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Cass Sunstein

Posted By John Perazzo On October 8, 2009 @ 4:57 pm In DTN Profiles | No Comments


For the entire Cass Sunstein profile, click here [1].


Selected highlights from the Cass Sunstein profile:

… After Obama’s 2009 inauguration, longtime attorney Cass Sunstein was appointed to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs….

On April 14, 1999, Sunstein published an opinion piece in The Chicago Tribune titled “Why We Should Celebrate Paying Taxes.” He wrote:

“In what sense is the money in our pockets and bank accounts fully ‘ours’? Did we earn it by our own autonomous efforts? Could we have inherited it without the assistance of probate courts? Do we save it without the support of bank regulators? Could we spend it if there were no public officials to coordinate the efforts and pool the resources of the community in which we live?… Without taxes there would be no liberty. Without taxes there would be no property. Without taxes, few of us would have any assets worth defending. [It is] a dim fiction that some people enjoy and exercise their rights without placing any burden whatsoever on the public fisc. … There is no liberty without dependency. That is why we should celebrate tax day …” …

In 2004 Sunstein published The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’s Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than EverArguing [2] that citizens’ rights exist only to the extent that they are granted by the government, the book drew its inspiration [3] from President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1944 proposal of a new bill of rights. WorldNetDaily reports that among the mandates [3] laid out in the book are the following:

  • The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
  • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;
  • The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;
  • The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;
  • The right of every family to a decent home;
  • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;
  • The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness [4], accident, and unemployment;
  • The right to a good education.

… Sunstein, who believes [5] that the federal courts are dominated by conservatives, agrees with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s assertion that the Constitution is a “living” document whose meanings and mandates change with the passage of time. Arguing against the doctrine of original intent, he supports Breyer’s contention that Justices should be less concerned with the clear and intended meaning of the words and phrases which the Framers wrote into the Constitution, than with determining how best to apply the Constitution’s supposed underlying principle, or Big Picture….

Sunstein has argued in favor of bringing socialism [6] (in the form of expanded wefare benefits and wealth redistribution) to the United States, but contends that the country’s “white majority” opposes such a development because of their deep-seated racism:

“The absence of a European-style social welfare state is certainly connected with the widespread perception among the white majority that the relevant programs would disproportionately benefit African Americans (and more recently Hispanics).” …


For the entire Cass Sunstein profile, click here [1].

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