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For the complete HAMAS profile, click here [1].

Excerpts from the HAMAS profile:

Hamas is a radical fundamentalist group founded on December 14, 1987 by the Muslim Brotherhood [2]…. Its avowed purpose is “liberating Palestine [3]” from the Jew “oppressors [3],” whose presence in the Middle East it considers an affront to Muslims’ rightful sovereignty in the land of the Prophet Mohammad….

With tens of thousands of loyal supporters, Hamas’ strength is concentrated principally in the Gaza Strip and a few areas of the West Bank. The group’s leadership is dispersed throughout these same areas, with a few senior leaders residing in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf States. Hamas receives some funding from Iran but is supported primarily by donations from Palestinian expatriates around the world and private benefactors in Arab nations. Some clandestine fundraising takes place in Western Europe and North America as well. When the United Nations Oil-For-Food [4] program was in effect, Saddam Hussein [5] skimmed more than $21 billion from its coffers and sent some of it it directly to Hamas….

The Hamas Charter [3], written in 1988, puts forth “The Slogan of the Hamas,” which reads as follows: “Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution, Jihad its path, and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.” The Charter says that jihad, or holy war, “becomes an individual duty binding on every Muslim man and woman; a woman must go out and fight the enemy even without her husband’s authorization, and a slave without his masters’ permission.”

The Hamas Charter explicitly abjures negotiated settlements as mechanisms for peaceful coexistence: “There is no other solution for the Palestinian problem other than jihad. All the initiatives and international conferences are a waste of time and a futile game.” According to the Charter, those against whom jihad is to be directed are the Jews….

For the complete HAMAS profile, click here [1].

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