraud, causing his ousting from the Presidency
    Or endorsed an even more blatant and shameless fraud in CHAVEZ' “referendum”
    for a ONE MILLION DOLLARS “donation” to the same institution…

    With such a baggage, it is incredible for this man to have the unmitigated gall to keep on exploiting his “history” for the many fools in this world's jungles but then again, morality is not precisely the strong point of this rotten and corrupted world….

    As to me, I would tell publicly Mr. CARTER to take his contrition and apology and shove it where the sun doesn't shine, which is precisely what I would expect from the Israeli govmt but I'm afferaid I'm barking at the wrong tree…

  • thalpy

    There is no good reason to ever hear from Jimmy Carter again.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    “in a suburban Georgia community that just happens to be home to a proportionally small but politically significant Jewish population.”.

    Geeee…is there any other kind of jew community?? 3% of the US population YET they OWN and RUN 95% of ALL of our media including TV, radio and movies and news stations. I can only imagine what it would be like if we changed “JEW” to “Saddam” and see if people think we would be getting unbiased and fair reporting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ian-Xvzx/1012298869 Ian Xvzx

    Jimmy Carter the man responsible for humiliating America during the Iran Hostage crisis.Carter is the negotiate and surrender man.
    28 monitor

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    How about we take those American cluster bombs and 300+ nukes of Israels and shove them up the jews collective asses? They are, after all, noithing more than terroristic baby-raping, two-faced, mass-murdering, genocidal hypocrites, treasonous to America and all who back them.
    If we cut off ALL aid to Israel, we wouldn't be the target of the misguided Arabs. but alas, considering we all know how devious and conniving the filthy jew can be, they will find another 9/11 or Lavon Affair or USS Liberty to make the Americans all to well aware of how they need our jew homeland security and jew patriot act to steal our rights and liberties.
    How long before we realize the filthy jews are doing to US what they did to pre-WWII Germany,? We all saw how THAT turned out. Perhaps America needs a Hitler figure to rise from the ashes to free us as well. But this time, no more Mr. Nice Guy! Kill them all and let's give those back-stabbing jews their 6 million!


  • jacob

    AKINGU :

    You can bark all you want and your BRAYING measures up to your irrational hate…

    Of course, MEIN KAMPF permeated your brain and that is why you parrot that
    Germany lost WWI because of the Jews..

    As to your wishes , allow me to say ISRAEL would have little hateful men like you for breakfast if its leaders wouldn't it be suffering of the epidemic fatal sickness known as “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” that allowed for the moronic OSLO accords, the 1982 escape of ARA-RAT and his cutthroats to TUNISIA, the GAZA “disengagement” brainstorm of SHARON, the 2006 Lebanon campaign and the murderers exchange fo two israeli soldier skeletons, the 9 years of HAMAS bombardment of South Israel and SDEROT and finally
    CAST LEAD, then please allow me to dispute your assertion of DIRTY JEWS, as I'm sure they bathe and keep their homes way cleaner that a scumbag like you ever would and will rather accept the qualification of STUPIDITY and FOOLISHNESS

    Happy new year to you…
    You know what I mean

  • USMCSniper

    Corrupt piece of southern white trash is a travesty and a criminal.

    President Jimmy Carter attempted to demand illegal financial favors for his political friends from Georgia by the Shah of Iran. The rejection of this illegal demand by the Shah could led to Presidental Carters resolve to remove the Iranian Emperor from office.

    The linkage between the destruction of the Shahs Government directly attributable to Carters actions and the Iran-Iraq war which cost millions of dead and injured on both sides, and to the subsequent rise of radical Islamist terrorism makes the new information of considerable significance.

    Pres. Carters anti-Shah feelings appeared to have ignited after he sent a group of several of his friends from his home state, Georgia, to Tehran with an audience arranged with His Majesty directly by the Oval Office and in Carters name. At this meeting, as reported by Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda to some confidantes, these businessmen told the Shah that Pres. Carter wanted a contract. previously awarded to Brown & Root to build a huge port complex at Bandar Mahshahr, to be cancelled and as a personal favor to him to be awarded to the visiting group at 10 percent above the cost quoted by Brown & Root.

    The group would then charge the 10 percent as a management fee and supervise the project for Iran, passing the actual construction work back to Brown & Root for implementation, as previously awarded. They insisted that without their management the project would face untold difficulties at the US end and that Pres. Carter was trying to be helpful. They told the Shah that in these perilous political times, he should appreciate the favor which Pres. Carter was doing him.

  • gray man

    you sir are a filthy liar. Go crawl back under your rock.

  • cndfox

    For all of you “opinionated” people who do not understand the “Middle East” mess at all, I suggest you read a book by Robert Littell called “Vicious Circle”. Then you you can reserve your “hate statements and opinions” for those that deserve them. Namely the “men and women” on both sides of the conflict who will do anything in their power to make sure that peace is never achieved in that region of the world. Yes…they are BOTH very much to blame. And unfortunately yes, once again, “religion” is playing a key part in the violence and killing. Will “human beings” ever learn?

  • tinatrent

    Remember, Jimmy Carter's Carter Center, subsidized by the world's most oppressive gender apartheid-ists, touts itself as a force for social justice, particularly voting rights. On the bodies of women, one supposes, who may be quietly excluded from rights, including voting, if the price is right. He should apologize more often, not less.

  • USMCSniper

    Ahhh Sighhh…. Another one too stupid to even suspect that he is stupid!

  • USMCSniper

    Suburban Georgia where Carter comes from is White Redneck Trash like his brother “Beer Billy Carter” What an anti-semetic ignorant uneducated fool you are!

  • Sashland

    Well, akingu is not entirely a liar. In fact, his rants reveal his deep seated goal of genocide to the Jews. That is honest, even if exceedingly offensive.

    Carter should understand that this goal is shared by his friends hamas; a real apology would acknowledge the SPECIFICS of Carter's outrageous statements and why they were hurtful, he should take responsibility ( and not, essentially, blame the listeners for having taken offense), and promise not to do it again. He should speak directly to those who have “mis”used his statements to harm Israel, and put them on notice that Israel has the right to exist in peace, and their is NO justification for their continued attacks (which also happen to violate the agreed “Road Map”).

    The proof of reasonable forgiveness will lie in his actually changing his behavior.

    There are proper ways to apologize, and then there is the Carter not-really-an-apology.


    Maybe there is hope; Carter should receive a blasting welcome from hamas next time he visits. I'd love to be a fly-on-the-wall as he explains his “tactic” to the hamas leadership.

    Maybe its his relationship with hamas that should be the subject of apology.

    In any case, it would be best for all if Carter would just shut-up and move into the basement of his library. Isn't that where you are supposed to keep your crazy uncle?

  • CowboyUp

    Me either, and I'm a Georgian that'll drive miles out of his way for a good fresh batch of boiled peanuts. I'd rather be known for Paul Coverdell, Sam Nunn, or even Zell Miller who I opposed for most of his political career, but who earned my respect (and vote, if he would have ran for his Senate, making Sam Nunn the only dp politician I've voted for in 24 years of voting) and pride, when he put his country and constituents above his party.

  • andrewnitzberg

    Now THAT is a classic anti-semite. And look, he is a buddy of ex-President Jimmy Carter.

  • andrewnitzberg

    There is so much fictional nonsense written about Israel and the Middle East it is unwise to place all of your eggs in the basket of one source.

  • CowboyUp

    Oh, I know what to do with those Rockeyes, and I'd contribute to the fund that keeps an F-16 aloft with a load of them for the launchpoint of every rocket coming out of Gaza or Lebanon, before they can scoot (too bad if the idiots launch from a neighborhood, like they often do), and preferably before they can even finish setting up to launch.

    We were the target of 'misguided arabs' over a century before Israel was reestablished, I'm not dumb enough to believe our problem with 'misguided arabs' is Israel. If I were, I still wouldn't be evil or stupid enough to to side with them over the Israelis. Our very existence offends the mad mullahs and aq (who get all their fame and power from waging war against America), they'll kill us until we kill them.

    Prewar Germany? You mean interwar Germany, which was a result of losing WW2. You sound like you got your *ss kicked by a Jew somewhere down the line for running your idiot mouth.

  • bubba4

    In Horowitz's world and thus on FPM, Israel and jews never do anything wrong. They are beyond criticism. If you do then you're anti-semitic and Laskin will happily type up a smear article about you.

    Laskin doesn't honestly believe that Jimmy Carter prevented a present-day peace settlement. Being extreme is being “serious” on FPM.

    Jews have a special word for people that hate them, but what they need is a special word for jews that think they are better than goys yet constantly wrongly persecuted for their specialness.

  • DemocracyFirst

    I'd also love to get unbiased reporting. Unfortunately, while the media is not 95% Jewish owned, it is 95% left wing owned. The only unbiased reporting comes from Fox, which – how fortuitously – offers the most watched news reports and political shows. It is owned by Murdoch, who is not Jewish. Good thing. Because if he were Jewish, chances are he'd be left wing and provide the usual left wing, anti-Israel, anti-American slant we take for granted from other news sources, both Jewish and non Jewish owned.

  • Lary9

    Ak~ You have really raised the whacky-bar to new heights. It's gonna be hard for me to get a rise out of these guys at Front Page since I'm only an old toothless liberal–not a raving, delusional psychopath with a thorazine-resistant attitude.

  • Lary9

    Well. Surprise! I like James Earl Carter and although his presidency was ineffective (even he admits this), he has worked harder than any former prez in retirement. I don't even know why such a good man needs defending. Jimmy Carter should be honored by his countrymen for his service–his US Navy sub service, his political career and his work with the Carter Center. Not to mention staying married to Rosalyn for over 50 years! Thank the gods y'all are self-marginalizing wingnuts.

  • Lary9

    Sashland says of Aginku's Jew-loathing~
    “That is honest, even if exceedingly offensive”
    Well then, Sash, I guess it's OK for you to let him slide on it. I won't. I don't care if it is honest. A lot of outrageousness gets a free pass just because it's honestly held and the hate-perp is proud of it. I love having completely open 1st Amendment speech-lanes. I like to know what rocks all the haters are hiding under when its time to reach down and give 'em a righteous 'Gotcha!'

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    Funny that. smartest thing out of your mouth appears to be your fathers dick, you ill-read, illiterate fuck. Read “It Wasn't the Arabs” http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/columns/arabs.htm and get a REAL look at the filthy kikes : a view unobscured by the walls of your zionist rectum.
    I'm guessing YOU never had the balls to serve your country and actually SEE for yourself, like I did, how evil the jews are!
    Now go bray with your other commie liberal jew friends you simpering lemming asswipe.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    Coming from you, well, that has no impact on anything. Your previous posts have alrready showm what a complete fucktard asshole YOU are! sniper? What's your MOS then fuckboy? Don't go looking it up either, as I suspect you're just a wanna be Marine. Probably flunked out of the PCP and got molt recycled oput for a medical.
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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    I hate the jews for what they have done to my country and my race. taking away prayer, 10 Commandments, back-stabbing Americans vis-a-vis Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, 9/11, anthrax, Homeland Security, making illegals have more Rights than American citizens, same with the niggers and other turd world scum who are here with NO loyalties to America and for shoving their faggot agenda on us and our chiuldren. It's NOT the Arabs who own 98% of ALL American media, is it? But it IS the fucking kikes!
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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • antifascist18

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  • antifascist18

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  • antifascist18

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  • antifascist18

    When the Iranian A-Bomb given to Al-Qaeda hits your home Lary, I hope you'll thank him then – especially for betraying the Shah, and sitting on his gutless ass while our people were taken hostage. He sent in a half-assed commando raid (the men were brave, but they had no equipment, no back up, thanks to the gutless wonder known as Carter) and then did nothing afterwards.

    If you survive the nuclear attack, I sure hope you'll want to sit in the docket with the coward, liar, reverse racist, Klan Acolyte and Anti-Semite when he stands on trial for treason. He disgraced the US Navy, and he's a disgrace to ALL GOOD AMERICANS – except to the Leftards and Nazis, just ask akingu aka jujubeee.

  • antifascist18

    You're as much an idiot and an anti-Semite as your foul-mouthed jungle bunny buddy akingu is, bubba.

    Even more of an idiot considering your remark that “neo-con” has nothing to do with smearing Jews. I guess you've been reading your copies of stormfront.org, the Daily Kos aka Manure, and Puff Ho backwards or blind, otherwise the anti-semitism associated with the term “neo-con” is as clear as a bell.

    And so is your Jew-hate.

    Take Akingu, Carter, Obama and move to Iran – or better yet, Gaza.

  • antifascist18

    Right on, Cowboy Up.

    What we have in akingu is a classic case of a girlieboy who keeps forgetting to change his diapers, so that the smell deters anyone from changing them for him. Consequently, we've got a little baby who is constantly irritated.

    He revealed he truly lost his marbles going after a Cowboy and a Marine – things he could never be in his worthless flea-encrusted mere shadow of a being.

    A pissant like him will never understand that it was his beloved Arab Muslims who gave America 9/11 and other atrocities. In his pea-shell of a mind it'll be Orthodox Jews or Neo-Cons. Maybe Gaza or Tehran isn't the place for him – but a modern day version of St. James Infirmary with a permanent straightjacket, that is, if the attendants wear gas masks to keep them from the stench he exudes.

  • USMCSniper

    Akingu, you are really only an uneducated sewer mouth who knows less than nothing, because what you know is wrong. What a basketcase.

  • USMCSniper

    I will have you know you babbling basketcase I am a very highly decorated honorabley discharged hetrosexual combat Marine, Cpl E-04 Fireteam Leader, Lima Co, 3/3/3, III MAF, South Vietnam, Operations, Starlite, Harvest Moon, Utah, Pirannah I & II, and the big one in the DMZ Hastings.

    I had many chinese, vietnamese, japanese girlfriend, who love me for long time, on very good R&Rs when I was in the orient when I wasn't strolling the rice paddies with my bad attitude.

  • Lary9

    I'm a 1st Amendment guy so I'm taking notes and just going to ignore the bile you spew. Still… I'd rather know you're out there than not know. Glad you're comfortable revealing your position under that rock. I think you need to get laid.

  • Lary9

    It's unlikely they're aiming one at Plains, Georgia.
    Why don't you Carter bashers go to this Wkiipedia link and take a look at what this peanut farmer did with his life?
    Match that.

  • antifascist18

    You live in Plains with the pissant, Lary? I'm talking big city.

    What Carter did with his life, hmmm, elicit support from the Ku Klux Klan when he initially ran for office, (one good thing – supported our troops in 'Nam until) became a born-again “Liberal”, ran for Prez as a Conservative Democrat, taking away votes from those better qualified to lead like Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson, the last decent Democrats, then totally adapting MisGovern Leftist policies, even appeasing a belligerent Soviet Union at the time.

    Then after shipping advanced US weaponry to the Saudis (after all, even then they were cutting him big personal paychecks) he “stabbed” the Shah of Iran in the back (probably because the Shah was too friendly to Israel) and let a monster take over Iran. Then of course sitting like the coward he was and is on Nov. 4, 1979. If he had turned Tehran into a radioactive paved parking lot the next day – or even perhaps threatened to do so, we might have been not only spared the Hostage ordeal, but there might never have been an Al Qaeda or an Ahmedinejedad.

    That is HIS Legacy. Screw building a house here and there.

    He is, like his political idol Tom Watson, who judicially murdered Leo Frank, a coward, a liar, a reverse racist in many ways, and yes, an anti-Semite, and by endorsing the Palestinians, he like Watson essentially returned to his KKK roots.

  • Lary9

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  • antifascist18

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  • bubba4

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    Weally Warry?? Why would I hide the truth from anyone? It's zionist kikes like YOU who always resort to name-calling, demeaning replies, threats and vulgarity at the end. It's called Typical Kike Behaviour or TKB.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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  • antifascist18

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  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

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    Lucky for you the Corps is still 'don't ask don't tell', neh??


  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    Sounds like you done that to guys before. Is that how you get your kicks fag boy?

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    So what? Sgt E-5, 1BN, BCo, Libya, DS in '90. You write as if your brains been scrambled from all that DDT they dropped on your peace nik ass.
    I'll grudgingly admire your balls and guts for serving our country, something half these nutless cocksuckers could never do.
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  • antifascist18

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  • USMCSniper

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    Allah has a hard-on for we Marines because we kill every raghead we see! He plays His games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep heaven packed with fresh raghead souls! Allah was here before the Marine Corps! So they can give ragheaded heart to Allah but their taghead asses belong to the Corps! Do you raghead lovers understand?

    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle. It is our killer instinct which must be harnessed if we expect to survive in combat. our rifles are only our tools. It is a hard heart that kills. If our killer instincts are not clean and strong we will hesitate at the moment of truth. We will not kill. We will become dead Marines.

    As for all the ragheads. Kill 'em a;;. put 'em all in piles and burn 'em and let Allag sort 'em. There is nothing like the smell of burning ragheads in the early morning, Ha ha

    Akingu I know your type well. You would give it to you buddy in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    You know me well? HA! You're rhetorically parroting your MC codes of honor without a single free thought of your own. Sad really.
    Those ragheads were our Allies in the 70s and if it wasn't for the kikes and their assassinations, treasonous actions against Americans and making it look like the Arabs did it, well, we wouldn't BE fighting them but rather fighting WITH them to get rid of the yids that infect their lands!

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    hey dumbass, it wasnb't ARABS buysted FILMING, CHEERING AND DANCING as the planes hit out towers! It wasn't the ARABS who got phone calls from JEW-OWNED ONEGA telling them to stay out of jew york!
    Explain THAT asshole! Also explain the 3 jews driving the van packed full of explosives with the WTC mural pained on the side, you ignorant faggot commie!

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    really fag boy? cyber eunuchs like YOU always get their assed kicked when they come face-to-face with guys like me.
    You think you can take on a combat experience Marine, you faggot-sucking, nigger-loving, commie asshole?? Feel free: Covington, OH. 937-558-1478. Call me when you get here. Bring some friends.

  • jacob


    I was surprised learning that an alleged US Marine would have such prejudiced ideas and use publicly the profanity you use…

    To begin with, allow me to tell you are so full of you-know-what, it is not only pathetic but I bet you the whites of your eyes are also BROWN.

    So now all of sudden, this moron claims that the scum that caused the 9/11 horror weren't ARABS and that those dancing
    and giving out candy in QUEENS, celebrating the horror, weren't ARABS but JEWS…! ! !

    Allow me to tell, you stupid bastard, that you have the biggest chrome plated brass balls I ever heard of any ignorant and stupid idiot to show.
    Next you are going to state that the murderers of US Presidents ever assassinated were also JEWS, Right ??

    And what other sin your rotten mind wants to come up with ??

    Thank GOD, Americans haven't shed a drop of sweat, let alone
    of blood, for ISRAEL, because if it would ever be so, biased
    morons like you would be ranting and raving about it to the end
    of times…

    But let me remind you that anyone can throw shit on the wall but only the experts can make it stick.
    And neither you nor any of your ilk are any such experts…

    And I rather believ you are as much of Marine as I'm the Pope, because to swallow all that crap, line, hook and sinker, you must a raghead…
    No Marine can be that stupid

  • CowboyUp

    I'll take your word for it, I'm not up on “pedo” lingo or practice, and don't care to learn, but then I'm no carter fan either.

  • CowboyUp

    My family life was obviously much different from yours, but I'm starting to see where your PhD in perversion came from. From the filth you're spewing, It's obvious you also suffer from rectal-cranial inversion syndrome, and see evil as good. By all means, continue making a fool and *ss of yourself, and acting your shoe size.

    I did serve, and yes it was and is the muzzies and commies. I'm a proud Christian Zionist, and I accept none of the choices the jihadis offer me, opting instead to give them their martyrdom.

  • CowboyUp

    I think the only army he ever served in was the HALO army, he sounds more like a schoolkid still impressed with profanity.

  • Alan

    Hey Cowboy Up,

    I almost chose not to respond to the lil' lobotomy candidate and pissant perv aka akingu but you hit it right on the nail.

    Ever check out his website? Very funny. He hates Jews, he hates Christians, he hates Obama, who's a natural ally of girlieboys like “him”. So, we're obviously dealing with one Danielle aka David Duke or one of “her” boyfriends.

    Just another Fascist fruitcake who had both his toys and his meds taken away from him, and “he's” also bawling because the diaper is dirty and smelly and “he” doesn't know how to change it. Maybe one of “his” Arab Muslim boyfriends whom “he” absolves for 9/11 (yep, must be dem Jooz agin) is available to help or service akingu – doesn't matter what.

  • Alan

    akingu was never in the u.s. marines. maybe the girlieboy castro street golden showers sailors, but never a Marine. They don't recruit girlieboys or pissants even though they did recruit Jim Baker and Jim Jones.

  • antifascist18

    You're a moron and a transgendered loser, akingu. Go home – Castro Street or better yet, the roach fece hotel in Gaza is awaiting you.

  • antifascist18

    you were disproven, discredited and just plain dissed a long time ago, hitlerite asshole. Go back to your roach fece covered Muslim boyfriend and your roach fece dinner, dopey.

  • CowboyUp

    That should have read “losing WW1.”

  • geraldahonigman


    Gerald A. Honigman

    Apology Not Accepted…
    December 26, 2009

    Ex-President Jimmy Carter has recently asked Jews for forgiveness.

    Among his other sources of conflict with members of the Tribe are his persistently, one-sided takes on Arab-Israeli issues culminating in his book equating Israel with the former apartheid regime of South Africa.

    Carter claims that the fact that his grandson is now running for office in their home state of Georgia has nothing to do with his apology. He states that Jews only make up 2% of the county where his grandson lives–about the same percent that Jews make up in the nation at large–and so uses this as further evidence of the integrity of his intentions.


    Now, before I go any further, let me say that I voted for Carter in the '70s.

    I liked his approach to environmental concerns. I believed that, given the way man has trashed this planet, any further mistakes–if they had to be made–needed to be on the side of caution and sane conservation.

    For a number of reasons–especially after the Iran fiasco–I soon came to regret my decision.

    I'll never forget watching the Democrat National Convention on television a while back, and watching Carter chasing after that other hero of the Arabs, general anti-Semites, and the ultra left.

    Yes, there was Mr. “Apartheid Israel” kissing the derriere of his Hollywood producer comrade, Michael “Israel is one of the three top evils in the world” Moore.

    Birds of a feather, peas of the same pod, and so forth.

    Like other Gentile politicos, the Democrat, Carter, has received millions of dollars from Arabs for his help in demonizing Israel and Jews. Ex-Secretary of State James f_ _ _ the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway Baker III, a Republican, is his worthy counterpart. Both have plenty of company.

    Well, I have a way Jimmy can put this all to rest…sort of.

    Since he is a man of the world whose books do indeed reach millions and influence world opinion, I have a new assignment for him–one which he should not have had me have to assign to him.

    After all, for decades now, if Israel took one too many breaths, he was there to investigate, criticize, and dissect it under the high power lens of moral scrutiny. Most often, his critiques were given little or no context whatsoever. Jewish victims were constantly blamed themselves when issues such as blown buses, checkpoints, the security barrier, and such were discussed. Constantly, Arabs were given a virtual free pass in Carter's assessments.

    While constantly indulging in such hypocrisy, Carter acted deaf, dumb, and blind regarding what was happening in the region surrounding the nation of the Jews–his perpetually favorite target.

    So, since he couldn't figure out that he needed to do this himself, here's his assignment. If he completes it, his words of apology to Jews might gain some credibility.

    Jimmy, your first task is to travel to re-visit your friend, Bashar al-Assad, the butcher of Damascus and author of the “Hama Solution's” son, in Syria.

    I'm sure that the last time you guys met, the word “Kurd” never left your lips…while you were discussing mutual disgust regarding the nation of the Jews.

    So, since you worry so much about Arab rights and conditions–which are harmed precisely because they want that tiny, sole nation of the Jews dead–you must now, at long last, demand that “Arab” Syria stop murdering and subjugating its millions of Kurds. The latter are not even allowed to speak their own language, have been forcibly Arabized for decades–yet I don't recall a peep about their plight ever being uttered from your lips. Only America's toppling of Saddam changed things for the better for “Arab” Iraq's millions of Kurds. Again, not a peep out of you about them, nor concern over their brethren in the Turkish and Iranian portions of Kurdistan either…some thirty five million perpetually used and abused stateless people. Why hasn't their plight caught your attention?

    The second part of your assignment will take you to “Arab” North Africa.

    Since you are allegedly so concerned about human rights, you will finally have to break your troubling silence about the plight of another truly stateless people (Arabs have almost two dozen states; “Palestinians”–no matter how you define them–are Arabs), the thirty million or so Imazhigen/Berbers, who predate their Arab conquerors by millennia and who, like the Kurds, have had their own language and culture outlawed by Arabs and who have been murdered if they have resisted. All of these things are happening in the here and now. Amazigh parents being told they must name their children with Arab names and other such goodies.

    Why the silence?

    If this was Israel doing one tenth of this , you'd be writing another book about those nasty Jews.

    Okay, moving on.

    Your next assignment has you moving just a bit south and east into the Sudan.

    While Darfur in the west has been making the news of late, the forced Arabization of the south by the north has been going on for centuries and exploded once again in the '60s.

    Where has Carter been while this Arab enslavement, genocide, and such against black Africans (and not only in the Sudan) has been going on? And, unlike the most of the south, the blacks in Darfur are also Muslims…so, this goes beyond a religious jihad and truly involves Arab racism, pure and simple. Many quotes from black victims have testified to this.

    And where has he been when millions of native Copts in “Arab” Egypt suffered this same subjugation, intimidation, Arabization, murder, and such? Or regarding the plight of the Middle East's native Jews– those whom Arabs call “their” kilab yahud…Jew Dogs. One half of Israel consists of such Jews from “Arab” lands…the other half of the refugee problem Carter doesn't seem to know or care about.

    Alright…it's time to bring this to an end.

    So, here's the deal, Mr. Carter…

    Write your book and give your speeches and write your articles taking Arabs to task for the crimes they have committed against everyone else in the region besides themselves–real crimes, not measures Israel has been forced to take to merely survive Arab slaughter–and those Jews who care (many don't, so they will support you right now) will take you seriously.

  • CowboyUp

    Ah, he was US Coast Guard, who I'd never forget (people from my school went in every branch). I thought his link was to someone else's conspiracy theory page and didn't bother at first. Anyone who'll ride a cutter or smaller through a storm more than once may well be the Ahole he appears, but he's no wuss.

    I'm now wondering if his youngster is on daddy's computer. I've never known a US NCO, much less an Officer with such lame insults. Both are usually much more creative.

  • antifascist18

    If he ever did serve in our Armed Forces, be it Marines or Coast Guard, he's a disgrace. Sure, there are Neo-Nazis who have served, just ask Jeremiah Wright, can't ask the late, unlamented, killed by one of his own boyfriends George Lincoln Rockwell…but they're usually unstable types who have been discharged on a section 8. Could be his kid – or someone with access to his PC, but highly unlikely. If he could speak so disparagingly about America's Allies – and Lie through his teeth about both Jews and Christians, then there is something drastically wrong with the lobotomy candidate.

  • CowboyUp

    Though on occasion your insults get lame and you forget to make a point sometimes, your insults and points are usually much better than anything he's posted.

  • antifascist18

    p.s. i just re-checked the pervert's page and saw nothing about coast guard service, just some idiotic support of Muslim AIDS carriers and babykillers that anyone who truly served in our military wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

    If this bonzo bozo – yep, he's as much a bonzo as Obama is – considers Palestinians who blew up Americans on planes allies, well, he's one very sick fuck.

  • CowboyUp

    I never bought into the 'vicious circle' theory, and I see no equivalence between us and them (who use human shields, deliberately target civilians, and don't wear uniforms). That's partly because I've found disproportionate response is the only thing that works against the mentality we and the Israelis are dealing with.

  • Lary9

    I am existentially comfortable with pointlessness. As a result I never have to deny anything.

  • Lary9

    Liar, liar! Pants on fire!
    No further comment.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    jews can't stand it when the truth hits them in the face like a cow turd. whining, pleading, proclaiming their innocence all the while they stab you in the back and pick your pockets and rape your baby.
    Mmmmm fresh matzo and the blood of a Gentile baby……MAZELTOV!

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    Actually, Rupert Murdoch IS a filthy kike. see “Who Rules America”. Bronfman, Eisner, Murdoch, Rothstein, ALL own and run media America.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    A Christian Zionist?? what an oxymoron, and well, you're just a moron and a waste of sperm.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu
  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    you're the commie faggot. i kicked the shit out of your little wigger, nigger-loving, jew-sucking dope-smoking buddies at protests before. you're all pathetic, weak and worthless.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    and you're a fag wanna be cowboy too, I'll guess. wear your 10 gallon hat to the gay bars as a pick up line.

  • http://www.lemmingreport.blogspot.com Akingu

    you faggots haven't disproven shit! PROVE that it wasn't the JEWS who were busted dancing, filming and cheering on 911 as they filmed the attack!! DISPROVE IT!!

    disprove THAT jews din't get phone calls from Onega!

  • DemocracyFirst

    Sorry to disappoint a filthy anti-Semite, but Murdoch is not Jewish.

  • CowboyUp

    Pssst…your insecurity is showing. You must really hate yourself, lol.

  • CowboyUp

    Ever hear of the Old Testament? Us Christians are half Jewish off the bat, sh*tforbrains.

    Your momma didn't think it was a waste. I guess you were doin' your dad a favor at the time and missed it.

  • antifascist18

    Hey You,

    Yeah you, you stupid piece of human fece. You dumbshit Fascist Fruitcake. If it wasn't for the Jews you wouldn't be alive asshole…You claim to be an former U.S. serviceman, I'll just bet they dumped you with a section 8. Anyone who'd stick up for the same Muslims who gave us 9/11 is a GODDAMN TRAITOR – and that is exactly what you are aQUEENQUEERu.

    You have proven NOTHING about Jews – but we sure can prove a lot about you and your Muslim buddies including that Obama you claim you hate, asshole. You and he are bedroom buddies.

    You wouldn't last five minutes with real American soldiers and you know it.

    If you don't like it here with Dem Jooz, then kindly get the FUCK out. I hate using obscenities but sometimes a plumber hhas to clean the sh*t like this sh*t for brains grandson of Hitler and Obama.

  • antifascist18

    Since he loves talking about 'em AQueerU has proven “himself” to be a regular at those gay bars – heck, he's probably done his “girlfriend” Hedda Lettuce. After all, the Dic has “her” photo on “his” manure-streaked website.


  • antifascist18

    You got A Phone Call from your hairy-assed fag boyfriend Osama Bin Laden, aqueeru.

    Probably did Arafat too – don't forget that Ay-rab Muslim faggot died of AIDS. Should have been sooner than later, but I'm sure aqueeru was in his cracks.


  • Marc

    Wow what kind of self delusion have you guys fallen into? Both the article and the comments are crazy!
    Do you guys really think there never ever have been any wrongdoings by the US or Israel?
    Free speech is there to make criticism possible, but what I read here is a total character assassination of charter.

    The point is that Palestinians lived in Israel / Palestine before the Jews, now they are living in concentration walled off areas, basically ghettos. You guys really think this is an absolutely one sided conflict?

    PS: Comment guidelines: "3. No ad hominem attacks. " Haha the author of this article should have read that!

  • Maurício Campos

    Israeli crimes are so disgusting. She sionists are unable to distinguish crimes of self defense. Tho them, it´s all the same.