On the Brink of Disaster – by Jacob Laksin


As this magazine goes to press, Senate Democrats are set to present the country with America’s most unwanted Christmas gift: a shotgun overhaul of the country’s health care system that would hike taxes, inflate the deficit, and raise insurance premiums, all while dramatically expanding the government’s role in health care.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims that Democrats now have a 60-vote majority that would allow them to trump a Republican filibuster and push the country’s most polarizing piece of legislation toward a final vote this morning. But while that could be a political victory for Democrats and President Obama, who has praised the Senate bill for including “95 percent” of what he wants, the successful passage of the bill would mark a setback for fiscal responsibility and set the stage for a large new burden on American taxpayers. Even without its two most unpopular elements – a government insurance “public option” and a Medicare expansion for those as young as 55 – the Senate bill remains a spectacularly bad deal.

Wishful Accounting

Literally the biggest problem with the legislation is the cost: an expected $871 billion over the next 10 years. Republicans charge that this price tag actually understates the true cost of the legislation, which they peg as high as $2.5 trillion. Not to worry, counsels President Obama:

“For all those who are continually carping about how this is somehow a big spending government bill, this cuts our deficit by $132 billion the first 10 years, and by over a trillion in the second. That argument that opponents are making against this bill does not hold water.”

Appealing as the president’s arithmetic might be, the $132 billion in savings is largely illusory: It is based on the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) projections of promised cuts – for instance, a 21 percent reduction in Medicare physician payments scheduled to go into effect in 2010 – that Congress has yet to make and, likely, never will. History offers a sobering guide. Despite repeated Congressional pledges to cut Medicare costs, it is now the country’s largest government program and a perennial drain on the federal budget. With $89 trillion in unfunded future liabilities, it will also remain one for years to come.

That explains why the CBO hedged its projected $132 billion in savings with the conspicuous caveat that this estimate “is subject to substantial uncertainty.” In touting the Senate bill, President Obama has neglected to mention this part of the CBO’s findings. And no wonder: The CBO has warned that its long-term calculations are based on the assumption that the spending cuts promised in Senate bill “are enacted and remain unchanged throughout the next two decades, which is often not the case for major legislation.” Thus, the deficit cuts forecast by the CBO are based entirely on assumptions about Congress’s ability to make Medicare spending cuts – assumptions that the CBO itself acknowledges are unsafe. President Obama’s dubious contribution to the health care debate has been to elevate such wishful accounting to the status of hard proof.

The Taxman Cometh

Of course, spending cuts, even if they should materialize, won’t pay for the budget-busting legislation. So the Senate bill includes some $400 billion in tax increases that range from the burdensome to the downright bizarre.

In the former category are insurance mandates that would compel Americans to purchase health insurance or face a fine of $750 for individuals and $2,250 per family. Not only is that a tax in all but name, but it would primarily affect those making less than $250,000 – a clear violation of President Obama’s campaign promise not to raise taxes on those in the lower tax brackets.

Higher-income individuals and small businesses would also see their taxes rise. Individuals earning over $200,000 and families earning over $250, 000 would be hit with a Medicare payroll tax. Small businesses with 50 employers or more who don’t offer health insurance would face a “free rider” penalty that could total $28 billion over the next ten years.

While the wisdom of taxing small businesses in an economic recession may seem questionable at best, the Senate bill applies the formula liberally. Among the odder tax increases in the Senate bill targets the country’s 20,000 indoor tanning salons. Although this would be a large cost for a small industry – about 90 percent salons of have just one owner – Democrats have deemed salons a worthy victim as they seek to collect $3 billion over the next ten years to pay for their health care spending spree. (The cosmetic surgery industry narrowly escaped the taxes thanks to its superior lobbying clout.) Besides spurring additional job cuts, the new taxes are likely to be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Bigger industries will also feel the strain of new taxes. The medical device industry, one of the country’s more innovative fields, would face the prospect of $20 billion in new taxes over the next decade, the product of a $2 billion annual tax that would rise to $3 billion in 2018. Unsurprisingly, industry representatives have protested that the tax increase could slow research and development in an industry responsible for such lifesaving medical advancements as stents that reduce the rate of heart bypass surgeries. How punishing an industry that has helped improve health care can be considered a worthwhile “reform” is one of the puzzles of the Senate bill.

Paying the Premium

Spending and tax increases arguably could be justified if the Senate bill did what it is supposed to do – namely, reduce health insurance premiums that are rising faster than American’s wages. Instead, it would raise premiums for most Americans.

A recent actuarial analysis by management consulting firm Oliver Wyman found that annual premiums will be 54 percent higher five years from now if the Democrats’ “reform” passes. Individuals would see their premiums increase by $1,576, while families would pay an extra $3,341. Young people, ironically among the most steadfast supporters of the Democrats’ reforms, would also come off the worst under the Senate bill. Of all demographic groups, they would see their premiums would rise the most, as much as 35 percent in some cases.

There is no mystery behind the increased premiums. The Senate bill would force insurance companies to provide policies on a “guarantee issue” basis that does not discriminate against those with preexisting or chronic medical conditions. The likely result: Those with chronic conditions would purchase insurance, while younger and healthier people would choose to pay a fine. With a disproportionate number of sick among the enrollees, insurance rates would rise for everyone.

Let’s Make a Deal

Even more unseemly than the substance of the Senate bill is the sleazy and borderline corrupt way it has been brought to the brink of passage.

The most obvious outrage is the undisguised vote buying directed at wayward Democrats, most prominently Nebraska’s Ben Nelson. For agreeing to join ranks with his party on the health care bill, Nelson won a concession from Congress to permanently exempt his state from paying the $45 million annual cost of expanding the Medicaid program for the poor. (Never mind that Nebraska has comparatively low levels of poverty: 35 states have higher poverty rates.) The other 49 states will have only a yawning budget gap to look forward to. Fittingly, the deal has since aroused questions about the constitutionality of such ethically challenged deal making.

The “Nebraska compromise” is only the most blatant example of what Sen. Orrin Hatch has aptly called the Senate bill’s “grab bag of back-room Chicago-style buyoffs.” Slightly less generous but no less scandalous sweetheart deals have also been offered to Vermont, Massachusetts and Louisiana. Vermont and Massachusetts will get temporary increases in the portion of their Medicaid costs paid by the federal government. In Louisiana, once-waffling Democrat Mary Landrieu discovered a sudden appreciation for the health care legislation after her state was presented with a $100 million handout.

The bill has also proved a boon for assorted Democratic allies. AARP, the leading lobby for the elderly, would stand to benefit if Congress made good on its plans to cut payments for programs like Medicare Advantage, since that would drive up demand for the Medigap policies offered by the organization. Unions would also catch a tax break. Although the bill would impose a hefty 40 percent tax on high-cost “Cadillac” insurance plans, it would specifically exclude favored constituencies like the longshoreman’s union. (Policemen, firefighters, construction workers, coal miners, and some farmers and fishermen are already protected from the tax penalty.)

When not bribing their way to final passage, Senate Democrats have tried to achieve victory by legislative fiat. Leading the way is Harry Reid, who snuck the now-notorious “Section 3403” into an amendment to the Senate bill. The section, which refers to the power of the Independent Medicare Advisory Board, also established by the bill, to hold down Medicare costs, stipulates that

“it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

In other words, the Democrats’ work is not to be undone. In fairness to Reid, the measure makes a certain amount of sense. To control the runway growth of Medicare, any advisory board would have to be immune from the political pressures of Congress. As a procedural matter, Section 3403 nevertheless represents a dangerous – and transparently undemocratic – breech of Senate Democrats’ authority.

Change We Can’t Believe In

For all its flaws, the one virtue of the Senate bill may be that it differs in some important ways with its predecessor in the House. Indeed, some liberal House Democrats have already complained that they cannot support the Senate bill. Meanwhile, the defection of Alabama Congressman and conservative Democrat Parker Griffith to the GOP earlier this week may be a sign that moderate and Blue Dog Democrats are worried about the electoral consequences of supporting their party’s health care agenda. Since the two versions of the health care bill have to be merged later this January, these factional splits can only delay Obamacare’s final passage.

The bitter irony for President Obama is that most Americans now consider that a good thing. When the administration first announced its plans to transform health care, the country shared a common belief that the system could not be left as is. That belief remained unchanged even as certain elements of the Democrats’ plan, such as the government insurance option, became unpopular.

No longer. According to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, a majority not only opposes the Senate bill but, for the first time, more support the status quo over the bill’s passage. The health care “change” that Obama promised has arrived. And Americans, increasingly, hope it doesn’t succeed.

  • JoeB

    Once again Obama has shown his racist–redistribution of wealth–attitude. Does anyone really believe that if blacks used tanning salons he would be imposing billions of dollars of new taxes on them? I don't think so.

  • bubba4

    Tanning beds help cause skin cancer. It is an unnecessary vanity “treatment” favored by the young and well off.

    You're just paranoid and angry….and if you really believe what you say then I feel sorry for you.

  • JoeB

    “Tanning beds help cause skin cancer. It is an unnecessary vanity “treatment” favored by the young and well off.”

    Wrong: many people use them for medical purposes, including for depression, and skin disorders.

    And yes I really believe what I wrote, because Barry Hussein has proved his disdain for Americans–especially white Americans–with his words, his associations, and his actions. Obama is a white hating Marxist punk! And I feel sorry for you because you've obviously drank the Jim Jones/Obama kool-aide.

  • brimp

    In the long run, this 'law' will be a disaster for the Democrats. The poor people who might benefit from their medical care being subsidized by the rest of us, in general, do not vote. The elderly and productive people, who will experience waiting lists for medical treatment, will conclude that any of their friends or family who die on these waiting lists will not be from natural causes but will be considered an obamacide. These people vote.

    Forcing someone to pay for a bridge that they will never use is tolerated by Americans. Forcing opponents of abortion to pay for abortions will not cause them to change their minds.

    Will the smartest kids today choose to go through the effort and expense to become a doctor if they will not be fairly compensated for their efforts?

    As long as no Republicans vote for these bills, then the Democrats will be blamed for the effects of the law.

  • bubba4

    Yes, anyone that doesn't go along with your crazy-ass theories is a brainwashed zombie. It's just you who has integrity and can see the truth of things.

    “Barry Hussein has proved his disdain for Americans–especially white Americans–with his words, his associations, and his actions”

    That's right…he's going to take revenge for slavery. Looks like its going to be concentration camps for you and me. It's realists like you that uncovered the global marxist (and of course racist) conspiracy to pollute our precious bodily fluids.

    Now if we can just get through the week without hordes of black men coming and taking away your Christmas tree.

  • Robert Bernier

    Wow! Read this one. It is really good. And this gentleman says it just like it is.

    This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaii
    for his seventy-plus years of service to patriotic organizations and causes all over the country. A humble man without a political bone in his body, he has never spoken out before about a government official, until now. He dictated this letter to a friend, signed it and mailed it to the president. Consult : http://xrl.us/bgeewc

  • bushlikesdick12

    Newt Gingrich would agree that the real litmus test will be the sustainability of the stock market after this passes.

  • loumindes

    What's going on in the US Congress is not about health care, it is about power, ego, control of others and removal of personal freedom.

    Take the time to review history, not as the modern politically correct text books are written, but actual history. What you will find is that every horrific social movement was preceeded by these types of actions.

    This is the USA, not Europe. Our founding fathers came here to get away from the bad ideas of Europe. Why on earth would we want to emulate these countries that endorse a “nanny state” that built their headquarters to resemble the Tower of Babble?

    Under the guise of “health care”, there is a much larger movement underway. Competent commentators such as Dennis Prager, who is listened to and respected by left and right, has much to say on the subject. (He has free 5 minute classes on the internet at Prager University, http://www.prageruniversity.com.)

    Little chips at liberty happen daily, you can see them if you look:
    - No American flag in the Marana branch of the Pima County Library until a patriot spoke up. (A library staffer was reluctant to accept a gift flag and when finally took it would not display it in the lobby as to “not offend” anyone.)
    - Well documented appointments of socialists and communists in the Obama administration.
    - Secularization of society under the pretence of separation of church and state.
    - Promotion of homosexuality to school age children (http://www.failuretodisclose.com)
    - Children sitting and not participating during the pledge of allegiance in school.

    This list goes on and on. These are red flags we need to be aware of and resist. The Judeo-Christian principals this country was built upon are under attack by those who abuse these liberties to destroy our contry from within. Sooner or later, these chips will cause a collapse with many wondering what happened.

    Come on Baby Boomers, smarten up. Buffalo Springfield in the song For What It's Worth said “There is something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear”. Let’s not wait for “the man with a gun over there”.

    As George Orwell commented so brilliantly, there are some ideas so wrong, only an intellectual could believe them.

    You may not have to thank God, but you should thank those who do.

  • Steve Chavez


    Every State Republican Party MUST have several candidates to chose from to oust the CANCEROUS SCUM from Congress!!! It is these state Republicans for giving Dems a free pass in the first place.

    The Repubicans were nerds and wimps who were trying to use REASON as their main argument while the Dems were biting, kicking in the balls, and stabbing in the back to get their way!!! The Dems SPIT on our troops as their main argument was against Bush and the wars. They argued that they saved military bases in their states from the chopping block BUT THEY NEVER SUPPORT THE MISSION OF THAT BASE SO AN ARGUMENT CAN BE MADE TO WHY HAVE THE BASE IF YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO USE IT and then only STUPID people and those military jobs “saved” would then go to the polls to vote for that scum that fooled them as they laugh behind their backs!


    The reason Dems do what they are doing is that they think they can still win their seat due to weak Republicans in their State and the Democrat machine who run the State and most importantly, the offices that COUNT THE VOTES!!! I'M SURE THEY'RE ALREADY STUFFING THE BALLOT BOXES WITH THE HELP OF THEIR MAFIA!!!

  • bruce987


    You are 100% correct.
    Passage of healthcare is control of people economy and power.

    It's really time to overthrow the garbage in the capital that are not listening
    to the American majority. Progressives like Obama and his thugs are bring
    a form of healthcare that has failed all over the world… but it's stylish and
    he is the smartest man we have in office. Why… because he's not Bush
    and Black (Muslim)?

    Politicians are by nature corrupt… the group in office are the worse to date.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Now it is down to reconcilationh over this “public option”.

    Whoi will win this fight?

  • bushlikesdick12

    Please endorse the back of your social security check to me.

    Then go fuck yourself.

  • bushlikesdick12

    If I wrote some sort of fairy tale would you believe it?

  • bubba4

    We just got finished with years and years of Republican rule. You can be as hysterical as you want, it won't change the fact that when they had the chance they basically did nothing. Even now as a minority party with a shrinking tent they simply try to obstruct.

    You've been calling Democrats “traitors” for a lot longer than this last year. You think by trying to be severe you are being more “serious”, but it really just shows that your irresponsible and silly. Let the Republicans run on the Red Scare platform…that's about all they got left.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Dems are not spitting on our troops — on the contrary:

    Vietnam was fought on a faulty premise and Iraq is for sure.

    American soilders are losing their lives, limbs, and life as we expect it over a grudge and the spoil of oil.

    In that regard, it is the Republicans that are spitting in their faces — using them to meet their ends.

  • bushlikesdick12

    I would rather be on a waiting list then turned away.

  • bushlikesdick12

    yea right. using tanning beds for depression is like going on shopping spree — that will do for a moment.
    Would it make you happy if he added a tax on Colt 45 beer and menthol ciqs only?

  • bushlikesdick12

    Wow, a lot of babble about nothing. Where are you going with all this?

    You went from congress and health care to Europe and founding fathers to Denise Pragers ideas to Pima County Library to socialists to homo's to Christian principles to destruction of liberties to babyboomers to Buffalo Springfield to Geroge Orwell to thank God.

    I guess I would have to go on a weekend trip and stare at a rock to figure out your point.

  • USMCSniper

    Democrats manifest the souls of true street thugs, lawless hoods who have no moral compunctions about stealing.

    To begin with, most leftists think that wealth is something not created by individuals who deserve to retain the fruits of their efforts but, rather, something that is stolen by one group from another. They assume that the “super-rich” stole their money from the middle class. Of course, to be consistent they must also believe that the middle class stole its wealth from the poor and that the poor are poor not because they are not as productive as the more prosperous but because they were the victims of thieves.

    This, of course, is nonsense. Bill Gates, for example, did not steal all that software from folks in inner city tenements or rural shakes; rather he and his colleagues created it and an entire new industry, giving even poorer Americans access to products that they could not create themselves.

    Democrats believe that one class is entitled to the wealth of another and that by not imposing a special tax on the most prosperous when they die, that another class is being robbed. Again, sheer nonsense! Here the hatred of Democrats for the best in society, the most productive, begins to show through.

    Democrats are political elites who believe tha the right to use government force to “take from the rich and give to the poor” and since it is the government doing the taking, these transactions are truly at gunpoint. By contrast, in a free, peaceful society, individuals create and voluntary exchange goods and services with one another; the most productive become the wealthiest and the least productive benefit from the efforts of those super-producers.

    Democrats and their ilk that support them practice a pure version of the immorality of envy, hatred of the good for being the good. They fan the flames of resent among poorer Americans against the prosperous and offer guilt to the prosperous so that they will acquiesce as they are being robbed.

  • http://twitter.com/Fed_Republic Federated Republic

    And on top of all this…. Chris Matthews comes out ON THE AIR, with Bernie Sanders a registered blathering communist, and praises Saul Alinsky, one of the biggest communist scumbags this country has ever seen!!! See it all here: http://www.thedailynigger.com/2009/12/24/now-th

  • http://twitter.com/Fed_Republic Federated Republic

    EXCUSE ME but Bill Gates created NOTHING sir. Bill Gates and company is a thief of OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS! He takes other peoples ideas, repackages them and then call them his! When the original creators/owners cry foul his response is, “So Sue Me!”
    Microsucks HAS NOT innovated one damn thing!! They are intellectual thieves in collusion with Intel to promulgate one of the biggest frauds on the American public and the world and it's called the lousy Microsucks platform, I will not even give it the title of OS because it's NOT! It's a lousy desktop running on top of DOS( Dog Operating System)
    Please DO NOT compare any business success to the Mafia of the computer world!!!

  • lawrence Kohn

    The tax on tanning salons makes perfect sense; tanning leads to skin cancer; using a tanning salon considerably increases the risk. Making it expensive to run and reducing the number fits with trying to reduce long term health care costs by reducing number of cancer patients. However, taxing medical device companies is absurd since one wants medical innovation.

  • martha

    There's a scene in “Atlas Shrugged” where Henry Rearden is walking along the road, home from his factory and Ragnar Danneskold jumps out from the side of the road and hands him a bar of solid gold-telling him it's what he deserves as his wages.
    Anyway to make a long scene short Danneskold asks Rearden who he thinks the most evil man in the world is and Rearden replies Jim Taggart or some such, and Danneskold said no it was “Robin Hood”
    For years I did'nt see this as evil, but on Jan 21, 2009 It all became very clear to me, and even more clear this morning.

  • xyz

    I have never experienced this country as divided as it is now. Nor have I ever seen as clearly the differences between Democrats and Republicans. Members of both political parties held rallies and all you had to do was look down to see the basic differences between the people attending one party's rally from the other. After the Democratic rallies the place was left looking like a slum. It was absolutely filthy. I guess the Democrats must have assumed someone was going to pick up after them as the videos showed people who didn't even seem to notice what a mess they'd made as they were walking away. Even in such a small thing they felt entitled to another person's efforts and those of the “community” tax coffer that pays those who clean up after pigs. After the Republican rallies the ground as spotless as it was before. The grass was a little tamped down, the trash cans were stuffed full, but the place after thousands had visited it was immaculate. Stragglers were seen picking up the few remaining bits of trash and disposing of them properly. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the difference in the caliber of the different groups.

    Transpose that thought with the communistic approach they have to life. Look down the road a few years and see everyone lose their motivation to be self-sufficient because after all, god-mommy/daddy/the government is “supposed” to take care of you. “That's their job.” That's what the ObamaRats want everyone to believe. Democrats that I have talked with don't care that the government is lying to everyone as long as they make the country over into the image of an “ideal” society where everyone can go to college and everyone can have medical care and everyone can sleep at night knowing their rent is paid and their refrigerator is full, etc., etc. Yeah, if we just all work together, everyone can have a wonderful life. NOT! When and how did people start believing that? That is such a fantasy. Wake up people. Life is difficult. It is going to get much more difficult if we keep going down this road. Human nature is not engineered so that the individual stays motivated to work his butt off and get very little in return. It is not a sin, it doesn't prove the greedy nature of mankind, and it cannot be re-engineered to be selfless. In fact, people will become a lot more selfish when it comes down to survival.

    Communism teaches people not to put out much effort. Why should they? In a communist country it doesn't matter how much effort you put out, you won't change your lot. Then, where does the money come from to pay for all these programs. Many “Progressives” are just anarchists who crave chaos, as hard as that is to believe. That is how they will be able to act out all their rage and anger they have inside. And when it fails, they will blame the Republicans. Not themselves, or communism. When are they ever to blame?

    Oh, I just can't wait to hear from stupid Bubbles.You could spell it to that brain dead monkey and he still wouldn't get it. My advice, just ignore him.

  • LindaRivera

    Supposedly voted in office to represent the people, these spoiled and wealthy representatives are determined to punish the people they represent. Americans are struggling to survive with excessively high rent and house payments and an ever increasing high cost of living. With the dire financial situation America is suffering, homeless shelters are filled to capacity and desperate jobless and homeless Americans are now living in tent cities across America. Do you ever hear our callous representatives talk about that? No. Because all they care about is power and control, no matter how much it destroys the American people.

    Forcing Americans to buy an inferior medical insurance that they cannot afford and fining them huge sums if they don't is a cruel and vicious attack on the American people. AMERICANS NEED THIS MONEY TO BUY FOOD.

    'insurance mandates that would compel Americans to purchase health insurance or face a fine of $750 for individuals and $2,250 per family.'

  • LindaRivera

    They live in an entirely different world than we do. Our reps are highly paid with many perks. They live high on the hog in the lap of luxury. They are incapable of identifying with struggling Americans. It is easy for them to wreck American lives with their nasty health scheme and their miserable cap and trade. Every day congress is in session, it is scary. More taxes. More money printing. More borrowing. More debt. More power and control over the people.

    Why Your Representatives Should Make You Mad as Hell
    John W. Whitehead
    Imagine a world exempt from parking tickets, where gym membership is free and health care is second-to-none. In order to receive these benefits, you also only have to work two, maybe three days a week—a time period during which you will be shuttled around in a nice car. The other days of the week you can spend at home with your family. Luckily, every weekend is a long weekend and you won’t have to be back at work until Tuesday evening.

    This job description might seem too good to be true, but for our so-called “representatives” in Congress who enjoy incredible job perks ranging from free meals to membership in swank health clubs, all at taxpayer expense, it seems that there is such a thing as a free lunch—literally and figuratively!

    Congressional salaries are certainly generous enough, with members of Congress receiving $174,000 a year on average, and people in leadership positions making more. However, for many Congressmen who belong to the so-called “Millionaire’s Club,” this is negligible in comparison to their net worth. (Senator John Kerry (D-MA), who heads up the club, has a net worth of $167.8 million, while Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), at the lower end of the spectrum, boasts a net worth of $5.6 million dollars.)

    Incredibly, American taxpayers are underwriting lavish perks for these very same millionaires, as well as their congressional cohorts. The perks being enjoyed by those in Congress have provided comic relief for many a talk-show host, but contrast these perks with the plight of the average taxpayer struggling just to make ends meet, and you’ll find this is no laughing matter.

    For example, while veterans were being forced to suffer poor service and deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Hospital, politicians were being whisked up to Ward 72 at the very same hospital via a “golden elevator,” where they can enjoy medical treatment surrounded by chandeliers, fine china and original artwork. Should members of Congress or their staff not be able to make the trip to Ward 72, a private, on-call doctor is also on hand at the Capitol. Furthermore, while 47 million Americans struggle without any kind of health insurance, those in Congress receive superb, discounted health coverage which cannot be denied them because of their age or a preexisting condition.

    On top of their six-figure salaries and the millions in taxpayer dollars spent to maintain offices in their home state and in the nation’s capital, Congress also enjoys other benefits such as free life insurance, a generous retirement plan for life, 32 fully reimbursed road trips home a year, and travel to foreign lands. Then there are the “extras,” including discounts in Capitol Hill tax-free shops and restaurants, free reserved parking at Washington National Airport, use of the House gym or Senate baths for $100 a year, free fresh-cut flowers from the Botanic Gardens, and free assistance in the preparation of income taxes.

    Unfortunately, there’s more. While more than 15 million Americans are currently out of work and the rest of the nation is laboring longer hours for less pay, Congress enjoys a three-day, Tuesday-to-Thursday work week. Believe it or not, since returning to session, the only time the House of Representatives has actually voted on a Friday was when they approved a 5.8 percent increase in their own budget.

    Then there’s the way Congress manages the nation’s checkbook, running up deficits and spending outlandish sums of money on pork barrel projects. If you or I were to manage our finances this way, we’d quickly find ourselves out on the streets.

    As for abuses of office, they run the gamut from neglecting their constituencies to engaging in self-serving practices, including the misuse of eminent domain, earmarking hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracting in return for personal gain and campaign contributions, having inappropriate ties to lobbyist groups and incorrectly or incompletely disclosing financial information.

    Pork barrel spending, hastily passed legislation, partisan bickering, a skewed work ethic, graft and moral turpitude have all contributed to the public’s increasing dissatisfaction with congressional leadership. Thus, it is little wonder that a recent CNN poll shows Congress with a 29 percent approval rating. You’d be hard-pressed to find employees with such dismal performance evaluations getting a pay raise of any kind. Conveniently, Congress doesn’t have to worry about that since they voted in 1989 to give themselves an automatic raise every year.

    Congress should be America’s representative body, yet too many of its members bear little resemblance to those they have been elected to represent. Many of our politicians live like kings. Chauffeured around in limousines, flying in private jets and eating gourmet meals, all paid for by the American taxpayer, they are far removed from those they represent. Such a luxurious lifestyle makes it difficult to identify with the “little guy”—the roofers, plumbers and blue-collar workers who live from paycheck to paycheck and keep the country running with their hard-earned dollars and the sweat of their brows.

    Does this make you mad as hell? It should. There is no reason why the American people should be taking this kind of abuse from people who supposedly are representing them.

    The average American understandably feels helpless and disconnected, yet whose fault is it really? As the old maxim goes, people get the government they deserve. For too long, Americans have failed to hold their elected representatives accountable. Thus, the onus is on us, “we the people.”

    Let this be the starting point for you to turn the television sets off and do something about these problems. Whether or not you agree with their politics, the Tea Party Protesters have set a good example for what needs to be done. Get involved. Get organized. Find out who your representatives are. Contact their offices. Review their records. Keep track of what they’re doing and how they’re voting. Make your voices heard to the representatives who are doing a poor job of representing you, and if they don’t listen, take action and remove them from office.

  • Dennis X

    Tanning beds for depression, ha ha ha!!! Why are you depressed , because your not a person of color so you try to get there via tanning. Be proud of your pale lily white ass, and thanks for the joke. Question , if the President hates white people sooooooo much why become president of a white majority country. Wasn't his grandmother and mom white, isn't he half white. I guess he hates half of himself. You people are sick, but funny.

  • LindaRivera

    'The Secret of Oz' banned by e-commerce giant
    November 21, 2009

    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    After being sold on Amazon.com for only three days, a new DVD video
    documentary on the state of the economy has been banned by the e-commerce giant for mysterious reasons, according to the filmmaker.

    “You may no longer sell on our site,” said Amazon in an email to Still Productions at noon yesterday. Still's documentary suggests government debt is at the root of the world's global economic problems.

    “In the coming year, the federal government will spend $4 trillion, but it will have to borrow half of that from big banks, both here and abroad,” he explains. “It creates a vicious cycle of government debt dependency. Government just can't say no to them – or so officials think.”

    This was Thomas Jefferson's main complaint about the U.S. Constitution as well: “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution … taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.”

    So what can be done with the national debt rocketing above $12 trillion?
    “You can't just reduce the national debt,” explains Still. “You have to change the system and eliminate it entirely. We have to eliminate the ability of the government to borrow our money into existence. There are ways to do this. 'The Secret of Oz' shows that we've done it before in American history; and we can do it again. The federal government has to be put on a pay-as-you-go basis.”

    In “The Secret of Oz,” Still, the filmmaker behind the mega-successful “The Money Masters,” warns the U.S. is heading for a deep Depression – unless lawmakers address the root of the problem: mounting interest payments
    on the national debt.

    “The Secret of Oz” trailer – How to Fix the 2010 Depression – directed by Bill Still

  • USMCSniper

    Driven by envy, resentment, or possibly legitimate concern about Microsoft’s domination of the software market, Gates and Microsoft have become the object of more hateful hypertext than just about anything in cyberspace. One of the best places to look for anti-Microsoft material is the Anti-Microsoft Superlist. The Superlist provides links to more than 100 sites dedicated to attacking Bill Gates and Microsoft. And if one becomes very upset at Bill Gates or a Microsoft product they can vent their frustrations at the Punch Bill Gates site. Not even Gates’ newborn daughter can escape this hypertext ridicule as can be seen at Baby’s First Web Page.

    One can also note that the great diversity of the Netizens who badmouth Gates and Microsoft are a testament of the company’s dominance of the computer software industry. These people have such strong feelings either one way or another that they deem it necessary to dedicate an entire site in dismay of Microsoft.

  • coyote3

    If this thing passes, it will be interesting how they justify requiring people to purchase health insurance. Among a host of other things, I can't find one bit of authority for the government exercising this power. Actually, the fine is less than a lot of people pay now in health insurance premiums. Nontheless, it will interesting to see how they collect it. This could get even funnier than it already is.

  • JohnnyRingo

    Let's keep it simple. Harry Reid bought and paid for many Senators. It is called bribery. Bribery of public officials is a felony. Nelson and Landrieu and others sold themselves. They are whores and Reid is a common pimp.

  • Gary Near Death Valley

    Disgusting Washington political riff raffs, I hope every single person that voted for the health bill will be voted out of office. Disgusting whores that they are!!!!

  • mc evans

    Well, it's conceivable that the bill will not add to the deficit – you see when they gain control of everyone's healthcare, a centralized data bank will be in place. We will be categorized as to 'viable' and 'non-viable.' In the viable category will be those under 50 who are in good health with no history of chronic conditions or major surgeries or genetic diseases. In the “non-viable” will be the opposite, all those with chronic, lifestyle and genetic condtions that drain the system. They will be given a pill, denied any life saving measures and die off – there, you see, you save alot of money that way – no Medicare, no social security, no disability payments and long lines to see a doctor if you happen to be on Mediciad; long enough in hopes that you die before you get an appointment. All the while the Obamas, Dr Emanuel, Axelrod, Jarrett, Holdren, Sunstein, Van Jones and the rest of the communists will be golfing and vacationsing with the money they just stole from the taxpayers.

  • johncarens

    Already, we are reduced to discussing what the oligarchs in Washington will deign to provide for us. They've won. Great research, Mr. Laksin, but, again facts mean nothing to the Stalinist Left. In fact, “facts” only enrage them.

    From this point forward, we (as the pitiful subjects of this group of self-appointed princelings) will paw at our Fearless Leaders for this bottle of pills, or that X-Ray, or this procedure. No longer do we look to Government to dispense law; we look to Government to dispense the Plavix.

    As I've said (and Michale Barone has also chimed in today), this vote in the Senate could be this generations' Kansas-Nebraska act. And, now that the deed is done, we on the traditionalist side of the ledger need to FORCE our candidates to go on the record to repeal this stinking pile of crap the minute they have the votes in Congress to do so, and refund every penny confiscated to fund it.

    This is a political watershed. The American public senses it.

  • johncarens

    Outstanding. The clacking of Madame DeFarge's knitting needles can be faintly heard in the crowd..

  • sam000

    Christmas has always brought with it the sweet hope and inspiration for World Peace, tolerance and Justice for all men and women on Earth.

    The coming year more than ever brings good news of freedom and democracy for Iran.

    All Iranians rely on international solidarity, and YOUR devoted kindness and solidarity, for their struggle to achieve what they have been dreaming for years: Freedom and Democracy
    They desire the overthrow of Khamenie and Ahmadinejad
    enemies of peace, friendship between nations, Islam and Jesus Christ.

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  • LindaRivera

    This destructive act is being perpetrated because they say some people don't have health insurance. At the same time, the Administration is fully aware that there is an extremely simple, extremely low-cost solution: Ask for volunteers! Doctors and nurses could volunteer one hour per month to treat patients for free!

  • LindaRivera

    sam000 – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I watched the video – They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Maryam's eyes are full of light! G-D bless and protect the very courageous Iranian people! One future day, G-D will give Iranians the freedom they dream of!

  • jim

    wine wine wine this country can spend billions on a bloated military with not a peep from the right but spend one dime on heath care for all and the right starts yelling the commies are coming and the point that gets missed is ALL PAY under universal health care a and that the USA is the ONLY western nation that is in the same state as a lot of 3 rd would country's were the rich can aford health care and the poor die off how many more must die for there fears???

  • CowboyUp

    BS on the faulty Vietnam premise, and even if it were, it doesn't excuse the things the 5th columnists and their useful idiots did to American troops doing their sworn duty. Your take is contradicted by the Soviets and N. Vietnamese themselves, as well as the bloodbath that resulted from our departure and the dp eliminating US aid to S. Vietnam.

    BS on the false Iraq premise as well, WMD wasn't the only good reason we finally enforced the GWCFA.

    American Soldiers are fighting to kill a bunch of *ssholes who, aside from being the poster goons for all they claim to abhor, have been waging a declared war against America, killing Americans for decades, and will continue doing so until we are an islamic nation or are all dead. That's what they say, and I'm yet to see any contradiction of it. You?

    Unlike yourself and the dp/left/msm, you won't see us disrespecting, much less spitting on US Armed Forces personnel. You won't see us undermine their mission, encourage or give aid and comfort to their enemies. You won't see us stand on or burn the Stars and Stripes either. They know who supports, honors, and respects them and who doesn't.

    I ran into an old HS sweetheart a few weeks ago, and got to spend some time catching up. Her Son, who has multiple deployments under his belt and whose outfit is working up to deploy to Afghanistan, was at the Commander and Chief's Ball last January. He said hussein and his entourage blew through there like the Service Members were nothing, and hussein's crew made it obvious they had better places to be. The Armed Services are just props and photo ops (as hussein himself let slip), and pawns to be used against their domestic enemies to hussein and the dp, and they know it.

  • CowboyUp

    You must be buds with karen kirkwood.

    “…go f*** yourself.” —-Translation—“I'm an idiot with nothing intelligent to add, I concede your point.

  • CowboyUp

    That's just chris coming the rest of the way out of the closet.

  • CowboyUp

    That's another reason why ceding the responsibility for health care to the government is stupid. With it you cede your freedom to anything that effects your health, which is almost everything. This surtax is only the beginning, they can so eventually will tax anything that adversely effects your health. That's what the dp is after, power and control over US citizens. I'll always choose to keep my freedom, the responsibility that goes with it, and accept the consequences.

    If health care itself was as important to them as the dp wishes me to believe, they wouldn't tax any of it at all, and would let people write all their health care costs off their taxes. They'd gut themselves before they did that, so obviously something else they can only get from taking over the health care system is very important to them.

  • CowboyUp

    You only forgot to mention they'll have their own special medical facilities, like the relatively few party members do in communist countries.

  • CowboyUp

    Merry Christmas Sam.
    With more people thinking like you it can happen. Good luck in your struggle for freedom, my prayers are with you and your like-thinking countrymen and women. There's no reason Iran can't enjoy the prosperity freedom brings.

  • CowboyUp

    bsolutely, national defense is the primary function of a national government, and is under our Constitution as well. Health care is not, and nowhere to be found in our Constitution. Yet you claim it's the military thats bloated, not the social programs that cost well over twice as much. You probably also claim it was the $100 billion a year President Reagan added to the defense budget that ran up the debt, not the $700 billion a year the dp congress added to social spending (while claiming President Reagan “gutted” social programs).

    If other western nations' health care systems were so great, they wouldn't have to send so many of their difficult patients here. Where do you think we will all (or at least the politically connected) go when our health care system 'progresses' as far as theirs?

    How many must die because of freedom? Far fewer than will die because of socialism. Nobody is turned away from a hospital here, and the federal government has run up the cost of health care more than anything else. I have to pick up the tab for the indigent, which is bearable, but now I'm also picking up the ever increasing tab medicare and medicaid leave. If the government would have stayed out of health care like they should have to begin with, mine would be cheaper, and more people would have it.

  • CowboyUp

    the dp fighting the dp? I hope they both lose.

  • idviking

    Using the tax dollars of states that would not support abortion to pay the bribe to Nelson that would guarantee Federal abortion funding is criminal. Or voting to close debate on a bill that no one save Harry Reid and his cronies have seen also seems to border the absurd. Whatever is going on in Washington DC is not representative government and it needs to stop.
    Socialism is stealing. Just because the government steps in and does the stealing before it hands you a check doesn't mean that you aren't also a thief for taking it.
    No one has the “right” to the wealth that another persons labor produces.
    Sad. God knows what this cause…

  • jim

    go to hell theres no need for 12 supper carriers of a 3./4 of a million man army
    as for other countries sending there hard cases here it happens very rare ly check your facts yankee its in fact the other way when more peaple than the population of canana (30 mill) cant get health insurance and btw true hospitals have to admit the poor but theres no law that says they have to treat them anymore that enough ro stabalize them and they can dump them back on the streets you bitch about paying for the indigent what morons like YOU fail to realize and wine about is that under universal health care ALL pay for a medium leaval of heath care what is not paid for is things like comedick sugery unless its for burns or a kid with a hair lip you want a nose job or the wife wants 60 dd tits that you pay for yourself. and right now i am in canada i pay 40 bucks a month for full coverage my wife who is ammrican is in new orleans for less coverage pays 250 a month praple are dying now in the usa when they lose there jobs and get sick and dont have health insurance peaple are lousing their homes when a child of theres gets sick and the for profit health insurance companies find some reason to claim a preexsiting condition and deny covorage.i can reacall as a child my aunt going to do palitive care for the dying(nurse for 55 years) and her comming back crying because the insurance co. were refusing to treat these cancer patiants claiming that they had reached their life time limet these peaple are now DEAD because some pencil pusher decided that because they just only farmers they would cost to much to save , were was what you claim is the best health care in the world ???. ya its great if you have the bucks but if not your screwed is it any wounder the world health og. rates the usa as 14th in the quality of health care there are some 3rd world countrys with higher rattings and tht the usa is the only western naition that doesnt have universal health care or peaple that can get coverafe there was a person in UT. that got turned down for medical insurance because of the preexsiting condition crap he and his wife make good money with there candy store the pre exsiting condition that got them turned down btw was there little peaple dawarfs you have working parents turned down by the insurance co.s because their kid has asmasa the system of for profit medical insurance is broken and its long past time that morrons like you cowboy put what little brains that you have left lafter years of beer and realize this when a md has to pay 100 k a year or more for malpratice insurance its time for tort reform as well

  • jim

    “Socialism is stealing. Just because the government steps in and does the stealing before it hands you a check doesn't mean that you aren't also a thief for taking it”

    so whats your solution let the poor sleep under overpasses and dig in dumpers for food when a year back they had jobs read what Socialism really is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialism
    or would you let the disabled starve?? or die from lack of medical care??

  • bushlikesdick12

    Bla bla bla.

    Obama isn't an arrogant fool like his predessor and thank God for that.

    Everything you stated is unsubstantiated garbage with a lot of emotional luggage attached to it.

    The Armed forces work for me (the taxpayer) —not the other way around.

    They “serve”my country — not the other way around.

    Career soilders get paid well enough and well taken care of.

    Obama just gave them a living expense raise passed just last week. So shut up about Obama.

    Regarding Vietnam: that was a war fought primarily to stem the spread of communism. The Vietnam people have a right to not want foreigners dictating thier lives just as the Iraqi's today are celebrating the exit of our troops in their cities.

    So we lost the war in Vietnam so that they can have their capitalist idealogy of today? In other words, Vietnam would have never adopted our economic system unless we fought that war?

    Let us see Cowboy Up. If I would have told LBJ what the overall outcome of Vietnam today even after we loss this war do you suppose he would have pulled all our troops out? Especially with the massive protests going on at the time?
    It was a huge waste of human life.

    You are one ignorant man Cowboy Up.

    You are so arrogant for our army it makes me want to puke.

    People like you have not only spent our reputation and goodwill gained through our sacrifices in WW2, you have bankrupt us.

    It is unfortunate to see my elderly WW2 Vets wittness our moral decay and loss of their contribution in the eyes of our allies.

    Fortunate for them, the ones that wittnessed our contribution and are still alive today don't attach people like you of these times to the people of those days.

    The Right Wing has polarized war to the point that we can no longer be trusted to do the right thing for the common good of the world for a very long time.

    Obama emulates the voters preference of speaking softly and carrying a big stick.
    We are reinforcing our troops in Afghanistan and focusing on a war that is much closer to being a threat of terrorism than Iraq.

    It isn't our job to punish other countries for the actions of others.

    don't be pathetic.

    — we are in the reconsiliation mode for the eight years of arrogant BS from Bush and his party.

    If you don't like it then vote all of them out Cowboy UP.

    Fortunatly, most Americans don't agree with you at this point.

  • bushlikesdick12

    They are according to the most recent Gallup poll.

    Most Americans don't approve of it.

  • bushlikesdick12

    My point is it seems that everyone who complains about progressive policies seem to don't have a problem using them when they need it.

    I don't see many conservatives throwing their SS checks away like Kerry threw his medals!

  • bushlikesdick12

    2% of your taxable income is no small change Coyote3.

  • bushlikesdick12


    You are very intellectual in comparison of most right wing posters on this website.
    I think you should apply for a job with FPM as a journalist and straighten up their ass.


  • bushlikesdick12

    So if you own a trucking company that depends on our bridges and highways a lot more so than my Prius, then I would be stealing from you if I didn't pay the taxes for repairing the bridges and roads that you depreciate?

    What about you kids going to my public schools or paying for public services such as firemen and police? If I refuse to pay school tax for develoment does that mean I''m stealing from you?

    Remember Rudy Ridge? Why don't you camp out in the woods for the rest of your life then their will be no one to steal from you — well maybe the racoons

  • bushlikesdick12


    Socialist countries have the same problem as we do in that regard. No system is perfect.

    Socialism works well only if there are capitalist in competition and visa versa.

    One really depends on the other for their mere survival.

  • bushlikesdick12

    FYI — I haven't forgot about your question regarding our dependence of peace in Iran.
    Just kinda need you to elaborate some what.

    We have a 50 year embargo on Cuba that doesn't seem to make a difference — only to the citizens who are starving due to it.

    We don't seem to be affected too much in regard to how the Chinese treat their own people but we seem to want to butt into their affairs regardless.

    Terrorism is usually pointed at people or govt's that intrude on thier ideologies.

    If we would just ignore Iran and focus on making their resources obsolete, then the only one that really has a problem with them is Israel.

    If that was the case, then maybe Israel would be more cooperative in peace negotiations instead of extorting my country.

  • bushlikesdick12

    But yet our constitution was designed to be amended such as the first amendent the Bill of Rights.

    Do you suppose our founding fathers would have included health insurance in the constitution if they knew the problems we have today?

    No — probably not. Not because is should be illegal by your standards but because it is the responsiblity of each generation to amend the constitution to meet the ends of Americans in general.

    It isn't the constitution that is your sword and sheild Cowboy up it is your ballot.

    So go on the Oprah show and see if anyone cares about your idea of the constitution.

  • Steve Chavez


    How many times have you heard a veteran or active soldier say, “I don't like what they say but I'd fight for their right to say it?” During Vietnam, returning soldiers were literally spit on and many others were verbally spit on, including by future Presidential candidate, John Kerry, who has now been given the “green light” to visit with Ahmadinejad and Iranian leaders/mullahs. Dictators only allow visits by those who secretly agree with them. Kerry continued to SPIT on our troops during his campaign. REMEMBER his “uneducated” mantra? Today, our soldiers are SPIT ON by Americans who pretend to “support the troops” while slamming the mission by saying it is “for oil” while blood-soaked sand from mass graves is all that is being dug up so far!

    Did you read the news last week that another MASS GRAVE WAS FOUND IN IRAQ? Did you shed a tear for them? This madman was killing his own people so if he didn't give a damn about them, why would he give a damn about us? “Imminent danger” was Bush's correct analysis of Saddam. Sooner or later, he would have teamed up with those who attacked us and paid them to deliver a nuke he bought on the Black Market, or was given to him by Russia/Putin, or chemical weapons he made and delivered in diplomatic planes on a visit to the UN! Now these same fears are focused on Iran who could easily fill up a few planes with dirty bombs, or nukes and chemical weapons, and take out millions of us. “Imminent danger?”

    “Iraqi's celebrating” our troops exit from the cities? While they NOW HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPIT ON OUR TROOPS, MILLIONS OTHERS PRAISE THEM AS THEY ARE FEARFUL OF THEIR EXIT!!!

    Vietnam free from foreign influence? The day after we left, the Soviets took over our bases! American Communists, who sided with the Soviets, and their KGB “peace” front organizations, took credit for the Communist victory but were silent on the mass genocide of millions! Look at South Korea compared to North Korea. Look at Taiwan compared to China. What would a South Vietnam look like today compared to a North Vietnam? Vietnam is a basket case! Free from foreign intervention?

    I better go now to visit with family and friends on this Christmas Day which celebrates the birth of Jesus. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Hope you have a great day where many SPIT ON THE SON OF GOD!!!

  • jim

    true the problem in the usa is that socialism seems to be equated to Communism witch doesn't work very well it seems to be a holdover from the cold war Canada has socialism as well as a capitalist society and it works ok unfortunately the socialist leaning bureaucrats have to get bitch slapped every once in a while when they try to tell you how to live . and its a bit worse for the disabled as the bureaucrats because the disabled for the most part live on disability think that they are dealing with reckless adult children

  • jim

    um look at the number of cars compared to trucks the average truck pays over 6k in direct hwy use tax buys around 16666 gallons of fuel a year and a good part of that is fuel tax as for not paying school taxes its your kids that your stealing from

  • jim

    roflmo nope i am a liberal Conservative i leave journalism to my left wing leaning wife funny thing is in talking to mds i know they all say you could cut costs with tort reform o that a md did not have topay over 250k a year in malpractice insurance like baby docs have to

  • Steve Chavez

    AND the soldiers will even protect your right to put a crucifix of Jesus in a jar of URINE and elephant dung and all paid for by the government!

    AND the soldiers will even protect your right to equate KARL MARX WITH JESUS CHRIST even though MARX said “there is no God” which means there is no Son of God and even though the followers of Marx ask for funds in the home of the Son of God to fund an ideolgy that doesn't even believe in God!

    AND the soldiers will protect a RACIST PRESIDENT who listened to a RACIST REVERAND who preached BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY which creeds he learned from the 80's AMERICAN COMMUNISTS AND THE SOVIET KGB as they duped Central American priests and AMERICAN RELIGIOUS into the first of Liberation Theology!

    AND the soldiers will protect a RACIST PRESIDENT who spent his Columbia college days learning to SPIT ON those very soldiers, country, and system whom he continues to SPIT ON TO THIS DAY!


  • Depression sufferrer

    You obviously don't suffer from depression. Any moment, no matter how brief, where your depression is overshadowed by something else is nothing less than a god-send for those of us that do suffer from it. It is a chronic medical condition not unlike chronic pain… and the suffering is just as real.

    Tanning Beds can provide a way for your body to generate some of the building blocks it needs to reduce the impact of depression, especially during the winter season when it becomes its most pronounced.

  • bushlikesdick12

    I've suffered from depression before and I don't know much about winter because I live in sunny southern california. The only thing that works for me are happy pills.

    I've never heard a doctor recommend a tanning bed before but quite a few will tell you to get as much exercise as possilble to increase your endorfins.

  • CowboyUp

    Merry Christmas!

    I'll reply in more detail later, gotta leave for Christmas Dinner, but for now, I'll just thank you for confirming what I said about how little yall think of the 'hired help' that “works for you.” It didn't take long for you to 'put them in their place,' which was as soon as it became expedient to do so.

    It also shows in how quick dp politicians are to scapegoat their Secret Service details for their own mistakes.

    Reconcilliation mode?

  • CowboyUp

    That's better, but social security will go broke before I ever see a check. Also, Kerry's medals are hanging on his office wall, I think he ended up saying someone gave him theirs to throw away. He was oneof those I was talking about that blame the Secret Service for his mistakes.

  • sam000

    Thank you Jesus, in your day the hearts of the people all around the world are pointed to you who is the love and Merci of G-D.

    Thank you dear LINDA and Merry Christmas to you,

    In our Persian tradition Saint MARYAM the mother of Jesus has a special spiritual rank.
    That's why we have the name of MARYAM on our girls and the BIBLICAL name of Jesus (IISSA) on our boys.

  • sam000

    Thank you Cowboy;

    The message of Jesus and his arrival was for the LIBERATION of the people from the TYRANNY.

  • sam000


    Your examples about the Cuba and China are the good examples, But your conclusion is not correct,

    If you didn't put an embargo on CUBA, CUBA could a very important threat against the free world now.

    But, example of Iran, a country with a full potential and economic power and regional importance under the hands of an ISLAMIC FASCISM who wants to export his revolution to the free world is something else, you have tasted the 9/11 and the war on IRAQ with no benefits and your obligation to stay in Afghanistan without being able to finish the job on Iraq.

    We the Iranians, we are fighting to overthrow this dangerous regime, think one second that the Mullahs acquire the Nuclear bomb, you will have another 9/11, but this time Nuclear.
    Do you think that a fearful and weak USA leadership can counter this incoming nuclear danger? your OBAMA is offering the incentives to this regime while we are fighting to uproot the Islamic regime.
    Obama is trying to secure the mullahs regime by offering them the Iranian anti mullahs leaders to assure the mullahs of the good faith of the USA towards the mullahs?!

    With OBAMA the USA is taking the distance from his values, and this is emboldening the Mullahs.

  • CowboyUp

    Good post bld12, though I disagree.

    Cubans aren't starving because of our embargo, practically everybody else trades with them. It's communism that keeps them starving in the garden spot of the Caribbean, like everywhere else it's tried.

    Mongols aren't Chinese, and neither are Tibetans, they were annexed by the chicoms. The chicoms should have been held to human rights reform if they wanted most favored trading status in the biggest market in the world. Their people were on the verge of revolt and wild bill saved them from the dustbin of history by giving them that status, along with our entire patent database (not to mention Aegis, our nuclear weapons designs, our ECM technology, and God knows what else).

    Our very existence intrudes on communist and jihadi ideology, so by their reckoning one of us has to go. I choose them.

    Oil has too many uses to ever be obsolete, and it's the mad mullahs who have a problem with us, they say we must submit or die. Worse, the mad mullah's latest resource is nuclear bombs, and there will always be a market for those, and the wind blows everywhere. There's a high probability any nuclear exchange will spread when nuclear countries are downwind, as they are from Iran.

    How can one have credible peace negotiations when the other party does not even recognize your right to exist? How is Israel extorting the USA?

  • thinker1

    So, to help economy, next year AMNesty for 30+ million illegals?
    NNNice job, con(re)GRESS!!!

  • thinker1

    why would a candidate spend 5, 10 million $$ or more to go to Congress to get $174,000 salary? And leave Congress with 50-60 million $$?
    Insider info. You or me would go prison……not they….

  • jim

    to blazes with the illegals i wish homeland security would quit acting like us leagle s were trying to sneeek in

  • Sarge

    The Democrats are stripping this country like a stolen car.

  • CowboyUp

    Yankee? How quaint, and you forgot to add “imperialist.” Be careful about calling someone that in person, he might be a Johnny Reb and kick your *ss somewhere into next week. I understand it's a compliment coming from a furriner, especially commies (you couldn't be one of those, lol, they don't believe in heaven or h*ll).

    I live near one of the top chest cracker hospitals in the world, Emory. I used to take a friend there for blood work almost every week. Sweden, who for years was the poster child for socialized medicine, would fly a dozen or two of their difficult cardiovascular patients there on a regular basis for diagnostics, surgery, and treatment. I didn't know about it when I first saw all these blond haired, blue eyed giants (I'm not tall) wandering around everywhere, and thought I'd stepped into the twilight zone. I got laughs from the staff, and the Swedes (most of whom spoke English and were very good natured, considering their sometimes dire conditions) when I coined it Viking Week. No doubt the top hospitals in other fields saw Swedish patients as well. That's what happens with socialized medicine, and it will happen here if we are that stupid.

    Anybody that wants socialized medicine is free to go to where it is, but they don't, it's our borders that are crashed. And yes, our is still the best in the world, with more drugs, devices, and procedures pioneered here than anywhere else. Any rating system that puts the USA at 14th is ridiculous, and probably has cuba higher than us to prove it. People are dying in Canada and the UK of things they survive here (our cancer survival rate is higher than yours, and no wonder with those waits), and your own government says your health care system is inadequate and unsustainable (like our medicare and medicaid). Like I said, nothing is deadlier than socialism.

    Being broke doesn't mean you're scr*wed here, I know destitute people saved by Mayo, and I know toddlers given advanced cancer treatments or multiple spinal surgeries at the Shriner's Hospitals so they can walk and live a normal life. I know surgeons that do a considerable amount of charity work, including an evil plastic surgeon I know that reconstructs maimed children's faces off the money he makes on those 'unnecessary' procedures that you would forbid.

    What morons like you fail to realize is that Americans are citizens, not subjects, and neither the government nor anybody else has a right to tell doctors or patients what they can and cannot buy or perform. This is the country founded on freedom, that's why we are exceptional and so prosperous. Cutting the number of plastic surgeons does not increase the number or quality of surgeons in other fields anyway, as your own country shows.

    Tort reform from the dp? Yea, right. After the government is the only provider they'll make it difficult or even impossible to sue them, sure. Right now it's helping to fill their political coffers (over 85% of trial lawyer donations go to the dp) and run up the cost of health care, as an excuse to take it over. Loser pays, gives dp politicians no power, and reduces their campaign chests.

  • CowboyUp

    Like I said, the dp will only allow tort reform when they are the only health care provider, and its them being sued. Then they'll not only reform it, they'll practically eliminate it. You don't need a crystal ball to see that one coming.

  • jim

    cowboy It's hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen. and i see A half-wit gave you a piece of his mind, and you held on to it.Look, don't go to a mind reader; go to a palmist; I know you've got a palm and No one will ever know that you've had a lobotomy, if you wear a wig to hide to the scars and learn to control the slobbering. People are dying in Canada and the UK of things they survive here (our cancer survival rate is higher than yours, and no wonder with those waits), now try getting the true facts and not the right wing bs you spout right now there are people in the usa loosing there homes to medical bills and dying because they have reached a life time limit and if they are out of work and loose their privately funded and they get sick there f**ked cowboy grab your ears and pull your head out of the cows ass its in what little brain you have needs air

  • idviking

    Didn't 7 million Ukrainians starve under Stalin's miracle socialism/communism?
    Your argument presumes that regular people don't contribute charitably beyond taxes or that the jobs created in a free market are precisely the fund source for the “benevolence” of government. Or that everyone that is opposed to government interventionism is a trust fund baby. If you really think that you will get the same healthcare as the wealthy and the new politboro I have a bridge…The people will get less and pay more. HR 3200 which was the first incantation of this monstrosity and page 19 Section 102(c) of the bill prohibits the sale of private individual health insurance policies starting in 2013. Page 74 of the bill section 202(c)+(d) protect members of Congress with existing federal coverage from having to participate in the government run plan.
    Every government employee is a burden on the economic capacity of taxpayer. Outside of essential services like the military and the courts, the majority of bureaucrats receive a salary, benefits and a pension for ever that we all have to pay for. If everyone works for the government how will wealth be produced before they confiscate it? Answer: it won't. And then you will have more people sleeping under bridges without medical care waiting in line for government beneficence that they will at that point share with their fellow conspirators until there is no more money to raid.
    Eventually the burden on the taxpayer will be so high paying for everyone's “rights” that everyone will starve.

  • idviking

    Charming. And no I don't think that people that don't have kids in school should have to pay taxes for that service. Personally I would privatize the upkeep of the roads. I don't have a problem paying for essential services like the police, courts, military or the roads. But eventually the tax burden being imposed will be so high that the choices for how I can provide for my kids or elders will be diminished for the”good” of the state. I do have a problem with that. In Oregon in 2000 there was a measure for Universal Healthcare on the ballot. The language of that bill called for a 17 % tax increase with an unlimited ceiling until they could figure exactly how much it would cost. Thankfully it didn't pass. Can you afford to lose approximately 20% of your income every month? I can't. What if its higher than that? By the way there are no raccoons here…

  • johnberbatis

    Most caring and developed nations have a nation healthcare cover, but our American cousins care not for the 18 thousand who die unnecessarily as a result of lack of funds for curing illness. 'Life before money!'
    John Berbatis Perth, Australia

  • bushlikesdick12

    Telling me that my country has a weak leadership is the same as telling me that Americans are weak.
    Prudence is not a sign of weakness — rather the opposite.

    Anytime you see some body builder type guy acting like a bully has an inferiority complex . Bush Jr. has an inferiority complex for his Father but his Father did the right thing — Bush Sr. is good man. His son is a punk.

    We can literally destroy your country without a hint of the draft.

    But why would we want to do that? Isn't it more appropriate to take Iran intact? With all the beautifull woman in a pleasant mood for our products and way of life?

    Sun Tzu's philosphy of winning a war without having go to battle is the preferred way to go.

    Iran is one of if not the most democratic counties in the Middle East and we don't need to level any buildings or nuclear ambitions to woe them into our civil means of the free world.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Just ignore his rhetoric and concentrate on what he thinks are the facts. Trust me, he reads red neck threads all day and he needs to believe they are true in order to justify his inferiority complex.

    Cowboy up normally doesn't get this excited — he usually has himself under controll somewhat.

    Maybe the holidays have something to do with it with being in a terrible recession and all.

    Cut him some slack till after the new year. If he still acts like a silly bitch- then you bitch slap him.


  • bushlikesdick12

    From this chart, you will see how much tax truckers pay(diesel) verses ordinary cars (gas)

    I used the Prius as an example thus I'm paying far less tax than the trucking company and I barely put a scratch on our pavement compared to lets say 10 tons on the HWY full time.

    If you look at the chart, truckers use of the highway doesn't match their tax. Maybe they are being charged other ways — thats probably true.

    But the point was that liberals are stealing from people when in reality the people who oppose the progressive policies have far more to lose because they are more inclined to hoard our resources for profit.

  • bushlikesdick12

    In California, you can pay at least $5.00 per sq ft. for school tax.

    So a standard 2500 sq ft house would pay $12,500 in school based on the belief that house will have children depending on the public structure that they learn in.

    So if a conservative, who complains about being taxed, has a 1200 sq.ft house and has two brats and coverts his 400 sq ft garage into bedrooms for them illegally, then he is stealing by your standards right?

    After all, I paid over 12k and your buddy paid less than half that when you count his illegal room.

    How do you suppose we get a fair share of revenue to pay for our schools?

    The poor people who are renting down the street from you are paying school tax just as much the guy that owns his house with the nice green lawn. — it is figured in with his rent

    Socialism doesn't steal — it redistributes wealth and so does capitalism.

    There isn't that much difference between getting raped at the pump or at the county courthouse.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Don't worry about your Mullah's, they will have more problems than they can handle soon enough.

  • bushlikesdick12

    You can if you but I think it will be hard for you to match Chavez's hissy fit of BS

  • bushlikesdick12

    Oh yea, Merry Christmas to you as well.

  • bushlikesdick12

    I think you're shitting on them our soilders by sacrificing them to foolish wars.

    Their patriotic sacrifice isn't a piece of used tolite paper for you to use as how you see fit.

    Bush showed no discretion in his irresponsible actions in Iraq — His Father, on the other hand valued these young men because he fought alongside them as well and knows the value of their sacrifice.

    You and his punk son seem to think that we can just hang them up on crosses like sheep in a slaughter house.

    The Soviet claim is an exageration on your part. It was actually the Chinese that supported more troops — like maybe almost times more.

    ”I better go now to visit with family and friends on this Christmas Day which celebrates the birth of Jesus. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Hope you have a great day where many SPIT ON THE SON OF GOD!!!“

    claiming America and God as yours and not mine on the internet nice demonstration of your own character and thanks for Getting God involved in your inapropriate behavior on his birthday — I'm sure he appreciated that.

    would sound like Islamic chatter if you spoke those words in their language.

    Soilders = Son of God?

    The value of soilders lives = ?

    ?= Vietnam as it stands today

    myself =the place where many spit on the Son of God=?

    You are foaming of the mouth and spewing hatred towards me and you are accusing me of spitting on God?

    I'll let this one go and let your God deal with that one.

    You're on your own on that one.

    Maybe you should read Mathew as well as Luke Christmas morning as well.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  • bushlikesdick12

    Yeh right — we do know which side bush and cheney are on— their side or their friends bank account side.

  • http://hotmail.com/ SAM000

    There is the fights on every corner of Iran;

    These days are the crucial days for the regime and for the Iranians.

  • dalgray

    This weekend was the master stroke of the progressive movement. Healthcare is now well on its way to fruition. Most seem to assume this debate is about health and healthcare, it isn’t! Maybe even the dimmest bulb can see that there is another objective here.

    The purpose of this bill is to create a salariat of government officials and other connected parties to the progressive agenda of taking over the fabric of government and changing the country into a socialist paradise. Yep! It is a slow motion putsch long worked on from those days of the commintern and the progressive agenda from the last century. The reds weren’t under the beds they didn’t need to be.

    The choice of health care is no accident, the moral high ground of appearing to care about health gives the communists a cover for change they can believe in, while attacking opponents to their scheme as heartless jerks. These are standard ploys of the progressive movement. Lies more lies, bogus statistics and accounting boondoggles all in aid of a fantasy of some egalitarian heaven on earth.

    Socialism is a fantasy, it behooves one to understand this, unless you do, you won’t grasp the intensity of the progressive mind in how it overlooks evidence, logic or other features of reality in their maniacal push for their agenda. Their agenda is everything; it is simple, a city on hill, a chimera, or whatever. The lessons of history do not impinge one jot on the minds of these people…..ever! The fact that over 100,000,000 million or more have died in the cause does not even haunt their consciences with even a nagging doubt that the enterprise of socialism is deadly.

    The curious thing is that no one socialist seems to be able to identify what it is they are fighting for with such vigor. The whole shebang is inchoate to a large extent, which is perhaps why they are so difficult to reason with. Most of the rest of us, the great unwashed, don’t believe the millenarian message. This offends socialists who don’t understand why we don’t “believe”. The trouble is that we understand the history and accept that the results are thoroughly unacceptable. This is the crux of the matter, socialists at least get the idea that selling the package isn’t easy, so lies and deception are the rule of the day for them in convincing as many of the rest of us as possible that what they intend is good, and moreover it will work.

    I used to ponder why it is that intelligent, or apparently intelligent, people can be sold a bill of fare like one or other of the brands of socialism. The answer is a little prosaic; I was listening to a religious cult counselor describing how the cults he was dealing with were so powerful in attracting followers. The nugget of truth he evinced was that the intelligent ones were the easiest to convert and hold on to. More to the point, were the most difficult to retrieve from the clutches of the cult. This might explain, to some extent, the moral vacuum and stunning indifference to reality in the mind of those enslaved by the promises of socialism. The fact that the ideas don’t deliver never quite seems to get through to most of those enthralled by socialism. Only super reflective intelligences can handle being wrong and turn back to the narrow and difficult road to reality.

    The Obama healthcare scheme will see light of day, the progressives will sacrifice a term of two in office to put in the ground floor of healthcare. Remember, it isn’t about healthcare, that is just the cover story. They need a power base funded by taxes to further their support and expand trade union power. This is probably their only chance to do this with a voters mandate.

    I am optimistic enough to believe that there are better political ideas out there for the long term. Like Hayek, I believe that, to some extent, one has to understand that the best outcome is to wait for your political opponents to age and die. The sixties radicals and earlier communists/progressives are getting on now. The essential plan is to look long term and destroy the political cornerstones of socialism once and for all time that these fools have laid down. Here are some campaign thoughts that might help in this struggle:-

    1. Campaign for the removal of professorial tenure.

    2. Make medicine and law undergraduate subjects as in the UK and reduce the time it takes to get a degree from 4 years for the bachelors BA/BS to two years. They do it in the UK at Buckingham U. Less time for indoctrination, less cost for education better for all, and most of all quicker into the real world of work.

    3. Don’t bother with tort reform it won’t work. Bring in the UK system of court and trial costs to be awarded against the loser of the law suit. This will kill 50% of law suits and reduce the number of lawyers out there sucking blood from clients. Perhaps a number of those useless Marxist law schools will shut their doors too.

    4. Have security for costs as a principle to be invoked for crummy law suits, so you pay up front into court to permit your suit to continue, or your writ/summons is slung out. The idea is that money is on account to back the lousy law suit and should its promoter lose he pays the other side’s costs. At least he gets his day in court and pays for the pleasure of the nuisance he has caused if he loses, he will of course get his cost if he wins under this system.

    5. Training for medicine should not be by way of university. Initially, the prospective doctor should train as a nurse then take a nursing degree part time or intercalated into their nursing training. After that they should remain on clinical duty as dressers and move up to the medical degrees while training in tandem with clinical service. This will deradicalize medicine by making the training biased to real world training from the get go. I would suggest you adopt a protem degree system of awarding degrees at the bachelor level in medicine and surgery as per the UK system and make the MD a higher research or advanced practice degree. Medicine should not be a ticket to aristocracy; neither should a JD be one either.

    6. Most arts, and liberal arts degrees, can be taught externally from the university by way of DVD lectures, online conference tutorials and the like. This would diminish the power or radical professors to affect the student body by peer pressure. Perhaps here more than anywhere a two year bachelors degree should be the way to go.

    7. There is a desperate need for polling reform. The method should be simple and audited. Perhaps the best method is to have optical reading of pencil or pen marked ballot papers that are counted by machine in the first instance and also to allow each party to use their own counting machines to verify the count. If neither can agree on close counts, the papers can be counted manually. No hanging chads, if the mark is outside the zone it isn’t a vote. Fraudulent elections should be visited with a new runoff election under close scrutiny.

    These just a few ideas with a view to the long term.

  • Steven Brady

    Like Apples, do you?

  • jim

    just remember with out those trucks the nation stops and that fuel tax )sigh( goes into geraral revenue in each state and not into the roads each truck pays to the feds 550 bucks every feb. for the hwy use tax
    if the fuel taxes were going into our roads they would be in much better shape and i dont despite that 80k that the loaded rigs weigh is hard on the roads

  • jim

    LOL sure though i thought the twinkle in his eyes was the sun shinning into his head through his ears as for reading red neck threads all day long so do i but he needs to learn to check his facts i cant work do to a spinal cord injury so i spend a lot of time surffing the net and one thing i learned is you have to check facts its just like some have claimed that we need a bigger navy WHY the brits had a much bigger navy at one time but other than the falklands they have not been attacked since ww2 do we really need 12 supper carriers and 50 + atomic subs considering that china has less than 6 and the Russians fleet mostly is falling apart and cant put to sea the french only have 10 only 4 are slbm subs the brits have 11 with 4 being boomers we have 18 slbm subs with the rest being attack subs this kind of proves what i have being saying all along the cold war is over the armed forces could be down sized a lot and the savings could be used for a national health care plan just the cost of the attack subs if not spent on the cost of them would be in the billions given that desil electric subs like the swedes have with air independent systems can keep submerged for up to 2 weeks and are much harder to detect than the nuke boats for the cost of 2 of nuke attack boats the navy could replace the nuke boats with convectional attack subs with ais the

  • CowboyUp

    Nope, our cancer survival rate IS higher than Canada's, and from 1986 until at least 1998 (At that point yall were so far behind I quit counting) my hometown, Atlanta, had more MRI machines than your entire country. That's a fact, like the superiority of the care I, a median income American, get to yours. All the lame insults in the world won't change it.

    I could get a lobotomy and still have more sense than your DA, and though you letting half wits think for you makes sense and explains a lot, I'll continue thinking for myself. That's why I don't need mommy or daddy government to take care of me.

    If private health care is withholding treatment to let unproductive people die, what's a government that's going broke in under two decades trying to pay for social security, medicare, and medicaid going to do? It's a miracle you survived long enough to become semi literate, you must have had a sheltered life.

  • sam000


    Do you believe that USA is more stronger with Obama now?!

    February 13 2007, General Odierno; 73% of our loses in Iraq is due to the Iranian Ghodse FORCES.

    and according to Admiral Molen the Taliban forces in Afghanistan are armed and trained by IRAN.

    Now, do you think that you are always strong?

  • CowboyUp

    So pass an amendment to the constitution, like the Founding Fathers intended, rather than circumventing it, as is being done.

    I know the Founding Fathers wouldn't have put health insurance in the Constitution, it's contrary to even the most ardent Federalist's thinking (maybe you should look into it yourself, it's obvious you haven't). The very purpose of government to them was to secure private property, “…the blessings of liberty.” They didn't write the Constitution to “meet the ends of Americans in general,” where did you get that nonsense?

    What you describe when you say the only sword and shield is the ballot, democracy, is nowhere in our three founding documents for a reason. You have no clue what the Founding Fathers actually said of democracy, or what happens if and when our nation becomes one. Those backward old DWEMs foresaw it centuries before you were born (that knowledge actually goes back at least to the Ancient Greeks), and they didn't even have oprah (maybe that's a big part of your problem).

  • bushlikesdick12

    I depends on how you define strong.

    During WWII, before we got involved, we were a very weak nation. FDR couldn't muster enough public support to get us in involved.

    Then the Pearl Harbor attack and Hitler declared war against us.

    We didn't have the mighty Pacific Fleet needed to fight Japan but all that changed after the Doolittle Campaign is which we sacrificed brave men to a one way trip over Japan to answer their call only to land in China to be captured by the Japanese.

    Some managed to escape by means of ordinary Chinese farmers. These pilots carried these small cloth flages with the Chinese National flag on it. On the other side of the cloth, it said in Chinese ‘I'm American, I'm here to help you fight Japan, please help me“

    There are great stories about how ordinary Chinese risked and sacrificed their own lives for the purpose of protecting our brave downed pilots from the Japanese.

    Very very long story short Sam, Our strength is in our good will as a Christian nation demonstrated through our actions of passion and justice throught truth.

    Much of that reputation is gone now and we stand alone on many issues now. The world doesn't stand beside us like they did before.

    Obama is going back to what worked for us in the past and that is working with our allies and being political about it rather that just struting around on an aircraft carrier and making punk remarks like “bring it on!”

    No Sam, Bush did more damage to our credibility than you can imagine. You just don't realize how much he has embarrassed us.

    It is going to take a long time before we get our credibility back.

  • jim

    one thing Canada was involved in ww2 as of sept 39 and while the usa was not involved in the fighting untill after dec of 42 the usa was supplying a lot of goods needed from the start ie. warbirds were needed but because the usa was a neutral they would be flown to the border and pulled into Canada and the rcaf with teams of horses in order to get around the neutral bs and the ban of supplying war matrail to the balgerants so fdr was doing what he could

  • jim

    “That's a fact, like the superiority of the care I, a median income American, get to yours. All the lame insults in the world won't change it.”
    roflol yankee go work for nasa i hear there looking for a perfect vacuum and from your posts its plain you have that between your ears and they need to study it .
    and theres a big difference between being dyslexic and as i am and being a semi illiterate cracker like you FACT because canada has a very good health care system that all canadians have access to the life expectancy is 82.9years the usa is ranked 38th with only 80 years life expectancy just above a ton of 3rd world country's and before you wine bs guess what the figures i just quoted are from the CIA world fact book
    and the world health org. rates the usa 14th in terms of access to health care and quality of care btw canadas rated 8th !!! cowboy i have to ask were your parents brother and sister because your low iq is showing All that you are you owe to your parents. Why don't you send them a penny and square the account?Judging by the old saying, “What you don't know can't hurt you,” your practically invulnerable.
    and canada is ranked 11th in the world the

  • idviking

    “How do you suppose we get a fair share of revenue to pay for our schools”. How about you only pay your taxes when you use it? Why should someone pay taxes for a service they don't use? If the poor people don't have kids or don't want to use that service then they should be able to use what little money they have on food or whatever they decide, not the state.
    I would also submit that using the tax structure of California as an argument for explaining the benefits of socialism is a bit silly since they have taxed themselves into a position where services(including schools) won't be provided and tax refunds are now IOUs.
    History has proven that there is no “good” government version based on the ideals of Marx/Lenin. It is sad to see that Stalin's or Mao's murder of close 100 million people in the name of Communism has not provided the lesson that this kind of government is a mistake and always will be. Or that Hitler was the head of the National Socialist Party(Nazi).
    Read “The Gulag Archipelago or The Black Book of Communism and tell me if you still think wealth redistribution is the way to go.
    Better yet move to China or Cuba for a year and see how you like it.

  • sam000


    Thanks to you on your WWII historic lessons, I have no doubt about the courage and determination of the brave people of the years 40 who fought the Nazism and the Japaneses fanaticism in all around the world,
    the world had USA had sacrificed their best sons and resources to defeat the world threat of Hitler, they could save all those wonderful lives at 1939, if and only if the OBAMA's alike (Chamberlain) hadn't made the shameful pact with HITLER.

    do you want to test the world resistance against the Islamic Fascism armed with nuclear weapon?!

    50 millions of victims on WWII without nuclear weapon, with all it's destruction was stopped with a nuclear explosion at Hiroshima,

    How do you think to terminate the 3erd WW? by cutting the half of the planet!!
    and why? the lessons of the humanitarian disaster of WWII is not enough?
    I know that USA IS STRONG, but this wonderful power is in the hands of the one who appease the devil of the war.

    You are a free nation, with the universal values, and your president appease the most disgusting power and emboldens the most dangerous dictator against the poor people who fights for his freedom, so where is the GREATNESS of this FREE NATION OF USA?

  • sam000

    What I can say is that at least you are honest on the historic events.

    Iran Contra, and IranGate of MacFarlain and WH. and Oliver North and CAKE AND COLT to Khomeiny on 1984,
    do you know what was the deal?
    Reagan offered the incentives and appeased Khomeiny, but the most important part of the Reagan's incentives was LABELING the Resistance!!
    and he was your most respected R. President,

    BLD, how this small worm of Islamism was transformed on this huge SNACK who eats your boys in Iraq and Afghanistan?, who has feedded this worm?

  • CowboyUp

    Wow, Canada's ranked 8th by UN, you must be real proud, and dumb enough to believe it. You'd think Americans would be running to Canada to get their cancer diagnosed and/or treated out of pocket, instead of the other way around. The USA being way 'behind' Sweden should be a clue, and being two behind costa rica and just in front of cuba should be a dead giveaway, if you, “on-ly had a brain.”

    Health care is but one factor among many in life expectancy. Despite the GWOT, so far this century we've lost more people in recreation than war. In America, we're free to live hard and die young, or maximize our lifespan. It's called liberty and pursuit of happiness, apparently it's not something you can handle. Unlike many socialist countries, if you're in a country that's too free, you're free to leave.

    My health care s*cks so bad, I can walk into the closest 3 hospitals today, get an MRI, wake up a specialist to come interpret it, and be in surgery (even if they have to move me to a downtown hospital 40 miles away) to remove a tumor, or fix a clogged aorta or leaky heart valve before nightfall. I guess my quality and availability standards are different, but I'll keep them.

    I get the impression you don't like my system because it embarrasses yours. Which parent of yours was the sheep?

  • CowboyUp

    Oh, and I repeat, “If private health care is withholding treatment to let unproductive people die, what's a government that's going broke in under two decades trying to pay for social security, medicare, and medicaid going to do?”

  • CowboyUp

    Work, especially manual labor, is the best cure for depression, if I start feeling sorry for myself. Depression for me is usually good, it goads me into effort to change or improve whatever has me depressed.

    I rarely get depressed (I usually even enjoy my nightmares when I have them), I have friends with advanced MS, and I know how well I have it compared to most people in the world, and almost all of the humans that ever walked the earth. Seeing the next sunrise or sunset is reason enough for me to live, as long as I'm free.

    That said, I knew an extremely intelligent man that sat and starved himself until his kidneys shut down, and he didn't live long after that. He wouldn't take happy pills. For me, those would just be trading one problem for another.

  • jim

    unproductive people hmm it sounds like you would take Hitlers approach and kill the old and disabled is that what your trying to say nazi scum?? jerk i worked my ass off for 25 years 18 of witch i spend driving a big rig untill some jerk rendered me disabled when he hit me with his car yet as soon as i can i will try to open and run a hot dog cart as its one of the things i can do from my wheel chair the fumy thing is as a leagle green card holder i had to go back to Canada because the private insurance industry said because i have mild high blood pressure that i could not get medical after a stroke you wine that the government would screw things up hell i think your winning is more based on the fact the south lost in 1865 than anything else grow up cowboy your ancestors may have just shot unproductive and disabled slaves but the days were redneck crackers like you could pull sh*t like that are long gone All of your ancestors must number in the millions; it's hard to believe that many people are to blame for producing you.
    but Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent!

  • jim

    “Wow, Canada's ranked 8th by UN”,
    learn to read cracker its ranked 8th by the CIA WORLD FACT BOOK not the un

    you must be real proud, and dumb enough to believe it. You'd think Americans would be running to Canada to get their cancer diagnosed and/or treated out of pocket, instead of the other way around.
    the only time canadians run to the usa or cancer treatments is for some rare cancers that are not being researched in canada because there so rare up north but are more common in the usa because of the wreclass life style

    The USA being way 'behind' Sweden should be a clue, and being two behind costa rica and just in front of cuba should be a dead giveaway, if you, “on-ly had a brain.”
    ya if you had one it would consist of 2 cells both that have lost the fight for who would be boss
    “My health care s*cks so bad, I can walk into the closest 3 hospitals today, get an MRI, wake up a specialist to come interpret it, and be in surgery (even if they have to move me to a downtown hospital 40 miles away) to remove a tumor, or fix a clogged aorta or leaky heart valve before nightfall. I guess my quality and availability standards are different, but I'll keep them.”

    ok you keep them my great uncle came to the usa when he was 12 became a citizen after he served 12 years in the us navy when he was 65 he came down to get a mild heart murmur fixed in the veterans hospital rather than wait 2 months on the waiting list in canada he would have been put on heparin to make sure there were no blood clots but it was not done in the usa to save a few hundred bucks and it killed him , his brother who also came with him had to go bankrupt paying for treatments for his son when my cousin got aids from a tainted blood transfusion before they even had heard of aids the privet insurance you brag about found a way to cut off coverage asap leaving his family with the bills that should have been covered moron i have seen how poorly your privet insurance treats people now you try walking into a hospital like 43 million Americans
    that don't have coverage have to do and see just how quick the hospital is to put you in a mri or wake up a specialist all your for profit hospitals have to do is treat you until you can be safely transported to a county hospital

  • CowboyUp

    You were the one saying that was what was being done now, and hitler was a socialist, you know I'm not one of those.

    Nope again you ingnorant fool, Only 20% of Southerners ever owned slaves, and 2% of those owned 80% of the slaves. My Scot-Irish ancestors were the ones that did the jobs too dangerous to risk losing a $700 slave on. They were glad to be here and weren't the whiney type.

    I've never heard of anybody shooting old or maimed slaves in the South, did you pull that out of your rear?

  • jim

    “I've never heard of anybody shooting old or maimed slaves in the South, did you pull that out of your rear?”

    nope yankee its in the history books but then its clear you never learned to think or read above grade 6 but i have a idea Let's play horse. I'll be the front end and you be yourself
    but Perhaps your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
    and you claim to be scots/irish its probably lowland scots and the transplanted English that still claim to irish whats your clan the KKK The inbreeding is certainly obvious in your family.

    The next time you shave, could you stand a little closer to the razor?The overwhelming power of the sex drive was demonstrated by the fact that someone was willing to father you.

  • CowboyUp

    Howard zinn isn't history, goofball, and try moving the razor, instead of your body, it works a lot better that way. Sweet dreams, don't forget to breathe.

  • jim

    Cowboy you do realize that you are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.
    and you are living proof that man can live without a brain!
    i hear your the first in your family born without a curly tail
    We heard that when you ran away from home your folks sent you a note saying, “Do not come home and all will be forgiven.”Whatever anyone says to you goes in one ear and out the other because nothing is blocking traffic.

  • bushlikesdick12

    I read testimonies from people that actually saw the first event and the few that saw the other events.

    apparantly capitol security erected a wire fence around the capitol building to prevent them from getting too close.

    The grief on his face and the description of betrayal he felt can not be emulated by those who are not of character to yearn peace and yet criticize.

  • bushlikesdick12

    It isn't so much that I want or don't want Iran to have a nuke so mush as to how are we to expect them not to want to have a nuclear bomb?

    First of all, regardless of who did what to who when in how in or around the vicinity of Iran shouldn't be that much of a concern to me.

    There are many countries that have the nuclear option that are not particularly friendly to us and yet we seem to have a understanding with each other of what the consequences are if you should get somewhat too frisky!

    Nobody seems to want to be erased from the map.

    Now, hypothetically speaking, if I was a country that didn't have the nuke and I was in the vicinity of other countries that have the nuke ( Pakistan, Israel, India, China,…) then it would be safe to assume that I am at an extreme disadvantage.

    So Sam if we can agree that the Iranian government has a rightful concern about not having a nuke while others, like Israel, do have one, is an legitimate concern on their part, then we can agree to move towards the next subject which is their personal affairs.

    Regardless who wins or loses this power struggle going on at the moment, is an internal issue that doesn't really belong to the outside community.

    Oh sure if so-and-so gets this then (a) gets that therefor (b) will do this to (c) and we will get (d) up (e)'s ass.

    So, according to you, I'm expose to care what goes up (e)'s ass and like most Americans I don't care.

    What I do care about is respecting the soverignty of a nation and there right to protect their own borders.

    That is what the U.N is for and the body of the U.N. is represented by the nations that vote for peacefull stability.

    If Iran is behaving in such a way that they become a theat to the world and their neighbors in an inbalance way, then it is their duty to intervene.

    Other than that, you don't much of a case.

  • Adheeb

    In recent months people have come to realize the American people were duped in last year's Presidential election. I still ask myself, “How could America elect this calibre of man as President of the United States?” However, the American voter was not misled by candidate Obama … he was very clear about his intentions. The truth is that about one third of the voters in this country are liberal and would not object at all to live under a Communist regime. About one third of Americans adhere to conservative / traditional American values -but- the remaining third are just non-thinking village idiots. These are the people that put Mr. Obama into office. Some really believed that he would pay their mortgage. Some simply listened to “World News Tonight”, every night. Others wanted to prove, in a substancial way that they were not 'racists' and contributed their vote to the 'Black man from Illinois”.

    So, as America languishes through the next few years, I am comforted that although I must suffer as a result of mindless voters, I know they are still out there suffering too. It's almost worth it.

  • CowboyUp

    Oh please, kerry was the liar and betrayer regarding Vietnam, always has been. He and his group were a bunch of frauds (Christmas in Cambodia? Nixon's war?), who also happened to be disastrously wrong. The fool actually said only about 3000 S. Vietnamese would have to leave if it fell. He was off by a magnitude of over 1000. I knew about that traitor before I got out of elementary school.

  • CowboyUp

    Do you have any insultsb that aren't older than granpa's buckskin rubber and as lame as your arguments?