Senate healthcare bill set to pass by Christmas —

fter a dramatic month of sometimes round-the-clock negotiating and deal-making, Senate Democrats came together Saturday behind sweeping healthcare legislation, providing a powerful boost for President Obama’s top domestic policy goal.

The breakthrough came after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and his lieutenants engineered a delicately crafted compromise to prevent federal funding of abortions, the same issue that nearly stopped the House from passing its healthcare bill six weeks ago.

With the deal, Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, a strong opponent of abortion, became the 60th and crucial last member of the Democratic caucus to line up behind the healthcare legislation.

That paved the way for Reid to introduce a final package of changes to his 2,074-page bill and file the necessary procedural motions that should allow Democrats to quash an expected series of Republican filibuster attempts over the next several days. The Senate now remains on track to pass its version of the bill by Christmas.

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    The fate of healthcare reform legislation came down to two liberal senators: Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Democrat Bill Nelson of Nebraska. Oddly, both men were born in 1942 exactly 217 days apart*. The number 217 gives us a numeric sign: the date 2-17 or February 17, the date when President Obama signed into law his failed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which has had the predictable effect of worsening a weak economy by creating more future uncertainty, scaring off lenders and investors and raising the unemployment rate from 8% into double digits as businesses anticipating a long recession adjusted accordingly and downsized.

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    As Dick Morris said with Lieberman killing the Public Option and the Medicare Buy In we/ve graduated from a catastrophe to a disaster.