Anita Dunn’s Husband Becomes White House Counsel – by John Perazzo


By now, millions of Americans are familiar with Anita Dunn, who recently resigned her post as Barack Obama’s White House Communications Director after it was learned that she had previously cited Mao Zedong, the late Communist dictator and mass murderer, as one of her “favorite political philosophers.” By contrast, few people know anything substantive about Dunn’s husband, Robert Bauer, who has replaced Gregory Craig as President Obama’s White House Counsel. Craig resigned abruptly on November 13, after having repeatedly denied, for weeks, that he had any plans of stepping down.

A 1976 graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, Robert Bauer bleeds Democrat blue. He has served as counsel to the Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees for many years. In 1999 he was counsel to Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, the South Dakota Democrat who led his party’s defense of Bill Clinton in the latter’s impeachment trial. Each day during the trial proceedings, Bauer and Democratic leaders strategized on how they could best help Clinton beat the charges against him — perjury, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice.

In 1999-2000, Bauer was general counsel to the Bill Bradley for President Committee. Also in 2000, he filed a racketeering lawsuit against then-House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, accusing the Texas Republican of extortion and money laundering. In 2004 Bauer served as general counsel to the Democratic National Committee during the presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry. Today Bauer heads the political law group at Perkins Coie, the powerful, Democrat-aligned Seattle law firm that represents, among others, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Richard Gephardt, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bauer forged a close affiliation with Barack Obama after the latter was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. He became Obama’s private attorney and then, when the Senator declared his candidacy for President in February 2007, Bauer was appointed as general counsel for Obama’s presidential campaign — a project dubbed “Obama For America” (OFA). In January 2009, when OFA merged with the Democratic National Committee and became known as Organizing for America, Bauer retained his position as the entity’s general counsel.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama, who has never made his original birth certificate available for public scrutiny, hired Perkins Coie to defend him in court cases challenging his status as a “natural born” U.S. citizen — a status upon which Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President is contingent. According to Federal Election Commission records, OFA has already paid Perkins Coie $1,352,378.95 for its legal services in these cases.

Also in 2008, Bauer was intimately involved in Obama’s controversial decision to break the pledge he had made to accept public funding for the presidential campaign. Bauer and Obama based that decision on their calculation that the candidate was a fundraising powerhouse who would be able to collect far more money via his own efforts than he could ever get from the public financing system.

While Obama campaigned against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and then against Republican opponent John McCain, Bauer quietly wrote letters to television-station managers and to Assistant Attorney General John Keeney, contending that Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules forbade the airing of any anti-Obama television ads that made even the barest mention of the Senator’s well-documented association with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Bauer filed FEC complaints against groups that were seeking to run such ads, and he intervened on Obama’s behalf to prevent the American Leadership Project — a pro-Hillary organization — from running TV spots exposing the strong support Obama had received from the thuggish Service Employees International Union. The SEIU is led by former New Leftist Andrew Stern, who was taught the tactics of radical activism at the Midwest Academy, the training ground established by former Students for a Democratic Society radicals Paul and Heather Booth. Stern also has close ties to the billionaire financier of far-left causes, George Soros, and sits on the Executive Committee of the Soros-funded America Coming Together — a massive get-out-the vote project for Democrat candidates. Bauer himself has lent his legal expertise to ACT.

In 2009 Obama hired Bauer as legal counsel to represent him in a criminal probe investigating whether former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich may have sought — with Obama’s (or Rahm Emanuel’s) knowledge — to sell to the highest bidder the U.S. Senate seat Obama had vacated when he assumed the presidency.

Bauer also has worked on issues related to Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko, a Chicago-based restaurateur and real-estate developer who was one of the first major financial contributors to Obama’s political campaigns in the 1990s. Over a span of several years, Rezko raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Obama. A few months after Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004, he and Rezko’s wife purchased (in a deal that may have been handled, in part, by Robert Bauer) adjacent pieces of property in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood. Obama’s portion of the deal involved a mansion for which he paid $1.65 million — $300,000 below the seller’s asking price. Meanwhile, Rezko’s wife (who had little income and owned few assets) paid the full asking price — $625,000 — for a vacant lot adjacent to Obama’s mansion. The owners of the house and the lot had stipulated that neither property could be sold unless a deal for the other also closed on the same day. Both deals indeed closed on the same day in June 2005.

At that time, Mr. Rezko, who owed more than $10 million on defaulted loans and failed business ventures, was being hotly pursued by creditors; at least 12 lawsuits had been filed against him and his businesses. Moreover, he was under federal investigation on charges that he had solicited kickbacks from companies seeking state pension business under his friend, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, for whom Rezko reportedly had raised as much as $500,000. For more than two years before the property purchases, news articles also had raised questions about Mr. Rezko’s influence over state appointments and contracts. Moreover, reports swirled that the FBI was investigating accusations of a shakedown scheme in which Rezko had suggested particular candidates for appointment to a state hospital board.

What does all this have to do with Robert Bauer’s current, and sudden, ascendancy to the position of White House Counsel? According to The American Spectator, one former Obama transition team adviser puts it this way:

“[Bauer] knows where all the bodies are buried, and this indicates that there is something amiss with this White House, or at least someone is nervous about what is going on. You don’t just make these kinds of changes [Bauer’s appointment as Gregory Craig’s replacement] for the sake of rearranging the deck chairs, and not at this time with at least three legislative and policy decisions looming that the Counsel’s office would have been deeply involved in.”

A highly placed Washington attorney (who has served as counsel in the Senate and in previous presidential administrations) characterizes Bauer’s sudden appointment as “pretty damn weird.” “I’m surprised not only that the press seems to be ignoring the fact that two presidential lawyers have left at about the same time,” adds the attorney, “but that no one seems to care that for the first time, I think ever, we have a President’s personal attorney also serving as White House counsel. I don’t care if Bob [Bauer] recuses himself from future personal legal business, this should be troubling to anyone who cares about the Executive Office of the President.”

Ultimately, Anita Dunn’s affinity for Chairman Mao may prove to be far less significant than her husband’s unrivaled familiarity with the skeletons in President Obama’s closet.

  • oldmagicman666

    Wake up America! This is a coup! The New Communists are taking over. Believe it or perish! Time to try to save our America! It will take us all. You in?

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:

    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • cedarhill

    Circling the wagons and preparing to crank up a really, really nasty smear campaign. Even the last year of the Nixon White House will seem bland.

  • rogert

    The man in the Oval Office continues to thumb his nose at the American people. Of course in lock step with his groveling associates in the House and Senate. Never has any concerted body of so-called public servants been quite so arrogant as the democrats in full control of Washington. They do not care what the voters think. It is beneath them…one could justifiably determine.

  • Carterthewriter

    At some point, the Clintons will have to distance themselves from the array of Marxists in the White House. I detect that Hilary is already feeling uncomfortable with them. Now, Bill, he is a bit harder to read, but by judging the women occupying the White House, I suspect he leaves his cigars at home.,

  • CommieBlaster


    Bill Ayers is a Communist and has Ties to 8 people in the White House. See proof here:

    Obama is a Communist. See proof here:

    80+ in Congress are Communists. See proof here:

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  • bubba4

    If I go to all three sites do I get a free tinfoil hat?

  • nina

    * Claiming “Islam” means “peace” is fraudulent to begin with. Islam is an Arabic word. And the word for peace in Arabic is “solh,” and not Islam. Islam is derived from the root word “taslim,” which means submission or surrender. Hence, Islam’s true name, surrender, is in fact most descriptive of what it is: total, unconditional submission and surrender of the individual and the community to the will and dictates of Allah as revealed by his “rasool,” messenger, Muhammad.

    * A quick scan of the daily news shows the adherent of the religion of peace engaged in unspeakable acts of mayhem and murder in much of the world. There is hardly any need to allude to them here. But the Islamists have an answer for that too. Islam is not responsible, they say. It is only a bunch of opportunists who commit these acts for their own political and economic objectives. We are to believe that those daily suicide bombers explode their vests in the midst of marketplaces, funeral processions, and even mosques are doing so to further their own personal agenda.

  • jrysk

    Of course Obama is worried. It seems we're getting near the end of Rezko's evidence to Fitzgerald. In 2003 Obama carried the Hospital Facilities Planning Board legislation, which allowed Rezko to keep control of the board. For his work, Obama got kickbacks.

    Rezko will never see those homely brats of his again outside visiting hours, unless he comes clean, and that means implicating Rezko. The amount of evidence against Obama was suggested when over a hundred hours of taped conversations were alluded to involving Levine and Blago. Imagine how many hours there are with Levine and Obama.

    Obama is a hood, pure and simple. He's as bad as Agnew, if not worse. He's just a flunkey for General Mediterranean.

    And just as in Nixon Agnew, Biden has a problem too. What is Cari telling Fitzgerald now that he has decided on a plea bargain?

    How insane these people must be, knowing they're going over and yet continuing to run for and serve in office.

    So I think that's why Obama needs Bauer. Obama is facing 18 USC 1346 honest services charges.

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  • Tom DeLay

    By the way, you failed to mention that Bauer's racketeering suit filed against me was dismissed as frivolous. He abused the justice system by filing a frivolous lawsuit for political purposes.

  • Mavis

    And wasn't a Chicago school official, who also was to be an important witness in the Rezko matter, found drowned in Chicago a few days ago? Something smells. Are there dots to be connected?



  • BigElk

    Obviously, this slick lawyer knows that Obama is an illegitimate president because he was not born in America, and Bauer's job is to keep the coverup going. Shouldn't Robert Bauer be chsing ambulances and fire engines?

  • londoncam32
  • Carterthewriter

    The most intteligent remark this contibutor has made so far.