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Going Rogue: An American Life, by Sarah Palin (413 pp. HarperCollins, $28.99)

Not the least of Sarah Palin’s talents as a politician is her singular ability to drive her detractors to contradiction. On one hand, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential runner up is dismissed as an obvious joke – a “Caribou Barbie” trifle at best or a right-wing, gun-toting, moose-killing, “religious fanatic” at worst. Yet the foaming disdain for Palin from some precincts of the Left and the news media – and the volumes of ink spilled assuring the public of her utter unfitness for higher political office – belie the charge that she is not to be taken seriously.

So it is with Going Rogue, Palin’s much-anticipated memoir. If early reviews of the book (co-authored with Lynn Vincent) are to be believed, it is the bitter lament of a woman with no future in national politics, a score-settling exercise against all those who relegated her to the Alaskan obscurity from which the McCain campaign once plucked her. Curious, then, that the organs of the online Left, from the Huffington Post to Media Matters, have been consumed with trying to expose the alleged “falsehoods” in the book. And equally odd that the Associated Press assigned no fewer than 10 reporters to “fact check” Going Rogue. How passé can Palin be if her critics are determined to parse her every word?

The short answer, which Going Rogue does much to substantiate, is that Palin is anything but washed up. While the book is frustratingly tight-lipped about her future ambitions, it reveals Palin as a compassionate mother, a combative campaigner, and canny politician whose presence on the failed presidential ticket was no fluke. Her critics, in short, are right to be worried.


Going Rogue begins in August 2008, when Palin received the call from John McCain that would soon transform her from a local-girl-made-good into the most divisive woman in the country not named Clinton. A different sort of politician might have been taken aback by the prospect of joining a presidential ticket, but Palin reveals that, while honored and humbled, she was not surprised. It was, as she saw it, a logical progression in her career. Palin’s critics will no doubt seize on the admission as evidence of egomania, but it seems more consistent with her uniquely Alaskan sense of ambition, a frontier-country spirit that counsels one to capitalize on life’s precious opportunities. “As every Iditarod musher knows, if you’re not the lead dog the view never changes,” Palin writes.

As this bit of folksy wisdom suggests, Alaska is very much central to Going Rogue, just as it is to Palin’s political persona. Some of the book’s most vivid passages are devoted to her home state and her childhood in Wasilla, near the Talkeetna Mountains. From halibut tacos and reindeer sausage, to her sports-crazy family’s routine in her childhood of shutting their ears whenever newscasts came on, so as not to hear the scores of games that had yet to be seen on Alaska’s then-delayed television broadcasts, it is a richly rendered portrait of life in what many in the “lower 48” would still consider the wild.

But one suspects that even in these seemingly innocent passages Palin’s foes will find fodder. For instance, she has only contempt for Hollywood activists who complain about her state’s wolf population control programs, and she is a refreshingly unapologetic defender of the hunting life. Caribou, Palin enthuses, is the “cleanest organic protein on God’s green earth.” Pictures of the Palin clan, with freshly killed caribou atop their car hood, or skinning harbor seals, attest that this affection for the kill is not merely a politician’s pose. Her position on that issue, like her politics generally, is straightforward: “We eat, therefore we hunt,” she explains. Take that, Jonathan Safran Foer.

Yet Palin can also write movingly, especially about her family. Her father, the product of an unloving home, was “determined not to replicate his family’s brokenness in his own.” Her husband and former “first dude” Todd swept her off her feet. After meeting him for the first time high school, she whispered, “Thank you god.”

Palin also writes powerfully about the personal devastation of her two miscarriages, and she does not hide her initial despair that her last child, Trig, would be born with Down syndrome. With a sympathy she lacks in the left-wing caricature, Palin relates her agonizing decision to have a child with the congenital disorder. At one point in the pregnancy, she wondered whether she had enough compassion to carry Trig to term. Despite her pro-life views, she says that she could well understand why some women would choose an abortion. Today, Palin has embraced her decision, right down to the bumper sticker some supporters sent her: “My kid has more chromosomes than your kid!”

The bulk of the book is given over to politics. Palin traces her political career, from her first seat on the Wasilla city council (population in 2000: 5,469), to her two terms as mayor of the town, to her rise through the “good ol’ boys” network in the capital of Juneau to become Alaska’s governor. She is unsparing about the culture of corruption in the capital, which she attributes in part to Juneau’s remoteness from the rest of the state (with no overland access, flights and ferries are the only way into the capital). “Foreign tourists on cruise ships had better access to lawmakers in session” than Alaskan residents, she writes.

During the presidential campaign, Democrats mocked this part of her biography as small-town politics. But Palin shows that even in a small town she was no stranger to the rough-and-tumble tactics so often seen on the national stage. For instance, when she cut her own pay as a newly elected Wasilla mayor, honoring a pledge to do so, her opponents claimed that she was trying to get into a lower tax bracket. When she ran for reelection, her challenger scoffed that his opponent was a “cheerleader” and a “Spice Girl.” Then as now, it was not a particularly convincing charge: Palin won with 75 percent of the vote.

Of course, Going Rogue has not climbed the best seller charts for its insights into Alaskan politics. The most notable parts of the book deal with Palin’s experiences on the presidential campaign. It is no secret by now that Palin had a strained relationship with some McCain campaign staffers, though not, apparently, with McCain himself, for whom she has only praise. There are three main villains: campaign manager Steve Schmidt, a veteran of the 2004 Bush reelection campaign; campaign staffer Nicolle Wallace; and a mainstream media that, as Palin sees it, was all to eager to print their damaging leaks about her.

Pulling no punches, Palin charges that Schmidt and Wallace tried to throw her under the “media bus.” They did so, she alleges, by simultaneously limiting her media exposure and marginalizing her, and by pushing her into ill-conceived interviews that backfired. Palin says that Schmidt repeatedly shot down her ideas, from her complaint that the McCain campaign was prematurely giving up on Michigan one month before Election Day to her request that she deliver a concession speech introducing John McCain. (“Going rogue” was the term that McCain campaign managers coined to describe such off-message moments.) When he called in a nutritionist to manage her diet, it was the last straw. Palin found herself thinking:

“[Y]ou’ve told me how to dress, what to say, who to talk to, a lot of people not to talk to, who my heroes are supposed to be, and we’re still losing. Now you’re telling me what to eat?”

Nicolle Wallace earns a dishonorable mention for getting Palin on a now-notorious interview with CBS’s Katie Couric. In an unsteady performance, Palin had difficulty answering even basic questions like which newspapers she read. But it’s not clear that Wallace was to blame. Palin herself admits that she “choked on a couple of responses,” though she also blames Couric’s “biased questions” and lack of adequate preparation. Less convincingly, Palin insists that she was told that it would be a “mellow” interview about “balancing motherhood and my life as governor.” Even granting that this was so, Palin does not come off well. Her occasional shout outs in the book to Fox News and conservative talk radio hosts will surely be appreciated, but a national politician and a possible vice president should be comfortable handling the media, whatever its biases. Ultimately, Palin ends up sounding like something the self-identified “jock” would never appreciate: a bad sport.

Palin’s is probably right to say that she was mismanaged by Schmidt. But she might have considered the situation from his perspective. Whatever the merits of her off-script suggestion that McCain should have battled on in Michigan, it made the campaign seem in disarray and contributed to the “free fall” that, as Palin herself admits, characterized it in its final days. And while Schmidt’s censorship of Palin might have been excessive, one can hardly fault the campaign for its reluctance to let her speak freely after the disastrous interview with Katie Couric.

In strange contrast to Palin’s resentment of the McCain campaign is her uncritical view of McCain. That is despite the fact that the senator’s weaknesses as a candidate were arguably the greater of the campaign’s liabilities. No one watching the presidential debates, for instance, could have sincerely agreed with her insistence that McCain did “great.” Palin herself hints at the problem when she makes a passing reference to the campaign’s belated focus on the economy. But she declines to note that this focus reflected McCain’s interest in the Middle East, which for him took precedence over economic matters. Amidst a global financial meltdown, McCain was running on the wrong issue.

If Palin’s post-election reckoning sometimes does not go far enough, she is much more effective in demolishing the disinformation, manufactured scandals and outright slanders that dogged her during the campaign.

Contrary to charges that she was improperly vetted, she points out that the McCain campaign camp was very well informed about her background: They knew everything from her voting record on the Wasilla town council to the fact that her daughter Bristol was pregnant – this at a time when she thought only family members privy to the information. In a sly dig at Obama, Palin quips that the McCain campaign even knew what sermons visiting pastors had delivered at her church.

Nor is it true, as some on the Left claimed, that Palin had supported banning books as Wasilla mayor. At one point in the campaign, there even emerged a list of specific books that she had banned. That was particularly odd, she notes, “because some of the books I had supposedly banned had not even been written yet.”

Impressively but unnecessarily, Palin even deigns to answer the lunatic conspiracy theory – an obsession of The Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan – that she was not Trig’s real mother. Perhaps the best rebuttal was offered to a skeptical questioner by her father: “I know Trig is hers, dumbass. I was there when he popped out.” That’s surely the last thing that needs to be said about that pernicious diversion, even if it won’t pacify the conspiracy theorists.

Palin has her own, if more benign fixations. While the outsider populist image certainly suits her, she often overplays her hand. Palin repeatedly touts her family as “everyday Americans,” or “ordinary Americans” or “regular people from all walks of life.” In case that’s not clear, she stresses that they “like to work union jobs, to be blue-collar… to have our kids at public schools.” Not only does this read like a populist version of identity politics, but it rings at least partially untrue: Spin it any way you like, “ordinary Americans” don’t get $5 million book advances. The aw-shucks sermonizing also sits uneasily with Palin’s penchant for name checking everyone from Pascal, to Napoleon, to Martin Luther King Jr., to Thomas Paine. Palin may dislike the “lamestream media,” but she obviously take seriously the knock that she’s an intellectual lightweight.

For those looking for a deeper statement of political principles, Going Rogue can be something of a letdown. Palin’s vision of less intrusive government and respect for equality is reasonable enough but vague. In a closing section of the book, Palin does set forth some of what she calls “common sense conservative efforts,” but it’s doubtful that policy wonks will be impressed by her sound bite-sized endorsement of tax cutting and less regulation (which taxes? which regulations?). Palin’s core economic insight – “never forget you’re spending other people’s money” – is undeniably useful at a time of soaring deficits and imprudent government spending, but one might have wished for a more elaborate expression of political convictions from a possible future presidential candidate.

The greater disappointment is that Palin remains mysterious about her plans. She says that she left the governorship “to travel and raise money and awareness for worthy causes.” Is a 2012 presidential campaign among them? The reader is left to speculate.

What Going Rogue does confirm is that critics count Palin out at their peril. A skillful politician whose ability to connect with average voters is a real asset, she can only benefit from the populist strain of Big-Government skepticism ushered in by the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress. Love her or hate her, the notion that Palin’s time has passed increasingly looks like the wishful thinking of her critics. Sarah Palin may be going “rogue.” But she’s not going away.

  • Steve Chavez

    No one doubts Palin's popularity but putting in the popular High School jock for Student Council President would soon reveal that the person was unqualified. Palin is unqualified and unknowledgeable on many issues. She knows about as much, or even less, than the daily morning coffee drinkers at the Frontier Restaurant.

    DAVID HOROWITZ FOR PRESIDENT! This man is knowledgeable in almost all areas and he came from the same roots as Obama: FROM COMMIE TO PRESIDENT!

    If Palin is the Presidential candidate, I will move to Cuba and I will personally volunteer to clean Fidel's colostomy bag!

    What if the ticket was BUSH AND CHENEY? That's scary right? I mean JEB BUSH AND LYNN CHENEY! Jeb is in hiding and staying out of trouble and any controversy. Lynn is a guest on news shows and each time, they reveal her credentials and she reveals how knowledgeable she is on many issues.

    Now to Obama in 2012. I predict that Biden will have to resign or might die leaving Obama to pick the VP and he'll surely pick Hillary. That would mean the race would be between two Internationalists/Communists vs. two American's who would put AMERICA FIRST! American's will support that even though the BUSH-CHENEY names are taboo to those with BDS! AT LEAST WITH GWB WE DIDN'T HAVE SUSPICIONS ON WHOSE SIDE HE WAS ON!

  • USMCSniper

    And sex with children is legal. Bad choice!

  • bushlikesdick12

    Huckabee will chew her up and spit her out like a seed in the primary. If she's lucky, he will pick her as his running mate

  • motee
  • sarahhain
  • faizeel
  • solemnman

    McCain and Palin lost all chance of winning when the economy took a nose-dive.They were neck and neck until then -with the trajectory in their favor.Considering the disdain with which they were being treated by the prevailing pollyanna media .and the legacy with which they were lumbered ,They were doing surprisingly well -till the crash.

  • Nathan R. Jessup

    Steve Chavez,
    It is encouraging to know there are a surplus of qualified candidates for Governor at the where? 'Frontier Restaurant'? Perhaps you might be one of them. Listen, you really had the reader's attention and respect for your 'progressive' ideas until you began writing. Yay, “from commie to president!”. Uh…

    As far as the 2012 elections are concerned, if Palin is our Republican nominee for President, consider me FIRST in line to buy you that plane ticket back to your homeland.

    Nathan R. Jessup

  • redstone357

    Unqualified? That is ridiculous. If Bill Clinton and Hussein can be president with their juvenile records then Sara is immentently qualified. Besides all this qualifications stuff is absurd. The qualifications are laid out in the Constitution and they are pretty clear. We would be so lucky to have someone so great become president.

    • Brian614

      Yes, so great that she couldn't finish her job as Governor of Alaska……..she's great alright to keep on making her millions, we want her to stay great doing just that, and keep looking out her back door and see Russia!

  • Steve Chavez

    The Frontier is a famous restaurant across the street from the University of New Mexico where they have the world's best sweet rolls and I could pick any of the regulars, who talk the day's politics, to debate Palin and they would eat her as fast as they eat a sweet roll! All of you know of those types of restaurants. Would you support any of those coffee drinkers for President but you would support Palin?

    My Cuba comment: If Palin is anywhere on the ticket Obama/Hillary will win so I might as go live in Cuba where there will be more freedom!

    “From Commie to President.” Don't you know that David's parents were “card-carrying Communists” and that he was one too? Click on videos below of David with Glenn Beck and you'll hear it. So Obama's ties to Frank Marshall Davis, A COMMUNIST, and all of his COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY education where David also attended and became even more radicalized, makes my “From Commie to President” exactly like Obama! David is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. He's a walking encyclopedia! He'd chew Obama alive too!

    Do you think Palin would be able to argue national and international issues with most of us here? Many of the people here at professionals, meaning they post and read other articles every day. They are very informed. Do the coffee drinkers at the Frontier? Their, and Palin's, arguments are based on very little information and only the tip of the political iceberg.

  • redstone357

    Your misrepresentation of Palin as a lightweight says more about you than it does her. You and your buddies at the restaurant might think you got it all figured out but when one of you gets off his ass and gets elected governor then we will take you seriously.

  • mojobebop

    all things considered biden actually committed more outrageous errors in statements. he was given a free pass however. as far as some inaccuracies in her book, how about obama's fabrications. no one checked, or called him on that.
    look for a full out media onslaught should she become a contender. they will dredge up fiction of all sorts and the american public, hopefully will have suffered so much by then and lost so much that possibly they will be able to see beyond their conditioned biases and cast the right vote. otherwise by the end of another democratic win there will be no america left.

  • mojobebop

    i don't believe huckabee will ever get elected.

  • nathanrjessup

    Ok ok…let's all take it down a notch here. This is not about bashing one another (that always gets me heated and I don't need to be replacing any of the walls in my house). Anyhow Steve, let's start with your comment about the people in here…

    Yes, I do know there are some of us who are well read, politically speaking. In fact, I spend a great deal of my day reading material that only about 5% will make it onto my site ( And yes, I am a professional as well. I could not hold a candle to Sarah Palin's political knowledge or ability to run an entire state (real executive experience you see…). This type of 'hands on' experience (as opposed to legislative, law making) is priceless.

    I am sure you think I am crazy for caring more about a candidates character than their performance in a debate? When elected to office, the President has an “inner-circle” of advisors which he/she can lean on as much or as little as they choose. In Obama's case, this inner-circle has kept his head above water for the first 10 months (barely). As far as I know, most Presidents have had no presidential experience prior to their first term in office. Hence, I would want to know that MY President has a strong moral foundation and is capable of rising to any occasion. While I do see Sarah Palin as such a person, I am not too sure about your New Mexican Cafe's morning patrons?

    You sound like my friend who repeatedly boasts, “I could play professional football” every sunday when we are watching the games. (We all have a friend like this)

    Nathan R. Jessup

  • WTF_Idiots

    God, I love Sarah Palin so much. She's just so…. so…. rogue. I mean, nobody matches her rogueness. And nobody can match her ability to appeal to a bunch of idiotic rednecks either. She should really be admired… after all, she doesn't know s**t about s**t… but she's rogue as hell! She's en rogue… hahahaha.

  • nathanrjessup

    Aww WTF_Idiot, don't get your panties in a bunch. If she only appeals to a bunch of idiotic rednecks you should have nothing to fear…

    And hey, how about givin' her a hand; trouncing Hillary's books sales and not knowing s**t about s**t? Not bad.

    Nathan R. Jessup

  • WTF_Idiots

    Yep, lots of stupid people out there, ole Jessup! Where are you from, the hills of Tennesee there Jessup? I saw like a 10 minute video of a guy interviewing people waiting in line at one of her book signings. It may have been the largest congregation of one-toothed, ignorant, illiterate sumbitches EVER. Here's the link. See for yourself there, slappy.

    • Brian614

      Wigger?? Aren't we the RACIST you ignorant fool your the problem with America!

  • USMCSniper

    She still is a whole lot better than bastard son of wigger who is President now.

  • USMCSniper

    She still is a whole lot better than bastard son of wigger who is President – you know the guy you and Chris Mathews have a tingle down your leg for.

  • Kathy

    IF obama is re-elected, my family is moving to Thailand where Americans are actually liked and respected.

  • Nathan R. Jessup

    Well now…
    I am going to put this silly discussion to bed as it is steadily becoming a meaningless back and forth (sorry WFT_Idiot, I just don't have the time).

    I will however answer your final questions. As far as the 'hills' of Tennessee, did you mean the 'hills' of Kentucky? Generally how the phrase goes, no matter. I am from a state often known as the academic capital of the Country and the product of two Harvard graduates. Regardless, I am not here to discuss me, I am here to discuss the direction I want our Country to take.

    If you are intent on playing into the ignorance of the American public, I will rebut your video (released of course by none other than “NewLeftMedia”-digging for a specific “type” of propaganda? Ya think?)
    I will direct you to (unfortunately only an audio feed-boy I wish I could see what these yahoos looked like) a youtube release of street interviews of Barack Obama supporters. These answers make the rednecks from Ohio look like Stephen Hawking…


    And don't call me slappy. It makes me want to slap you.

    Nathan R. Jessup

  • Sassamon

    Let us compare.
    One-toothed, ignorant, illiterate, sumbi's….hills of Tennessee
    Communist indoctorinated East Coast Libs
    Communist indoctorinated West Coast Libs

    Here we are facing loss of liberty as we have NEVER seen
    I'll take the vote of the hill folks “with no teeth” as you say, anytime.

    (And you are still a very rude boy)

  • Deejean

    We should all write the UN and the White house and ask them what about us? Non Muslims we are human too, When will they care as much for the countless victims of islam as they do about islamists?
    By Editorial

    The Washington Post

    A 15-year-old Egyptian girl, Dina el-Gohary, has written an emotional appeal to President Obama asking him to use his influence to save her father, Maher el-Gohary, who is being persecuted for his beliefs. “Mr. President Obama, we are a minority in Egypt,” Dina writes, according to a report from the Assyrian International News Agency. “We are treated very badly. … We are imprisoned in our own home because Muslim clerics called for the murder of my father, and now the Government has set for us a new prison, we are imprisoned in our own country.”

    Dina and her father are Christian converts in a part of the world where conversion can mean death.

  • WTF_Idiots

    hahahahaha. You monkeys crack me up. Please. Enlighten me, s**t for brains, and tell me ONE freedom that you have lost in the last 8 months. I can't wait for this… f**king idiot.

    • Brian614

      Monkeys?? your race is more closely related to that species than an African American see s**t for brains you need to read and know about your race you IDIOT!

  • jackhampton

    Why wait the workers paradise awaits I am sure many will help you pack your bags. I do not know what Palin will do concerning a run for the Presidency but to say she is not qualified is absurd. She is more qualified than Obama or the hapless Hillary. I would vote for Lynn Cheney as well but that is not going to happen because I believe she will run for Gov first.

  • jackhampton

    Rev. Huckabee has about as much chance as Rev. Al Sharpton.

  • jackhampton

    If you are representative of there politica savvy then hell you might get a fat back stabber for Gov. Opps.

  • jackhampton

    So far the dirt diggers have failed to find the innacracies in the book. I am not someone that adores Palin and would vote for her just because she is popular with the conservatives. I believe her to be honest and want the best for this country and believes in the founding ideals that this nation was established on.

  • jackhampton

    My My I bet you sleep with a picture of Obama under your jail cell blanket.

  • 080

    From the first presentation of her Downs syndrome baby at the Republican convention Sarah Palin took possession of the culture war. At that moment a shock went through the Republican convention and White Anglo-Saxon Protestant America as well as the 55 million Catholic believers. She also owns the idea of economic freedom which is certainly the most important part of freedom (something like 85% of it. She took possession of what both parties have abandoned and it is this that makes her a real force as opposed to a talking head on the televesion screen.

  • Sassamon

    The word is called “discernment”.

    and it requires very little of that virtue to understand the motives of the President and his comrades.

  • Rall

    Sarah Palin isn't perfect. So what and neither are any of the others. But most of the others are worthless or worse. We have this last chance to actually have a fighting chance to save our nation. The person who takes the presidency next will have to change everything that BO and the dems have and will do till 2012. But more has to change than that. We have to roll back the welfare state that got us in the hole before BO got here.

    Which person will do that? I'll put my support to that person. Palin is on record to have done that in Alaska. She's a lightweight? State politics isn't a cake walk. Sit in on a town council meeting sometime and try to change something. She did it at the state level.

    I want the next president to have that in their resume. A political/policy shakeup that builds and repairs, not destroys like BO's.

    I'll agree that Palin has to get her knowledge base up to the point that she can answer domestic/foreign policy questions without hesitation without getting into trouble politically with a slip. She's learning and building those skills through practice in the arena as she goes through the process. I trust what she wants to say though. I wish I could trust what the other smoother more articulate contenders do say. I haven't seen anyone I trust to do what they say yet but Palin. I'm looking for more Palins. Will they step up? If they do and are a serious threat to the leftist welfare state, will they be able to stand the insane anal exam that Sarah Palin has had to endure? I hope so. We need them badly today, not tomorrow.

    Think of energy policy, illegal and legal immigration, tax policy, regulation, national security, abortion, and on and on. We haven't heard from her on many policy positions yet. But I'm betting that I will agree with her on most or all of her future positions on these issues once the campaign begins.

    Bring it on Sarah. Give them hell.

    • Brian614

      And I guess you want a President who would quit before finishing her job!

  • WTF_Idiots

    Wow. Crazy. So what you're saying is, you can't think of one freedom you have lost. Yet all of you apes run around talking about how your freedoms are being pulled right out from under you. I think you just don't like the fact that a darky is your president.

  • travis

    [Re: Steve Chavez 10 hours ago
    “No one doubts Palin's popularity but putting in the popular High School jock for Student Council President would soon reveal that the person was unqualified. Palin is unqualified and unknowledgeable on many issues. She knows about as much, or

    even less, than the daily morning coffee drinkers at the Frontier Restaurant. “]

    Got this in an email, fits Obama to a T:

    “The nerds speak out against the star jock and find her wanting. News at 11. since when did we start looking up to nerds for our leaders? Nerds were nerds in high school. they were the ones we made fun of. they were ridiculed because they had no idea what the real world was and somehow from high scholl to adulthoood the nerd has been raised on high to be our opionion makers and political leaders? Why? We did not follow the nerds in grade school, in high school or college. Yet the nerds think they deserved to be ;listened too now? they were wrong then and they are worng now. A nerd is a nerd. Palin is the leader we respected in school.” Obama was the nerd we laughed at.]

    Urinate off a liberal, sign up as a fan and supporter -(join over 1,067,000+ others) on Sarah Palin's Facebook Page at: narcissist

  • Steve Chavez

    Sarah Palin would make a great leader of the cheerleaders but has no business on the court. Oh, and I didn't read that from your “email.”

    Let's face it folks, she's not up to the job. Fox's numerous interviews should prove that. O'reilly, Hannity, and Greta couldn't change my mind towards her. She just doesn't have it period!

    Why does my view on her make me such a target? What if I supported Huckabee, who last year I called “Gomer” and now that I have listened to his five minute radio spot almost everyday and watched his numerous shows and guest appearances has made me realize that this man is extremely bright and extremely quick with answers and I would surely vote for him. He's surely more knowledgeable than Palin could ever be.

    I would support Palin for Congress or Senate. That would balance out “the joke vote” for Al Franken.

    We need a Dick Cheney! He was a professional and I'm sure that's why Daddy Bush MADE George Jr. pick him. Think of the comparison between Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin. Sarah wouldn't even be qualified to bring coffee to Cheney.

    Yes, Sarah made us all laugh with her hockey mom joke and everyone cheered like that was the homerun. Every interview showed her true weaknesses ON EVERYTHING! That was the main reason for their loss! Her book is only a “what I should have said” in those interviews. Too late!

    She should be designated the GOP cheerleader and use her popularity to gather the masses to lead the GOP candidate to victory!

  • Sassamon

    Cheney is the very best qualified and has the needed audicity to handle
    the office.

  • USMCSniper

    darky? Ohhh nooo,,, he is the bastard Muslim son of a Marxist wigger woman not a darky!

  • bushlikesdick12

    I really doubt Palin has a chance. She really didn't make much of a difference for McCain and Biden, who comes across as about as dry as you can get, can have his way with her in a one on one debate let alone Obama — she really couldn''t find her way out of a paperbag when it comes to foreign issues. By the time the heat of debate arises around the mid 2011, the job situation will turn around and economy will be less of a concern where as Bush's foreign botch's will still be.

    The biggest problem — the situation is Iraq will still be the same and people will be asking the same questions and Palin will have to be accountable to her 2008 rhetoric regarding Iraq alongside with McCain. It will be a rerun of the 2008 election as a defeat for the conservatives — unless they can manage to succeed in the huge back-stabbing of the American people with their campaign of treason. I could see how FOX could make just enough difference by making a whole lot of B.S about nothing if Obama''s popularity is hovering below 50% which could easily happen since he inherited the biggest economic mess from a republican since Republican Herbert Hoover left Democratic FDR the biggest economic disaster in U.S. history.

    It is understood that the majority of idiots that believe FOX soundbites are registered republicans. Especially republicans from the south.

    Huckabee, a product of the south, would likely inherit the republican ticket for same reason why Carter stole the southern vote — Southerners tend to stick to themselves and are not about to elect some wiley dumb b*tch from Alaska. (minus the really dumb ones that just want to look at her pretty face) As far as they know, Alaska is another country anyhow with all those Southern Republicans with a 6th grade geography appitude.

    The Republicans would be doing Obama a huge favor to nominate Palin with her poor speaking skills alongside her lack of exerience compared to Obama and with her general stupidity, Obama is a shoe-in unless he really drops the ball between now and then.

    Yea uh — go Palin!

  • bushlikesdick12

    Profanity speaks the level of concern:

    for example:
    If some doctor from India refuses to sedate your ingrown toe nail because of her religsous beliefs ( or too cheap) you would be supprised how well *&%$##@** works!

    Before you know it, your big toe will be numb.

    So regarding sitting is this really stinky shit hole with you trying to assist you to reason, profanity does have its place my friend.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Regarding your comment about Sara getting up to speed on her knowledge base — that is something that you attain in a lifetime and articulating your knowledge at that level is a skill that is very hard to learn or attain in a few years.

    The only thing she has going for her is her level of confidence and the possibility of the chance that something could go very wrong for the Democrats in the last year. She does have the ability to pull people in a charasmatic way thou.

    She would probably make a good VP candidate for Romney or Huckabee.

    Romney needs her Christain Coalition influence to get elected and Huckabee probably needs Romney to get the VP ticket because he doesn't have the economic success that Romney has — it all depends on the state of our economy at the time.

    Huckabee stands a very good chance if the decline of our morals continue at a more rapid pace than before. This issue has a huge influence in the ultra conservative base. If so, Palin would be the best VP candidate for Huckabee.

    If the economy is healthy, it doesn't matter who the Republicans nominate. Obama will come out smelling like roses any way you look at it.

  • Steve Chavez





    Oh, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



  • mojobebop

    a lot can happen in 3 years. the reason she wasn't taken seriously was because all the networks and newspapers, and snl went into a nonstop onslaught attack mode, and the american public, (50%) does not know how to think for itself. i can't imagine the field day they would have had had she erred like biden had with his insane statements that did not make sense until i read he had had a brain embolism or something in the past. but since the left controls the media it did not pass muster as a news item. they never thought reagan would become president either. what needs to happen is the independents who voted for obama on the premise that it was time for a black man, or he is good looking, or speaks well, or charasmatic will suffer immensely, and hopefully it will knock common sense into their heads. doesn't really matter who gets in as long as the far left/socialist agenda is out of the white house.

  • LucyQ

    It's too bad that McCain tried to hide Palin. Now that's she's found herself and her own beat, she's doing very well although it's too bad she blames McCain's '08 staff instead of McCain. She really ought to know by now that she should blame the captain of the ship; not his flunkies.

    What bothers me about Palin that on her website last year until she was picked as VP, she said she didn't have an opinion on the war on terror. That changed abruptly when she was picked. I don't know one person in the last few years that doesn't have an opinion on the war. McCain should have been bothered by her no opinion on the war but wasn't or he didn't even ask her for her opinion on the war.

    I like Huckabee the best. He seems moral, bright and sensitive…..a very rare combination for today's politicians.

    There is a longshot chance that Palin and Pitchfork Pat may hook up again. They hooked up the last time he ran for prez.

  • Sassamon

    Please read “The Wilding of Sarah Palin” , American Thinker, Nov. 27.
    by Robin of Berkely. (a recovering liberal)

  • WFB2

    Most (all?) presidents are “not up to the job” individually. They bring their personal beliefs and world views to the job and set the tone for hired experts to implement. Palin is honest, life-experienced and a CONSERVATIVE. She may not be phi beta kappa but she's demonstrted her ability to lead and get things done sensibly. Who needs another Harvard ivory tower one-worlder theoretician? Or another RINO? Get real.

    We sure as hell don't need another “me too” RINO.

  • richwill

    Amazing an idiot calling others idiots.

  • billsumrul

    Hey, I'm from NM too but I am actually from the conservative part down here in the southeast, oil and cattle country. Most of the folks I know like Sarah just fine. Steve Chavez, you guys act like politics is as difficult as organic chemistry used in the petroleum industry or something but you are wrong. Sarah has plenty of intelligence for the job and better than that she has the right core beliefs. She is obviously not the phony our governor is or even our local hoodwinker, cap and trade supporter, from Hobbs, Harry Teague. We have his number now and if the people around here have their way he will not represent the 3rd district after next November.

  • Spirelli

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    Jetzt k&ouml;nnen die dollen Tage kommen. Gruss und Helau aus NRW.