Neal Ungerleider: Saudi Arabia to execute TV psychic, Falafel Mafia

In the United States, television psychics are merely mocked. In Saudi Arabia, they are executed.

The Saudi Arabian government is planning to execute Lebanese television psychic Ali Sibat. Sibat was found guilty of witchcraft by a Saudi court in November, a crime which carries the death sentence.

It appears that Sibat was targeted for arrest and trial while visiting Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. Saudi Arabia’s special religious police, the Mutaween, grabbed him out of his hotel room and placed the host in custody. Sibat was then tried on charges related to his satellite television show:

via Saudi Arabia to execute TV psychic – Neal Ungerleider – Falafel Mafia – True/Slant.

  • big-pete

    I suppose the Lebanese government (if there really is one) is sanguine about the prospect of one of their citizens being executed by a foreign government? The fact that he was on the Hajj implies he is a muslim but, apparently, not muslim enough. What happened to asking an apostate to recant before chopping his head off? But I suppose Mo will understand if fervor got the better of them.

  • Robert Bernier

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  • David

    That is insane, execution just for claiming to be a psychic.