RealClearPolitics – Eric Holder’s Grave Mistake

WASHINGTON — Eric Holder — distinguished prosecutor, judge, foe of public corruption, basketball enthusiast, mentor to disadvantaged youth — seemed a reassuring choice for attorney general. When Holder affirmed during his confirmation hearing that America remains at war with terrorists, Sen. Lindsey Graham enthused, “I’m almost ready to vote for you right now.”

via RealClearPolitics – Eric Holder’s Grave Mistake.

  • Carterthewriter

    After his responces to questions, one no longers wonders why he is a politician first, and a lawyer second. The gap between the two is huge, too.

  • dtktjtx2

    You mean you believe what people say during confirmation hearings? Gosh, you would think we'd learn by now. Its the ACTS not the words that count. Well, we get what we pay for i guess.