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Born in Boston, Massachusetts in December 1954, Harold Hongju Koh is an attorney of Korean-American heritage…. In 2009 President Barack Obama nominated him to be the Legal Advisor to the U.S. State Department.

Koh is an advocate of transnationalism, a concept that argues in favor of “global governance” as opposed to the constitutional sovereignty of independent nation-states. This perspective holds that the world’s most challenging problems — war, terrorism, “climate change,” hunger, financial and social inequalities, diseases, human rights violations, racism, sexism, and xenophobia — are too complex and deep-rooted for any single nation-state to address effectively on its own. The solution, says Koh, would be for all members of the international community to recognize a set of supranational laws and institutions whose authority overrides that of any particular government. Koh believes that such laws should “be internalized into the domestic law of even resistant nation-states.” …

“After September 11,” Koh said, “we were viewed with universal sympathy as victims of a brutal attack. But we have responded with a series of unnecessary, self-inflicted wounds, which have gravely diminished America’s standing as the world’s human rights leader.” He cited the following examples: “the horror of Abu Ghraib”; “our disastrous policy on Guantanamo“; “our tolerance of torture and cruel treatment for detainees”; “warrantless government wiretapping”; “our attack on the U.N. and its human rights bodies”; “the denial of habeas corpus for suspected terrorist detainees”; and “our counterproductive decision to create military commissions.” …

Koh has derided the Patriot Act as legislation that “was created with hardly any deliberation or genuine legislative process,” and which consequently “should really be called the ‘Round-up-the-Usual-Suspects’ Act.”

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  • antifascist18

    Deport this bastard back to NORTH Korea where he belongs. A year, if he survives, in one of his boyfriend Kim Il Jong's GULAG camps might make him grow up. If not, well he can end up like the poor babies his friends bash ala SS style against camp walls there.

    Not an American, but he sure parrots Kim's Party Line. Koh needs to go home.

  • wingsnut95

    Jsut another socialist progressive who wants to destroy the America we know from within. There's a reason America is at the top of the food chain – the sovereignty we have by abiding by OUR laws, created and enacted by OUR people. “Global Governance” is just another tactic to diminish and corrupt America by radical leftists and Progressives.

  • SteveNVicki

    Understand that folks EXACTLY like him are needed to help Obama become World President. THIS is the goal. American Sovereignty? Such parochialism has no place in a “progressive” world. Keep your eye on this as the non-stop campaign rolls on. What office is left to run for? Someone will have to implement these treaties apart and above the nation-states right?