Tea party conservatives gear up to affect 2010 elections with fundraising, PACs – washingtonpost.com

The energized “tea party” movement, which upended this year’s political debate with noisy anti-government protests, is preparing to shake up the 2010 elections by channeling money and supporters to conservative candidates set to challenge both Democrats and Republicans.

Buoyed by their success in capsizing a moderate Republican candidate this fall in Upstate New York, tea party activists and affiliated groups are unveiling new political action committees and tactics aimed at capitalizing on conservative opposition to health-care reform, financial bailouts and other Obama administration policies. The goal is to harness the anger that led to hundreds of protests around the country from spring to fall, including a gathering of tens of thousands of protesters on the Mall in September.

via Tea party conservatives gear up to affect 2010 elections with fundraising, PACs – washingtonpost.com.

  • ClayBarham

    I just hope the “TeaBaggers” learn more about the details of what they support, which is why I suggest claysamerica.com as a place to go for the “roots” of our political diiferences, upon which all the issues are formed.

  • SMeloche

    Ah, ClayBarham repeats the two main left arguments: (1) You believe what you do because you're stupid or ignorant. I will lower myself to your level to bring you the light of knowledge because you don't even know what you believe, and (2) I will call you a childish name (“TeaBaggers”) to show you my moral superiority.

    Guess what. We know what we believe and why, and would love to engage in rational dialog on issues. Instead, we get name calling (“radical”, “right wing”, “crazies”, “angry white men”, “teabaggers”, “nazis”, etc. etc. etc), lies (see recent articles here on FPM for instance of false claims of people turned away from medical care), ridiculous accusations (“they want your grandmother eating dog food”, “they want you to lose your house”, etc) and the usual string of ridiculous and outworn canards like “they disagree with Obama because he's black”, “they want to destroy the world”, “they want to give your money to the rich” and so many others.

    If conservatives are angry, that is why. It is rare to find even an opportunity for discussion that does not end up sounding like an argument from early elementary school.

    So, thank you very much for your suggestion. I will certainly rush over to your website so I will finally understand “the details of what I support”. Thank you for pointing out my ignorance! :-)