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Here’s a timely New Year’s resolution the president might do well to deliver to his National Security Council: “When it comes to nasty regimes that brutalize their people, we will never again forget that the most powerful weapon in a president’s arsenal is a White House photo-op.”The December headlines remind us that we have no shortage of these nasty regimes. In China, the government sentences Liu Xiaobo to 11 years in prison for writing a letter calling for legal and political reforms. In Iran, security forces fire on citizens marching in the streets. In Cuba, pro-government goons intimidate a group of wives, mothers and sisters of jailed dissidents—with President Raul Castro characterizing these bullies as “people willing to protect, at any price, the conquests of the revolution.”In all these cases, the cry goes up: Where is the president of the United States?

via William McGurn: Obama Puts the Dis in Dissident – WSJ.com.

  • cndfox

    I read this “article” at lunch in the WSJ. The only way I can respond to this “garbage” is by calling it what it is , “garbage”. For your information Mr. McGurn, I don't want another “leader” who postures his position in a bombastic way, like George W. Bush did. I do not want my President “sticking his nose” into scenarios that do not concern our nation. I do not want any more Presidents who think we are the “world's policeman”. We are all ready in two wars that are bleeding us financially and emotionally. So when I see this type of “criticism” from a former “speech writer” of one of the worst President's we have ever had in our history I have to wonder who or what are you for? It certainly cannot be for the well being or unity of our nation, because this “criticism” of our President has absolutely no substance or “usefullness” whatsoever. Just what I would expect from a “philosophy” out of touch with reality. My hope is that this “neanderthal mindset” never gets in control of our country ever again.