Bill O’Reilly the Collector Duns Barack Obama the Debtor


Collector Conservatism: Pushing the Left to Pay Its Debt to America

I am definitely not a writer, at least according to Mrs. Stiftuk, who taught my eighth grade English class. I am, however, a veteran of almost 19 years in the collection business, and when you “dun” someone you are making a legal demand for the moola.

On October 28th in his Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly dunned the pants off our President, telling Barack Obama that he must make a decision and either protect our troops by sending reinforcements to Afghanistan, or be ready to pay the price in more soldier bloodshed and American defeat.

Our dashing leader, in classic debtor fashion, has been pretending to be unaware of what is actually going on over in that part of the world. Just like the poor stiff who ran up $17,000 on his Visa bill over a 10-month time period and is now facing strident demands to pay, he has suddenly developed amnesia and wants to study documents and talk to his brain trust. He’s dawdling in coming to any sort of resolution.

In a statement meant to convey judiciousness and concern, our Commander-In-Chief (in a photo-op with some of our military men and women) promised our fighting forces that he would

“…never rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm’s way.”

That’s some great theatre, unless you’re already over there and dodging even more bullets than usual because your Captain wants to tarry and study flow charts and “get back with you” when the time is right (for him).

As O’Reilly said,

“This whole situation is very dangerous to Barack Obama, who is perceived in many quarters as timid. If Afghanistan goes south on his watch, he will get the loss. Terrorism will achieve a great victory and America will be embarrassed. That’s why you have to send the 40,000 troops.”

Or just admit you’re not going to do what needs to be done, and file whatever chapter it is that covers “Moral and Spiritual” Bankruptcy.